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  1. visvamitra

    Sepia - Omas

    Not so long aco well known ink enabler and famous nin(k)ja - Cyber6's sent me some new ink samples. Among them three Omases. Thank you C. Omas inks are sold inlarge octagon-shaped bottle, that has been in use since it was first introduced in the 1930s. I like this design. http://imageshack.com/a/img540/7182/QQDkz7.jpg www.omas.com At the moment Omas inks are available in eight standard colors: Black Blue Gray (New) Green Red Sepia Turquoise Violet On different occasions they produced also limited edition inks, like: Amerigo Vespucci Red Gree
  2. visvamitra

    Turquoise - Omas

    Not so long aco well known ink enabler and famous nin(k)ja - Cyber6's sent me some new ink samples. Among them three Omases. Thank you C. Omas inks are sold inlarge octagon-shaped bottle, that has been in use since it was first introduced in the 1930s. I like this design. http://imageshack.com/a/img540/7182/QQDkz7.jpg www.omas.com At the moment Omas inks are available in eight standard colors: Black Blue Gray (New) Green Red Sepia Turquoise VioletOn different occasions they produced also limited edition inks, like: Amerigo Vespucci Red Green Italia Hong Kong Red Permanent Black Rom
  3. If it weren't enough that Bryant is probably one of if not the nicest pen retailer in the galaxy, here's a really nice one: https://chatterleyluxuries.com/product-category/specialscloseouts/ I love all the Omas and Visconti pens I've been fortunate to get from him and his team, some being truly amazing and unique. Plus, he's got a really great relationship with Visconti and Omas, so it's always a good idea to subscribe to his specials.
  4. ink-syringe

    Omas 361

    Rolled the dice on a Omas 631 I have always wanted an Italian pen. My whole life I have really wanted an Aurora or Omas pen but price has always prevented me from making the leap. I often google around looking at Aurora 88s and such and for giggles, from time to time, I browse the eBay listings for Delta, Aurora and Omas pens, put them in my watch list and watch them skyrocket past anything I could pay. One of the pens that tickles and fascinates me is the Omas 361. I rarely see them on sale or even on eBay and when they show up they usually go for €350 and up or look frail and risky. Well a
  5. Ernst Bitterman

    Arte Italiana: How Old Is The Name?

    I just got a rather nice little pen at a rather better than a sumgai price-- this was given to me by a very very very nice person on the basis of a minor kindness I did in the past: ...but I'm not here to brag about knowing uncommonly excellent human beings. This gift has got me digging into the history of the model, and I'll admit that the public record of it flummoxes me. I don't entirely discount claims of unbroken lineage right back to the 1932 Extra, but I can't quite live with them, either. Does anyone know just when OMAS started to apply the name "Arte Italiana" to their pens? Th
  6. jchch1950

    Italian Pens Problem

    Hi,yesterday I opened my safe box to see some of my more beloved pens. In there there is a mixture of German,American,Japanese ,French and Italian pens. I was shocked to see three pens damaged. First an especial edition of Omas sold by selected dealers in Rome, the material deformed and the gold plated fittings all corred. The second one an Aurora with special silver design in two parts without any reason. The third one is a Visconti the clip fell down and the gold plating all oxidezed. None of the other pens (many) had any visible problem. Maybe some of the more knowledgable members can have
  7. KBeezie's post about Aurora nib sizes made me curious about how the Aurora fine nib would compare against the F from other Italian brands, so I decided to test it out. The Pilot M and Lamy F are also included because most of us are familiar with their nibs. Featuring (top-down) Aurora Optima 14k F (Kobe Nunobiki Emerald) Omas Milord 18k F (Kobe Bordeaux) Visconti Voyager 14k F (Kobe Ikuta Orange) Pilot Metropolitan M (Kobe Motomachi Rouge) Lamy Safari F (Pelikan 4001 Turquoise) Paper is Fabriano Ego http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f391/thegrynne/FountainPenNetwork/F0F693D2-9571-491D-9
  8. So earlier this week I was finally able to purchase on of my personal Grail Pens...The Omas Ogiva Alba in Violet. Ever since I saw it on Goulet Pens I wanted this pen, especially since purple is my favorite color. I wasn't able to purchase it at the time. A couple of months pass and on a casual search I find that it's sold out almost everywhere and I was disheartened. I then found it on ebay from Tay from Pensinasia. I wasn't able to fully pay for it at the time and he graciously let me put down some money to hold the pen for me! A couple of weeks later, I managed to get the funds to fully pay
  9. Friends, The moment might have arrived for me to make another purchase. As a birthday gift to myself I'm thinking of something special. Possible options are Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirls, OMAS Paragon Arco Bronze/Brown, Danitrio Mikado. I had also considered the amazing Conway Stewart Churchill, but those are very hard to come by these days and they are not piston fillers. As you probably guessed, I like big pens, with a a hefty section. The winner will become my daily writer, replacing my Montegrappa Emblema in red celluloid. It's very beautiful but the nib is too small and the s
  10. Susan3141

    Discolored Omas Paragon Arco?

    Hi all, I just received an Omas Paragon Arco. It's a 2002 model. My question is this: I thought the beautiful glowing wood-like colors were supposed to go all around the pen. On this pen there are two sides that exhibit the glowing, beautiful gold and brown colors, and two sides that are dark brown striped. Did I get a discolored Arco? Or is this normal? It's hard to show the dramatic difference in the colors in the photos, but hopefully you can see what I mean. Now, if I don't put the cap on just perfectly, nothing lines up. I am not happy with the coloration, because I expected it to be
  11. ..... it's not the pen, it's me: for some reason, which escapes me(aside from having had a habit if disembowelling g pens when I was little, and usually not being able to reassemble them) I took this apart when I got it, and now can't figure out what goes where. It needed a clean anyway, which I did(just a warm water soak) and I put it together, and got it inked up, and it wrote....but.....the end bit(forgive my lack of technical knowledge - my heads not in a great place right now and it's hard to think straight, so, please....be gentle....I know I've made a right pigs ear/dogs breakfast) th
  12. I got a new(to me) Omas yesterday, and having spent ages fiddling about trying to figure it out( explanation later) I have mislaid(telling myself it's not lost. Im sure it isn't....it's just so we here in my immediate area, ie in the guddle round the couch...yep, looked under couch. No joy) What can I use as a temporary cap till I (hopefully)find it? As to the difficulties, I'll explain in a bit..... Alex, capless in the land of frustration.....
  13. Hi guys, I've recently received a delightful OMAS Ogvia Alba with an 18k fine nib. Really enjoying it - a smooth wet writer without no significant feedback. Just what I had wanted. I have noticed however that the feed looks misaligned. However, I have no problems with ink delivery - it's wet with inks like Pelikan 4001 and of course it's nice with the more lubricated Iroshizuku and Edelstein inks. The pen write's smoothly on a range of papers from cheap copy to tomoe river and rhodia. Does this occur frequently - ie the looks funny but works perfectly conundrum? Is it a problem I should
  14. Now this is how to pack a boxed pen for trans-atlantic shipping. Almost six feet of 14 inch wide bubble wrap, plus about five feet of five inch wide wrap on each side in a FedEx Express medium box. The pen inside the display box is wrapped in tissue that is taped. I know there are other probably easier and equally effective ways to pack for shipping. I was just impressed by the attention to detail in the wrapping process. It took me a few minutes to cut through it and perhaps longer for the shipper to wrap and tape it. Stay tuned for photos of the pen.
  15. Hi guys, I got my NOS Omas Paragon Saft Green today, and have a favor to ask. I found that the cap cannot fully close on the barrel, which will leave a gap between the cap and barrel when I close the pen. Did Omas leave the pen like this on purpose or there is a problem with the pen? Thanks!
  16. OMAS Ogiva Alba, Factory Italic Nib The OMAS Ogiva Alba was released this Fall in a limited edition of 327 pens in each of three colors - green, purple and red. The pen is a demonstrator with a longitudinal grooved guilloche pattern. I am not a huge fan of demonstrators, and none of the colors really inspired me. What prompted my purchase was the opportunity to acquire an OMAS FP with a factory Italic nib at a reasonable price, at least for an OMAS LE with an 18Kt gold nib. It turned out that the italic nib was a special order, which delayed shipment of my pen. And the italic nib is “facto
  17. Now in stock, the new OMAS 90th Anniversary Cavalier Armando Simoni Limited Edition Celluloid Set has been produced in just 90 numbered pieces worldwide. Each set, available in either gold or rhodium-plated trim, includes three hand-crafted celluloid pens in the Vintage Paragon size: the Saft Green with 18k solid gold nib in Extra Fine, the Scarlet Red with 18k solid gold nib in Broad, and the Radica with 14k solid gold nib in Medium Extra Flessible. Upon request, we can swap nibs within pens in the same set at no additional charge. For a limited time only, we are also offering one free regr
  18. À propos of previous discussions regarding OMAS Italic nibs, note that both of these nibs are 18Kt gold without tipping material. The nibs are round nibs with the tipping cut off, then ground to very smooth cursive italics. They write very smoothly, with just a bit of feedback, even with a dry ink like Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black. The green pen was purchased from a European pen shop. The shop custom ordered the pen from the OMAS factory for me. I assume the italic nib was ground for my special order. A B nib was used. The Orange pen was ordered from a U.S. vendor who had stocked Ogiva Albas
  19. A beautiful little AM87 arrived today - but it does not want to write .... It fills OK, and I've tried priming the feed by gently turning the piston knob but it is refusing to lay any ink on the page even after I've dropped ink through it. Could the feed be too tight against the nib? Any ideas? Really disappointed - was really looking forward to trying the nib on this model.
  20. BobR

    Omas Green Review

    This is a review I prepared a while back but had not posted. I thought it would be appropriate now as it reminds me of a fresh, spring green, something those of us in the north are looking forward too. It's on the light side, not water-resistant, but otherwise performs well. Although this ink is a few years old, it seems to be the same color as current production, and is a good all-purpose green.
  21. What is the problem when you have extensive nib dribble. I don't mean nib crawl where there is a touch of ink on the nib and you wipe it off. I also do not mean when you fill the fountain pen, I mean while using it; I mean after you have put it back in pen case and you remove it again to write; there is visible ink on the nib. I mean the tip of the nib is covered in the ink you are using. I am having this problem with my new Omas Ogiva Alba. I am including one picture to demonstrate. This picture is actually light nib dribble compared to some instances. Should I simply not use this ink in thi
  22. Voormas

    Number On My Omas Moma

    Dear fellow enthusiasts of Italian fountain pens, I recently acquired my first Italian pen - after searching for a long time I got a OMAS MoMA with a dualtone 18k M nib. A really lovely pen. But I had always assumed that these pens were not really limited. But on the grip section of the pen (hidden when the cap is on) there is a tiny inscription saying "077/150". Were some of the OMAS MoMA limited? (The pen looks genuine - as far as my limited skills tell me) Thank you in advance for helping me.
  23. As covered in FPGeeks: Good Deal: Omas Vintage Paragon in Bronze Arco for $550 from Chatterley Luxuries! By Dan Smith On March 4, 2015 · 0 Comments · In Fountain Pens http://fpgeeks.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Omas-Arco-Paragon-798x237.jpg Chatterley Luxuries is running a smoking good deal on a few of the recently released Omas Vintage Paragons. They’ve only got 4 pens, all with rhodium trim and all brand new. All the pens have 18k gold nibs with two Fine and two Broad nibs available. Unfortunately, these nibs cannot be swapped for other sizes but I’d be happy to put a cu
  24. PenChalet

    Omas Emotica Fountain Pen - 40% Off

    We have a limited selection of Omas Emotica fountain pens for sale at 40% off while they last: http://www.penchalet.com/images/products/10963.jpg
  25. Raskovnik

    Piston Cork For Omas 361T?

    Hi all, I took apart an Omas 361T and found the cork is no longer usable. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement or should I just use O-rings in it's place? Thanks Raskovnik

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