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  1. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy the Midori MD Notebook Light A5 (ruled) notebooks in the US or via a website that ships to the US? Here is the official Midori MD Notebook LIGHT page. The closest I got after exhaustive searching was The Journal Shop in the UK, but they haven't had A5's in stock in a long time. I would appreciate any leads any of you have. Thanks! Henry http://www.midori-japan.co.jp/md/en/products/swin/img/light_a5_yoko03.jpg
  2. While living in England I got used to using some very nice Office Depot brand A4 sized blue casebound notebooks for note taking. These ones: http://www.viking-direct.co.uk/a/pb/Office-Depot-A4-Feint-Ruled-Casebound-Manuscript-Book/pr=Q25&id=5313033/ They're unpretentious but attractive, sturdy, and the paper is excellent - thick and very good with fountain pens and just about any ink. Sadly, they're unavailable in the USA, where I've moved. Most notebooks in stationery stores here seem cheap and flimsy, but I thought I'd found a good replacement with a Moleskine Folio Professional Notebo
  3. - Master of the order-made notebooks (Kakimori) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH5k0G_gVI Kakimori is a small stationery shop nestled in Tokyo's Kuramae neighbourhood which has been pleasing customers over the course of three generations. You might find yourself falling in love with the art of writing again after a visit to this specialist stationery shop. Kakimori's range of pens, inks and letter sets are chosen on the basis of how comfortable they are to use, and customers are welcome to try out the fountain pens before making a purchase. Best of all are the order-made notebooks, prep
  4. I purchased the large-size Webbie back in March. I’ve been hesitating to do a review because I just wasn’t sure what my final verdict was going to be, but now I think I know. In case you’ve been living under a rock or something, here’s a brief overview of the Webbie: Made by RhodiaContains 90g creamy Clairefontaine paperSewn binding, all encased in a soft-to-the-touch leatherette coverIncludes a ribbon bookmark and elastic closureAvailable in lined, dot-grid, and blankThis size sells for $22+ online, depending on retailer (I bought mine for $25 from Goulet Pens)That’s the infamous Webbi
  5. I'm starting to use discbound systems and have liked Arc a lot so far, but hear that the Levenger Circa aluminum discs are easier to turn pages on than the plastic Staples discs, does anyone here have personal experience with this they can share?
  6. While looking for a daily notebook the first thing on my mind was the classical Aurora linen covered notebook. It's quite often seen here in Belgium but does not get that much attention on this forum. Is it something typical of my country? The paper quality will do for a daily notebook and the firmness does add value when carrying it arround. In my experience it is a iconic notebook that is fountainpen friendly. Is anybody else using it? Or perhaps just avoiding this notebook?
  7. Tonight a friend came back from London. With her she had a bottle of Diamine ink and a small little teeny-weeny notebook from a brand I recognized; Smythson. Being a materialist, I squealed with glee and decided to try out the book, especially since I remembered hearing that the paper should be notebook-friendly. So far, it is definitely not. The paper is very thin, and I expected show-through, but not bleed-through. Even with my one of finest nibs (Lamy 2K EF) and one of my most well behaved inks (Lamy black) there was some bleed-through on the pages. I have looked at reviews onli
  8. I think it is about time to do my first review (way overdue). I've always liked the looks and feel of leather notebooks but either the paper was not what I wanted or I was to scared to spoil them with my scribbles. So I opted to go for a nice leather cover. I searched a while to find a nice leather cover that could fit the notebooks I like. Most covers out there seem to be made for Moleskin and that's, well lets just say not my cup of tea. Not to long ago I came across a Dutch website www.writersplaza.nl were they sell handmade leather notebooks and covers by an Englishman named Paul Francis
  9. I would like to get a small notebook/sketchbook/journal to carry around with me that is fountain pen friendly. It would just be something to carry where I could jot down a thought or sketch something interesting. I would prefer it to have blank pages, although dots wouldn't be out of the question. Moleskine makes a nice blank pcket-size notebook, but I've read in other forums the paper is not so fountain pen friendly. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. I've been looking for the perfect journal for years and still have not come close. I was hoping you all could help me out. I used to use a Moleskine Sketchbook as my preferred journal, just because it could handle a variety of media. I like to travel and stick all my ticket-stubs and postcards in there and thanks to the thickness of the pages, it never caused bumps my writing. However, with only 100 pages, it was getting to be kind of a waste. I am looking for something lined with good paper quality of heavier weight. Preferably, the journal is bound nicely but that's not a huge priority. I
  11. I saw the announcement video pop up on my YouTube suggested videos feed on Friday: http://youtu.be/YddRA-YcSHg. Then this morning I got confirmation in the comments from Whitelines that they are indeed making Whitelines Link notebooks with Leuchtturm1917 paper! "Leuchtturm1917 notebooks with Whitelines Link inlay/functionality". I don't see any mention of this new notebook on the Whitelines blog yet. After some Googling, I found some additional info:Leuchtturm1917 2013/2014 catalogThe Paperie - search results for Leuchtturm1917 + Whitelines These new notebooks will have black covers with ora
  12. Okay, I'm no good with paper reviews, so I'll just skip over that in this case since Kokuyo Campus paper is an old classic practically on par with Rhodia (at least for those of us who love our Japanese/Asian paper!) so it's bound to have been reviewed already. That's my story, etc. But I just HAD to share this totally adorable version that I recently found on Rakuten, because it is a total darling. Just look at that! That's a clip from a Lamy Safari for size: The best part for me, as a big fan of all things miniaturized, is that this is an exact replica of the larger Kokuyo Campus noteboo
  13. So I have been reading and browsing looking for a quality leather notebook cover, while at the same time looking for quality paper to use with my FP. I have seen so many pictures, read into so many brands, that I have a general idea of what I want. However, I find myself now completely overwhelmed with the choices, sizes, etc. By now I've seen how to make your own covers as well as the enormous range of planner-styles. So yes, feeling a bit overwhelmed. Rather than just start buying and experimenting with what I've seen, I'd like my first purchase to be done with some input from you parapherna
  14. Have you ever wanted to remove some pages from a wire-bound notebook but without actually tearing them out? For instance, maybe because you don't want the fluffed out bits and there's no micro-perforation, or maybe you wish you could bind them in a different order or move them to a different notebook? So far you could only pry the coil apart or just cut it with pliers, but that left you with an unuseable notebook. Well, it turns out that some designers over in Japan maybe got tired of that and created a little tool that neatly opens out the coil evenly from end to end, so when you have r
  15. wallylynn

    Eco Clip

    I want one of these for when I'm too lazy to bind my journal refills. http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/t_ku-xlarge/xsnrvvfam8z9bgpltbrv.jpg http://gizmodo.com/a-clip-that-turns-any-stack-of-paper-into-a-homemade-no-1532735088
  16. I went to Jetpens to reorder a kokuyo inspiracion (my favorite notebook to use as a refill for the lihit lab twist rings system) and to my horror they don't stock it anymore!! I couldn't even find it on Rakuten, so I suspect it may have been discontinued So now I need your help to replace it! For the general info, here's the old description on Jetpens. And here are the parts that mattered to me: - page size and hole pattern: they're identical to the lihit lab twist ring system (a 3:1 pitch, for binding geeks). This is a must-have - without this there's no point - color and page lay
  17. Clas Ohlson are selling 100 gsm "deluxe" notebooks in the UK. They've got brown covers with "Notebook" carved into the front and have 96 pages of 100 gsm paper. The Books come in A4, A5 and maybe A6 size. The A4 is £8.99, the A6 is £6.29 & A6 is £4.39. The paper is FP friendly and being so thick I have not seen any bleed through yet with my J Herbin, Waterman & Parker Quink inks yet.(Italix parson's & Parker IM). A4 100 gsm for £8.99 seems like good value for money. The paper is lined and the book is perfect bound which is great for left handers like myself.
  18. Whovians -- behold! The "Dalek" Journal by Culturenik, available at Barnes & Noble: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5473/12259243425_f31ebbd59c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7388/12259819046_5b48b7338d.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3742/12259815186_0a2c3711a2.jpg http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5523/12259400073_905f00d98a.jpg
  19. High res images available on my blog: Vertical Paper When I was recently contacted by Ed Harding and Tom Strickland, the duo behind Monsieur notebook with a question whether I would review their new notebook I was pleasantly surprised and after checking their website I said accepted immediately. A few days later one of the real leather Monsieur notebooks arrived by post. Monsieur notebooks are sold in a variety of colours, sizes and paper types. The one I received is, not surprisingly, the fountain version in brown. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3830/9692479154_840354c839_c.jpg http://farm
  20. Hi! I need help tracking a quirky notebook I saw couple of weeks ago in Waterstones in Glasgow. It was called something like "I'm getting more perfect every day" or "Improvement journal" or something along those lines. Unfortunately I didn't have time for browsing and shopping, I was in Glasgow just that one day and now I can't find it online or even remember the name of it. Can anyone help me?
  21. I mean the stuff that's got pages you can move around, but that isn't a traditional ringbinder with the bulky metal spine hardware to open and close the ring for accessing the paper (usually with 2/3/4 rings, sometimes 6 as with organizers BUT either way with the bulky hardware). These are generally sold as 'notebook systems' (or just plain notebooks) but essentially they pack the versatility of a binder into a compact package like a notebook. To do that they usually sacrifice either sheet capacity, ease of adding/removing sheets, or hardiness of the binding mechanism. So, it includes all
  22. Hey Guys, I've written before about the cheap Moleskine notebook clones which are available from Woolworths Supermarkets here in Australia (under the name Picadilly). I was surprised at the time of finding them tht they were relatively cheap but also very fountain pen friendly. Well I have found Notebooks that rivel these! While walking around KMart the other day wasting some time, I wandered into the stationary section. Most of the stuff that they have there is cheap stuff, perfect for ballpoints but useless for Rollerballs or Fountain Pens. But I noticed some notebooks that stood out. Th
  23. Hello everyone, I recently bought several Black 'N Red notebooks from amazon, and I've got to say that I'm thoroughly impressed! These notebooks are made of high quality materials and the paper within is glossy and gives me very little show-through even with a wet 1.1mm nib writing with a very wet ink+pen combination. All of this for a fraction of the equivalent Rhodia notebook. I definitely recommend them. I will post some photos and tests if anyone is interested.
  24. Hello all, I picked up a Mead Flex notebook at a local office supply store. It's a very interesting binder-notebook cross, with the best characteristics of both. The Flex is what you would get if you had a typical plastic notebook and used 3 flexible plastic rings instead of wire. The ones I saw were in different solid colors (pink, blue, green, black) on the front with black plastic rings and a black back. It comes in 1-subject, 3-subject and 5-subject sizes, although you can comfortably fit quite a bit more paper in a Flex than Mead says. Any US 3-hole punched paper will work (not su
  25. Today I'm reviewing a leather notebook/diary system made by a German manufacturer. The X47 is their high end line, there also is X17 which is cheaper and, I think, uses a less sophisticated system to attach the refills. As I haven't found anything about the brand on FPN yet I feel it's high time. I've never liked ring notebooks like Filofax but the idea of something refillable always appealed to me. That's why I own two Midori Traveler's Notebooks and three A5 sized handmade leather journals of various colors. The X47 is a very different animal as it doesn't breathe "handmade and rugged" but

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