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  1. Hi everyone, after almost 2 years I'm going back to school, and for the first I have to properly ask myself: which paper would be best to use for daily use. I prefer to use wirebound notebooks, so I can organise the individual sheets into the right folders after class. Naturally I have to consider which pens and inks to use, too, but we all know how the paper affects things such as dry time, etc., too. So ideally I'd like to get a ring wired notebook, that isn't too smooth as ink tends to take its time to dry (which is what I experienced with Rhodia a lot). On the other hand I'd like to
  2. Here's a place to compile our finds for notebooks, composition notebooks, filler papers, folders, labels, etc. that are fountain pen friendly as well as inks and starter pens. Please describe your find, brand, where made, price, and where you found it.
  3. Dear community, I like writing my journal. Until now I use different notebooks - different sizes, different paper, etc. Since a few weeks I'm not sure if I would like to do this in this way in the future. I've got the imagination of a bookshelf full of journals - all the same back. How beautiful will this look! But on the other hand... What about testing all the notebooks? And which notebook should I use? Maybe I can change every year - but use the same size. And I like systems - like Midori, RoterFaden etc. - for EDC. But I don't like writing my journal in these thin inserts... But I l
  4. I'm currently taking a couple of college classes, and the poor quality notebook paper has been frustrating. I called Goulet Pens to see if they have the 8.5 x 11 inch notebook paper or know of any, and they said no and recommended I post here. So can anyone help me? I just want narrow-ruled notebook paper that's fountain pen friendly. Current paper I'm using is scratchy and bleeds through to the other side unless I use an extra-fine nib (which is scratchy and unpleasant to use on the paper). Any recommendations? Thanks much in advance for your help! Liora
  5. Rhodia is now officially available in India. Rhodia products are available on flipkart.com and amazon.in Alternatively, you can also contact us at info@abhimanintl.in directly for placing an order or to inquire for bulk/ corporate orders. Regards, AbhimanIntl
  6. Hi, I really want to jump on the Tomoe River band-wagon, however I can't find a notebook of the size I'd like. I like B5-sized notebooks. I went to SevenSeas, and the only notebook they offer is A5, which is too small for me. Are there any notebooks available that use Tomoe River paper and are close in size to B5? Thanks.
  7. Hi, This is a review of the Fabriano EcoQua A5 Spiral Bound - graph 5mm notebook. See more at http://fabriano.com/en/267/ecoqua http://i.imgur.com/IDSu8Se.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/XNZwtje.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/PWNDPuZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/OKEvYtY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/drpaYuM.jpg Pros: It has nice paper (85 gsm). The paper is quite smooth, but not as smooth as Clairefontaine. There is minor show-through and no bleed-through. Cons: (Personally, I cannot think of any.) Things to consider: The paper is off-white. The notebooks are available in different binding, sizes, formats, and cove
  8. Hi, I am going to build my own Midori-style notebook (to make it a bit wider) and also wanted to make my own inserts. But I'm not sure which paper to use for it. I like the paper in Rhodia Dot Pads, the Leuchtturm paper, that is in the thicker A5 notebooks and Clairefontaine in general. So I like a smooth, FP friendly paper (preferably dotted). So what paper can I buy in bulk (like a pack of 100-500 pages) that has these options? Do I just buy the A4 versions of these notebooks and cut them to my taste? That seems a bit silly to me. I would rather buy a bigger quantity of the paper these com
  9. This year Lamy is celebrating "50 Years of Lamy Design". They have created several limited edition items and one is the Lamy Notebook and Logo M+ ballpoint gift set. These are already sold out and we have them in stock and available now. Lamy Special Edition Gift Set - Notebook & Logo Ballpoint PensRetail: $25.00
  10. A while back I had seen the journals folks were making on here so I decided to make my own and that turned out pretty well. However now I see the Midori style notebooks that people are making and now I can't resist having one. I want to attempt to make my own though as I always like to try to learn new things and make anything i can on my own as it is more rewarding and feels more personal. I have spent the majority of the day looking up places to get leather for this project but there are so many places and so many types of leather that I figured it might be easier to ask advice from som
  11. Dear All, I never thought I would review a notebook or any paper for that matter, but this journal changed my mind. From the moment I put the pen to the paper, I was very impressed. Very smooth writing and quite a heavy paper. I'm not going to write the review in the journal because as much as I want to share my thoughts on this, I'm not willing to sacrifice even a page. I'm terribly sorry but I shall be selfish on this matter. I will of course show you a writing sample. I'm using two different pens and two different inks in the pictures, the red ink being Rober Oster Signature Fire Engine
  12. Does anybody know if acid-free paper is used in this Muji notebook, http://www.muji.us/store/stationery/notebooks/high-quality-easy-open-notebook-a5-dot.htm ) The paper is listed as 5% recycled, which would normally suggest not, but I've seen other papers with more recycled content which have nevertheless been acid-free. I've attached a photo of the label for anyone who might read Japanese. Thanks! (In case the website isn't clear, the notebook is 96 sheets, dot grid, cover in the usual brown thin cardboard, white tape on the spine, thread-bound in signatures, item 4549337193741.It's also li
  13. hey there! Here is a link to my Youtube video about the Nuuna notebook Superstar design. I still have to find a way to post pics here but I will, promise. I really think it is quite FP friendly and though heavy and fairly expensive (around 27 euros here in France) it definitely is a nice support for a bullet journal type of thing! https://youtu.be/ZENgYFsr7gw Have yourself a very nice weekend! john
  14. Hello and welcome to the Quick Review of the Staples Sustainable Earth Sugarcane Paper Notebooks. As you know, Staples Sugarcane (Bagasse) paper is well known amongst fountain-pen users as an economical alternative to more pricier notebooks and papers such as Rhodia. Although by no means superior, it fulfills every criteria for general-purpose writing. Note: These notebooks were purchased from a Staples store as of April 14, 2014. http://i.imgur.com/xkfTHaj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/r45preH.jpg http://i.imgur.com/P9WEWW4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/jajrKyc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xuCyOZ9.jpg Fo
  15. Hi notebook lovers and users! Here is my latest video review of 4 of the notebooks from the Repunation series by a Turkish maker called Happily Ever After (and they do make original stuff). Here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQxIF6e_Ffk Hope you like it. John
  16. JohnSparegrave

    X17 , The Missing Link

    Hi, This is my first post here though I have been reading a lot of reviews and talks as I was bed stricken the last months. I'm a stationery lover and this is my video review of the X17 which in my opinion is one deal of a notebook since it has both the advantages of the Midori leather notebook and the comfort of your regular A5 notebook. Paper is not very fountain pen friendly but there is no showthrough, it is just that I like my pages smooth. The notebook itself though is gorgeous. Here is the link to the video since I don't know how to put it there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?
  17. For the last few years I have been using Ryman Softcover (medium) notebooks for journalling. They come in soft-touch hardback covers in a range of colours, and feature elastic closures, a page marker, a folding pouch at the back, and 192-pages of cream/off-white paper with ruled lines 7mm apart. Their paper is not coated & smooth like Rhodia/Oxford Optik, so is slightly absorbent, but is still reasonably resistant to show-through and feathering, and has not suffered from bleed-through (at least not with my pens, which are all ‘Medium’- or ‘Fine’-nibbed). i.e. my experience of these noteb
  18. I bought the narrow version of the Creme Brulee. I decided on this one over an official Midori Traveller's Notebook because it has more than one elastic band inside, at least according to the pictures. And then I bought a few addons from my favorite place, Goulet Pens.
  19. So my new Chic Sparrow notebook showed up the other day. I'm still waiting on a few more inserts so I can finish arranging it. But overall it's great, I can't believe I waited this long to buy something like this. http://imgur.com/fpngallery/nSIVf
  20. This is a brief review of the 17:18 Series of Bible Journals. Each journal contains a portion of the Bible that allows you to read and write the text guided by the verse numbers. The left page provides room for notes while the right page is for the text. The paper is FP friendly and I have encountered no bleed through. The binding is stitched and does lay flat making it easy to write in. There is one black ribbon marker. Generally there is plently of room for each verse but a few times there was not. The first writing sample below is from a TWSBI 580 1.1 stub, with Noodler's Navajo Turquoise.
  21. My kickstarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paperandsuch/simply-plain-journal-sketchbook-for-artists-creati' class='large blue awesome' target='_blank'> Simply Plain notebooks » Ends 21 Oct 2015. Thank you for looking!
  22. This is a short review of a A5 sized MD notebook. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog, as the images are/will be reduced to a small thumbnail after a short-while by the image hosting service. Below is a link to the same: Midori MD Notebook Review After falling in love with my MTN and the entire ecosystem part of it (Some of the ecosystem elements and their use are most eloquently covered by Pavoni in this post.), I wanted to have the same fountain pen friendly paper, sans the panache of an MTN. And it’s closest cousin seemed to be an MD notebook. I
  23. We've been wanting to offer notebooks for quite some time now, but we couldn't find a brand with good quality, fountain pen friendly paper that was reasonably priced. On a recent trip to Oregon, we discovered a brand named PENTALIC that meets our requirements. We hope they meet yours! http://blog.peytonstreetpens.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/PTL-016142-2BR-211x300.jpg Here are a few writing samples, showing how the paper performs with both vintage flex and modern wide-and-wet stubs. In our opinion, just the right balance between no-bleeding and a level of absorbency that works well with all
  24. This "review" might not be all that useful for most of you, save for the few Norwegians in this forum, as i don´t think this notebook is available anywhere else, but i feel the more information we can gather here the better. So, even though i´m not much of a reviewer, i´ll do a write up of what i have learned about this notebook. I first heard about this notebook about a year or so ago. I sent Biek a mail asking if the paper they used were fountain pen friendly but i got no reply from them. So i more or less forgot about the notebook until i found it in one of the stores were i live, and
  25. Finally, giving in to all my desire, I went for a midori traveler's notebook. This is a regular sized notebook with a brown leather jacket. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog, as the images are/will be reduced to a small thumbnail after a short-while by the image hosting service. Below is a link to the same: Midori Traveler’s Notebook Review Lately, along with a fair bit of travel, my focus has shifted towards acquiring various paraphernalia, genetically consistent with the core fountain pen ecosystem, while the pen themselves are in transit . Hav

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