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  1. ....turn it into an art journal! I managed to fill up my Clairefontaine notebook with ink and nib tests in a very short period of time. Oops. I just can't help it--I get excited by ink. I hate to just toss it into the recycle bin, feeling I didn't do too much with it, but also no longer needing the information. So I thought of it as a little art-seed... added water.. (not the same page as above) ..and it is blossoming journal of backgrounds! Some inks are more permanent than others. Adding splashes of Stormy Grey is encouraged. Some areas that didn't bleed out all the way will be covered in other applications. Gesso, clippings, photos, more ink splashes, what have you. I'm pretty excited to see how the whole book turns out! I only have about 3/4 of the pages left to alter.
  2. Hey all you brilliant paper fanatics out there... Has anyone tried the notebooks by the Productive Luddite that are listed on amazon? I would like to know more about them before I drop money on them. You all seem to be the best place in the world for info on paper, inks, pens, and the like... Any help would be appreciated. Paper quality - I do love my fountain pens, but I also use gel pens and different hardnesses of pencil leads so bleed through information would be great to have Paper weight estimate - not that I am that picky, but... Line width - for the paper with lines, I admit I do tend towards 6.5 to 6 mm line widths Grid or Dot width for the notebooks with those features, these have their place Binding type - perfect, thread, etc They look interesting, and I like the set-up for some of them, particularly the index and tagging concept. Thanks Kiryan
  3. I'm using a pocket Moleskine as sort of daily bullet journal , and having recently switched to using fountain pens as much as possible , I've found out that the notebook + Preppy Medium are not a good combo at all .. Looking for a notebook of ~ same size (3.5 inch*5.5 inch or 9 cm * 14 cm), preferably hardbound , and not too expensive. Also, needs to be available online as I'll need to have it shipped to me in Israel. Thanks
  4. Hello! Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I had no luck searching. I'm not even sure such an notebook/journal exists. The best match I could find thus far is the Quo Vadis Habana, but sadly that has an off-white paper. My criteria are: A4 or Letter sizeHardcover, or something in between hard and softLays flat on all pagesWhite paperVery little ghostingLinedBonus criteria: Rounded edgesRubber bandNumbered Pages7mm Lined
  5. I'm looking for a new desk notebook - something small, about 3"x5". It must be able to fold over on itself and have FP friendly paper. I'm using a Circa compact right now but not 100% thrilled with the paper. I've been looking for months and haven't found the "one". Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  6. Has anyone picked up one of the Levenger Circa Voyager notebooks or seen one in person? http://www.levenger.com/circa-voyager-leather-notebook-13079.aspx I use the Levenger Circa/ Staples Arc system extensively at work, and have really enjoyed the ability to switch around pages in the order that I want while on the fly. This looks almost like they're trying to take a little bit of the vibe of the Midori Traveler system and apply it to their Circa line. Not connected to Levenger or Staples at all... Just wanted to see if anyone had tried one of these since it's a little spendy for something that I might not like. John
  7. Gambol 5 Subjects notebook (from Kokuyo) My Subjective Rating: 2/5 My Objective Rating: -1 Pros: cheap (+2)easily available (+1)wire-bound (+3)good value (page per dollar) (+2)divider every 40 pages (+1)rounded corners (+1)Cons:feathering is quite severe (-3)bleedthrough is quite severe (-3)only good for dry fountain pens/ballpoints/pencils (-3)single-wire binding (-1)soft cover is not durable (-1)Price: RM6.90 (1.90 USD/1.60/£1.30)Binding: single-wire binding Size: A5 Number of Pages: 200 Printing: 7mm lines (24 lines/page) Gsm: (not specified) Cover: Thick paper (soft) Page colour: white (slightly greenish discolouration) Additional Information : blank yellow paged divider every 40 pages.index pageBlank lines at the top of each page for number and dateNo marginRuling does not start and end at the end of the sheetsPhotos:
  8. Hi! First of all, I'm from Hungary so its important to me to find a site which is based in the EU (UK, Germany etc.) and sells that product. I need one about A5 - B5 size, neither too big, nor too small, its better if its thinner rather than taller. Its also important to be fountain pen friendly ( But i still can't decide which fountain pen should i get for my money ( 70 - 80 gbp / 100 - 120 usd ), so if you suggest a few i will be glad! ( Right now im looking into the reviews of TWSBI 850-AL and Platinum Sai Limited Edition). I want to start to write a journal, so i i not really need a notebook, more a journal, and i prefer leather cover.
  9. Hi all, Another review of under-the-radar stationery goodies: custom leather and half leather notebooks by BomoArt from Budapest, Hungary! I think I found them via another online shop carrying a small range of their products which looked very interesting, especially their notebooks They're combining a range of nostalgic/romantic/steam-punkish prints with leather spines of various colors to mix and match after your fancy (their web shop is pretty well made too!) Among others I picked this blank A5 notebook with dark brown leather spine and prints of a nostalgic aviary. The brand name is embossed at the back of every journal. Looks pretty classy. You can choose ruled or blank paper with various page counts. Each book has a ribbon bookmark and bright red end papers. Below you can see one of their thicker journals with 280 pages. Some of their motifs are quite kitschy for my taste but others are simply adorable like the balloons, the aviary or those roses. I love roses! I also ordered a small stationery box with 10 A4 sheets and 10 Din long envelopes. The box is a bit larger than the DL format - which is a pity because the A4 sheets come folded to fit into the box -, but beautifully made with some leather details. The envelopes are lined with the same balloon motif you can see on the box. The sheets are unprinted. The notebooks feel sturdy and well made. The covers are made of thick cardboard, the leather has a nice feel and isn't dyed to death. The paper doesn't disappoint either, it worked well with any ink and nib width I threw at it. (Especially that Danitrio and Diamine Asa Blue are a super wet killer combination) The blank books are A5 format whereas the lined ones are a little slimmer. Lines are light grey and unobtrusive. Beautiful products and at a rather low price point too (€17-20 for a half leather journal size A5). They also offer diaries, address books, giftwrap paper and all kinds of other papeterie stuff. I'm determined to get my daily diary for 2014 from them, probably with the balloon design. All books are handmade in Budapest and were made to my specifications. As usual no affiliation but a happy customer.
  10. *This is my first review, and I know my pictures and scans aren't up to par with some of the review heavy hitters on here. But I'll do my best. :-) I've been using the Seven Seas journal for a week now, and I figure that I've had enough time with it to write a bit of a review. Full disclosure: I bought this product with my own money and the review is entirely my opinions based on my experiences. I judged the notebook on 5 criteria - portability, durability, value, writing experience, and details. The details are all the little extra things that make a product extraordinary. An otherwise perfect notebook that has nothing special (no "soul," if I may) could only get, at best, a 20/25. And with that, onto the review! Scores: Portability 4/5 Durability 5/5 Value 4/5 Writing Experience 5/5 Details 3/5Total: 21/25 Portability A5 is a bit big for a notebook to be carried around all the time, but any smaller and it would probably not be as pleasant to write in. The slim thickness also helps to keep it from being unwieldy, so overall the size works for me. Durability After a week of being toted around with me everywhere it still looks brand new. No problems with pages crinkling/tearing. Currently using the cheap plastic cover, but I plan to buy the Gfeller leather cover once it comes back in stock. The thread binding seems like it can take a lot of abuse, but I'm babying it anyway. Value These journals are not cheap, but you get a lot pages, durable binding, and quality paper. For what you get, I would say the price is more than fair. Writing Experience It's Tomoe River paper, need I say more? Edit - there is significant ghosting (which you can see on the scans) and ink does take a bit longer to dry, but I have yet to have any bleeding or feathering and the ghosting doesn't bother me at all when it comes to actually writing in or reading from the notebook. Details I absolutely love the color of the paper and lines, two page ribbons, rounded corners, and the line spacing. I hate the color of the cover (personal preference, so no points lost there). I wish it had numbered pages, options for blank/grid lines, and maybe a pocket in the back.Overall I really like this notebook. To the point that I've decided this is the only journal I ever want to use (at least for a while). I definitely plan to buy a few more soon, probably once I can get a cover too. :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I highly recommend this product. I am one of those people who just couldn't find the perfect journal and now I've found it. Even though I just use it a bullet journal, the wonderful experience of writing on that paper keeps me coming back throughout the day. Also, Dave is awesome. My journal took a bit of a roundabout trip to get to me and got a bit lost for a few days, and he was very reassuring when I emailed him about it. Thankfully everything worked out ok (actually, later that day it resurfaced on the tracking info). And now, a few gratuitous, poorly lit pictures: Also, in case you were wondering, the pen/ink used to write the review is a Pilot VP broad, inked with R&K Scabiosa. :-)
  11. Some days ago I could finally get myself to visit this beautiful shop in Budapest, Hungary. I've been browsing their online store every week just to see their awesome products. Their new website just launched this week! http://www.bomoart.com/ They offer paper, leather and half leather bound notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks among many other things like postcards, greeting cards, calendars, boxes, etc with vintage like designs. Various styles, inspired by the atmosphere of the 1910s, '20s, '30s and '40s, all with amazing detail! Their designs are quite unique and original. You can almost get everything with the same matching pattern. For example, there is their hot air balloon themed design. If you really like that, its available on almost every product they offer! The spines of the leather products are beautiful! And the leathers feel really nice in hand. On top of that, you can choose the color of the leather you want. If you order a half leather bound notebook/planner online, you can select the design you'd like, and the preferred leather color as well! All in all, when I was browsing online, I was like "OMG!". When I went to the shop, "OMG! OMG! OMG!" The B&M shop is really small, but its filled up completely with their products. Abundant supply. So, what I've bought on my first little trip there, is a 3 pack of BomoMemo. A/5 sized, paper covered, lined notebooks, with 96 pages each. (I gave one to my sister. It had beautiful flowers on it, but I thought it would be a wee bit feminine for a hairy guy...) This is also available in A8 size, but with different cover designs in the pack. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141202/P1230609_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141210/P1230603_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg Again. Amazing detail!!! They are just pure joy to look at! (The Christmas card is also from them) And they don't only look good from the outside. The inside of the covers are also taken care of, and there is a red plastic-like dividing page both on the front and back. Its like those pages what are mostly found in photo albums, just thicker. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141210/P1230623_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141210/P1230702_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg Luckily the paper itself is also nice! It has a little texture, but nothing bad. It takes ink quite well. It can bleed with wetter inks or nibs though, but most of the time there is just show though. What also happens with wet inks is that the letters can get a little bit hairy. Most of the time you have to look really close to see it. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141202/P1230636_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141202/P1230629_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg Stormy Grey is on the wet side. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141210/P1230685_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg The dots did bleed a little, but the tattoo like process doesn't make it easy for many papers. Most of those are also just show though. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141210/P1230714_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141210/P1230718_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141210/P1230720_1_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg No disappointment at all! It worthed every penny! (Forint...haha) I hope I can get myself a full leather planner for 2015 form them.
  12. PenChalet

    It's Field Notes Day!

    Today we have discounted most of out Field Notes at 10% for the holidays. Also take an additional 10% your entire order with the coupon code HOLIDAYS You must order from out sale page to get the discounted price: http://www.penchalet.com/sales/days-of-holiday-deals.html Currently discounted are the following: http://www.penchalet.com/images/emails/12Days/2014/fieldnotes_ambition.jpg Ambition http://www.penchalet.com/images/emails/12Days/2014/fieldnotes_unexposed.jpg Unexposed http://www.penchalet.com/images/emails/12Days/2014/fieldnotes_aands.jpg Arts & Science http://www.penchalet.com/images/emails/12Days/2014/fieldnotes_pitchblack.jpg Pitch Black
  13. Hey, I take a lot of notes at school, and usually carry cheap, lined paper sheets in my binder. My inks tend to have a lot of bleedthrough and feather on the cheap paper, and i was wondering if there is a company that sells lined paper sheets made for fountain pens. I know i could just use a notebook, but it makes it frustrating not being able to have individual sheets to work on. If anyone knows of any paper that would suit my needs, please leave a responce. Thanks Mutton
  14. Rosie_Rabbit

    In The Pink

    Still loving my pink ink. This is my writing kit ready for the start of National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short. Rose Tendresse ink, pink Lamy Safari pen and a pink and silver notebook. I plan to write longhand during the day and type and upload in the evening, at least that's the plan that's in my head http://i866.photobucket.com/albums/ab228/Mariella_Moon/PinkforNaNoWriMo_zps35231023.jpg
  15. I rarely go to T.J. Maxx, largely because there aren't things I like to make wading through the junk worth my time...........till today. MIRO JOURNAL Large (10 x 7) 190 pages, 100gsm (fountain pen friendly)Rubberband closure, bookmark, and back page inner-pocket.Made from post-consumer recycled materials. MY COST: $3.50. AMAZON: $21.95 BLAMMO!!!!!
  16. I mentioned in my Hobonichi unboxing post that I had found a way to carry around my 2015 Hobonichi with me and still “use” it even though it hasn’t started yet. This is that way. YellowPaperHouse (which I shall henceforth abbreviate as YPH) is a mother/daughter team that creates inserts for Midori-style notebooks and Filofaxes and sell them through Etsy. Everything is designed and made by them, so you are getting a totally original product. I found out about them I think from Instagram. Anyway, no affiliation, just to get that out of the way early on. As of right now they offer 26 different styles of these notebooks, each one being available in 4 sizes (full size Midori, passport, cahier, and Field Notes/pocket) and many being customizable with a choice of 19 paper colors and 6 inside rulings. Whew! That is a lot of options for customization! As the title of this review implies, the style that I purchased was one modeled after the Hobonichi format with white paper inside. I chose the Field Notes size because it easily fits inside of my original Hobonichi cover. I’m sorry that all my photos are very blue - I think it’s because the paper is white and I was using early morning light. I would try to adjust it, but it winds up looking funky no matter what I do… Most of the page is dominated by a grid that, upon measuring just now, contains 3 mm squares. At the top of each page is a place where you can fill in the date by coloring in the bubbles that match the day, month, and day of the week, as well as indicating moon phase if you are into that and the weather. As you can see, I have been marking the date by coloring in the appropriate bubbles with a colored pencil. I’m not one of those people who gets all artsy with their journaling - I primarily use a planner for actually planning my day and then capturing little things that happen throughout the day. I’m not saying that “scrapbook journaling” is bad, but it’s certainly not for me. This is how my pages usually look: I’m also going to try out dividing the page vertically similar to the Hobonichi so that I have a place that’s divided up by the hour to write appointments and then a place to write little thoughts and musings. I’ll perhaps update on that later. In case you were wondering how I’m fitting this into my Hobonichi cover, I just slip the back cover of the notebook into the long back pocket of the cover (the one that has the little “Hobonichi 2015” tag on it). I also have the Hobonichi itself only inserted into the from cover right now, so I don’t stretch out that backside of it. Perhaps a picture will explain it better: Sometimes it can be tough to write on the side that opens onto the Hobonichi with this configuration, but in that case I just slide the notebook out and write and then slide it back in. It adds barely any bulk to the cover, so I’m really enjoying the setup this way. Well, we are now at that stage where I have given some background, so now I can talk about what I like and dislike. Things I like Having this available in an undated format is wonderful. I’ve gone through and filled in all the dates, but it could be particularly useful for someone who wants to log things that don’t happen on a daily basis.It’s a little thing, but I like that the header on top is mirrored across two pages. I also like the weather option and I keep thinking I should use the blank space next to that to jot down the high and low tempsThe corners are rounded. Another small thing, but so importantThe paper strikes the perfect balance between being fountain pen friendly (at least for F and not-too-wet M nibs) while still having fast dry times. I don’t think I’ve noticed any bleeding with either my pens or my highlightersThere are so many options, so you can pretty much get exactly what you want and we all know how hard that is nowadaysOther than the band that comes around it, there is no branding. I think this makes for a very clean looking notebookIt’s an original product, and I really like that. I dated a graphic design major in undergrad and I know how much work they put into their designs so I try to honor that as much as I can Things I dislike The cover is a bit flimsy. This isn’t really a big issue for me since I’m using it inside another cover and I know it’s designed to be that way, but it would definitely get worn fast if used just by itselfI wish the grid ruling for this particular design was a bit bigger. I think if it was 4 mm then I could do one line per box (I think the Hobonichi is 3.7 mm but Tomoe River paper makes writing look finer too), whereas now I kind of have to take up two boxes in height per line of writing And now something that falls into both categories for me: the price. The price changes depending on which size you get, so for the two notebooks I got it was $12. To me this was totally worth it because after paying a decent chunk of cash for the Hobonichi itself, what’s another $12 so I can start using it right now? And it was going to be a one-time purchase for me, at least for the foreseeable future. From that standpoint, the price was pretty good because it solved a problem quickly and neatly. However, if you are a Midori style notebook user and you are going through a lot of notebooks, this is probably not the most efficient way to do it. Each of these books contains 38 days (there is no printing on the very front and very back pages, so 40 pages = 38 days), so if you wanted to use these for an entire year that would be 10 notebooks and run you $60, plus shipping. Whether it’s a good deal then is entirely up to you. Overall, I think these are high quality, uniquely designed notebooks that are worth checking out if you use any of those four sizes of notebooks I mentioned earlier. While I don’t have plans to buy any more (because I’ll be starting my Hobonichi when these run out, eek!), I will definitely keep an eye on this shop and return to it in the future if I have a need they can fill. I purchased this product with my own money and I am not being compensated in any way for this review. All opinions above are my own and you are free to disagree with them if you like.
  17. Hi! I'm looking for options to put in my Midori-style leather cover. It's Moleskine/Field Notes-sized, but I would like better paper to suit fountain pens. Preferably also thicker than Rhodia - I like to draw. I live in Norway, so the physical stores don't cover my needs. It would have to be an online shop with worldwide shipping. I have a Banditapple Carnet on its way, I just would like more options. Thank you.
  18. I've got a spare A5 Clairefontaine notebook that I currently have no use for. What should I do with it?
  19. I reviewed Black n' Red notebooks on my blog, but I'll also post a quick writing sample here. Writing Sample:Pen 1: Lamy Safari F filled with Levenger Cobalt BluePen 2: Sailor 1911 Mid-Size EF filled with Levenger Cobalt BluePen 3: Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 F filled with Pelikan Edelstein TopazPen 4: Visconti Rembrandt F filled with Levenger Blue BahamaPen 5: Pelikan M200 F filled with Noodler's BlackPen 6: Montblanc Carrera EF filled with Pelikan Brilliant BlackPen 7: Cross Classic Century M filled with Cross BlackPen 8: Cross Bailey M filled with Cross Blue-Black Pen 9: Parker 45 F filled with Waterman Serenity BluePen 10: Sheaffer Stylist F/EF (The nib is reversible) filled with Sheaffer Skrip BlackPen 11: Speedball C-4 Dip Nib with Noodler's HabañeroPen 12: Speedball C-4 Dip Nib with Noodler's Midnight BluePen 13: Pilot Varsity Blue MPen 14: Pilot Varsity Purple M Pen 15: Kuretake Brush Pen filled with Kuretake Black http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-O2ErmH5hkb8/U6iheT1HB1I/AAAAAAAAAP8/7fRCMe_gKec/s1600/SCAN0013.JPG http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2FREDYSQZ1k/U6ihhHQYk9I/AAAAAAAAAQE/CU6v6tJmyjo/s1600/SCAN0014.JPG Please visit my blog for the full review and leave any comments you may have either there or on FPN.
  20. Those are golden ratio version! Thanks for watch! 9x15 cm, 96 sheets 11x18 cm, 96 sheets 13x21 cm, 96 sheets
  21. Background - and Disclaimer! A little over three months ago now (in April 2014), one of my local (Australian) online pen stores began stocking Tomoe River paper for the first time. I’d heard so much about it, I wanted to give it a try – but hadn’t been prepared for the cost of importing paper myself – so as soon as it became available in the online store (www.JustWrite.com.au), I placed an order. AU$16.50 for 100 A4 sheets, that’s not exactly cheap… but then again, this is a very unique paper. In conversation with Kevin Watson, the ‘proprietor’ of JustWrite Pens, I discovered that he’d linked up with a printer by the name of Jo Olive – proprietor of ‘Olive and the Volcano’, a local letterpress studio – and commissioned her to produce a line of notebooks using Tomoe River paper. These arrived instore last week – and Kevin offered me the privilege of receiving a couple of sample copies, in return for an impartial review. Let me stress from the outset, I have no relationship with JustWrite Pens, nor with Olive and the Volcano, other than as a customer – and a periodic recipient of JustWrite products for review. That said, it’s hard to understate how thrilled I am, not only to have access to Tomoe River paper from an Australian supplier, but now to have access to these beautifully presented notebooks as well. With no further ado, on to the review: Packaging The notebooks arrived in a cardboard container large enough to hold 2-3 of the A5-sized books – and to protect them against bending, folding, or creasing – a decided advantage if your only way of obtaining these books is through the mail! On opening the container, I found two Tome River Notebooks – one A5-sized, and one A6 – each with a beautiful paper wrap-around advertising the product: “Handwritten Letterpress Notebook – Tomoe River Paper”. Each notebook was also wrapped in a plastic bag, fitted to size, that provided additional protection while in transit. http://i.imgur.com/13g9ea3.jpg The Paper The paper used to make these notebooks should be familiar to anyone who frequents the Fountain Pen Network (and/or Fountain Pen Geeks!). Made in Japan by Tomoegawa Co Ltd, the paper is extremely thin and lightweight (52gsm, compared with 80gsm for normal laser paper, and 90gsm for Clairefontaine) – and yet one of the most fountain-pen-friendly papers going around. Even with the wettest of pens, Tomoe River paper is feather-resistant and bleed-through resistant –and though the translucency of the page makes ghosting inevitable, even this is not much of an issue, unless you’re holding it up to the light. There is a trade-off though: the dry-times for fountain pen ink tend to be a little longer than usual – though maybe comparable to Clairefontaine? In terms of colour, the paper in these notebooks is too pale to be called ‘cream’, but not ‘light’ enough to be called ‘pure white’ – so I’ll go for ‘off-white’. Its texture is beautifully smooth, allowing for just a hint of ‘feedback’ between paper and pen. http://i.imgur.com/KoXByIR.jpg If you want to know anything more about Tomoe River Paper, you’ll get a better idea of its properties from some of the other reviews on this site. Suffice to say, it’s a beautiful paper that works extraordinarily well with almost any fountain pen / ink combination – as long as you’re prepared for the slow dry-times, or prepared to use a bit of blotting paper. Each notebook has 60 sheets / 120 pages – compared with a Clarirefontaine A5 Cahier or a Staplebound Duo (9x14cm), both of which I purchased from my local OfficeWorks store… and both of which contain 48 sheets / 96 pages. By way of comparison, I’d say the Tomoe River notebooks are about 2/3 the thickness of the Clairefontaine, despite the larger number of pages in the former. I should also point out, the paper is unlined. I’ve suggested to Kevin that future shipments could come with a lined backing sheet – for now, buyers will have to make their own. The Cover – and Quality of Construction The JustWrite Tomoe River notebooks are presently available in two sizes – A5 and A6 – but the cover, the binding, and the finish on each are identical. The cover is made of black, 450gsm cardstock. That’s thinner than the comparable Clairefontaine products – I’d say the Cahier and Staplebound Duo were closer to 600gsm – but thick enough to provide some protection, and thin enough to be easily folded back. http://i.imgur.com/NtQoNI8.jpg Clairefontaine Stablebound Duo (Left) vs A6 JustWrite Tomoe River Notebook (Right) The notebook has been bound together by machine stitching – black thread to match the card stock cover. In terms of the ‘look’ of the product, that’s probably my only quibble: at the centre of the notebook, the black thread stands out starkly against the white paper – I wonder whether staple binding would have been a little less obtrusive? But the only time you’ll notice the threads is when you’re sitting right at the midpoint of the book – so maybe I’m being too picky! The machine stitching is regular and secure, and double-stitched at top and bottom, so there’s no risk of this product falling apart! http://i.imgur.com/phLT7n2.jpg Lightly embossed on the bottom right of the front cover of each book – and subtle enough that you could miss it if you weren’t looking for it! – is an embossed enscription (or should that be ‘debossed’? The imprint goes inward:) NOTES . TOMOE RIVER Paper Likewise on the back page, you’ll find the following inscription: A HANDCRAFTED NOTEBOOK A COLLABORATION DESIGN AND LETTERPRESS OLIVEANDTHEVOLCANO.COM JUSTWRITE.COM.AU http://i.imgur.com/F7Bh7It.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QH2rOwz.jpg The other thing that strikes me as I look at the notebooks is how beautifully finished the edges are – both for the cover and for the sheets. Although these notebooks are hand-crafted, the edging is very precise: the cover and the paper line up perfectly, and the corners of both have been rounded off. These notebooks are well-made, the cover is a good thickness, the binding is very secure. And again, the embossing is impressive - just deep enough to be visible, but faint enough not to be a distraction. The Verdict As I mentioned earlier, I’d been waiting for these notebooks to be completed with a sense of eager anticipation – and have not been disappointed. I’d hoped to be ‘first cab off the ranks’ in terms of purchasing one or two of these books – and was hesitant to accept them free, for fear that might create the perception of bias when it came to writing up a review. I can honestly say, though, I’m really impressed with these notebooks – so much so that I’m hesitating to write in them just yet (I still have a fair few loose A4 sheets of Tomoe River paper!) – but I wanted to get this review up online, particularly for Australian buyers, so you know what you’re getting if you place an order. (OK, OK, I caved - see writing sample below...) These handcrafted books are well-made, simple yet elegant, and beautifully finished – with one of the most fountain-pen-friendly papers in the world. [Late-breaking news: as I prepared to put this review up online, I received notification from Jono at www.pentorium.com that he’d just published a review also. Haven’t only skimmed it, but I direct the reader to his website for comparison - and some writing samples!] http://i.imgur.com/MoQinMl.jpg At the time of writing, the A6 books (which will easily fit an inside jacket pocket) are retailing for AU$11 plus postage, while the A5 books (my preferred size, personally) will set you back AU$19 each. That might sound a bit steep - but remember, Tomoe River paper is expensive to purchase - and even more pricey to import in any quantity! I should also mention, these notebooks are also available for international delivery – check the relevant product page on the website (www.JustWrite.com.au) for delivery charges. My thanks again to Kevin from the JustWrite Pen Company for providing me with review copies (1 each) of the A5 and A6 Tomoe River Notebooks – I’ll be looking forward to buying more of my own down the track… Any questions about the product, pop them into the comments below - I'll do my best to answer them.
  22. 13x21 cm, 96 sheets, 140gsm The nib is symbol of fountain pen friendly Thanks your viewing!
  23. Staples has a spiral bound graph notebook available. It is 4 squares per inch, comes in 70 sheets, sized 8 inches by 10 1/2 inches (203 mm x 266 mm). I comes 3 hole punched on the left side and has a perforated left side. White paper with light blue grid. Product # 40698. It says the paper is made in Egypt. Tested as follows: Bulow x450, F nib with Diamine Evergreen Sheaffer Sagaris F nib, Sheaffer blue cartridge Sheaffer Clearview 1.o mm with Diamine claret Sheaffer Clearview 1.5 mm with Tanzanite Sailor M-F nib with De Atrimentis Midnight blue Pilot 78G with B nic, Pilot black ink cartridge Cross F nib with Shin-ryoku So, with this cross section of pens, nibs and inks no feathering at all. A tiny bit of show through, you would have to see if your pen is wet enough to preclude both front and back of page being used. I think I can use both. Pro: $2.00, to me a good price sturdy flex front cover, hard cardboard rear cover perforations and 3 hole punch behavior with my fountain pens (A-) Cons: You may not like the size of the grid you may prefer a paper with more of a quality feel or higher weight paper
  24. BLOG: Making Leather Traveler's Notebooks http://thefrugalfountainpen.blogspot.com/2014/06/making-leather-travelers-notebooks.html
  25. I have this notebook I bought because of the cover- which has aged very well. The paper has grooves that make it difficult to sketch on it, so I wrote. I have used around half the paper but I am tired of writing against the grain. So, I am looking for a paper that comes close to those measurements ( and I make the holes) or a notepad that I can take the papers from and make the holes myself. It is easy to make the notebook again since it has a thick string that goes thru the holes and ia not at the end of the string keeps it in place. Help will be greatly appreciated

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