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  1. I use my fountain pens at work daily. I've had too many encounters with spills and drips on my notes to make me wary of what ink I use. One event, in particular, stands out for me when I wrote something down on a piece of paper for someone to refer to. Later, I saw the note on his desk. He had dripped some water on it, and the ink had run all over the place, not even legible! Embarrassing. It's one thing to be retro and insist on using my fountain pens at the office, but it's another when it affects the quality of the work product. So, I've been on a quest to find inks I can use reliably for w
  2. croccanova

    Hello From Southern California!

    Hello! Craig here from Orange County California! I am extremely new to the world of fountain pens but I found it in a really cool way. When I was young, I had a family friend who gave me unique Christmas and birthday gifts. I received a LeBoeuf pencil one year and the next was a sterling silver dip pen. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2008 from a long battle with lung cancer. He was a world traveler, and hailed originally from Portugal. Now 8 years later we are still finding things he collected. Digging around in an old box, I pulled out 3 pens. A green Celluloid Pelikan 400 from the 50s, an
  3. Another Blue... Exclusive to PurePens.co.uk !!!!!! This one is BulletProof to boot.. http://purepens.co.uk/acatalog/Brexit.jpg
  4. rr888

    Dilute For Bleeding?

    Hi All, Fountain pen newbie here with some questions on ink. I am experiencing bleeding on inks that most people do not have bleeding problems with. Specifically, Diamine Majestic Blue, De Atramentis Magenta Violet and Rohrer & Klingner Cassia. I am using a Leuchtturm 1917. I have read different articles about dilution but several ink reviews for these inks do not mention any bleeding problems. I have added a photo of the reverse side of a Majestic Blue list and a ink sample page. When I first started using Noodler's Black, I had problems with "ink transfer" (not sure if there is a t
  5. One of my all time favorite colors is Red/Black (dark maroon) so when I saw this Rattler Red online I had to pick up a bottle. It's pretty close in color to Diamine Red Dragon but the rattler has more "black" in it than the red dragon. The printer paper I used for the form didn't allow for as fast of a dry time as some of the paper I use more regularly so I'll update a paper comparison later on. My only complaint about this ink is how it dries in the pen fairly quickly, so it's definitely an ink you would want to use in a daily pen. http://imgur.com/F0f6PEL
  6. PenChalet

    New Noodlers Neponset Colors

    We just got in 5 new Noodlers Neponset ebonite colors: https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/noodlers_acrylic_neponset_fountain_pen.html Battle of the Wilderness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chickamauga ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Manassas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seven Pines ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shiloh
  7. dragos.mocanu

    The Fluorescence Of El Lawrence

    Hello, I've just received my first bottle of Noodler's El Lawrence and it's love at first sight (I've been waiting for a loooooong time for this ink to come to Europe, and I think I'll buy 2 more bottles just in case), but I'm kind of confused regarding the fluorescence capability...what does that even mean? I've tried shining a black light over the writing and I can't see anything special...should it behave like say, the Blue Ghost? Cheers!
  8. visvamitra

    Dragon's Napalm - Noodler's

    Noodler’s is one of the companies that don’t need any introductions. Nathan Tardiff is a legend and his work is well known by fountain pen and ink afficionados. Not everyone is crazy about Noodler’s inks but I enjoy most of the ones I’ve tried so far. Dragon Napalm is one of the inks with greatest names ever (first place goes im my ranking to J. Herbin’s Poussiere de Lune). When it comes to ink it’s quite peculiar. Retailers classify it as orange but if it’s orange it’s one of the strangest oranges I’ve ever seen. It leans strongly toward pink but it’s not pink. To my eyes it’s not orange eith
  9. Noodler's Air Corp has long been one of my daily use inks for work. I love everything about it, except that it is just slightly too green for my taste. Then I noticed that when flushing my pens, the flushed-out waste water with diluted ink in it looks bluer. Hence, I would like to try diluting it. My question is: To what extent can Noodler's Air Corp be diluted before its behavior (flow, wetness, lubricity, tendency to bleed or feather, etc.) changes noticeably? Can I go to a 1:1 ratio of water to ink and still get good performance from it? Can I go even more dilute than that? And a side q
  10. DrDebG

    Such Lonely Ink!

    Do you ever visit those inks that you have hidden away in some drawer for a long time? Has your opinion changed? I have traveled back to my home after been gone for many months, and have been reunited with my ink collection here. I had forgotten, however, my ink sample collection here. I decided to fill my fountain pens with the ink samples that I had left here and compare my thoughts recorded in my "ink journal" from the first time I sampled the ink with my thoughts today. For the sake of brevity, I will omit pens and papers used, since they are the same for both samples. I also rat
  11. Looks like the t2mr guys have posted one more review, this time of a very popular pen called Noodlers Ahab. I just received it in my inbox. Didn't know Noodlers Ahab is made in India. Its called Kanwrite Heritage Flex Pen, it seems. I did check the seller's shop on ebay and he has this pen in a range of colors. Btw, here is the review: I don't understand one thing. These guys call themselves 'the two minute reviews', but this review is of 9 minutes . Nonetheless, i love their style of review .
  12. PenerysTargaryen

    My First Lamy!

    I purchased my first Lamy today! Being the purple lover that I am I went with the Dark Lilac the color is absolutely gorgeous. It feels so comfortable in my hand, I love the grip. However, I'm not too sure if I'm keen on the nib (medium)...or maybe it's the ink (Noodler's Bat Black Texas). It feels like it "skips", for lack of better terms (I'm a newbie). Or maybe it's scratchy. Take a look at my pics and tell me what you think (excuse my handwriting, por favor!)
  13. Ink Stained Wretch

    Has The Price Of Noodler's Inks Been Raised?

    I get a frequent E-mail from Jet Pens touting their sales. In the latest one they make a big thing about having Noodler's inks in stock. So I looked. The price of every Noodler's ink on their site is $15 per bottle, and these are the French square bottles, the "3 oz." ones. Is the price of Noodler's ink being raised by 20% everywhere, or is Jet Pens the only one charging this new price for it? Will we see other vendors selling Noodler's inks for more soon? I know that Nathan went to the (mostly) unpopular plastic bottles for a while in order to avoid a price rise on the inks, so it would s
  14. Noodler's Nib Creaper, Jade: A day in the life. . . For me, writing on the move is a must. My journals need a hard cover, my pens have to put up with a lot of jostling, motion, and the occasional hard stop when I put my bag down too roughly, and given the hit and miss reputation Noodler's pens seem to have around here I thought the perfect way for me to review a Noodler's pen, as a fountain pen novice, was to take it out and about, and see how it behaves compared to my other three pens. So I filled it last night with Black Parker Quink (because you can't get more basic than that), wrote a te
  15. Hello Good People, Inspired by some comments following my recent purchase of what are probably the last bottles of Coral Sea and Catalpa for sale in Australia, I did a quick and dirty comparison of those inks, along with Violet Vote, both the original formula and the 'last batch' formulation, which arrived today courtesy of Anderson Pens (usual disclaimer applies). I included a few other inks to hand for comparison purposes, so that it is easier to judge the colours, given the variations in the way different computer screens display colours. So here's the comparison sheet: The paper
  16. Just received my sample of Whaleman's Sepia from Goulet. This is an ink that, according to older posts, should be dry, thick, and prone to clogging. The consistency of my sample seems to be no thicker than the regular Noodler's inks. Inked it up in a Preppy fine, and the flow is comparable to regular Noodler's ink in that pen as well. It writes light brown with a tiny reddish hue, lighter than most of the reviews I've seen (sorry I don't have my scanner with me). This begs the question whether this has been reformulated/diluted to correct the reported drying/clogging behavior of previous batch
  17. Hello, All! My daughter will be 8 next month and she wants an Edison pen in Hawaiian (Unicorn Barf). She does use fountain pens and while I understand wanting a pen, I can't seem to justify a $150+ pen purchase for an 8-year old. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, less expensive alternative? I looked at the Noodler's Konrad pens, but none of the colors were right. Thanks if advance for your help!
  18. NobodysPerfect

    Kung Te Cheng Issues

    So, I bought a bottle of Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng about a year ago because I just loved the color. I had heard it had some behavior issues, like drying or hard starts, but I figured, with proper pen maintenance, I could live with that. However, the issue that keeps coming up is not something I've read about before. Basically, whenever I have Kung Te Cheng in a pen, the entire contents of the converter end up emptying into the pen cap. This has happened in a Pilot Metro (F), Lamy Safari (M), Noodler's Charlie, and now Conklin Duragraph (1.1 stub). I'm very careful with my pens, and if I do
  19. Hi All I heard so much about Noodlers Apache Sunset's amazing shading properties from egg yellow to sunset red etc... But I just cant seem to get any decent shading out of this ink. I have tried a F, M, B, Flex and 6.0mm calligraphy nibs, and while the larger nibs provide some shading it's nothing special, similar to any standard ink. I have not gotten nearly the amount of shading or colour variation as most people seem to achieve on FPN with this ink. I really wanted to experience the shading and colour variation. This is really confusing me because I have not seen one review of this ink w
  20. As most of us know, sometime in the middle of 2014 there was a major color change in Black Swan in Australian Roses (henceforth referred to as BSiAR). At that time, I had a bottle of the original color, which I view as version 1, obviously with the understanding that there can be slight variations between Noodler’s batches such that two bottles might not be exact matches anyway. I found the more purple color to be quite stunning, and that is what I will call version 2. I traded my bottle of version 1 for what was hoped to be a bottle of version 2 (I sent out my bottle and the other person h
  21. white_lotus

    Noodler's (Swedish) Stockholm Indigo

    Well, I feel a little bad about posting a review of an ink that is most likely unobtanium. A sample was sent to me early last year, and I've only now gotten to actually trying the ink. It was apparently a Noodler's custom ink for perhaps a Swedish Pen Club. I don't remember the exact circumstances surrounding this ink. I don't know if it was a one-off, or something that is restocked. Perhaps there is someone in Sweden or Stockholm who could clarify matters. A vintage style blue kind of like a royal blue. This ink for some reason seemed dry to me, which usually isn't the case with Noodler's.
  22. NickiStew

    And The Real Magic Begins

    Having committed myself to this project in June, I have tested circa 100 different fountain pens inks, and it’s six months down the line that the investigation is now really starting to pay off. Please click the link to view all images related to this post: https://quinkandbleach.wordpress.com/2015/11/16/and-the-real-magic-begins/ All fountain ink brands contain chemicals within their fluids to: increase paper penetration, minimise spreading and increase drying time. Other than that, each individual product can vary considerably and as shown in previous blogs, the the variations between prod
  23. a.zy.lee

    Parker 45 Demonstration (Video)

    Here's a video I made a while ago demonstrating a Parker 45. It's the midnight blue model with a medium nib. I have it inked with Noodler's Navy which matches it almost perfectly. The bit-rate in the video is kinda low due to editing with Windows Movie Maker. Enjoy! I have more videos like this on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6pAl06Dx2E1WqWof7JnnvA
  24. Noodler's amazes me. The color options, the shading, the water resistance (some-but-not-all inks). I have nothing but respect for Mr. Tardif. This thread is one of wonderment, amazement, and homage. One thing that irritates me, however, is that he does not offer a true bulletproof CYMK set (with the obvious exception of Black.) This means that the inks I want to make for myself won't be bulletproof. And bulletproofness is a sticking point for me, or at least water resistance. (I don't write anything worth forging anyway, so for the time being let's throw out bleach/acetone/ammonia/..... res
  25. white_lotus

    Noodler's Brown

    Well, Noodler's perhaps doesn't need an introduction, as everyone knows that Mr. Nathan Tardiff creates this inky lineup at his secret inky factory. A very extensive line of inks it is. Some are basic, some are more interesting. This one falls into the more basic range. That is not a negative, as not everyone wants a super shady, sheeny ink with glitter. Sometimes you just want an ink that works without fuss and I think this ink fits that criteria. This ink falls on the drier end of the wetness scale, but it is but no means "dry". I used a Lamy AL-Star (M-Steel) which is decently wet, but wi

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