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  1. Why is Noodler's Baystate Blue advertised as being alkaline? The bottle says ph between 8-9, and various retailers advertise it as being slightly more dangerous to pens due to being basic. Yet, many sites including richardspens.com and a thread here quote the pH as acidic, in the 4-5 range, and when I pH tested my bottle in lab today with a ph probe I got a pH of 2.96, which is 1,088,484 times more acidic than the quoted pH. (pH is measured on a logarithmic scale with a pH value representing a Hydronium Ion Concentration of 10^-pH molar, so pH 5 is 10 times more acidic than ph 6, which is 10
  2. I've been building a collection of Noodler's Ink, and I'm up to six bottles so far - five colors and a huge bottle of Heart of Darkness. For the most recent round of purchases, I first bought some samples from Goulet Pens, and I also received a sample of Ottoman Azure in an ink sample exchange with another FPN member. I was rather surprised by the variability in color between batches of Noodler's Ink. I got a Black Swan in Australian Roses sample vial from Goulet that looked a dark rose ink: The bottle of BSiAR I actually received was noticeably darker and more purplish: The samp
  3. antichresis

    Replicant Inks

    The title is inspired by the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer and the question by The Grand Tour's passing exhibit of Enzo Ferrari's purple ink: Which current (modern?) inks intentionally replicate or simulate lost or discontinued inks? This is an attempt to have a comprehensive list (like the Sailor ink thread) as the ones I'm aware of are mostly Noodler's inks and were brought up in an old thread here. Noodler's Dark Matter - unknown ink from Los Alamos Sailor Bungbox Sapphire - Parker Penman Sapphire (there's a whole lot of literature of course on which inks replicate PPS, but this is the on
  4. visvamitra

    Proctor's Ledge - Noodler's Le Ink

    Noodler’s is one of the companies that don’t need any introductions. Nathan Tardiff is a legend and his work is well known by fountain pen and ink afficionados. Not everyone is crazy about Noodler’s inks but I enjoy most of the ones I’ve tried so far. Proctor's Ledge was one of Noodler's LE Inks from limited materials made for New England pen show - Commonwealth in 2015. Proctor's Ledge, and the illustrated bottle label, is a memorial to the 19 innocent victims of the Salem Witch Trials that were hanged at this particular site. The ink is really wet and dark. It's brown but in some pens
  5. Just before entering this forum, happened that I won an Instagram contest held by Goldspot Pens. Part of the prize of the contest was a bottle of their exclusive Noodler's Revolution Blue. Since you open the bottle a bright luminous deep blue colour catches your eye, revealing one of the most sneaky and charming ink i've ever had the pleasure to use. Look at that blue!, doesn't it just say "USE ME!!!" with an enchanting siren voice? This ink is so blue that I would be glad to check with Geiger Counter for its radioactivity! Looks like paint! But from great blue comes great attention: THIS
  6. white_lotus

    Noodler's Colorado Spruce 2016 Le

    At the 2016 Colorado Pen Show, Noodler's presented a show exclusive "Colorado Spruce". Anderson Pens acquired whatever stock remained and that is how I obtained a bottle. The ink sold out quickly and is now unobtanium. So this is for historical reference only. This is a rich dark green, fairly muted, but not like KWZ Foggy Green or Rotten Green. Distinctly green though fairly dark, so it's not like Sailor Miruai or BB Dandyism. Has perfectly decent flow and handling, some shading, and some show through on papers that don't have that as an issue. It wasn't a real problem, but bears mentioning
  7. eelldan

    Noodler's Lexington Gray

    I really enjoy grey inks and this one is my favorite. I think it works great with cheaper copy paper which I use everyday at work. it's work friendly which is a bonus when I need to leave notes for the boss. Following are how it looks on different paper. I hope you enjoy. Rhodia Copy Paper 90g Copy Paper 75g
  8. Gazcom

    Noodler's Apache Sunset

    When I first got into fountain pens, I was looking for a "grail ink" or at least to buy only those inks which was really impossible to do without. At the beginning i felt really sad to know that one of the most renown shading ink , Noodler's Apache Sunset, was almost impossible to find in EU dealers, at a reasonable price at least. I bugged badly a friend who went to NY to buy me a bottle for me at the Pen Hospital instead of the usual souvenir. For this reason, today I'm able to tell you my complex feelings on this particular ink. Apache Sunset is a "paper squeamish ink", has a be
  9. I have 7 pens right now so I feel like I'm ready to try out a flex pen next. I want something cheap that I can play around with, without worrying too much about cost if something happens to go wrong - so I want to stick to one of the noodler's flex pens. I'm undecided between the nib creeper, ahab and konrad. I think I might be leaning more towards the ahab because it's got a bigger grip and I'm thinking would be more comfortable to hold while applying the needed pressure to flex. I know there's a lot of variance between all the pens, even within the same nib creeper, ahab and konrad famili
  10. Here is my comparison of 4 Noodler's Inks: Bulletproof Black, Heart of Darkness, Borealis Black, and X-Feather. I used 2 pens, a Parker 21 and a Pilot Metropolitan. The comparison was done on 3 different papers. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Album in link below. http://imgur.com/a/jcnWa
  11. caleb

    Noodler's Ottoman Azure

    Noodler's Ottoman Azure Ink Review Note: This review is also available on my personal reviews site, with better formatting. If you would like to take a look, please click here. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the review. Noodler's Ottoman Azure is definitely one of my go-to blue inks. It has incredible color and saturation, and, with a thick nib, brilliant shading from blue to navy. On the label of ink is a photo of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Also knows as 'The Blue Mosque' due to its interior color). And, like many Noodler's inks, the bottle has its particular style, with the W
  12. A local retailer is giving a discount on Dragon Catfish Green (it's now the same price as a 3oz bottle), and I'm thinking of getting it but the lack of reviews has given me pause. 1. Is it good highlighter ink? 2. Is it readable, if needed to be used to write words (in a jiffy)? 3. How is the performance on copy paper? Does it feather a lot, does it bleed through a lot, etc. 4. Any other thoughts/comments from users would be appreciated!
  13. I have searched a lot to read and see more comparisons between pelikan fountain pens and Noodler's. Noodler's are to be flexibel, they call the Pelikan m200 springy. Please, Could you help me with Some reflections and pictures? About design and writing and such? Thank you very much in advance.
  14. white_lotus

    Noodler's Beaver

    Long ago, back in 2013, I traveled to visit friends and didn't want to take ink on the plane. So I bought a bottle at a local shop. I'd only had one ink at that time, a black, so I wanted something different. The shop didn't have a large selection but there were maybe a dozen Noodler's inks to choose from. So I ended up with Noodler's Beaver. This isn't an ink that you hear much about on the forum. I don't really know why. A lot of times when I look at my writing with this ink it almost looks like a muted burgundy than a brown. It almost reminds me of KWZ Brown Pink, but it doesn't have the ki
  15. white_lotus

    Noodler's Army Green

    I had ordered some inks, and the shop included a free sample of this ink, Noodler's Army Green. While I usually like green inks, this one didn't capture my fancy. Nothing really wrong with it, just not my color. It shades quite well. I'm sure there are folks that will enjoy this color. A fairly interesting color drop. Not water resistant.
  16. Hi Everyone, This is just a quick comparison I made of two shading orange inks: Super5 Delhi and Noodler's Apache Sunset. I was surprised at how similar they can look and the shading with both is impressive. The huge advantage, for some at least, of Delhi is that it's completely waterproof once dry! If you've been hoping for a waterproof version of Apache Sunset, Super5 Delhi may be close enough to fit the bill. My only complaint with Delhi as far as behavior goes is that it left pink stains in my TWSBI demonstrator that I still haven't been able to get out. Here's what these two oranges
  17. visvamitra

    Manhattan Blue - Noodler's Ink

    Noodler's is one of the companies that don't need any introductions. Nathan Tardiff is a legend and his work is well known by fountain pen and ink afficionados. Not everyone is crazy about Noodler's inks but I enjoy most of the ones I've tried so far. Manhattan Blue used to be produced exclusively for Arthur Brown shop. When it went out of business, Fountain Pen Hospital managed to carry the ink. Now it's called Blue Manhattan but I believe it's the same ink. The ink look rather nice and is decently behaved. Lubrication could be better, flow could be better but still the ink is enjoyable
  18. Dear Friends, I offer you a review of the Noodler's Prime of the Commons, and intriguing and enchanting blue-black-teal-green.. ink with plenty of character and pleasant qualities.
  19. The Good Captain

    Noodler's Monkey Hanger - Exclusive!

    Announcing one of the new Noodler's inks - Monkey Hanger! Also exclusive to Pure Pens in the UK. It's the first of the ones that I've seen 'in the flesh' but hope to get the others on due course. Ross and the team do a far better job of describing the reasons for the name than I could so here is what they say. New and exclusive Bright Blue Bulletproof Ink in 3 oz glass bottle (Approx 90ml) In October 2015, Ross and his father Ray, visited Nathan in Massachusetts to see where Noodler's is made and the man behind the brand. Over lunch, with Nathan's parents, who help with the ink producti
  20. The Good Captain

    Noodler's Monkey Hanger - Exclusive!

    Another new Noodler's ink, exclusive to Pure Pens, in the UK. I won't go into great depth but see my review here. It's a nice ink and well worth considering. I've yet to see the Brexit or Britannia's Blue Waves, but I'll review these when I can.
  21. This one I might get... like the dusty purple... don't care for the Fast Drying properties.. You can find it at PurePens.co.uk.... Don't know if it is exclusive to them. http://purepens.co.uk/acatalog/AmericanAristocracy.jpg
  22. Gazcom

    Noodler's Blue Ghost

    Thank you everyone for being here reading my new ink review about Noodler’s Blue Ghost. http://s16.postimg.org/h86itr5b9/Bottle.jpg This ink is indeed a particular one on many aspects. I suspect that the original intent by Noodler’s was to create an ink invisible to normal light, which shines and stands out the paper only under UV light, without being the already seen highlighter colours. The result in my opinion is a partial success, because it’s visibility under UV light is strictly dependant to the paper you’re writing on. On 80 gsm cheap copy paper, and on Favini’s Schizza & Strapp
  23. Noodler’s is one man show. The company was created in 2004 (?) by Nathan Tardiff who single-handedly sustain all company’s operations. I admire his creativity and willingness to experiment, innovate offer things other producers won’t. I’ve received a sample of this ink from Lord Epic (thank you!). I’ll try to review it well but bear in mind I have mixed feelings about this one. Let’s start with the name and concept behind the ink. The ink was prepared for SF Pen Show. Here’s the link to reddit post in which one of redditors shares Nathan Tardiff email describing the ink in following words:
  24. white_lotus

    Noodler's American Aristocracy

    Well hello, and welcome to this review of Noodler's American Aristocracy ink. This ink was recently released in the UK and the US, apparently at just two shops: PurePens in the UK and Goulet Pen Company in the US. The Goulet shop is sold out. Apparently the Brits weren't too keen on the ink as PurePens seems to have it in stock. I was one of those brave enough to take a chance on the ink. I'm quite happy that I did as I like the ink, though honestly I couldn't tell you which of the three "flavors" it could possibly be. But then again, I couldn't tell the different between Madeira, sherry, or

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