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  1. CharlieTurtle

    Two Questions

    I have two, unrelated questions, both of which was posed to me today but actually stumped me... What is the actual purpose of a flex pen? Is it simply the line variation?(This was asked by a friend who can actually write nicely, unlike me) Is an eyedropper pen a good pen for trying out samples of inks?(This was asked by my history tutor and I had no clue at all)
  2. Hey guys: I fell in love with Noodler's Navajo Turquoise when I bought a sample last year. I am finally ready for a new bottle of ink, so that is at the top of my list. But then I saw Noodler's American Eel Turquoise, and it looks extremely similar. I have a few pens that are quite dry writers, so I'm always on the lookout for inks that write wet. Can anyone suggest if I should get Eel Turquoise or Navajo Turquoise? Has anyone tried both? Thanks for the help! -lbr218 swabs courtesy of GouletPens.com
  3. nomadhacker

    Noodler's Operation Overlord Orange

    Part of the v-mail series of inks. They are reproductions or recreations of vintage ink formulas from the 1940s. All named after aspects of that really big thing that happened in the 1940s. This is a nice orange color. Doesn't have the shading of Apache Sunset. But it did indeed have some fairly impressive water resistance for an orange ink. Dry time was nice. Felt a little thinner than Apache Sunset. Not as bold as Edelstein Mandarin or Organics Studio's Neon. Could be too light for a lot of uses, but then, you wouldn't use orange ink in business situations anyway, would you? e
  4. nomadhacker

    Noodler's Purple Wampum

    This ink goes down a little lighter purple, and dries a little grayer. On some papers, it looks like a gray-purple. It's a pretty and unusual color. A fairly unique color. It's got good flow and water resistance. No feathering. It's on my list to get a bottle. Not the top of the list, but I like it.
  5. I have never used any Noodler's inks - even though my current go-to pen is an Ahab. I am planning on buying some to whip up a batch of Black Swan in North African Violets - recipe here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/208811-black-swan-in-north-african-violets/ However, I want to try some other colors too, so here is my question for you - What is(are) your favorite ink(s) from Noodler's and why? Photos would be awesome if you have them. THANKS!
  6. In my quest to find a simple, back to basics, no frills eyedropper, I stumbled across the Noodler's Aerometric Ebonite filler. I am totally digging this pen! Smooth simple body, just BASIC!! The problem is...I can't seem to find anything on where to buy it now. would anyone have any leads on where I could buy one or have one that they would be willing to sell? FPGeeks did a review on it a while back, here's the link: http://fpgeeks.com/2012/01/noodlers-aerometric-eyedropper-ebonite-fountain-pen-the-awesome-review/
  7. I recently obtained one of the Jinhao Chinese Pens a) because it was ridiculously cheap, I wanted to see how it would hold up to my Meisterstuck 146, and c) it has had some very good reviews recently. I filled the Jinhao X450 with the same ink that is in the MB ... MB Midnight Blue. The Jinhao wrote beautifully for a USD $0.98 pen. The pen is very weighty though. Now for the real surprise ... After the converter ran out, I flushed and filled the Jinhao's converter with Noodler's Whaleman's Sepia (a favorite of mine). The X450 skipped and hard started for the duration of the converter.
  8. vannesspen

    Ink Sale!

    All of our 3oz bottles of Noodler's ink are on sale this week for $11 per bottle. Purchase 4 or more bottles that ship to the same address in the continental USA and receive FREE shipping. You can also mix in any combination of 80ml Diamine inks for this same special pricing CONTACT MIKE VANNESS vanness1938@sbcglobal.net
  9. InterInk

    X-Feather Vs Hod?

    Hello, I am thinking about buying some nice, black bulletproof ink. I have two candidates: X-feather and HoD from Noodler's. Has someone used these two to compare them? I have a few questions: 1) Which has better performace on cheap paper(feathering, bleeding...)?(copy paper or some cheap notebooks, 60-80 g/m2 ) 2) Which has faster drying time? (I'm using Lamy Vista F)? I want to use them for study notes from lectures, quick writting/drying needed Thank you for your answers
  10. If like me, you're UK based, and are missing certain qualities from Noodler's inks then I'm interested to know how you feel. I just paid a small fortune to get some lubricated ink yesterday, as it invariably has to come from abroad. We have our own, home grown and chromatically innovative Diamine up in Liverpool, and I want to press them to be more creative in this regard. Virtually everyone would benefit as Nathan is having a hard time keeping up, and Diamine already have so many admirers worldwide.
  11. I have a very dear friend whom I only get to see about once a year, because we live a continent apart. We swap gifts when we see each other - he's an ex-pat Brit who misses certain snack foods from the Motherland, and I'm a pen geek. We're meeting up in a week or so when I'm over for work, and he just sent me a photo of something he's bought for me in response to my wittering about my favourite flexy old Waterman via email. Note excellent choice for flexy shading. I will be filling my entire duty-free allowance with Scotch whisky to say thankyou.
  12. Schoenberg

    Noodler's Black Bad For Lamy 2000?

    Is noodler's standard bulletproof black too thick for Lamy 2000? There is almost little flow in my Lamy 2000 fine nib... Noodler's is so wet in my other pens. I wonder if my copy of Lamy 2000 is wrong or noodler's black and 2000 is a poor combination.
  13. http://yoonhalee.com/images-inks/noodlers-black.png
  14. Hello all, One of my favorite inks is Noodler's 54th Massachusetts. I like it as a daily ink in one of my pens because it's a dark enough blue/black that I feel it's appropriate for just about any task (not that I'm in a legal setting or anything anyway). I have noticed, though, that it tends to creep a lot. I thought at first it might be the pen I was using, but I tried it in other pens and had the same result. I recently started using it in an Edison Pearlette and it's doing it with that as well. Is this just a characteristic of this ink or is it just maybe a bad batch? Anyone else notici
  15. wanahakalugi

    Quick Decision

    I found the Noodler's nib creaper for 13 dollars shipped and the Serwex 162 with flex nib for 12 dollars shipped. Which one do you guys think is better? I've heard that Serwex pens are less fussy, but the video here: shows the creaper has way more flex.
  16. Caffeinated42

    Replacement Noodler's Flex Nib

    I bought a Noodlers Ahab from Goulet Pens and I LOVE it. However, my foster dog did not appreciate my attention being split between him and the letter I was writing so he flicked dear Ahab out of my hand. The pen is fine but the nib is beyond repair. I can find all kinds of non-flex replacement nibs out there on the interwebs but my Google-Fu fails when it comes to finding a flexible replacement. Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to find something? Thanks for your help folks.
  17. Jadie

    Iroshizuku Kung Te-Cheng

    I've always like Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng, but its quick-drying times, chalky texture, and high maintenance means I'm limited to using it in my Platinum Preppy eyedropper....until now. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3682/9429776061_7d1caf655a_c.jpg P1050685 by Jiadepix, on Flickr At last! A serendipitous mix of Iroshizuku Yama-budo and Ku-jaku has given me an ink with all the lovely indigo color of KTC and none of the fuss. Best of all, the flow is silky smooth and easy to clean....perfect! http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7442/9429777231_8bf8e5a9a8_c.jpgP1050688 by Jiadepix, on Flickr 'Cou
  18. Flameslicer

    Replacement Noodler's Nib?

    Recently bought an Ahab, loved it. Then I dropped it, nib tines were misaligned and I bent them back into shape as well as I can, and the tip is tilted in an annoying way. The tines on my nib refuse to realign completely, meaning the pen is a bit scratcher than I'd like, so I'll need a replacement nib. I need a noodlers nib to replace it, anyone know where I can get one? I can't get any photos, so sorry.
  19. I am looking for a bottled ink for fountain pens that is close in color and qualities to Pentel EnerGel black. I know those pens use a gel hybrid ink, so I am looking for something close. They are my favorite ballpoints, maybe tied with V5 Precise RT. I will be using the ink in a Lamy Al-Star EF. I have Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin, but there is no sheen, and it has a wierd green tone to it. I want pure black. I do not want India ink or carbon or pigmented inks. So which ink is closest to what I am looking for? Pure black is a must (no color undertones, not even gray), some sheen would be a
  20. PrestoTenebroso

    Three Pretty Inks

    Black Swan in Australian Roses and Private Reserve Naples Blue were both thinned 50%.
  21. I lost the pen I got from Noodler's and can't find one like it on their website or anyplace else. I regret that I've never photographed my "pen collection" such as it is. It was a clear/smoke gray (though the color isn't crucial) convertible fountain/rollerball pen. The whole barrel was the reservoir, filled with a syringe. I really liked the volume of ink in held!!! The nib was medium/fine, my only quibble since I prefer fine. There was nothing terribly special about the pen, but it had become one of my favorites. It was my goto pen for crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles in the morn
  22. PrestoTenebroso

    Soviet Perseverance

    This homemade ink is the result of me wanting a darker red than Noodler's Nikita could provide and me having too much time on my hands. I looked up recipes on FPN that included inks I had on hand, and I came across Black Swan in North African Violets. I thought it was a great ink so I experimented with adding Heart of Darkness to it until I could get a shading, dark, dark red. After great toil, this was the best I could come up with. It works nicely in a flex pen, but it also looks pretty good in the F Noodler's pen the Nikita came with.
  23. This evening I was mixing up the faux-waterproof Noodler's Turquoise recipe I found in the ink mixing forum and I decided to do a second mix while I was at it. Taking 2 ml of Turquoise I slowly started adding Noodler's Heart of Darkness to it, testing it with a dipped pen as I went. When I got to a half-ml of HoD added, I got a lovely dark green-black color that looked a lot like Noodler's Aircorp Blue-Black after I had diluted it lots. I had to stop experimenting then due to time, but I intend to add a bit more HoD and see if it keeps getting closer to undiluted ABB in color. I'm hoping
  24. Waski_the_Squirrel

    Noodler's In North Dakota

    I'm staying in Fargo, ND for 2 weeks. While I don't enjoy the city (I'm a small town guy), I did get brave and venture onto Broadway. I discovered TWO stores that sell the Noodler's brand, both on Broadway. One is Art Materials/Uptown Pen. It was mostly art supplies, but they were totally out of Ahabs and other Noodler's pens (too bad). They also had a tiny selection of Noodler's inks. To my surprise, they had quite a collection of pens: mostly Cross, Parker, and Lamy but also an expensive Yard-o-Led and Montblanc. There was also a selection of inks including Waterman, Parker, Cross, Pelikan,
  25. PrestoTenebroso

    Words For **my Girlfriend** To Live By

    This is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend who was having trouble with an unpleasant work colleague. Inks are all Noodler's: Black Swan in Australian Roses, Lexington Gray, and a diluted combination of Nikita and Heart of Darkness I call "Soviet Perseverance".

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