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  1. NoodlersFan

    Ink Macro Photos

    Since making this video: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/256123-ink-dragon-comes-to-life/ i've become intrigued by pen and ink macro photography. Here are my first attempts at ink macro shots: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3702/11020948564_53e79d2f3a_c.jpg Noodler's Dragon's Napalm http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3795/11020944153_5bc73f49d8_c.jpg Noodler's Dragon Catfish Pink http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7297/11020895024_73d9da31e9_c.jpg Noodler's Bluenose Bear http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3670/11020869134_3b8cdc61a7_c.jpg Noodler's Bluen
  2. Nate_Emmi

    Flexy Flexy Nibs!

    Flex nibs! I love them, the smooth wet writing, subtle line variation, the ability to bold lines into a great flourish! I know about Noodler's flex nibs, and I know Serwex from FPR makes them as well, but does anyone know any other companies that make flex or semi-flex nib pens? Also what does "#5 Flex nib" (from FPR) as opposed to "#6 Flex nib" (Noodler's)?
  3. When I first got into fountain pens, I bought ink because I liked the color, or (often) because I liked the philosophy behind the company that made it, (Mr. Tardiff is an individualist after my own heart.) however, I never would have guessed before I found this forum that there could ever, EVER be a fountain pen ink that could be called, for lack of a better term, "controversial". I suppose anything that arouses strong emotions might be worth getting into a tizzy for, and we pick colors because we like them, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, considering how strongly practically everyo
  4. So i was curious which noodlers inks can be mixed with other brands. Just got a bottle of kon-peki (expensive!!!) And wanted to play with the color a bit. I tried mixing diamine poppy red with noodlers black. Worked well for a day then the next day it write just red... went to my vial i mixed them in and the inks had separated.... :-/ So anyone who knows.... can only non-bulletproof, non-baystate colors be mixed with other brands?!? Is it because of the chemical properties of those inks?! I have a whole lot of noodlers and it would be sad if i couldbt mix any of them and have them stay mixed.
  5. Hey, guys! Just got a new Noodler's Konrad Acrylic flex pen today...it writes SUPER scratchy. I'm pretty new to fountain pens and all. What can I do to fix this issue?
  6. Edjelley

    Noodler's Dark Matter Review

    http://edjelley.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/noodlers-dark-matter-ink-fountain-pen-ink-review-12.jpg Noodler's Ink - Dark Matter Handwritten Review Pen: Levenger L-Tech Stealth, Medium Nib Ink: Noodler's Dark Matter Paper: Kyokuto FOB COOP Dot Grid - B5 It's astounding how I do not already own a bottle of this ink. It has to be my second favorite black ink out there, and I've gone through 3 samples already. This ink does some awesome grey to black shading that I absolutely love. It's dark, but not too dark, and could easily work as a go-to black ink. The dark grey elements in the ink make it un
  7. TheAkwardNinja

    Inks That Are Amazing With Flex?

    So my Noodler's Konrad Flex will be arriving soon, and I was wondering what inks, preferably darker inks, look great with the flex nib? I have both Parker Black and Blue/Black and Diamine Ancient Copper. I plan to order some better quality paper, which is my next question. What is an economical paper, preferably from gouletpens (No affiliation), that I can use for just sending some letters? Thanks for the help!!! -Franky
  8. Hello All, I'm in the mood for a purchase...it's -15 F here Minneapolis and I need a little something. Nothing over the top, just a treat. I stumbled upon a lessor know brand, THINK - they have a some very eye-catching designs but not a lot is know. Most feedback is good. We're talking less than $40 here. Then again I don't own an Ahab or a Konrad yet (we all know about what those cost)... I can even get an extra nib, in the event Flex just isn't my cup of tea. So there it is... an unknown - THINK or the much-discussed Ahab and Konrad. Thoughts? Here's the THINK model I was consid
  9. I'm back! After (what, a year?) I finally have time to do reviews again! Well, I've still been doing them, but without a working scanner, and with no time to set up a photo situation that's up to my standards, I haven't posted a new on in a while. I used to scan the reviews at a high resolution, but photobucket started to hate on my data usage and I had three separate PB accounts full of review pics. Getting accurate color out of the scans was always exceedingly difficult, and I'd always wanted to switch over to taking the pics with a camera using noon daylight (CRI of 100 is hard to argue wi
  10. I've been wanting for ages to getting hold of a Noodler's pen to fiddle with. Now I have a Konrad in 'Narwhal'. I always intended it as a replacement holder for my Knox 1.1mm stub, but I left the flex nib in it to see how I liked it (it didn't last the day before I swapped it out). I'd only seen pictures before and I thought it was quite a big pen, but it's actually a really nice size for me. The resin feels warm and 'soft' to the touch with just a little bit of drag when I move my fingers over it, nice, I don't mind the smell either. The quality of the finish is good for a pen of this price
  11. Hello everyone. First of all I wanted to say thank you to those who've made my introduction into the world of FPN so welcoming, it's much appreciated. Some of you may have seen my 'Bought a Flex Pen' thread. If so you'll know that I bought a Noodler's Creaper as my first fountain pen and it's been 'misbehaving', to say the least. I still want to try and fix it (thanks those who've helped!) but right now I think it might be time to cut my losses and get a better pen. Currently I don't own any fountain pens, and I want to get my first. However, I'm not particularly well off (I'm still a st
  12. tfwall

    2013 Noodler's Ink Contest

    A reminder to get those videos up and send your entries in. Submission deadline is just over a month away!
  13. So, I've decided to get me one of these. I can't really make up my mind between Forbidden City, Olde Salem or Victory Garden, although I've put the other colours in my poll too. I'll give it a few hours then order away!
  14. nomadhacker

    Noodler's Apache Sunset

    Now this is my orange ink. Great great shading. Shades from orangish yellow to orangish red. The scan doesn't do it justice. Not water resistant. But then I'm sure you know that. You don't buy this ink for signing checks.
  15. What does it take to make ink? It's interesting to read about boutique ink brands like Noodler's and Private reserve; and I've often thought how they got into it. I would think that they start with distilled water, and then add water soluble dyes of various descriptions. It would be interesting to know what other considerations might there be.
  16. wnclee

    Something New...

    Hello. Hope all are well. I have about 2 dz. plus+ inks, and honestly I realize with some exceptions; that few are really unique in color. At least to me. e.g.: J.Herbin 1670 rouge hematite ( my fav.), Larmes de Cassis & Vert Olive, Caran d' A Saffron, Iroshizuku, ku-jaku and a couple of others. Beyond these, I have all of the basics covered... Bottom line is, I'm in the market for a bottle or 2 of uncommon, unique colors. I've been looking at the Noodler's Ottoman Rose which looks really nice to me, but hard to tell on monitor at times. Red is my favorite, with green right behind. An may
  17. Hi all! Does anyone have any experience using Noodler's more permanent inks in a Lamy 2000? If so have you noticed any staining to the ink window? I regularly use Noodler's stuff in my cheaper pens but I'm considering buying a Lamy 2000 and wanted to make sure the ink window would stay useable. Thanks in advance, Badger
  18. I know there's already been a superb comparison of green that included these three inks, but I wanted to add my own -- since the reviews of Zhivago seem so variable, from "just black" to an obvious green. Clearly Zhivago is greener that Graphite but not as green as Evergreen. Colour laid down is not far from the "fresh" evergreen before it lightens over 24 hours. I have tried diluting Zhivago. It does not make the ink any greener; the end result is something even closer to Graphite, though a tad greener. And ye gods, Noodler's ink smells.
  19. GMYoussef

    Ahab Vs. Nib Creeper?

    Hello everybody, I'm new here so I apologize if this isn't the ideal location for this thread. Anyways, I've been contemplating getting a flex pen lately, and most people tend to recommend noodlers pens. Since they're in my price range, and most people tend to like them, i decided they'd be the best inexpensive flex pens to look into; one problem however, im not sure whether to go for the slightly controversial ahab, or the even more inexpensive yet older nib creeper. I was hoping that maybe somebody who has experience with both of them could chip in as to the pros and cons to both, which one
  20. TheAkwardNinja

    Well Behaving Noodler's For Student

    Ive been posting lately about an ink for me. I have discovered that Parker Black behaves well enough for me on my cheap notebook paper. Does Noodler's have a dark blue/blue ink that behaves without woolly lines, bleed through and see through? I am using an extra fine Safari. I need some advice, please!!!!
  21. This may be a stupid question. I am planning to get a noodler's nib creaper for the next pen because it's inexpensive, I also know that the nib creaper can flex alot. But can I use it on everyday writing( quick notes, etc.)? If yes, what is its nibs size? Can I write fine lines with this pen? Thank you.
  22. I am having a hard time with this Konrad and the nib looks different to me than the nibs on the other Noodler's pens I have. Here is the best shot I could get of it... opinions? (the picture will get bigger if you click on it)
  23. nomadhacker

    Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher

    I almost didn't try this ink. Bad Green Gator was just sooo bleeding and feathering I thought perhaps all the Warden series inks from Noodler's behaved similarly. I'm glad that I did try this ink though, because it does not behave like Gator. The color is perhaps a little more standard dark blue, or blue-black in color. The flow is wet and smooth. Writing with this ink is pretty nice. It has some shading which is also nice. Some bit of the color bleeds off in water. But the rest is bulletproof, so it isn't going anywhere.
  24. Hi all, Does anyone know of a good script/lettering style that would look elegant when written small (under 8mm majuscule height) with a modern flex fountain pen such as a Noodler's Ahab, Konrad, or Serwex/Dilli? These pens don't always have quick returns, but they allow the inks I use to shade to my liking. I've been using a copperplate variant, but it's just nowhere near what it needs to be to look appealing. They can't really do quick turn arounds with the hairlines/swells and it comes off just looking like lazy copperplate with too much ink. Any ideas? Feel free to post pics if you
  25. Do Diamine produce large bottles of ink? I know Noodler''s did in the past, up to a gallon on special request; just wondered if diamine were able to do the same...

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