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  1. Here's my current squad. There are a few more pens not inked and a few more inks not used, but these are combinations I've found to work perfectly. http://i.imgur.com/8WuvXQr.jpg Any questions about either pens or inks welcomed - it's half 5 in the morning here and I've been up over two hours already...
  2. To followers of Ahab threads, Over the past two days, I have turned two unusable dogs into excellent writers. Because I did three things, I can't say that all three are essential, but two of the three definitely are. However, it has raised a question I would love to kick around with you. Here is what I did, which all came from advice from Drone and Brian Goulet: 1. Cleaned the channel with the BACK, not the blade, of an Exacto knife. 2. Cleaned the entire feed with a grease cutting dish soap (blue Dawn). 3. Heat set the nib (thanks to Brian Goulet for his excellent how-to video). 4. Tested with a well behaved ink (Waterman Mysterious Blue). I've actually done three, but I have not yet inked up the third. The first two write perfectly. One has the Ahab stock nib, the other has a Goulet nib. Here is my issue: The Goulet nib is a #6 nail, but is beautiful to look at. The stock Ahab nib is at best plain, possibly ugly as sin. The Goulet also has a hole in it which allows using a straightened paper clip to make sure the slit in the nib is perfectly aligned with the channel. The Ahab nib does not. The Ahab with the Goulet nib went from a $20 waste of money to a $35 dollar pen that writes perfectly and is stunning to look at. But it is not a flex nib. But is the Ahab a flex nib? Yes, you can flex it, but it takes plenty of pressure to get real line variation. My best pen has a JinHo semi- flex Binderized nib, and it is far more flexible that the Ahab nib. The experience of using the Ahab nib is far closer to writing with a nail, unless you really bear down to get some flex. So, is the Ahab nib a flex nib, or is it an nib that can be flexed, given enough effort? The Ahab I have not yet inked in now set up with the stock nib. I'll probably try it that way first. The second Ahab I did is not particularly beautiful, and I'll leave the stock nib in it. But I am seriously thinking about that third Ahab, which is also gorgeous, topping it off with another Goulet nib I have, and giving up the ability to flex it in favor of a truly striking pen that really performs. So I'm curious about other's opinions on the designation of the Ahab as a flex pen. To me, that means I should get a bit of flex as I write, not have to decide "now I want it to flex" and bear down to make it do so. So what say you? Is "flex pen" an apt description of the Ahab, or a bit of a stretch? Ben
  3. You can really cut an Ahab feed in two ways: 1. Chip away some of the fin wall to make the channel wider, or: 2. Cut the fins that do not open into the center channel so that they do reach the center channel. I have a supply of feeds to experiment on coming soon. I'm curious if folks have more success with approach #1, #2, or combining both ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this already well-hashed topic. I've read loads of posts including SamCapote's detailed Opening Up Fin Vents, but SamCapote seems to focus only on #1, which is more difficult to do than #2, so I dared to open the subject yet again, focusing on those specific points. I am aware of the need to clean the feeds, etc., before use. Again, thanks for sharing your experience with me. These feeds are not expensive, but I would like to ruin as few as possible (and yes, I have ruined a few). Ben
  4. visvamitra

    Nightshade - Noodler's

    Noodler's inks aren't easily obtainable in Europe. That's a pity because I find many of them interesting and quite unique. Nightshade is one of these cool colors - it's hard to say what color it is? It has some accents of colors I really like: brown, purple and red. INK SPLASH (Mondi 90g) http://imageshack.com/a/img907/4619/USkByM.jpg DROPS OF INK ON KITCHEN TOWEL http://imageshack.com/a/img539/2295/BnfK1S.jpg MY SOFTWARE BELIEVES NIGHTSHADE TO BE CLOSE TO THIS: http://imageshack.com/a/img539/8323/6NekEA.jpg DRY TIME http://imageshack.com/a/img631/9535/SgF1mZ.jpg BOTTLE http://static1.jetpens.com/images/a/000/008/8468.jpg JETPENS KALENDARZ http://imageshack.com/a/img674/6475/AWheM3.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/993/gEn95v.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img537/7256/cJSgjM.jpg RHODIA (PHOTOS) http://imageshack.com/a/img631/324/LrrA7e.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img908/449/N1eRwc.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img540/1366/kieWWn.jpg OXFORD http://imageshack.com/a/img661/4779/X0tsLg.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img537/203/uP9rAe.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img540/5585/lStrTJ.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img538/5148/XMjlaI.jpg BELOW IS THE DRAWING FOUND WITH GOOGLE HELP https://creativecolo...212-cb-web.jpeg
  5. Hi all, I'm in the UK but have fallen in love with a small number of Noodler's Inks, not to mention their fab pens. Purepens.co.uk seem to be the only stockist here and they have a tiny selection, but I've just managed to buy some Blue Ghost from them - I've been lusting after that ink for ages as I mainly write to my godchildren and they will LOVE any secret messages I'll include in my letters! I also bought some Bulletproof Black as it has such good reviews. So, my question is - what's the best way to get hold of Noodler's Inks if you live in the UK? I ordered some sealing wax from Atelier Gargoyle and got absolutely hammered by import tax/the post office's £8 "admin fee" so I'm nervous of ordering anything over £16 from a shop outside the EU. Ideally I'd get BSB, Black Swan in English Roses and Apache Sunset to begin with. Sorry if this question comes up a lot! I did do a search but couldn't find anything. Thanks, Anna
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows any similar color to Noodler's El Lawrence. I am a big fan of murky/earthy ink colors (fervent user of Zhivago, R&K Sepia and Herbin Lie de The) and would really like to try out El Lawrence, but I can't find it in any EU store (although it's part of the UK series?!). From what I saw in writing samples, the color seems pretty similar to R&K Sepia, albeit a bit greener. What do you think? Thanks! Cheers, Dragos
  7. Hi all, this is my first attempt at a review so please excuse the poor color balance. I'm ashamed to say as a photographer that paper is quite challenging! I just received several samples from Goulet Pens and am having a ball trying them out. What better way to enhance the enjoyment than to come here and share... so here goes. Noodler's Kiowa Pecan: I love this golden brown with tons of shading! What a pleasant surprise. As far as drying time, not great but that's not something I'm really worried about, for my purposes. This was done on cheap card stock, as opposed to Fabriano. I didn't do a waterproof test but in future reviews will definitely include an image of those results, too. Now on to Noodler's BSiER: The ink came out super dark at first, but I was using a BB nib so that might have something to do with it. The color seemed to dilute after a dozen words or so. Really love the color, the shading and the vintage feel/look. Here's a drying test. I noticed at the top of the page the first word I wrote (Noodler's) didn't dry for some time, but those first words let out a ton of ink. Probably due to my penmanship style, too. Again, this is on cheap card stock. So there it is! Thanks for looking and please let me know your experiences with either of these inks, pens and/or paper. More samples to come!
  8. bardiir

    Noodler's Mandalay Maroon

    http://www.fp-ink.info/colorcard/536.png As always, light resistance will follow in about one month, images will be replaced:
  9. william2001

    Is Noodler's Ink Good For Sonnet?

    I did use Noodler's ink for a very short time. Therefore, I'm not an expert on it. I heard that Noodler's inks are very good since I heard about it everywhere. Is it OK if I use Noodler's ink (maybe I'll buy blue) on a Parker Sonnet? If yes, which blue do you recommend (which do you like the best)? -William S. Park
  10. bardiir

    Noodler's Purple Heart

    http://www.fp-ink.info/colorcard/132.png As always, light resistance will follow in about one month, images will be replaced:
  11. Mishka5050

    Help Me Choose Noodler's Ink

    Oh guys I really need your help This is my third day trafficking goulet website Friend of mine is coming to visit UK and she has agreed to bring me a bottle... Please give me your advice...you know things I don't know I want Noodler's ink for 1.1stub nib and flex pen. Good shading ink. The only one I own so far is Apache Sunset. My daily inks are usually turquoise (Lamy, Sheaffer) I like green inks, but I own way too many (Bad Green Gator?) My first choice would be BSIAR (is it too similar to Diamine Tyrian Purple?) Wouldn't mind girly pink (don't have one yet) I'm not too big on blue inks, but I would consider 54th Mass HELP
  12. bardiir

    Noodler's Burma Road Brown

    http://www.fp-ink.info/colorcard/503.png Diamine Salamander is pretty close: http://www.fp-ink.info/colorcard/135.png Light resistance data will follow sometime later (images will be replaced)
  13. Brian Goulet just made an awesome video on "Back to School", a guide for using fountain pens in school. It's something that I've been looking for and this summer I just got into fountain pens. The video is very informative. http://www.inknouveau.com/2014/08/fp101-back-to-school-shopping.html One thing I want to point out, everyone says that if you write in cursive it will improve your memory because you have to concentrate more on what you're writing, I disagree with this. I write everything in cursive and I have done so for years now, so writing in cursive is effortless for me, no it's not gorgeous, but I do not concentrate very hard on this. The concept is that you have to be concentrating harder, the study was also conducted with people who don't normally write in cursive. So if you're like me and write in cursive all the time, switch to writing in print, I find I concentrate harder when doing so and I remember things better when I switch to print because I'm not used to forming the letters in print. I could be entirely wrong here so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong I don't mind. =) Also, today I picked up four cheap Composition notebooks from Wal-Mart. Three were made in Brazil, the other was made in Vietnam.....Holy....Cow. I am shocked at the differences. The one from Vietnam threhad more tooth and wasn't smooth, it was more absorbent and feathered badly. The three from Brazil feathered VERY little, and there was hardly any bleed through. Like none. A few spots here and there from where I started the stroke or ended it. The paper was very smooth, more tooth than Rhodia, but still very smooth. The pens stayed truer to their marked size. I wrote with three pens. 1. Monteverde Impressa with Fine nib, the ink was Diamine Ancient Copper 2. Noodler's Ahab with flex nib, the ink was Diamine Ancient Copper 3. Pilot Metropolitan with M nib, the ink was Diamine Grey The Grey had the overall least amount of bleed through. These notebooks were on sale for $.50! I did find several ones made in Brazil that had more tooth to them, I didn't purchase them so I don't know how they perform, the three from Brazil that I bought had very smooth paper. So be aware, it seems as if even the ones from Brazil aren't made as consistently as one might think.
  14. Indexed in fp-ink.info: http://www.fp-ink.info/colorcard/559.png Light fastness and nibcreep do take a while for measurement so they will be added here (picture replaced) later.
  15. melodiousb

    Choosing A Black Ink.

    I'm looking for a very saturated, very permanent black ink for regular use. I've got a sample of Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin that I've been enjoying--it is indeed very black, and I like the way it feels with the pens and papers I've tried it with--almost slippery. But I hear that Heart of Darkness is even blacker, and that's really appealing to me. Folks who have tried both: how do they compare?
  16. So, the cost for Noodler's, Diamine and Toucan inks are downright inexpensive compared to Caran d' Ache and retail on Pilot Iroshizuku. Of course, we all search for deals or spend money with our favorite retailers. The question from Top Pen was should he spend the extra money on CdA? Let's hear from you inky buyers. (Because we all know Amber doesn't need a reason to buy ink).
  17. fiberdrunk

    Any Nathan Tardif News?

    What is Noodler's up to these days? I miss hearing about Nathan's latest ink and fountain pen experiments. Have I missed any news? It seems quiet. And I'm bummed I can't get the large bottles of Noodler's ink any more. eta: I seem to remember there was going to be a Noodler's music nib... did that ever materialize?
  18. PrestoTenebroso

    Noodler's Liberty's Elysium

    Don't forget to take my flex pen poll and win a brand new, high performance flex pen! So I was on my quest for the perfect blue when I heard about a vibrant, waterproof, true blue. I jumped at the chance to try it. So far, my favorite pen to use with this ink is a Parker 21, and I just adore it with plain, basic cursive italic. Here are some comparison photos of some comparable blues on a few papers: World's cheapest notebook paper. (I bought 200 sheets of this stuff for about 50¢ in 1998. It actually accepts inks pretty well, so while it's the cheapest paper I've ever bought, and is see-through, I'm beginning to think it's not THAT bad.) Staples Bagasse World's Cheapest Copy Paper
  19. Morames

    The Royalist Of Blues

    I have been looking for a certain blue (pilot Juice Aqua Blue)and decided to ask you all for some ideas. I am attempting to attach a copy of the color I found online, but this is my first attempt at posting here on FPN. I at one time had $80 worth of blue samples in my cart from gouletpens.com. The first blue I tried out turned out not to be as blue as the color swatch appeared to be, that was Noodler's Navajo Turquoise. Then I tried Chesterfield ink's Zircon ink from xfountainpens.com, it's a little darker and ever so slightly green leaning. While both colors are gorgeous they don't match what I'm looking for. I've decided I'm looking for a bright, saturated, pure medium blue. By pure I mean not leaning to far to purple or green. So I bit the bullet and have ordered a few samples from the Goulets. The list as follows: Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki, Asa-Gao and Tsuyu-Kusa(which is the one I'm hoping is the closest), Diamine Royal Blue and Washable Blue, Waterman Serenity Blue, Noodler's Liberty's Elysium, Pelikan Edelstein Topaz, and Private Reserve Tropical Blue. I'm planning on doing a test page to compare them all, but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas. I believe the Pilot inks should get the task done since it is after all a Pilot pen, but even within Pilot they have two different model pens (Juice and Hi-Tec-C) with two different colors both being called Aqua Blue, sooooooo... Any ideas? Oh, and ideas where to buy inks that the Goulet's don't carry. I know they don't have Montblanc for example and I either go to them or Amazon for purchasing ideas. Thank you in advance.
  20. Bode505

    New And Question

    Hello everyone, I am Bode505 and I am from the state of New Mexico in the USA. Currently I live in South Korea as an English teacher. First fountain pens were cheesy calligraphy fountain pens, dip pens kind of got me into fountain pens. I already have a small collection going but I finally pulled the trigger on becoming an FPN member because I had been messing with my Konrad for a while trying to make it into a pen that could flex easily like a vintage pen. I am aware I said the magic word to get thrashed on this thread but I would like to present my findings before I am hiding under a rock for my words. After many attempts the best I have gotten to work for me (without weird hard starts and 1 million railroads) is using a Hunt 56 (its not exactly flush but after heat setting the ebonite it sits in there well enough to do well I feel I should also mention I think when setting the ebonite feed that I may have also heated up the plastic barrel a bit with the near boiling water as it screws in to the cap with a little resistance now which it didn't have before) and my Noodler's Konrad I bought from the Goulet company a few months ago. I liked the pen but we all know when the feed isn't set well they can be frustrating so I destroyed a few nibs trying this but I will put up a picture of what I came up with. Bare in mind you can write pretty quick with this setup (sorry for my (bleep) handwriting is 2:00 am here in Korea). Anyway here is my picture without further nonsense. Before you ask the paper in the sample is G. Lalo it was the nearest pad I had to me to write on tonight and that railroading happened as I was going pretty quick so I am overall pleased with the results anyway. I thought it was important to show that railroading does occur but it has to be under pretty big flexes and only during demo like that so far for me not under normal writing flexing on each down stroke of the pen. Question is: What sub-forum should this go into? 2.What do you guys think about it? Honest feedback is appreciated Hope you guys like and appreciate it, -Bode505
  21. I just ordered a bottle of Bad Blue Heron from pure pens.co.uk I wanted the wonderful Prime of the Commons however this is out of stock and they cannot get a hold of Noodlers to get more of it. I have a 2ml sample of this ink and love it. Compared to Tsuki-yo it is really a good colour. I hope the Bad Blue Heron has the same effect on me! Your thoughts anyone?
  22. I bought Noodler's Whiteness of the Whale (WotW) because I was not sure whether it would make a difference in trying to mix colors, but read some indications suggesting it would. Below are the results of an experiment to try to answer the question. Strathmore Writing (25% cotton, natural white, wove, 24lb): Georgia Pacific Multipurpose Paper (20 lb, bright white, Walmart): Unless otherwise indicated the writing is from a dipped Jinhao X750. I learned more definitively the things I did wrong in the above and things I should have done differently than actually answering the question. From the above my current inclination is that the answer is either "inconclusive" or "no". The inks definitely behave very differently: the WotW mix is "chalky" and does not shade as much and ink diluted with water to that degree has too much surface tension to be consistent when dipping as I was. With respect to color I am not sure there is any difference that cannot be explained by the different behavior of the ink. There is some slight variation in color (more visible in the scan I think), but it is such that I am not sure I can say it is significant given the other sources or error in my method. I think I will need to actually load them in a FP and write with them for a time to see if I learn anything more. I suspect one of the big behavior differences to be when the ink starts to dry on the nib, I know the water dilution will darken; but I suspect that will be less the case with the WotW mix. Though I think the WotW mix would dry-out/clog more quickly in the same situation. Currently I am using a pen loaded with the 1:20 Distilled water mixture after adding some Photo Flo to bring the surface tension down to a usable level. I maybe will make another post on that after a time because amazingly the ink is rather usable after being diluted 20x (!) and the color looks to me to be very similar to Diamine Beau Blue from this Month's ink drop (probably a little less red than Beau Blue). I thought i was going to try this experiment with a few inks to show the various results, but after not finding anything interesting here and knowing how much time this took probably won't bother. The WotW mix definitely looks cooler though, especially if you will be putting it in a demonstrator: Hopefully this is helpful to someone. I would be interested in knowing whether others have experience that corroborates or refutes my findings.
  23. I'd like a 1.1mm Italic nib pen to run some Bad Black Mockasin. I'll use it for document signing and other such stuff, so nothing ridiculous looking. $50 absolute tops What are your recommendations? Please no Kaweco's! Thanks, Adam
  24. Here's a saturated blue that's sadly not unique enough to strike my fancy. While its behavior on copy paper leaves me disappointed, it's very good on Rhodia, if a bit unremarkable. Being the sheen junkie that I am I'd rather find a comparable color with lots of sheen from Diamine than spend the money on Ottoman Azure. Still, there are far worse inks you could get. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/18/fdnx.jpg Please remember to vote on this ink in the poll!

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