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  1. Bode505

    New And Question

    Hello everyone, I am Bode505 and I am from the state of New Mexico in the USA. Currently I live in South Korea as an English teacher. First fountain pens were cheesy calligraphy fountain pens, dip pens kind of got me into fountain pens. I already have a small collection going but I finally pulled the trigger on becoming an FPN member because I had been messing with my Konrad for a while trying to make it into a pen that could flex easily like a vintage pen. I am aware I said the magic word to get thrashed on this thread but I would like to present my findings before I am hiding under a
  2. I just ordered a bottle of Bad Blue Heron from pure pens.co.uk I wanted the wonderful Prime of the Commons however this is out of stock and they cannot get a hold of Noodlers to get more of it. I have a 2ml sample of this ink and love it. Compared to Tsuki-yo it is really a good colour. I hope the Bad Blue Heron has the same effect on me! Your thoughts anyone?
  3. I bought Noodler's Whiteness of the Whale (WotW) because I was not sure whether it would make a difference in trying to mix colors, but read some indications suggesting it would. Below are the results of an experiment to try to answer the question. Strathmore Writing (25% cotton, natural white, wove, 24lb): Georgia Pacific Multipurpose Paper (20 lb, bright white, Walmart): Unless otherwise indicated the writing is from a dipped Jinhao X750. I learned more definitively the things I did wrong in the above and things I should have done differently than actually answering the question
  4. I'd like a 1.1mm Italic nib pen to run some Bad Black Mockasin. I'll use it for document signing and other such stuff, so nothing ridiculous looking. $50 absolute tops What are your recommendations? Please no Kaweco's! Thanks, Adam
  5. Here's a saturated blue that's sadly not unique enough to strike my fancy. While its behavior on copy paper leaves me disappointed, it's very good on Rhodia, if a bit unremarkable. Being the sheen junkie that I am I'd rather find a comparable color with lots of sheen from Diamine than spend the money on Ottoman Azure. Still, there are far worse inks you could get. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/18/fdnx.jpg Please remember to vote on this ink in the poll!
  6. amberleadavis

    Co-Razy-Views - Fiesta Wines You Say?

    Think of Co-Dependent Ink Enablers. Hi, I'm Kettle. I'd like to introduce you to my buddies. My fellow FPNers have been kind enough to indulge me in this latest Crazy-Review by Two. I'll let you see the damage. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_507.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_507b.jpg
  7. I'm looking for a wet flowing medium blue If you have used Noodler's Blue Eel can you help me with these questions: 1. Is it 'as blue' as Baystate Blue? From the goulet colour swatch it looks even more vibrant! 2. Does it flow well? Is it wet, in between or dry? 3. Any odd characteristics?
  8. Just posted this review on my blog - figured someone here might want to read it too. :-) I guess I’ve been on a bit of a Noodler’s kick lately, but I feel like I’m not really doing it right if I don’t at least try some of the classic Noodler’s inks. Thus, here for your enjoyment today is Black Swan in English Roses, also known as BSiER: And, because my handwriting is a bit tough to read on this one, here is what I wrote: This ink is very interesting. Goes down a deep red, but dries to more of a rusty brown. Makes me think of writing with a pen full of blood (sorry if that’s too mo
  9. Miss Cooley

    Hello From North Carolina

    Well here I am - a true sign that I'm a goner is when I join a forum. I am new to fps. I love to draw and have discovered that lovely inks are available to fp users. My mom sent me an old AW Classic Impressions that writes beautifully with the old ink cartridge that came with it, but it's ugly as hell. A splotchy black and green body. Somehow a gaudy Jinhao 3000 Tiger ended up on my Amazon wish list and my sister sent it to me. Writes like a dream. It glides on the paper without a sound - I really like that. But it is encased in metal and very heavy. Slightly difficult to hold. An
  10. A scanned review of Noodlers Bad Belted Kingfisher, including a torture test with hot water and bleach. I was able to get some color to spread, but the original line remained on the page until the paper started coming apart with the bleach. The scanner doesn't capture all of it, but even the Q-Tip with water managed to chew up the surface of the paper to get the smear I did. Pretty neat stuff. The review did scan "color correct" and in looking at this on a color calibrated monitor (I do a bit of photo work, and calibration is critical) I can say that the color here is true to what is on the pa
  11. Tom Traubert

    Bizarre Ahab Problem

    So, I've had my Ahab for a good few months, got it all tuned and set up nicely and I've been having fun with it. I hadn't used it for a week or so until today, but it started almost straight away. I thought I'd check out how much ink was left, so I unscrewed the barrel and it took the plunger unit with it! Luckily I had it nib up, so I contained most of the ink. Turns out the threads on the plunger unit are stripped. Any suggestions?
  12. Hey guys. I am planning to write a letter in a few days with a Noodler's black ink. Unfortunately, the regular black that I had my heart set on just isn't going to be available locally in time because of weather and shipping complications. I might have to buy X-Feather instead, and though I've read about it extensively, I'd just like to know if anyone has tried it on laid paper, which is known to be highly absorbent or "thirsty". So far, I know that X-Feather: has long dry timesis somehow more viscous than most inks (but this applies to Noodler's inks in general?)is drier, less lubricated
  13. http://i.imgur.com/PBkXXAk.jpg Haven't logged on here for so long I forgot my username here was "GlennPen" not "PenGlenn". Interchangeable I suppose? EDIT: Also, I realized I should've put "Subjective" not "Objective". It's morning man. Anyway, a transcription for the "Objective Writing Experience" "You know on the Goulet site it says this ink is not 'Fast Drying', but I feel comfortable dragging my hand all over the paper. Feathering is non-existing unless you stick the nib to the wet paper (hence 'Oops'). Flow is wet but not so much, very smooth writing experience." I like this ink
  14. Prolix

    17 Inks Water Tested

    A quick water-fastness test of 17 inks on a sheet of Rhodia dotpad paper. They all dried for at least a week prior to when I conducted the test. I rinsed the sheet in warm water, soaked it for half an hour, and then pressed it under a stack of magazines to dry. http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv56/k4p2tog/InkWaterTest1copy.jpg De Atramentis Aubergine (4) Diamine: Hope Pink (2) Marine (1) Peach Haze (1) Syrah (3) Noodler's: 54th Massachusetts (5) Antietam (3) Bad Green Gator (5) Baystate Concord Grape (4.5) Black Swan In Australian Roses (4) Green Marine (4) Kung Te-Cheng (5) Lib
  15. A beautiful 1930's plunger vacuum-fill Sheaffer Balance has just come into my possession. Woo! It is my first vintage pen, and I want to take proper care of it. I'm trying to decide what ink to put in it. I have: De Atramentis Aubergine Diamine Oxblood Noodler's Black Swan In Australian Roses Noodler's Green Marine Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku What do you think of the safety of these inks in this pen? Should I avoid the Noodler's? Do I need to get different ink altogether?
  16. Uncial

    Noodler's Apache Sunset

    Will Noodler's Apache Sunset permanently stain my Waterman Kultur if I use it as an eyedropper? The Kultur is a clear version.
  17. Howdy, So I have a pen that I've flushed out many many times now (I got it clogged up and sacless) but even so, Apache sunset ends up turning brown in it. The ink that was dried in it when I got it was blue black, so I'm not sure why it's turning the colour it is. I've flushed it multiple times and each time, the day after the ink has turned brownish, like a burnt Sienna / coffee colour. I havn't done a complete flush with ammonia yet as I don't think we have any, but I've done warm soapy water flushes and left the nib soaking for a few days. Has anyone else had this ink change colour i
  18. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_847.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_852.jpg
  19. yogalarva

    Heart Of Shin-Ryoku

    My mother bought me a beautiful bottle of Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku for Christmas, and while I love the color (a very vibrant green), it just wasn’t getting much use because vibrant colors don’t have a good place in my academic writing. Plus, it’s not at all water resistant. So, I decided to try mixing it with a bit of Noodler’s Heart of Darkness, and this is what emerged: It’s a 4:1 mix of green/black and the result is a dark green that exhibits lots of shading, a pretty wet flow, and reasonably fast dry times. Oh, and water resistance! That’s the result of a thorough soaking. The g
  20. I received a Noodler's Ahab for Christmas and it writes beautifully. It did from the moment I inked it up. However, I don't get as much flex out of it as I expected. I find that when I really push it, it tends to railroad. Is this something that will improve with use? I get no dry starts or skipping when I'm not flexing so I don't think the nib is bad at all. Maybe I just need practice...? I tried to search for others topics about the Ahab but there were just too many threads to weed through so I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death.
  21. Hi everyone, a few days ago I received an order from the Goulet Pen Company (wow, fast service, really well packaged and loved the lollypop, couldn't be happier!). I had ordered a couple of pen, a TWSBI Vac 700 and a Noodler's Ahab, and a couple of bottles of Noodler's ink, Empire Red and Ganges Blue. The pens are great, the Ahab is inked up with the Ganges Blue and the TWSBI with Empire Red. These inks are beautiful, I really love them, the colours are fantastic, especially the Empire Red - a really nice shade. I'm new to Noodler's, but I will be ordering more soon I'm sure. My question is:
  22. So there I was. I'd loaned my Ahab to a Martian who needed directions to the White House. He/she/they(?) sneezed, and the Noodlers flex nib dissolved. My pen was out of action! Interplanetary Crisis! Noodler's doesn't sell replacement flex nibs, at least not yet. I had a Noodler's regular fountain pen nib, free gift when I bought my pen. Taking my trusty Dremel, I set out to modify the regular nib to make it into a flex. Fortunately for the Solar System, it worked. In case you ever find yourself in a similar boat, here's what I did. 1) Extend slot of regular nib with Dremel cutoff wheel. 2)
  23. So here it is: unlike the Ahab, on which I have given up for good, does the Konrad write? Even if left capped for 15 minutes, or, Heaven forbid, overnight?
  24. So i was curious which noodlers inks can be mixed with other brands. Just got a bottle of kon-peki (expensive!!!) And wanted to play with the color a bit. I tried mixing diamine poppy red with noodlers black. Worked well for a day then the next day it write just red... went to my vial i mixed them in and the inks had separated.... :-/ So anyone who knows.... can only non-bulletproof, non-baystate colors be mixed with other brands?!? Is it because of the chemical properties of those inks?! I have a whole lot of noodlers and it would be sad if i couldbt mix any of them and have them stay mixed.

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