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  1. The harrowing adventures of ink journal scanning continue. This time, we find our intrepid (obsessive) character considering the chromatic characteristics of crimson, cardinal, claret, cherry and carmine. Previously: Black, and Blue/Teal What's all this on the page? Why are some pages a little different? Why are some of the pangrams not pangrammatic at all? My obsessive processes, detailed: I hope these are helpful to those of you looking for red inks. http://i.imgur.com/n1oFHBy.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/xpkIKYz.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/M0ULOQ6.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/e5Zrwhh.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/BRMR7RG.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/xrusJuV.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/Nulnxkw.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/qRrT7ik.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/Hve24l9.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/dJHi8vu.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/lIFyhPc.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/yaxe190.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/BySaZk8.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/ImtX3QQ.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/yxulJNS.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/DPPLlCL.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/AEWl495.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/7WZEVVo.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/RlwgFLL.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/4aAbQT0.jpg
  2. I'm looking to buy a flex/semi-flex pen. I already have a Noodler's creaper, but want something a bit better (though I'm still on a budget). I'm currently debating between 3 options: 1. Noodler's Konrad in ebonite ($40) 2. Ranga Soquel with flexible 14k eversharp nibs from PSP ($85) 3. Vintage restored celluloid flex pen (~$125) How much would the quality vary between these pens? I've searched for reviews, and the Konrad seems to polarize opinion, and I can't find much about these Indian pens with vintage flex nibs, so I'm not sure if the feed can keep up with flexing. Is it worth spending more on the vintage pen or Indian ebonite pen with vintage nib? I've never had a vintage pen, so how much should I worry about maintenance on a vintage flex? Thank you in advance for the advice -- and for reading through all my questions!
  3. Water resistance tests on Reflex Blue copy paper (ie not white). 1 minute under running tap water. Selection of currently inked pens and personally preferred ink blends written with dip nib. Mostly Noodlers CMYK blends, a few Iroshizuku, one Private Reserve (Ebony Purple), and couple of J Herbins. Interesting outcome for one commercial ink and for a couple of blends. Noodler's Yellow: check out the paper bleaching after 1 minute rinse (third link below). Unexpected. Wouldn't have shown up if I had used white paper. While damp, I held the paper to the light to check it out, and the bleached areas appeared semi-translucent. The other Noodler's colours didn't have this effect and showed the regular type of behaviour I expected to see (Shah's Rose, Navajo Turquoise, and Bulletproof Black). My Noodler's 'random blend' (first link below) with black, navajo turquoise, shah's rose, xanthan, and titanium white luster was also a surprise. This was the dregs of a few xanthan x luster experiments, and had a much higher proportion of Bulletproof Black in it than any of my other CMYK blends shown in these water tests. There was a *lot* of luster in this ink as can be seen on the unrinsed side - the base ink is actually a very dark purple when wet, and it dries up to that very pale purple due to luster coverage. After rinsing, the lustre still adhered quite solidly in some areas; even in the faded areas an equivalent amount of 'faded' luster still adhered. Will post a close up shot later in the xanthan thread. I'm curious about this behaviour. Summer Lustre: Another ink blend with xanthan x titanium white luster, however did not behave in the same way as the 'random blend' with bulletproof - so there appears to be an interaction of some sort that occurred between bulletproof, xanthan, and luster, or maybe just bulletproof and luster in the 'random' blend. (FYI The plain ink version of Summer Lustre is shown just above and is called 'Sunset'.) If a blend interests you let me know and I'll post up the specifics. However as these tests are all on blue paper, they'll look different on white paper. Someday I'll get around to posting examples and ratios on white (ink cards are in the making). These are big image files. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1429165382__image.jpg https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1429165539__image.jpg https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1429165639__image.jpg
  4. The original review: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/288675-exotic-pen-review-russian-soyuz-unknown-model/ In the original review I mentioned that the piston is exceptionally tight. After some experiment and consulting the Fountain Pen Hospital while I was in NY, I decided to use American Eel ink (bulletproof version) on this pen. The piston seems to have loosened after this and I found that writing is very pleasant. http://img.vim-cn.com/8f/8b8b672cf539683549319055a51b4409677e81.jpg This writing sample is done on a Rhodia dotpad and I still have not managed how to use this kind of grid yet. The dry time is relatively long as Noodler's bulletproof ink always does (and the large amount of ink laid by this Soyuz only made the problem worse). The writing was smooth and enjoyable. The only annoying thing is that the ink has that distinctive smell which can be a bit annoying to some people. Thanks for the advice on using silicon greece but I cannot open this pen so I can only use some lubricative ink.
  5. distaffcreations

    10 Inks And A Long Soak

    I tested the following inks for water-fastness: Noodler's Squeteague Noodler's Turquoise Diamine Teal Iroshizuki Shin-Kai Private Reserve Sherwood Green Sheaffer Blue-Black (cartridge) Organics Studio Emerald City DeAtramentis Black Edition-Blue Noodler's Purple Wampum Brown ink* Paper used was from a wide-ruled Norcom Basic Notebook, made in Mexico. After 1 hour I took a photo: After 24 hours I removed the test half, dried it, and scanned it along with the control. The most waterproof inks are Iroshizuki Shin-Kai, Sheaffer Blue-Black, DeAtramentis Black Ed. Blue, and Noodler's Purple Wampum. Still legible, but rather faded are Noodler's Squeteague and Turquoise, and Diamine Teal. The Organics Studio Emerald City is somewhere between faded and vanished. Private Reserve Sherwood Green and the brown ink washed away completely. *set of cartridges received for successfully completing the kid's scavenger hunt at the Raleigh pen show in Spring 2014, I think Private Reserve that got too dried out for sale?
  6. akszugor

    Noodler's: Navy

    http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-nazwa.png Manufacturer: Noodler's Series, colour: Navy Pen: Waterman Hemisphere "F" Paper: Image Volume 80 g / cm2 Specifications: Flow rate: good Lubrication: good Bleed through: possible point Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: very good A drop of ink smeared with a nib http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-kleks.jpg The ink smudged with a cotton pad http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-wacik.jpg Lines http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-kreski.jpg Water Resistance http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-woda.jpg Sample text http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-txt.jpg Ink drying time ca. 10 sec. Other tests carried out: Sample text in an Oxford notebook http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-Oxford.jpg Sample letters in a Rhodia notebook http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-Rhodia.jpg Ink drops on a handkerchief http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-chromatografia1.jpg Chromatography http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Noodlers-Navy-chromatografia2.jpg
  7. I have a very special Konrad in the two-blued marbled marianas acrylic coming and I'd like to give it its first trial run with a matching sheeny ink in the blue to aqua ranges. Any favourites you'd like to recommend? (The sheeny thread doesn't always show the 'normal' colour of inks as the shots are generally angled to capture the sheen.)
  8. wallylynn

    General Of The Armies

    Did we really go a week with no one posting about Noodler's newest ink? http://noodlersink.com/general/new-ink/
  9. UDog

    Eel ?

    What exactly is the "Eel" component in Noodler's inks so designated?
  10. LuisAAbrilRomero

    Alternatives For Noodler's Inks

    Hello there, as it is getting increasingly difficult to purchase Noodler's inks outside of the US, and increasingly expensive to order it from the US, I am looking for some European alternatives. Hence my thought of tapping into the collective wisdom of the esteemed board members. The inks in question are as follows: 1. Noodler's Bad Green Gator --> Used for signatures on account of its specific properties; would like to replace it with an ink of a likewise colour and properties. 2. Noodler's X-Feather --> Used for quick note-taking on cheap paper; does not need to be bulletproof like XF. 3. Noodler's Navy & Burma Road Brown--> Love the colour, and would like to get my hands on a similar ink produced by an European manufacturer; Diamine, perhaps? 4. Noodler's Blue Ghost --> Does anybody else produce such an ink? 5. Noodler's Dragon Catfish Orange --> I know of Pelikan's highlighter inks, but is there an European ink in orange out there that can fulfil a similar role? Thanks for your help! Cheers, Luis
  11. NobodysPerfect

    Noodler's Polar Black Vs. Eel Black

    I'm looking into getting a black ink and, since I have a few dry-writing pens, was looking at a lubricated ink. I live in New England, so I thought that Noodler's Polar Black might be a good idea because of the winter weather. However, I've read a few reviews that the freeze resistance isn't very impressive and that the ink is not very well behaved. Would the American Eel Black be a better idea for a general use lubricated black ink? What's the difference between the two, taking the freeze resistance out of the equation? Is there a better behaved option for a lubricated black ink from another brand, or should I just get regular Noodler's Black instead and give up on the lubricated ink idea?
  12. Note: I changed my story a bit in light of new evidence that Noodler's pens aren't made in America like I assumed. You know what they say about assuming... It's no secret that Nathan Tardif, mastermind behind Noodler's pens and inks, is a patriot. In fact, I have an idea that the Henry Repeating Arms Company may have actually stolen Nathan's original idea for a company slogan some years ago; "It will be made in America, or it won't be made at all." His videos often contain heavy political underto... Oh who am I kidding. They're not undertones. He just comes right out and says it. Even his ink names suggest his disdain for the way our country is run. So, you can imagine the disappointment he'd have in me if he knew what I had done to one of his American-made pens designed and inspected here in America. A couple of years ago when I was still new to fountain pens, I found some images or videos of flex writing and said to myself, "I want to write like that!" So... Rather than reading a book or taking a class or practicing, my initial thought was, "Get one of those flexy pens so you can write like that!" Ask me how that worked out with golf clubs, guitars and RC planes. I'll save you the trouble and just say that I'm no Tiger Woods or John Mayer and I sure as heck can't keep a plane in the air. Although quadcopters are my thing... GPS-enabled, can't-crash-me, quadcopters... Glorious little things, they are! That's beside the point though. My point is, I had a flexy Noodler's Konrad. And Ahab. And Creaper. A couple of each, probably. One day, one of my Konrads broke. I think the filling mechanism snapped or something. I don't really remember, but I do remember just throwing the whole thing in the trash and thinking, "To heck with this... I'll just go back to my extra-fine nails and never write flexy again! HUMPH!" Then, I quickly grabbed the broken pen from the trash and removed the nib and feed for salvage. I figured the nib would come in handy if I ever messed up the nib in an Ahab or my other Konrad. Fast forward a couple of years and I have a little parts bin with nibs and feeds and collars. I was digging through said parts bin yesterday to put together a nib, feed and collar for a fellow FPNer and stumbled on that Noodler's nib. I also stumbled on a long-forgotten Jinhao X750 whose nib was a terribly mushy, wet, mess. I did love the shape and weight of the pen though so, naturally, it went into the parts bin with the thought that I might make something of it someday. I looked at the Noodler's nib and then looked at the Jinhao. Back at the nib. Back at the Jinhao. Back at the n... You get the idea. I thought, "Hm... The X750 uses a No. 6 nib and the Noodler's Konrad and Ahab use a No. 6 nib. And I've got these assorted feeds. I wonder..." Yep. I went and fitted Nathan Tardif's American-made steel flexy nib into a Chinese-made Jinhao X750 and did it all with the assistance of some feed that I got from God-knows-where. Oh... And there's an International Converter in there that I salvaged from a Monteverde pen at some point. So, it's a Frankenpen. And... IT'S ALIVE! It works wonderfully! I've never enjoyed a Chinese-made pen OR a Noodler's nib more in all my years of fountain pen writing. Not my Heroes, not my Jinhaos, certainly not my Ahabs... It's like the perfect pen. The feed keeps up. There's no tinkering or adjusting. It just bloody works! So... without further ado, feast your eyes on the Noohao! or Jindlers (although that's awfully close to Schindler which carries a completely different kind of anti-American connotation, but is one of the greatest films ever made; I digress). Either way... Here's the little matte black abomination (please pardon my TERRIBLE handwriting... You can see I still haven't gotten around to the practice part yet): http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3779/12011697455_95231e2e75_b.jpg http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5476/12012518496_a4069b990d_b.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7323/12012057084_48213b42e6_b.jpg http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5506/12012056234_8a2ba1e3c1_b.jpg http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2820/12011687875_3b1247b5c3_b.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3722/12011698495_e366f71887_h.jpg So yeah... Long live the Noohao! Also... pardon the gunk on the image. My paper had some ink splats from somewhere else. It's ugly, I know, but I had hoped it would detract from the handwriting.
  13. Hi! I just got from an ebay seller a bottle of Noodler's Polar Black. The label also carries "Edition 2006". What does it mean? Was it produced in 2006 or is it just the formulation that was invented back there? If it was bottled 9 years ago, shall I hope that the ink still retain its properties (i.e. bulletproof, anti-icing, etc.)? Thanks for any information!
  14. Found this write-up on Richard's website http://www.richardspens.com/?page=ref/care/inks.htm And can tell you I've experienced firsthand the clogging issues he mentions in my trusty Pilot Custom 823 with several versions of Noodler's ink. I really want to like Noodler's but can ill afford to keep running into issues or, worse, possibly destroy my feed as Richard mentions is possible. I ordered some Waterman and Diamine inks in the hope they'll perform much better. According to several write-ups, these two brands are supposed to be the two better ones in terms of general purpose inks with good flow properties. Anyone else have this occur to them? Any other ink recommendations? Thanks.
  15. visvamitra

    Noodler's Hellbender Red

    Hellendr Red is now discontinued ink made by Noodler's for Swisher's Pen. The ink is simply indestructible (nor light nor water nor ammonia will do it harm). I dislike the color though http://imageshack.com/a/img538/2043/g0wgEx.jpg Ink Splash http://imageshack.com/a/img903/3849/vTAq5G.jpg Drops of ink on kitchen towel http://imageshack.com/a/img538/9682/zRXRiF.jpg Software Id http://imageshack.com/a/img538/5321/zgNJhp.jpg Oxford Recycled 90 g, Kaweco Sport Classic, B http://imageshack.com/a/img540/165/1tBadY.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img901/5845/9p7BI2.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img540/7033/ZowJLG.jpg Comparison http://imageshack.com/a/img908/5631/JsdbV0.jpg
  16. I've decided I am in the market for a Tuckaway. After hours of trying to decide which body material, trim, filler system, etc that I want, I am leaning toward the older striated vac models. I would prefer a Touchdown sac filler, but I assume they dont exist in striated as that would defeat the purpose of the transparent barrel. Then I got concerned that the vac barrel could get permanently stained and ruin the transparency. Noodler's Bulletproof Black is pretty much my exclusive ink just because I require as much water resistance as possible. All my other pens are sacced or C/C pens. Can someone confirm if this is or is not a problem before I purchase a striated? If not possible, then I will concentrate on a solid bodied Touchdown Tucky. Also, is there a very SIMPLE (eg. one sentence description) of all the different Sheaffer trim levels and a hierarchy? Every time I try to read some posts, the discussion gets way heavy with minor nuances and one-year variants, etc, etc. As someone just getting his feet wet with Sheaffer, I would just like a very simple primer. I'm sure there is a good post on FPN, I just haven't found it yet. I know this is probably wrong, but to give an idea: Valiant: ? Crest: has a metal cap Craftsman: cap and barrel match. Thin wire cap band. Lowest tier
  17. white_lotus

    Ink Review: Noodlers Park Red

    This is a mostly hand-written review of the new Noodlers Park Red. The images are iPhone photos. My scans came out "too electric" where the red simply appeared much brighter than it was in reality. So I did not include them. "Perhaps this will become the infamous Park Red with the drawing of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un firing fountain pens at the balloons of Park Sang Hak. While the supreme leader may not be very well behaved, the ink certainly is. It is not like Diamine's Oxblood, it is a cleaner red, but not a bright red. It sits well on the page. For me this is a good quality. Being able to read a full page of written text without burning out your eyeballs is important. Dries well on the inkjet paper. This is a red that I like. My usual colors are blues and blacks and purples. I don't know if it would meet the needs of those making corrections. My guess is it would show up well enough esp. with a medium or broad nib. If you like your reds searingly hot, this ink isn't it. But if you prefer them to be more subdued yet strongly red, you will probably like this ink. I don't know how much of this ink was produced or how long it will be available.
  18. Hello, I recently purchased my first fountain pen (Lamy Al-Star), along with Noodler's Liberty's Elysium, and Lamy Black. I really love L.E, but now have an obsession with finding new inks! At the moment, I'm looking for an ink that is interesting enough that i will be excited to use it, but still remains professional enough to use in class for notes. Feathering, and bleedthrough are not an issue, as I use a Rhodia Pad. Thanks in Advance! Mutton
  19. musicman123

    Noodler's Dragon's Napalm

    My recent short trip to Texas led me to Dromgoole's Pen Shop, which received rave reviews about the service and selection. Naturally, once I got there, I headed straight to their ink selection, which had a large assortment of Noodler's inks. This is my first Noodler's surprisingly, so I didn't know what to pick up. But I remember watching this ( ), so I decided it would be an interesting choice to play with. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the color of it! This review will be in my normal format, with a picture following a short description of it, above it. Another note, this is a VERY hard ink to photograph, so I have done my best to ensure color accuracy. We will start with a preview of the ink. It's a really interesting and bright color at first look. http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Ink.JPG For the pen, I used my go-to Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator with a TWSBI B nib. The B nib is a bit thinner than the western B, but nothing major. It's really smooth and awesome. http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Nib.JPG The review is written on what is now discontinued, HP 28lb Copy paper. It's my go-to paper as well, at least till I run out of it. HP 32lb is also nice! http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Paper.JPG Here is a swab of the ink, showing some color variation. The label says that it is the only "Sepia shading, carmine ink." I beg to differ. I see no sepia, nor carmine, which I expect to be a dark-ish red. Still, I like the color very much! http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Swab.JPG Onto the characteristics of the ink. The ink is very well behaved, and does not exhibit any noticeable feathering, or bleed through. Also, the color shifts between a bright orange, and a noticeable pink, under different types of lighting. Also, the color is highly saturated, but does not stain any converters, or barrels of demonstrators. Very minimal shading is present, contrary to what the label would have you believe. It flows well, and provides decent lubrication. http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Characteristics.JPG http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Characteristics%202.JPG The ink does not have an overly long dry time, but it is definitely not the fastest. I don't mind the current dry time, the way I write, so its not a problem. http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Dry%20Time.JPG Here is a small comparison to my other ink colors which I happen to have loaded. Use these as a calibration for the pictures, and your monitor. I didn't intend them to compare similar inks. http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Comparison.JPG Lastly, here is the water test. The top grid of the test had water drops placed on them for 10 seconds, then vigorously wiped downwards. The bottom text did not receive any drops and was only wiped, to show ink smearing. The test showed noticeable lifting of the ink, but still leaving a little on the page. The ink has a medium amount of smear. I would not consider it waterproof. http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Water.JPG http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Water%20After.jpg Almost forgot! Here is a scan of the ink. Use it to read the review, and not for color accuracy. It is very far off. The pictures are a better representation. http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews/Noodlers/Dragon's%20Napalm/Scan.jpg That's all folks! I would give the ink a decent 8/10, due to the lack of waterproofness. If you like this review, stay tuned for many more!
  20. Hello everyone, I was told to move my mod over here to discuss it. It is a Noodler's Konrad with a Hunt 56 nib in it. I had to heat set the feed for it and I may have accidentally heat up the grip section during the feed setting but I did squeeze that as well just in case. I say that the grip section may have been set as well because after the mod it appears not to be able to close in the cap as smoothly. That being said, I am very pleased with my work and I tried a few nibs but this one worked the best for this configuration.It flows well and you can see one railroad but I was going pretty fast and trying to go to bed. So these aren't the best pictures but if you guys are interested I can post more detailed photos later or a video to Youtube if anyone really cares. I just don't want to put a lot of effort in if you guys don't care about modding your Konrads. I haven't had any starting issues with the pen and it does not railroad under normal writing conditions. The ink is Noodler's X-Feather and the paper is G. LALO.
  21. a.zy.lee

    Lamy 2000 Video (Review?)

    I made a short video for the Lamy 2000 just for fun and I thought I'd share it with you guys. The video and editing style is obviously a blatant rip-off of theimmovablemovers' viral Namiki Falcon and Nakaya videos. I prefer the term 'inspired,' but yes, it's a rip-off. The dark background comes off really grainy and awful, so I apologise for that. It looked fine on my camera's display. I hope you enjoy the video.
  22. Cyber6

    New Noodlers - Park Red !

    New Noodlers....
  23. Nate_Emmi

    New Noodler's Pen!

    Fountain pen world! There is news! Following Noodler's much awaited release of the Neponset, another new pen from the same company has flown under the radar! Well, okay not actually. but I did find that the ever popular Noodler's Ahab, which as we all know is available as an eyedropper or a piston pump, ACTUALLY HAS A THIRD METHOD OF FILLING! Turns out, a standard international cartridge, when pierced, fits perfectly into the space in the rear of the section of the pen. Depending on the ink, it seems flow is normal, and you can still write, and the semi-flex nib does a decent job of keeping up ink flow. just wanted to share this discovery with the FP community.
  24. I’d like to offer a Group Buy, but with small volumes. I’m thinking of placing two orders for the end of January: one from Diamine (or possibly Cult Pens), and one from Fountain Pen Hospital. Let me know how much you would want of which inks, and if enough people want enough of an ink to complete a bottle, I can guarantee you a vial with exactly the amount of ink you want without having to get a whole bottle. Unfortunately, I’ve got a limited budget, so if I can’t make up a full bottle’s worth, I can’t make any promises. I will add as many inks with partial requests as I can, and you’ll get first dibs on the amount you want. The focus for the order from the UK is Diamine ink. That potentially includes their full “regular” line, as well as the 150th Celebration Inks, the Music Set inks, and the Flower set inks. If I go via Cult Pens, the Deep Dark series becomes a possibility as well. Pricing is a bit of a catch-22: there *might* be a discount on shipping at a certain level, but they need to know how many bottles I’m buying, and it’s hard to know how many bottles will be bought without pricing info. My guess is that the normal Diamine inks will be ~12-13 cents/ml, depending on order size, the Music/Flower set inks will be ~19-20 cents/ml, and the 150th Anniversary Inks will be ~28-29 cents/ml. The focus of the Fountain Pen Hospital inks is Montblanc and the FPH exclusive Noodler’s inks. If there’s another ink with a lot of interest that would be great. Shipping prices depend on order size, but the normally priced Montblanc inks will probably be ~35 cents/ml, and the Noodler’s ~15 cents/ml. Normal costs for vials (24 cents for each 5 ml and 37 cents for each 30 ml vial) and shipping would apply. So take a look at the Diamine inks and the Fountain Pen Hospital Site, and then let me know what you’re interested in. There’s a form here and here with the ink options. I’m going to try to put in the order at the end of the month – not before the 25th, and probably more like the 31st. Orders should start going out mid-February if everything goes well: no customs issues or blizzards or illness or work crises anywhere between here and the UK for the next month. You know what, let’s say orders might start going out the end of February. As some of you know, I’m also selling ink at cost in smallish volumes. (Classified ad with details is here.) Edit: Made links go to the right place.
  25. ddustinn

    Music Nib Adjustment

    I got my Neponset during the first wave, but I was towards the end of my last semester of grad school, so until recently, it sat unused. I noticed that I was getting normal (read: wet) down strokes, but my cross strokes were extremely dry. Upon inspecting the nib with a loupe, I noticed that the middle tine was lower than the outer tines. The outer tines are both bent up a little, and the middle tine is pretty straight, if not bent down a little. I've done my fair share of nib adjustment, but I'm a little apprehensive to do anything with this nib. Any suggestions?

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