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  1. Hello everyone, I was told to move my mod over here to discuss it. It is a Noodler's Konrad with a Hunt 56 nib in it. I had to heat set the feed for it and I may have accidentally heat up the grip section during the feed setting but I did squeeze that as well just in case. I say that the grip section may have been set as well because after the mod it appears not to be able to close in the cap as smoothly. That being said, I am very pleased with my work and I tried a few nibs but this one worked the best for this configuration.It flows well and you can see one railroad but I was going pretty
  2. a.zy.lee

    Lamy 2000 Video (Review?)

    I made a short video for the Lamy 2000 just for fun and I thought I'd share it with you guys. The video and editing style is obviously a blatant rip-off of theimmovablemovers' viral Namiki Falcon and Nakaya videos. I prefer the term 'inspired,' but yes, it's a rip-off. The dark background comes off really grainy and awful, so I apologise for that. It looked fine on my camera's display. I hope you enjoy the video.
  3. Cyber6

    New Noodlers - Park Red !

    New Noodlers....
  4. Nate_Emmi

    New Noodler's Pen!

    Fountain pen world! There is news! Following Noodler's much awaited release of the Neponset, another new pen from the same company has flown under the radar! Well, okay not actually. but I did find that the ever popular Noodler's Ahab, which as we all know is available as an eyedropper or a piston pump, ACTUALLY HAS A THIRD METHOD OF FILLING! Turns out, a standard international cartridge, when pierced, fits perfectly into the space in the rear of the section of the pen. Depending on the ink, it seems flow is normal, and you can still write, and the semi-flex nib does a decent job of keeping up
  5. I’d like to offer a Group Buy, but with small volumes. I’m thinking of placing two orders for the end of January: one from Diamine (or possibly Cult Pens), and one from Fountain Pen Hospital. Let me know how much you would want of which inks, and if enough people want enough of an ink to complete a bottle, I can guarantee you a vial with exactly the amount of ink you want without having to get a whole bottle. Unfortunately, I’ve got a limited budget, so if I can’t make up a full bottle’s worth, I can’t make any promises. I will add as many inks with partial requests as I can, and you
  6. ddustinn

    Music Nib Adjustment

    I got my Neponset during the first wave, but I was towards the end of my last semester of grad school, so until recently, it sat unused. I noticed that I was getting normal (read: wet) down strokes, but my cross strokes were extremely dry. Upon inspecting the nib with a loupe, I noticed that the middle tine was lower than the outer tines. The outer tines are both bent up a little, and the middle tine is pretty straight, if not bent down a little. I've done my fair share of nib adjustment, but I'm a little apprehensive to do anything with this nib. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello all, As indicated i'm searching for a new BB ink. First, i have tested some inks that I have : Camel Royal Blue (very bright, royal blues are not for me)Diamine Majestic Blue (too wet, even if i didn't test in fine → seems not very adapted to my use)Diamine Twilight (never filled) (wet ?)Waterman BB (color changes to teal → horrible but overal not bad = great backup ink)Noodler's Q'eternity (BB from the Bernanke line) http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/01/1419972909-lol2.jpg The ink that i liked the most was Noodler's, I used it for about 1 month 1/2 at school (student) and
  8. yogalarva

    Epic Ink Test

    This is the second round of ink testing that I am doing - the first is already three months in and you can find those posts on my blog. I figured that for this one I would start from the beginning on here and post updates as I go along. Eek! I am so excited about this. After taking nearly a month to fill up a new page full of inks (partly because I went on vacation for a week), it’s finally ready: As with my first epic ink test, I will have four tests running in parallel: a control which will be kept in a plastic sleeve in a notebook, an ambient light test which will hang on my frid
  9. Hello everyone! I'm new to the FP network (about 5 minutes ago) and am still learning the ropes of both the network and the fountain pen itself. I am a student in high school and just started using fountain pens this semester and am loving it. I own two Noodler's Ahabs and am looking to get something that will work better with cheap paper, as I cannot shell out money for Rodia, Clairefontaine and the like due to the fact that I take about 2-3 pages of notes a school day.I have been drawn to the TWSBI mini because of the modern design and because it seems to work well with cheap paper. Is this
  10. Hi everyone, Bad Blue Heron is in my opinion an excellent ink. Well behaved, great color and bulletproof. Except the strong odor, which is downright terrible, this is easily one of my top inks. The image is color corrected with ColorChecker Passport. Enjoy! - Daniel
  11. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/2014-Ink_2194.jpg
  12. This may seem like an odd request, but I've been thinking about this for a while now. So, the first time I bought a Noodler's Konrad, I was stunned at how perfectly it fitted my hand...Although the Lamy 2000 is my favorite pen (due to various reasons), the Konrad is still the better shaped pen for me. That being said, do you know pens with the same size/shape as the Noodler's Konrad? (not the Ebonite or Acrylic...those are longer) Cheers
  13. I'm considering getting a Noodler's Konrad as well as a 1.1 stub black Monteverde #6 nib. Have you tried to put a Montverde nib on a Noodler's Konrad? Does it work very well? Does it sit far down into the section like the Goulet nib? thanks.
  14. Hey, I take a lot of notes at school, and usually carry cheap, lined paper sheets in my binder. My inks tend to have a lot of bleedthrough and feather on the cheap paper, and i was wondering if there is a company that sells lined paper sheets made for fountain pens. I know i could just use a notebook, but it makes it frustrating not being able to have individual sheets to work on. If anyone knows of any paper that would suit my needs, please leave a responce. Thanks Mutton
  15. I recently spent a few hours working on my good ole' ebonite Noodlers Konrad. I hadn't used this pen for quite a while and wanted to spice things up a bit. The changes I made (and highly recommend) are as follows: 1) the "easy my flex" mod, were you grind a portion off the sides of the nib as seen in the picture. 2) I doubled the depth/width of the feed channel, which managed to eliminate almost all railroading except on very aggressive downstrokes. and 3) I reground the tip to an XXXF needlepoint. I don't know how to measure the actual degree of fineness I achieved with this grind, but
  16. A few weeks ago I was watching Nathan Tardiff's video concerning BSiar. I posted a question in the comments (I'm muskndusk on youtube) asking about the colour changes. Recently I received his response. He said: To which I responded: He has also changed the video description to include this information. If anyone wants to check this, the link is: (Click on the 'watch on youtube' button to read the comments.) I'm not criticising either Nathan or Noodler's, I'm just confused. There does seem to be an appreciable difference in the ink, many people on this forum have commented upon i
  17. PrestoTenebroso

    Noodler's Bluerase

    On Lexan (polycarbonate): It looks fabulous with the Platinum Preppy marker pen that it came with. It was an excellent color and it flows terrifically well with the marker pen and on the surface. It dries in seconds. I use it on my wall to write horizontally, and I have yet to have any issues with the marker drying out or skipping or fading out like normal, solvent-based markers do so frequently. On glass: It doesn't dry as quickly as it does on Lexan, but it doesn't run at all. Excellent usability on a glass window or a glass table. (What I use it for.) On Ziploc® bags: It dries, but wi
  18. Tom Traubert

    Baystate Blue Questions

    Hello all. I'm soon to be the lucky recipient of a bottle of Baystate Blue. It's hard to get this sort of stuff in the UK, so I'm pretty excited. Anyway, I get the impression that it's a somewhat interesting beast. I have several pens (some, not on this board, might suggest too many) and was wondering which one you lovely people would recommend for this ink. Steel nibs: Pilot MR - only takes standard international cartridges at the moment, but I can pick up a converter pretty easily Jinhao X750 - this seems like a good choice because it's a cheap pen (£3.99) and leaves a big, fat, wet
  19. Hello fellow pen people Just wondered how many suitable basic dyes are out there to make ink with. It seems that there are so many inks out there, though i would think there are a set number of suitable "ink" dyes out there. That would mean that one could calculate how many possible combinations are possible, including combinations that might not be aesthetically pleasing. Are new dyes being created at all?
  20. It looks like the Noodler's Neponset is coming in just a week or two and will cost around $75.00. Anyone else quite excited about this? I personally can't wait to see the colors and styles it'll be coming out in. I know some of us here have been waiting years for these to come out. If I hear anything else about them I'll post it here.
  21. purlbeforeswine

    Flex Nibs - More Flexible Over Time?

    Do flexible pen nibs become more flexible over time? For instance, leather shoes tend to be stiff at first but will become more supple and stretch a bit with wear. Does this go for flex nibs (ie: the more you use the pen, the more flexible the nib becomes).
  22. Hey everyone The ink has landed. Army Green Baystate Blue 54th Massachusetts Baystate Concord grape Liberty's Elysium Nightshade Black swan in English roses Kung Te-cheng El Lawrence Air Corp Blue Black Prices are £15 each El Lawrence is £22 and Kung Te-Cheng is £30 I'll be putting up the inks on an online marketplace on Monday, so let me know ASAP if interested..! I can bundle any if these inks with 100 sheet Tomoe River paper and combine shipping if needed!
  23. I'm planning to get a decent amount of noodlers fairly soon in the UK so let me know your views..!
  24. Febeleh

    Home Made Urushi?

    Does anybody know where the Japanese Urushi Lacquer (seen on pens that have maki-e patterns, or most notably a Nakaya) can be purchased? Or how about methods of making it? I was thinking about taking a Noodler's Nib Creeper and making it into a Nakaya type pen. The clip is easily removed, to get that clean clipless look, and the entire pen can be dissasembled so it should be easy to cover it in the lacquer without hindering mechanical action. Is this even a viable idea? I just really like the look of an Urushi pen, and wanted something that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg (until I proverb
  25. I know that Noodler's Midnight Blue and Noodler's Bulletproof Black have been already reviewed but this mix has become my favorite everyday ink so I thought I would share. I mixed it in various amounts until I got what I believe is a fantastic mixing ratio. I ended up with 5 parts Noodler's Midnight Blue to 1 part Noodler's Black. The mixture ends up bringing out a little more of the green tint in the ink which is what I always associated with true midnight blue. I also felt that the original Midnight blue was a little light. I believe this mix really makes it the midnight blue that I have alw

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