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  1. essayfaire

    Nibmeisters needed

    I have a beautiful new Benu that sparkles and glows in the dark. Unfortunately, the pen's nib is very underwhelming. I really do want to use this pen regularly (I only buy pens I plan to write with) but the contrast between its very pedestrian nib and the eye-appeal is enormous. I suspect that if a nibmeister were to tune the pen for me, I would be quite happy with it. It looks as if it would be a heavy pen, but is actually pretty lightweight and sits well in my hand. Is there any sort of list of nibmeisters by region, city, etc.? I know of none. I can make figure eights if I have to, but I'd rather give this to an expert. Thanks!
  2. dms525

    A New Nib Meisterin!

    Almost all my fountain pen nibs have been custom-ground to the crisp cursive italic I favor for my everyday italic handwriting. So I am always happy to find a new nib technician who can grind a sweet-writing nib for me. Appelboom pens in The Netherlands has begun offering the nib grinding services of Anabelle Hiller. I have a first nib from her, and it is a gem. The nib started as a stock Kaweco (Bock) steel Broad. Anabelle ground it, as requested to a crisp cursive italic. No affiliation other than a happy customer. David
  3. The-Thinker

    Custom Nib

    Who would you recommend for nib customization ? Required would be stacking gold nibs, gridding and retipping them ?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Jim, known as PenSloth over on Instagram. I finally got around to making a video of one of my nibs and a writing sample. (Hopefully, this is the right place to post this.) At some point in the future, I'm going to do more videos, including some technical information about grinding and stacking nibs. Thanks! -Jim
  5. Hey guys! Normally post in the Japan pens forum but I picked up a TWSBI 580ALR from Mark Bacas with a special nib grind and I wanted to share some info about it. First off - the ALR is just like an AL except the cap band has a difference finish(?) and most importantly the grip section is 'ribbed.' The lines on the grip section feel amazing, really good to the touch. I consider it an upgrade from my AL, but you do have to be careful not to get ink in those lines because you would have to clean it out. Mark Bacas is a popular nibmeister. You can see his work at https://www.instagram.com/nibgrinder/ I got the 580ALR with a Blade Turk grind and if I had it to do over again I would send him my nicest pen because it's an amazing grind. The Blade Turk is a mini-architect grind with a gentle curve so you get a controlled gradation of line width from Platinum UEF to Japanese M. It's a really versatile tool. Anyone could just pick it up and write with it, but if you vary the angle up or down you can variation in width. An artist could probably build a whole career around this nib, as the more you use it the more you get to know what it can do and get the line widths you want without even thinking about it. Here's a video demo I made of the pen & nib: And here's an additional photoset: https://imgur.com/fpngallery/eXPLoO9 Mark Bacas deals TWSBI pens so I think you can just order a nib from him already ground to load into your TWSBI. This gives some additional options for nib types normally only found on Japanese pens, for example... or various architect grinds. Anyhow, I really love the pen and I'm considering sending him my King of Pen to work on next. This Blade Turk is just such an interesting and unique grind. I'd recommend it for any artist but also anyone who just wants an interesting fountain pen nib that is still appropriate for every day use.
  6. Hi all, Righto. I bought a second hand 149 as you do. It's probably late '80s and likely has been sitting in a drawer for the last decade or so with dried out ink in the nib, feed, and inside the reservoir as they do. I've been flushing like a mad fool and am still getting ink coming out, which is depressing, but my bigger issue is the nib. (See photos) I think I need a US-based nibmeister. I don't want to send the pen off to MB because I don't want them to replace the nib - I simply want it repair it and maybe have it tuned. I've only ever used MB service for a nib exchange on a new pen, nothing vintage. The thing is I haven't even tried to ink it because I'm still trying to clean it out. So, I guess where I need advice is the following: 1) Anyone want to recommend a nibmeister based in the US? I've seen a couple of names when I went searching, but some of the posts mentioning names were quite old. 2) Do I try to ink it anyhow and see what the line looks like? 3) Commercial pen flush or no? Or send it off to a nibmeister who might take pity on me? Whatever happens, I don't want to screw up this pen, but I feel like I might've been overconfident in my abilities to clean it . . . as you do. LOL. Sigh. Shawnee
  7. Nibmeister Tim Girdler will be at Bertram's Inkwell in Rockville, MD today 26 May 2018 from 12:00 to 5:00. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1100532595874&ca=9a26fe83-5483-4b4b-b4b0-47a239022efe
  8. I have been eyeing for a Pelikan M800 broad for some time after acquiring my Pilot Custom 823 Broad and found out the absolute joy of flagship/sub-flagship pens with nice big gold nibs. After watching many reviews from sbrebrown, shout out to him, I found that there's a Dutch retailer called Appelboom that retails Pelikan for a low price for people in North America (Canada). It retails the pen for 327 euros after the discount code by sbrebrown, while nibs.com retails the cheapest Pelikan M800 for 499 USD. However, I have heard a lot of horror stories about Pelikan's quality control on M800s. I wonder is it worth it to pay the extra for the nib tuning by John Mottishaw?
  9. fountainpenlady

    Palladian Nibmeister Suggestions

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a Nibmeister who works on Palladian nibs? I put a Palladian nib too far into an ink bottle. As a result, the tip is not what it should look like. I can't seem to find a Nibmeister who works on Palladian nibs. Also, can't seem to find one whose time frame does not take me into the latter part of next year. Much appreciated if you could give me some ideas. aesthetically restoring the nib to what it resembled before is what I am seeking.
  10. nhw

    Nibmeister In Tokyo

    Hi all, I wonder if you have any nibmeister recommendation in Tokyo? I found one (Fullhalter) but he doesn't speak English.. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello Everyone, I am looking to buy 1 fountain pen and then to send it off to a nibmeister. I wanted to know if it would be better to buy a 14 carat nib and send it to a nibmeister to adjust for smoothness and flex or to buy a 18 carat nib and send it to a nibmeister to adjust for smoothness (knowing that flex can't be adjusted for with a 18 carat nib). Here are my personal variables. All I want is one smooth and soft-feeling fountain pen. My price range is at the maximum of $400. All I want is to find 1 fountain pen to keep for a lifetime. Maybe I have made an underlying general assumption? Would this question have to be answered by a case-by-case basis or can a generalization be made? Just how good can a nibmeister make a gold nib? Smooth, buttery, and soft with no feedback as if I didn't know that I was writing on paper? Can all gold nibs be adjusted this way? Thanks for any help, I hope to bring a contribution from my own experience into this thread. WriterProspect
  12. I'm about to make my first foray into the world of customized nibs and I'm having trouble deciding whether to go with a Pendleton Brown butter-line stub or a Mike Masuyama round-nose cursive italic for a Pilot 823. I'm looking for a nib width of approximately 0.4mm on the downstroke for use as a daily writer - I write fairly small with lots of math (small subscripts/superscripts are an issue to me). This is a sample of my normal handwriting when note-taking (stock pilot M nib). Any perspective on which one to pick would be greatly appreciated. In particular, I'm wondering: how the two customizations compare in terms of line variation and forgivingness (I normally normally hold the pen at a 45-degree angle to the paper, with a little bit of inconsistent rotation as well)how controllable the thickness of a line put down by MM's RNCI is - this post mentions that the BLS's line width can be controlled by the amount of pressure put into it; is the RNCI capable of something similar? The ability to put down a finer line when necessary would be great for subscripts.how the BLS looks up close - there's a picture of the RNCI up-close here, but I haven't been able to find a similar pic for the BLS.Thanks!
  13. Gee Tee

    Nibmeister In Berlin?

    Does anybody know of a nibmeister in Berlin? I have a new Parker Sonnet who's tines are very slightly un-aligned (see pic). If I've never done it before it's probably not a good idea to do it myself right?
  14. Gee Tee

    Nibmeister In Berlin?

    Does anybody know of a nibmeister in Berlin? I have a new Parker Sonnet who's tines are very slightly un-aligned (see pic) and I'd like to get the nib right. If I've never done it before it's probably not a good idea to do it myself right?
  15. I recently sent my broad Diamond 580AL to TWSBI because it was skipping a lot of would not write unless I laid down quite a bit of pressure. Since it was sent back, the problem persists. Anyone have a recommendation for a good nibmeister to send my pen to? I had also sent in my fine Vac 700, which I now regret because I put quite a bit of work into it to get it to write well. I thought it could be tweaked to write wetter, but it came back drier and scratchier than before. But I'll just swap it out for my Goulet 1.5mm, which writes a lot better.
  16. I have a slightly scratchy Pelikan M800 and was wondering whether there were any good nib technicians in the UK. I have seen lots of references to John Sorowka (Oxonian), but I can't seem to find any contact details for him, try as I might. Can anyone help with contact details for nib technicians in the UK?
  17. Can anyone recommend a Nibmeister in the UK that I can send a pen to? I want to have a broad nib ground down to a fine or possibly a small stub. I don't think we have anyone in Ireland who can do it. If you can also give me some idea of what to expect in terms of price that would be great. Thanks
  18. Aetheric Continua

    List Of Nibmeisters?

    Good day, all. I've done a few searches and looked at some stickies, but I can't seem to find any kind of nibmeister listing. I am considering sending my Lamy 2000 <F> in for work since I can't seem to get the darn thing to write (consistently) as wonderfully as I know it has the capability to. I've seen a few names on the forum (Pendleton Brown, Mike Masuyama, and Richard Binder, but I recall it being said that he doesn't work on mail-in nibs anymore) but I'm wondering if there are more. I'd like to shop around a bit if possible. Is there a listing somewhere that I'm not seeing? If not, does anyone have any recommendations?
  19. I have a 146 Montblanc, and it seems there is a leak or some ink gathering behind where the nib and feed meet the section. If I flush it with (cool, not cold, not warm) water I can change inks but some of the old ink seems to have gathered behind and eventually comes out on my hands when I rest near the end of the section. Does anyone know who repairs these? I suppose with tools I could do this, but if there is a defective part, then I'm stuck. I don't particularly want to send it to MB as they'd replace the old parts with current, though I may have to if I can't do the maintenance myself. It's a 1970 or so vintage.
  20. First things first: mods, if this is in the wrong place, please pardon the mistake and move it as necessary. I'm writing to gush some praise at Dan Smith (of FP Geeks fame) and his nib services. About six months ago, I bought a Visconti Homo Sapiens 25th Anniversary (variant on the steel age oversize), with the 1.3mm stub nib, from somebody here on the forums. I got a great deal on one of my grails, and the pen was in beautiful condition when it arrived. This was a huge investment for me as a new hobbyist, far and away my most high-end pen. I was nervous about it given the legendarily unreliable Visconti QC, and boy, this nib sure was true to Visconti form. It was like ticking off a checklist of all the problems I'd read about with the Dreamtouch nibs. Hard starts, check; skipping, check; crazy flow issues, check. I mean I like a wet line, but this thing was pouring ink. None of the typical quick remedies helped (flushes, try a different ink, etc - not even good ol' Waterman Blue helped any). I could never use it for more than a few seconds without wanting to fling it across the room. Well, I finally decided to send it off to somebody who knew what they were doing. I chose Dan, and, wow, am I glad I did. I asked him to do what he could about the skips and starts, reverse a bit of tine spread (don't ask), try and get the flow under control if he could, and narrow it from a 1.3 to a 1.1mm. I got the pen back earlier today and all I can say is *wordless noise of delight*. I finally, finally get what all the fuss is about with these pens. I inked up some Iroshizuku kon-peki (an ink I know very well and trust to be a stellar performer), put nib to page, and hoooo boy. It's still a nice wet writer but the flow is dialed in to "manageable"; the slightly narrower line makes it much more versatile (to me anyway); the nib looks sensational and writes even better. This pen simply dances now. What a treat. Best of all, Dan was a pleasure to work with - great communication, super fast turnaround, excellent customer service all around. I could not be more pleased...and, for the first time ever, I actually have a Visconti Homo Sapiens to write with instead of just stare at glumly! Any nib work I need in the future, Dan's my man. You can find his nib services list and contact info here on FP Geeks. Highly highly highly recommended. (sorry for the mediocre photo quality; just a quick scribble-and-snap with my phone. Mulling doing a longer video review of my experiences with this pen - and Dan's repair job - so stay tuned!)
  21. mainhoon999

    Nibmeister In India

    Does any one have any idea, where can I find a nibmeister in India? I recently bought a Lamy Safari (my first fountain pen). Although it has an extra fine nib, it is still not fine enough for my liking(I have been using ball point pens all my life). I've come to know about several sites like mike-it-work but I would like to find some in India itself. Please help.
  22. Hi everyone! I recently purchased a vintage Parker Duofold in a stunning bright Lapis Lazuli celluloid, an absolutely gorgeous pen. When I deceided to take it apart for servicing and cleaning, I was disapointed to discover, hidden behind the section a large crack on the nib. I have no competence for fixing this kind of problems, I live in France and would like to know if anyone knew serious nibmeisters in Europe. A pic of the nib is attached. Many thanks, Jeremy
  23. So, long story short, I saved up for a Danitrio Sho-Hakkaku in EEF nib from Nibs.com. Good pen, great writer---until the day I accidentally pressed too hard on slippery paper (Apica, for the curious) & sprung the nib. Oops. Luckily, nibmeisters abounded in fountain-pen-verse, so I delivered my baby to the care of Pendleton Brown & got back a pen with pizazz (& a teeny bit of stub, to boot)! It's been my first experience with a nibmeister, & everything from the service to the delivery time has been stellar. Thanks, Mr. Pendleton! This doodle note's for you!
  24. A while ago I broke my 18k Sonnet nib very badly. I just got a loupe to look at it for the first time after the straightening and re-tipping Greg Minuskin did. I was amazed at how precise the tipping looked, and figured I would take some pictures to share.
  25. So....the other day I was in a rush and running down a flight of concrete stairs with a bunch of books and my fountain pen in hand. It turned out the cap was only half capped, because while I was turning a corner, it flew out of my hands, smashed into a step, and bounced off a neighboring wall before coming to rest on the floor. ....ouch. My poor heart... Luckily, it was my cheapest pen (probably why I was holding it instead of resting it safely in my pen case), but the point it, the tines are horribly bent and misaligned now. It's my Duke Uranus 308 401, a semi-hooded nib with the smoothest XF ever...and I'd like to repair it. Problem is, where to start and who to pick? I would prefer someone with experiencing smoothing out XF nibs and a reasonable turnaround time. Does anyone have any recommendations? (I tried searching up options before posting this thread, but wow, there are so many that I don't know where to start. I was thinking Mike Masuyama because of his needlepoint nib experience, but I understand he's currently not taking repairs while in the middle of a move.) For reference, I've enclosed pictures of my damaged nib below: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2880/10021199604_489f5be456_c.jpgP1050884 by Jiadepix, on Flickr http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2815/10021248596_fb15c69f2b_c.jpgP1050885 by Jiadepix, on Flickr http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2847/10021257466_68b2d6725d_c.jpgP1050882 by Jiadepix, on Flickr http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3696/10021332093_a4ea83d6f7_c.jpgP1050880 by Jiadepix, on Flickr

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