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  1. chefaaronlong1

    Omas 50Yr Anniversary Fao- Need Info

    I recently acquired an Omas FOA Limited Edition pen. It seems to be in good shape, could us a tune of for sure, but there are a couple of things Id like to know before I keep the pen -On the barrel it says "OMAS EXTRA Italy". The other numbered versions I think only had "OMAS EXTRA" -I bought it without its standard box, even thought the seller sold me "box and papers" Fishy Overall it writes pretty well, piston is somewhat smooth. The nib looks legit but those other details seemed fishy.
  2. Hello all. I'm pretty new to FPN, and I'm wondering if you can help me with a question about the authenticity of my Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo. I received the pen today, and when I opened it up to put in some ink I noticed that the nib is unlike any other Pilot VP nib I have ever seen. I have been looking online for hours, but I can't find a single image of a Pilot VP nib that looks like what I have in front of me. I'm thinking that I might have received a counterfeit. Has anybody ever seen or even heard of a Pilot VP nib that looks like this one does? Image Link (because the site is being slow for me and I can't post the images here): https://imgur.com/a/1dceyCa Short Description: The nib has these sort of cut outs in the base, where the nib and feed join with the metal tube. The "wings" that wrap around the bottom of the feed and hold the nib and feed together are also different.
  3. It's been a while since I made a post, but I am thinking of acquiring another fountain pen, specifically a Sheaffer Do Sheaffer mark their nibs with a style mark to enable one to determine whether the nib is fine, medium, broad, italic, or some other ? If they do, where do I look and what are the marks ? If they don't, how do I know what type of nib is fitted in a particular pen ? This applies especially to inlaid nibs which are not easy to change. I have had an experience with a Sheaffer Imperial which writes very well, and I reckon must be a medium nib (but IDK) and a Parker sonnet which must be a fine nib and I can't enough ink out, and it produces a very fine line which is difficult to read (but which I admit may be caused by some other problem like poor ink flow to the nib). and so I think I need to be able to tell what nib is fitted before I buy, or in case the seller doesn't know InkPartout 16.March.2019
  4. hi can anyone help me identify this wahl eversharp pen and nib? i believe it is from the 30's the nib says , wahl ever sharp,14K gold seal manifold, is this one of those super hard manifold nibs?, w
  5. essayfaire

    Nib For Music Composition

    Hi y'all, So my understanding is that music nibs are not actually best suited for writing music. Which relatively inexpensive pen (>$40) would have a nib that would be suitable for a budding composer who likes fountain pens but has small handwriting and does not do calligraphy? Would an italic be the most appropriate one to write notes and pauses? A broad? Before starting to research this I had naively thought that music nibs were for writing music.
  6. Calligraphy lovers rejoice! Today Shanghai Jingdian started offering sets of five italic nib units that will screw into Delike pens and a few models of Moonman pens. These are currently in their Taobao store, but keep your eyes peeled for them to start showing up on eBay soon. http://m.tb.cn/h.37htpcP?sm=9758e2
  7. hi can anyone help me identify this wahl eversharp pen and nib? i believe it is from the 30's the nib says , wahl ever sharp,14K gold seal manifold, is this one of those super hard manifold nibs?, w
  8. so i have heard that the modern high end pen makers have these nib units(a basically sealed housing containing the nib and feed) to keep the nib and feed aligned and held in place better, IE: a better writer. this is especially true of the more high end pens. a fellow fountain pen guy told me that it was just a scam to keep competitors nibs out of their pens, so in turn you have to purchase a proprietary replacement nib from the original pen manufacturer. any opinions on this? And does anyone know of any modern high end pens that use friction fit nib/feed assembly's???
  9. what material brand etc is this old nib?
  10. A Hong Kong Ebay dealer was offering exactly Euro 1.29 (inc post) for a Wing Sung 3008 demonstrator. Ohh free stuff!!! I went for it. Well, you get what you pay for: when it arrived it had great ink capacity and visibility, nice see-through feed but offered an awful writing experience. The nib was slippery and on coated paper it could hardly write at all. It blocked and dried out with shimmer ink. Some work with micromesh improved the skipping but, honestly it was still pretty bad and heading for the pile of cheap pens at the back of the draw. But ... out of curiosity I swapped the nib for an old Lamy Z50 that looked like it would fit. It did. Pull off, push on, no disassembly or skills required. Wow, what a difference! The combination writes well on all paper, the flow is drastically improved and works with any ink. So basically it's now a piston filler Safari with huge ink capacity. The only negative is the piston knob is a bit loose. Certainly others have tried this before but even if you aren't into part swaps you owe it to yourself to try this.
  11. I'll spare you the backstory, but I've been quite enjoying the way that this old Monteverde Regatta writes, but it just dawned on me that this is likely not even a Monteverde nib! Unfortunately the "Iridium point Germany" isn't helping. Can anyone identify this leaf insignia? Thanks! http://i.imgur.com/S4F9htdm.jpg
  12. jonathan7007

    Platinum Cool Nib: Removeable?

    I like my Platinum Cool nib for its bounce and how that allows a small but character-creating line width variation. I must have gone a bit overboard so the nib is bent up a bit off the top of the feed. I can't get an appropriate corrective angle to bend it back while the nib is on the pen. (Sorry, no picture as yet.) If I make sure the nib is wet (dipped, cartridge twisted to fill the section, or pen point tapped down against the paper) the nib will write OK, and a lot of the original suppleness is still there! If I can remove this metal nib I can work it back into full contact with the feed - well, I *think* I can. I'm willing to take the chance. But careful tugging has not released the nib. It may be made as a module all one with the section/feed. Anyone here ever pulled a Platinum Cool nib? Jonathan
  13. Good morning, Does anybody know what pens will take a #6 Jowo nib and screw in housing? I know that Woodshed Pen Co., Edison and F-C pens will, but are there any more out there? I have a #6 Jowo nib being ground to an architect by FPNibs and would like to swap it out. Thanks.
  14. Dear All I am looking for advice on how to contact Oxonian or someone with similar expertise in the UK or Ireland. I recently came across a Lamy 2000 review by Brad Dowdy which mentioned a problem with the nib where one tine extends further than the other. I have the same problem with mine and am seeking to get this corrected. In addition, I have an Amber Parker Duofold where the ink flow from the nib is too high and would very much like this adjusted. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Brian
  15. Inkysloth

    Vacumatic Nib - Oblique?

    I bought a Vacumatic from someone on Ebay because the nib was too tempting to miss. It's a nice pen, and seems to be working, which is a surprise. I assumed it was unrestored, but it's also well polished (too well - the barrel markings are no longer visible). But both striped jewels are present, so I'm happy I think it's an oblique nib - happy to be corrected on this if it's not! Parker Vacumatic nib - oblique? by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr Parker Vacumatic slender lockdown, grey by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr
  16. I was smoothing a few nibs today, some from modern fountain pens and some from vintage. I did notice that the final result favored the modern fountain pens and not the vintage ones, despite the fact that the same polishing method was used. Specifically I got much more buttery effect out of a plain parker IM fountain pen with a steel nib, compared to a parker 51 with a gold nib. This got me thinking whether this had to do with the tipping of the nibs and the slit cut. I imagine that modern pens take advantage of new technology which has provided better methods to apply tipping at the nib and to cut open slits for the ink to flow. Is this something that may explain the difference between the smoothness of the nibs? Meaning the parker 51 having a more "rough" (with air pockets) tipping or inner tines, due to inferior manufacturing process, compared to the one we use today.
  17. This thread is for the fans of Frankenpens like me Story short: I own a Pilot 823 with a broad nib and I like the pen but dislike the nib. So I am looking for a nib replacement and Montblanc 146 nibs are normally nice to use and can be bought individually. I already tried to fit a JoWo nib from Franklin-Christoph, but it's too long. Has anybody ever tried to fit a 146 nib in a 823? I worry more about the length of the nib since Pilot nibs are usually short. The width seems to be pretty much the same (#15 from Pilot and #6 western nib) Maybe a nice Waterman vintage nib from the 1920s to 1940s would do the job?
  18. Sprool

    Cda Replacement Nib?

    I have a Caran D'Ache Ecridor fountain pen with medium nib - would prefer to try a fine sized nib as ink flow is a bit fast for my liking - does anyone do a third party replacement nib to fit? Can the nib be removed easily? Or do I have to buy whole replacement unit at around £57?
  19. Good evening! I'm a fountainpen lover. However, I'm seldom satisfied (I feel "heavy" while writing) and my writing can look very confused and messy according to the "instrument" (= pencil, roller, fountain pen with F nib, etc). I discovered two months ago the pleasure of writing with a pen holder...! The nib is so thin, it is a real pleasure. My writing remains clear and elegant, it is just perfect... So perfect that I would like to transport this sensation everywhere with me, and not only at home with my ink bottle!! So I searched if I could find a very very fine nib for my Waterman hemisphere (which has currently a F nib) but reading the comments I see that the Waterman EF nib isn't excessively fine anyway... So I started searching a bit and found this: https://www.rotring.com/fr/stylo-plumes-calligraphiques/9-artpen-4006856250213.html#/largeur_de_la_mine-pointe_extra_fine I definitely prefer pens with a metal body, but I'm afraid I can't spend much money on this little extra fine nib "folie"... My little preoccupation is also that the nib I currently use with my penholder can't be used on every kind of paper - I noticed that on some papers the nib "scratched" it and then... the ink was doing a big mess...! So I'm also looking for a pen I can write with wherever I am (so fountain pen) on whichever paper (during lessons, etc, so a pen I could actually write fastly with without harming the paper)! Please forgive my frenchy english ^^ Thanks for any answer! =)
  20. Hi Everyone, I always use fpnibs.com as my source for JoWo nibs which they custom grind to whatever I want, but they don't offer Bock nibs. Is there anyone out that that not only sells Bock nibs but will also custom grind them for you? Thanks!
  21. samgiroux

    Pilot Vanishing Nib Question

    I have a Pilot Vanishing Nib and need to replace the innards to correct a broken nib. Yet, the inner workings of my pen look nothing like what I see online for other vanishing nibs such as press bar refill mechanism. See attached pictures below for reference. Can anyone help me find the correct replacement parts? Thank you very much! Pilot Picture.pdf
  22. Sprool

    Montegrappa Nib Tuning?

    I have a much loved Montegrappa Extra fountain pen given to me as a leaving present about 15 yrs ago but it's seldom used as the ink flow is a bit heavy, its a medium nib , I wondered if there was anything to do to slow the ink flow or maybe try a 3rd party fine nib to suit my writing style better? I'd like to be able to use the pen a lot more rather than leave it in a desk drawer for another 10 yrs. Any advice would be much appreciated - where to get a replacement fine nib (not sure I could afford a montegrappa replacement at the moment) or tune the nib to slow the ink flow?
  23. Fellow FPNers, I recently had a terrible experience with the Montblanc nib replacement service. I purchased a F nib Montblanc 1912 and sent for a nib replacement, I left a note and confirmed with the Montblanc operator that I would like to have an extra fine nib. 10 weeks later, I finally got the pen back, to my surprise, Montbalnc got me a Oblique Medium nib instead. The current nib looks like a snow shuffle, the tipping is just flat, I wonder how can any one call that an extra fine.
  24. Hi Network, I'm torn between the Pilot Custom 912 and the Pilot Custom 743. My main consideration is the nib, as I plan to do a lot of writing with whatever I get. I've decided on a SF (soft fine) nib but am not sure whether the size difference (#10 in 912 and #15 in 743) makes enough of a difference to warrant the big price jump from 912 to 743. Anyone out there who may be able to shed some light on the practical differences between these two nib sizes? Thanks!
  25. CarrotBasket

    Corroded Nib

    Hello everyone, I bought this cross Century II at the flea market and although it writes nicely when disassembling it for cleaning I noticed it had a lot of dried ink and the nib seems to have been corroded on several spots and some of the gold (paint/plating?) Had transfered to the feed. It came with an empty cross cartridge of bb. Is this just product of leaving dried ink on the nib for a long time or are there inks known to do this?

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