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  1. ngekomo

    New Breed Of Fake Sonnet?

    CMIIW, according to the Clip/Cap-band and section thread this is not original right? AFAIK the 2010 style nib hasn't been faked before! Click image for larger resolution Black CT http://i.imgur.com/VefOSewm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DOAMIWPm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FvTJxhzm.jpg Black GT http://i.imgur.com/fgVkJB6m.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bC1b79Lm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/L2z8Z1Gm.jpg Red GT http://i.imgur.com/v4iK8NWm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8uf3jMHm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NGYmC9em.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GnhJ0ypm.jpg this is new right?
  2. AAAndrew

    Milton Bradley Pen

    I have the house to myself for a time and so I'm taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spread out and go through my collection of steel dip pens and update my inventory. (a Herculean task). I'm coming across pens I have forgotten all about. Here's one with a semi-interesting story I thought I might share. Most people know Milton Bradley as the famous board game manufacturer. That was their first main product and is still their main line of business. But over the years since their founding in 1860, they have produced other items at various times. One line of goods, which was near and dear to Milton himself, was a series of school supplies and educational aids geared toward the new Kindergarten movement in the late 1860's and onward. Milton became interested in the ideas behind early education and began making a whole line of educational supplies which he mostly gave away. This line continued from the 1870's up to about WWI, when it was reduced in scope. The five pens I have are Milton Bradley No. 2 School Pens. They're a little rusty and rough, but I've never seen any others. (cue five other people posting whole salesman's sample kits and advertising posters). The pens themselves are nothing to write home about, but the story and their rarity make them something interesting to me and I thought I'd share.
  3. Hey guys, I managed to ruin the feeder on one of my favorite Montblanc pens. It is similar to this one: https://arum24.es/product/montblanc-noblesse-oblige-raj1556/?lang=en 1) I have no experience in repairing pens. Would changing the feeder be a doable task for me? 2) What tools to I need? I can only find 146/149 - series remover tools on eBay. This is a 522 nib. Thanks a load in advance! /Law
  4. WCable1

    Omas 360 Nib And Feed Angle

    Hello everyone, I adore the Omas 360 fountain pen and have two of them, the magnum and the smaller version. I have however noticed a what (for me) is a flaw with my magnum. The Nib appears to be pitched at an upwards angle relative to the line of the barrel, meaning the nib is off centre when I hold it to write, whereas with the smaller version is straighter. It's a bit of goldilocks situation for me. The central nib is more natural for my writing, while the bigger pen feels more comfortable in my hand for longer periods of writing. Has anyone else noticed this Omas 360s? Sorry I can't show any pictures, my computer doesn't want to upload for them!
  5. Forgive me if I'm repeating a topic here, but I couldn't find anything with the search function. I have a Noodler's Ebonite Konrad that I really enjoy. Up until now I've been using it with the flex nib, but today I decided to try swapping it out with a Goulet #6 Medium. The swap and heat setting went well, but the pen is now an absolute gusher. It writes more like a broad and puts down enough ink to puddle. I inked up with Asa Gao, which I know is a wetter ink, but even so it seemed extreme. Is this a problem with the nib, or the feed? Is it because the feed was intended for use with a flex nib? I generally like broader nibs, but this is a little much even for me. I have to write very quickly to avoid puddles. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I can always go back to the flex nib, but if there's a way to make the Jowo nib work, I'd be glad.
  6. I want to get myself my first Vanishing Point. I have read threads about Vanishing Point nib widths running a size wider than other Pilot models. I saw Goulet nib nook but it seems I cant benchmark the nib width. I can't decide whether I should go for a Medium or a Broad. I would like to use it for daily purposes. The only Japanese Medium I own is a Plaisir and a Preppy medium. Can anyone show a written sample of a Vanishing Point Broad compared to a Preppy or some other nib width?
  7. Hello, Ive been lurking (and loving all the expertise) for a while but as a relative FP newbie, this is my first post, and I was motivated to overcome my reticence by desperation:-/ I recently snagged a decent Waterman Expert I off eBay, and it was actually one of my favorite writers, minimal corrosion on the nib and dreamily smooth and wet enough to keep up with my fast writing speed. THEN I lent it to a friend (a long time FP enthusiast!) who accidentally sprung the nib by mashing on it to see if it would flex :-/ The tines look tight to the naked eye, but under a loupe, you can see they are slightly sprung. I think the worse problem, however, is that the nib has lifted off the feed, creating a gap too large for the capillary action to work. If you prime it well, it will write a word or two and then totally stops. Ive tried gently coaxing the nib against the feed, but to no avail, and I dont want to make it worse. The feed and nib both feel tight relative to the section. I dont know if this is a friction fit or a threaded section... Anyway! I will attempt to post pictures now and any thoughts are very much appreciated! Thank you!! -Erica
  8. Dip n Scratch

    Parker 45 Nib Alternatives

    I was looking over the chances of getting a Fine or extra-Fine nib for my '45. I was looking at the used genuine Parker nibs and there was mention of the Moonman 80 nibs. They are dirt cheap. Will they fit a Parker 45 section without problems? The 'M' nib in the P45 is a little broad for my liking. I am used to Indian Medium. I realise that the nib in my '51 is more like Fine/Medium & that is more to my liking.
  9. Hi, so, since most of us who love fountain pens can't really seem to stop buying pens, I thought it'd be cool to see how many pens you have in your pen collection. So, How many Fountain Pens do you have in your pen collection so far?
  10. I am trying to restore an old Wearever lever filler pen that I bought on ebay. It's my first attempt at fixing an old pen. When I dip tested the nib and feed they seemed to work well and produced a nice fine line. The sac was a hardened mess inside. So I opened it up and cleaned everything out. I ordered the sac, shellac, and talc from Anderson Pens, and replaced the sac. It was much easier than I thought it would be and so I thought I had done it. However, when I filled it with ink (a Blackstone Barrister Brown), and tested it was very very wet. In fact, it was gushing. So I reset the nib/feed several times with the feed end as close to the nib as possible, then further back. Nothing seems to work. The ink is actually pooling in between the combs and at the base of the section. And every I open it up there is ink all over the nib both top and bottom. Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this and how I might be able to fix it? The feed is not loose in the section, and is actually hard to remove once it is in position.
  11. dannytang

    Nib Tuning/adjustment

    I recently acquired a 146 Bordeaux and that has a scratchy nib. I took a look at the nib with a 10x loupe and it appears the tines are not properly aligned. Does anyone know if Montblanc will tune the nib if I send it in for servicing? Or will they consider the nib damaged and require me to do a nib exchange? Note: I'll be sending it in for servicing anyways since it's scratched all over the pen, just worried they'll write-off the nib and make me get a new one. In which case, it would be better to send it off to get adjusted and ground down to a fine first.
  12. peroride

    Fine Bird Needs A New Beak

    My better half said: "I see that line and I don't want it" Funny English that way but the M605 fine nib wrote out of the box smooth yet more like a fat medium whose line does not pair with its refined looks. Also occasional hard starts, my guess: new pen baby bottoms So I've been thinking about a totally new grind for the Pelikan beak by one of the pros. Any new beaks that you are proud of that you had done on your Pelikans? Italic, stubby? Hornbill? Thank you in advance
  13. I recently bought a PENBBS 456 with a fine nib and I don't like it one bit! The tip has a strange upward flat grind almost as to mimic a fude nib and for me this is an enormous source of problems and discomfort. I tried writing with it for some time, but it's no use: I cannot force myself to like it. - first of all it is not fine enough and when you make contact with paper with the flat side it lays down an even thicker line; - the sweet spot is tiny; - as a consequence, rotating the nib makes it skippy, scratchy and overall unpleasant; Long story short, for me it's nothing short of atrocious. I need a replacement nib. Which nibs are compatible with this PENBBS model?
  14. In this post I will review the Waterman Expert Deluxe Fountain Pen. The one which I have has a fine nib. Official Product Link of the pen Flipkart Link from where I bought the pen Background: I have been using the Waterman Expert for more than 3 years. It is my second waterman pen. Prior to this I had owned the Waterman Phileas and being really satisfied with that I decided to go in for another waterman. This pen also has the fine nib like my Phileas. This was also the most expensive pen in my collection at the time of purchase. In short I had a lot of expectations from this pen even before I had tried it out. Appearance & Design (1-10) - 8/10 - An appealing design. I went in for the deluxe version in black colour. It has a metallic cap with chrome finish. It has five horizontal bands and has a sloping top. The clip has a slit in the middle just like any other waterman. You can also find waterman and paris written at the base of the cap in white over a black band. The barrel is black lacquer over a metal body and has chrome bands to match the cap. It has a steel nib which also matches the cap colour. Overall the pen has only two colours - chrome and black and they are well-coordinated. As a whole the pen follows a cigar shape with it being wide at the middle and narrower at the ends. The grip section is comfortable to hold with the width increasing just above the nib to prevent your fingers from slipping. The pen looks upmarket and has a good design. Construction & Quality (1-10) - 8/10 - The pen is solidly built. The construction quality is good and the pen feels solidly built. There is nothing much to complain and the pen can handle some abuse. (I have never this pen so I don't know what would happen).Even after 3 years of fairly regular use this pen is in good condition. I am happy with the construction. Weight & Dimensions (1-10) - 9/10 - Balanced when unposted. The weight of the pen feels just right. It is neither very heavy nor can you call it light. I have fairly big hands and the pen fits in well posted as well as unposted. This pen is thicker than its sibling, the waterman hemisphere. Personally I find the thickness of the pen to be just right and the hemisphere is too slim for me. This pen has a very heavy cap so I prefer to write with the cap unposted. Having the cap posted seems to alter the balance for the worse and it feels as if you have to hold the pen in your its position rather than it naturally resting in your hand. Nib & Performance (1-10) - 10/10 - Wonderful Nib. The pen I have is with a Fine nib. The nib is made out of steel and there is nothing fancy about it. It is a relatively small in size. What you expect from a nib depends from person to person and this is subjective so one should always take this with a pinch of salt. Here is my opinion... Of all the fine nibs that I have ever tried this is the best. I bought this pen after using the Waterman phileas. That was also a fine nibbed pen and I went for this with similar expectations. The nib is smooth and fast. There have been no issues with any of the inks that I have used with this pen. Being a fine nib the inks are very quick to dry. However off the box the nib was not as smooth and you need to give it some time, write some pages with it and then it shows its true colours. Being a fast and a quick to dry nib it is ideal for note-taking applications or where writing speed is an important factor. I really love this nib and this pen has always remained in my circulation thanks to the nib. Filling System & Maintenance (1-10) - 9/10 - Classic reliable converter. The filling system design and the overall maintenance effort involved with the pen is same as that of any other converter based pen. The converter is the standard waterman converter which can be used across almost all their pens around this range. Since the nib is fine it does not use a lot of ink and a single top up can last a fairly long time. Cost & Value (1-10) - 7/10 I bought my pen online in India from flipkart.com. It cost me around Rs. 5400 that is around USD 80. Depending upon the other pens in your collections you may categorise it as average or an expensive pen. I don't think you can call it cheap in any way. At the time of purchase it was the most expensive pen in my collection. For what it costs it is a pretty simple device. It has the classic looks and performs well. Depending on what you expect from this price point you may either by happy or disappointed. Thus, this again is a very subjective score. In my opinion this pen was "expensive" at the time of purchase but after some years of use I feel that the money was well spend and I am satisfied with my investment. Conclusion (Final score [sUM/6]: X) - 8.5/10 It is a wonderful pen. It is not too fancy but has everything that it should have. Feels like a complete package. It is that sort of pen which very few people will dislike and you will need to put in some efforts to find any shortcomings. It is that pen which may not have many "fans" but which is liked by most of its owners. It is a safe bet to go with and I recommend this pen. Link to my blog where this review is posted
  15. kenny

    Medium Montblanc Nibs

    Once again, I have so send my MB purchases to Germany for new nibs. They came standard with Medium nibs, but I need a fine nib. I just don't understand how Medium can be the most popular MB nibs. These nibs write broader than typical Japanese nibs. I assume the Medium gets better shading, but whenever I try writing with them, all my "e"s and "o"s get filled in. It's much harder to read my writing. When using standard ruled paper, I don't understand why others wouldn't have this problem as well. So, MB Medium Nib lovers, what's your secret? Do you just write very large? Do you not care if your letters get filled in? Do you have "wider" letters as part of your penmanship? Do you just use them for signatures? I just can't figure it.
  16. Dip n Scratch

    Indian Oem Nibs

    Who are the main players? I have seen that a lot of nibs bear no makers name that come as the OEM fit in a pen. You see IRIDIUM POINT and a five-petal flower or a circle with IRIDIUM & POINT above & below. That's what I have seen so far. No trademark to identify their origins. The OEM nib on a Indian pen is usually a Fine. You can get broader stuff as a after-market upgrade, though I suspect that has been driven by online sales to the rest of the world. I guess the Fine point is best suited for writing in languages native to India.
  17. enchiridion

    Montegrappa Extra 4 Nib

    what is the best replacement for a 1942 Montegrappa extra 4 nib? The one I have is beyond repair, but the Atlantica 1942 pen. is came with is such a beauty I'd start using it immediately when I can find a suitable nib.
  18. ShakenNotStirred

    Identifying A Vintage Mb149 Nib

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying this pen, but the seller doesn't know what nib he has. It looks like an older 14c MB149 nib, but its a bit slanted it seems. Is this an oblique nib? If so, can you speculate which size it could be? Thanks!
  19. "Stub" nibs seem always (**) to be ground flat not only on the bottom and end, making the angle that contacts the paper and gives directional line variation, but also on the top which never (*) contacts paper. When customizing an ordinary ball-tipped nib to make a stub, why go through the extra step of grinding off the top? I know it is not necessary for writing to flatten the top/back of a round nib, nor of a CI: I have a cursive-italic nib, customized from a broad, that is an EF for writing upside-down, rather the opposite of flat. Yes, I know that a "stub" and a "cursive italic" are distinguished categories. If the distinction is relevant to my question, please elaborate on how. Otherwise not. And I also know that the "angle" I referred to above is eased or rounded on a stub nib. If that is relevant to my question, please elaborate on how. Otherwise not. I would rather not hear a bunch of guesswork answers. Those I can make up for myself. Please wait for someone who actually knows. Would it not be both less work to leave the backside of a stub round, and slightly beneficial in providing a (vey slight) extra bit of ink buffering very near the point of delivery? Why is it done? Thanks. (*) "never" in its regular use a a stub nib. The possibilities for using the reverse of a nib are interesting. That's a different set of questions I am not asking now. I just want to know why stubs have those possibilities ground off. (**) "seem always" because every stub nib I have examined, and every close-up photo of a stub nib I have seen, and the instructions I have read for grinding a stub, all show this feature. But I have not done a survey. If there are some stubs that do not have the back ground off, please show a picture. In any case my question remains for those that are ground off: Why? Thank you!
  20. IMHO, this is an (i)deal fountain pen: vintage Waterman Ideal 52 with Waterman's Awesome Brown Thus far the nib/feed combination has superseded all other writing experiences from the collection of Aurora, Bock, Jowo, Sailor, Parker, Pilot, Sheaffer, Wahl Eversharp... to name a few... Is there a non-vintage modern equivalent?What is your ideal fountain pen writing experience?
  21. Jaspreet

    Nib Grinds - Jazzorilla

    Hi I am Jaspreet from India and I grind nibs. I usually post pics of my grinds on instagram ( handle - Jazzorilla). I am new to FPN and i will be posting pics of my grinds here for constructive criticism. Attaching some pics of a Broad Cursive italic grind on a Kanwrite nib which writes as a smooth B on reverse. - Jaspreet
  22. Forrester

    149 Loose Nib

    Good evening all! I recently aquired a 1972-75 Montblanc 149 and started to flush it through. I have noticed that the nib and feed are loose - loose enough that with small pressure, I can actually rotate them. I'm wondering, how do I tighten the nib and feed from rotating? Secondly, who is a good place I can send my pen to be properly cleaned/polished? I'm in Australia. Thank you!
  23. InkPartout

    Determining A Parker Nib Type

    Following my recent post regarding where to look for the marking on Sheaffer fountain pens that will tell you the type of nib fitted to the pen - fine. italic, medium, broad etc., I now have reason to ask the correspoing question for Parker fountain pens I start with a Parker Sonnet which for me seems to not writing very well, and I wonder if it was fitted with a fine rather than medium nib. Where on the pen should I look for a mark which would tell me this information ? The only marks I can see on actual nib are the Parker symbol and the word 'PARKER' and the pattern of curved lines that I suspect is a characteristic of the Sonnet range. It looks as if there might be more symbols on the nib which are hidden by the part of the pen that holds the nib (I'm sure it has a name ?) but I'm not sure. I also have some Parker 45s with which I have no problem, but I'd like to be able to check their nib types as well. InkPartout 17.March.2019
  24. I am on the market for a new fountain pen and I have shortlisted these 2 brands: Sailor and Pelikan. My budget is around USD 500. I like the form factor of the models under both the Sailor and the Pelikan. My deciding factor would be the nib smoothness. I understand that nib smoothness depends on several factors, like paper type and so on. Assuming paper type is the same, which brand has the smoothest nib in my price range? There are mixed feelings about nib smoothness of each brand in the reviews I've read. This is why I am asking this question here. People who own both brands (or have tried each brand) may be of some help. In some reviews, the Sailors are claimed as having "buttery smooth" nibs! How far is that claim true?
  25. so i am attempting to purchase this old pelican 140 for about $80 usd and i am worried that the nib looks a little funny? it appears someone filed or heavily polished the nib to bring the gold out. and there is an odd flat on the tipping i have never seen in any of my modern pens? was this just how they used to make them? can anyone tell me if this is f m or broad? can anyone help me with this?

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