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Found 14 results

  1. Wemedge24

    Caran D'ache Ecridor Nib Removal

    Hi all, many years ago I gifted my father with a Caran d'Ache Ecridor, which he's probably never correctly cleaned. As expected, he's been experiencing many problems with the ink flow. He's now tasked me with fixing all his flow troubles. Anyway, I'd like to remove the nib (if possible) and thoroughly clean his pen but I've been unable to find any information regarding the removal of an Ecridor nib. Does anyone out there know how the nib is held in the feed? Is this a single unit that Caran d'Ache wants customers to replace as opposed to fix? If there are any workarounds I'd be very grateful to hear them. And if this topic has been explored already in some far-off corner of the FPN, please forgive me. I did some searching but couldn't find anything with an answer to my question. Thanks in advance for any Ecridor nib-removal advice!
  2. MrsDanvers

    How do I get a Ranga nib out?

    Apologies in advance if I am posting this in the wrong place. I just received a Ranga pen and it won't write due to the nib being very wobbly and not touching the feed. Can i just pull the nib out and reseat it or is this a no? It's a Ranga Abhimanyu with an Indian flex nib. Any help would be most welcome.
  3. Many pen users change the nibs on their pens, the reasons are multiple: performance, spare nibs, dream pens were destroy. etc. But in some cases the pens that we wish to buy are available only with a limited options of nibs[ex:fine and medium ; extra fine and fine] but the same brand offers many other wides [broad,italic,stub, etc]. Will you agree to buy at the same time a Pen and a replacement nib knowing that he original nib is going to your spare parts box? /
  4. RMehta248

    Aurora Internazionale

    Is the Aurora Internazionale nib ( and feed) screw out or pull out? Rajesh
  5. I am trying to swap out my Leonardo Momento Zero Nib. The replacement nib I bought from the same seller is a complete collar + feed + nib unit in one. It is clearly screw type from the thread. I have tried like hell to screw it out but it seems stuck. I also very gently tried tugging as my Grande had the tug type, but I know the Leonardo Reg Momento Zero’s newer ones are screw in ( reinforced by fact that the replacement t I bought is also screw in) . Mine is the Positano with the number 1296 so may well be an older ‘ tug’ type. a) would anyone know how to unscrew a stuck nib? anyway to tell if my particular pen has screw in or friction. Would be good to know before I applied force pulling. c) any other suggestions. many thanks in advance. rajesh
  6. merlin

    Nib Removal Of Phileas Fp

    Hi, I have a stubborn Phileas FP that I cannot remove the nib. So far tried to soak it overnight on water but nothing works. It's like cemented (is it glued?). My understanding is that it should be pulled straight out. Is that true or is it screwed out? Do I need to soak it in something other than plain water? All I really want is to clean it good, since it does not write now too good. Weirdly enough it wrote in the "opposite" position, not the normal writing way) I also thought to smooth the nib a little bit. Any suggestion on that? many thanks
  7. MHR

    Visconti Van Gogh

    Good Day I have a newbie question... Can anyone tell me, Can the steal nib be removed (by me) to fully clear and clean the feed channel?
  8. My older Nakaya & Platinum pens have friction-fit nibs and feeds that make it very easy to clean the pens, and to exchange nibs between pens. This year I picked up a new Nakaya Piccolo and a Platinum 3776 "Shungyo". Both of the nibs are very securely fitted, and seem difficult to remove. Can anyone advise, please, if it's possible to remove the newer nib and feed assemblies without using excessive force? Any help or advice will be appreciated
  9. RetiredAdman

    Cleaning A Mont Blanc 145 Vintage 1982

    I am cleaning my Mont Blanc 145 and I saw on a Mont Blanc video that it appears you need a mont blanc tool to remove the nib and feed. I think I got it pretty clean just by flushing warm water through it many times. (I haven't used it in years and didn't clean it before I put it down-- I know better now). Does anyone know if the nib and feed pull out or screw out and/or does it take a special tool to remove the nib. The good news is that the piston seems to be working fine. Thanks, Ed This is my only good pen. All of my others I bought for <$60. This one some one gave to me in 1982. Now I see they cost >$400.
  10. The nib and feed on one of my Stylomine 303s have significant damage and I need to remove them to get a better look at and potentially replace them. However, I can't seem to get them to come out. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? They are stuck pretty firmly in place. Thanks!
  11. TomFP

    Hero 448 Disassembly - How?

    Hello everybody, as I did not find any related Topic and Workflows from other hero pens don´t work, just one simple question: Does anybody know how to disassemble / remove nib from a Hero 448 for cleaning and moderate adjustment purposes? Thanks for any hint! Best, Tom PS Please: no "if you do not know how to disassemble, you might want to refrain from cleaning/adjustment ideas..." - I see your point, but I have reworked several pens already including repair of leaking Lamy 2000 and successfully reworked Montblancs. I just ask here, because the disassembly of that hero does not look intuitive and before damaging (even a pennies´ fountain pen) I just prefer to ask around some. Any friendly response is more than welcome and I do appreciate!! Thanks in advance and feixang gan xie if someone from the pen´s origin knows how to help...
  12. Recently got a Rotring Core Fountain Pen from the Bay. It's a hard starter and skips frequently. Would like to work on nib to improve ink flow but need advice on removal. Rotring Core has a most unusual feed and section. I don't dare mess with it until I get some informed suggestions. Already searched on FPN and did not find anything that appeared to address this well. Thanks for any recommendations.
  13. Kilroy

    Sheaffer Jr. Nib Removal

    I'm hoping one of you kind, knowledgeable people can shed light on nib removal. I have a Sheaffer Jr. which I was told is from '35-'36 I think (just going off memory). I haven't had much success finding info on these, I'll include a picture. I want to remove the nib and feed to align them better, the nib is a bit crooked. Is it a friction fit that I can just pull out? Or is there some other strategy? I tried just pulling and twisting a bit but I didn't want to put too much force into it not knowing what would result. Other than putting a new sac in it I know nothing about vintage pens. http://i.imgur.com/Q2QrPnA.jpg?1
  14. I recently bought 2 SHEAFFER'S Imperial I pens and I'm trying to give them a good clean but I'm not sure how to take the nibs out or even if it's possible, can anyone advise me please? The pens have different filling systems too, one is the touchdown type but the other I'm not sure of, it looks like maybe a cartridge filler but again I'm not sure. The picture below shows a little of the maroon pens section but I haven't had a chance to take a better photo yet, there's no touchdown plunger so the barrel is one piece which is why I'm thinking cartridge but can anyone tell me what type of filling system it uses? Thanks http://i59.tinypic.com/n6pzy9.jpg

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