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  1. Uncial


    Hi! I've lurked for a little bit and finally decided to take the plunge. My fountain pen obsession began at school when we had to learn to write using a fountain pen. I'm guessing this isn't done anymore, but at the time we learnt how to print with a pencil and then joined up writing with a fountain pen. At the time I used a an oversize, marbled something or other that had a sac with a metal frame around it. You squeezed the metal frame to suck up the ink. I loved it, but sadly it is lost in the mists of time. Since then I have always owned a fountain pen of one type or another - some of them
  2. Blackhawk


    Hello everyone, I have a passion for fountain pens and I've become a missionary for their use, while I model their use and interact with my students every day. I even provide them with some of my pens to wrtie with while they are in my class. I am so excited about all the new things I can learn by becoming a participant here. Warm Regards Blackhawk
  3. kiemhop

    Hello From New Hampshire!

    Greetings FPN members! I'm relatively new to the fountain pen community but having just gotten started, I thought it would be great to join a place like here to learn more. I'm from the wonderful state of NH and currently a sophomore attending college in central Ohio. I just got introduced to fountain pens when a friend got me a Lamy Safari M nib and I've been hooked to learning to use fountain pens day to day. I don't have much of a collection of pens yet since I can't really afford much (yay college student life) and am still using cartridges for now but I hope I can expand to a conver
  4. bsheets

    Hello From Maryland

    I have just recently became interested in fountain pens after using ball points all of my life. Stopped by this great site and had to join. I only have just started and am a complete beginner. Two pens so far and some ink cartridges to sample.
  5. disquietingmuse

    Hello From Maryland!

    Hello Everyone! My friend told me about this site and now I'm hooked! Figured instead of lurking I'd just make an account. I've been using fountain pens for about three years now, mostly for basic writing and fancy lettering purposes. I don't have the money for very fancy fountain pens, but I have some AWESOME friends that let me borrow theirs! My favorite everyday pen is Kaweco Classic Sport for the compact design and the fact that it's not meltdown-worthy if I misplace it. I also like the lack of a clip so it doesn't scratch my phone when thrown in my purse. I tend to like fine nibs
  6. lauriond

    Hi From Hungary

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking here for a while - just to learn as much as possible. My name is György, from Hungary. By the time of day I work in the second (or third) largest city in the ENE part of the country. By the 'light of night', I live in a small village, some 20 km off. Both places and times I write quite a lot. I learned to write with FPs - but I not 'collector' - they just happen to start piling up. In a pen I prefer simple design and innovative technological solutions as well as ease of maintenance; In nibs I tend to use the finer widths, for most of bulk writing I am OK
  7. gscott92

    New North Texas Member

    Hello all, My name is Greg Scott and live just north of Dallas in Denton, Tx. I have been collecting/learning to repair/selling vintage fountain pens for around 10 years with a couple of years off for other stuff. I have gotten back into the hobby and looking forward to the vast information I hope to find on this site. My most recent restore was a 1947 Parker 51, Blue Diamond Vacumatic with a Lusterloy stacked coin cap, which I was able to get working again after a few parts purchases on eBay and a diaphram. I love this pen. I started with Estie's and have quite a few that I use and a fe
  8. TheAkwardNinja

    Ink Recommendations On Student Budget

    I'm new to fountain pens. I will be getting a Pilot Metropolitan soon, so I will be using the converter more than cartridges. I need relatively inexpensive ink, something black or blue, and something that won't feather. Any thoughts?
  9. Finally coming out of the shadows after several months of [quite satisfying and informative] lurking. I rekindled my love of fountain pens around a year ago, ironically after digging out my collection with the intention of selling some of it off, since I hadn't paid it much attention for a while. Well, while looking through some listings on ebay to determine what I might be able to get for some my pens, I ended up placing a bid instead. Oops. While I've always loved pens, and frequently had ink-stained fingers even in elementary school from cheap fountain pens, the Matte Black Namiki VP I
  10. I am totally new to fountain pens. I use the reviews from Ink Nouveau website to decide on my fountain pen materials, but so far I've only bought three Pilot Varsity's. Tips for any pens. I am a student, with a student's budget.
  11. Hi all & thanks for making this community available for people to join! I'm only very new (a couple of months in) to the joys (see: addiction) of fountain pens - collecting and using - but have well & truly caught the bug and am now, very proudly, a couple of pens in to my very own tiny collection (thanks to all the fine folks out there in credit card land!). As you may have guessed from the title, I'm based in Australia and would love to know if there are many / any other members out there from this part of the world? Well that's it from me just for now - just wanted to say hi &
  12. Hello! I'm new to fountain pen use. Picked up my first fountain pen after reading Natalie Goldberg on journaling and writing with a fountain pen. People who write a lot need a pen that can keep up, she maintains. Right she is. I write a lot everyday in a blank moleskin notebook. I was using a felt tip. Very slow. I took the plunge. I bought a disposable type shaeffer at Hobby Lobby. (I hear you cringing!) Too many starts and stops, flow probs. Long story short, after a leaky TWSBI and stops and starts on a Nemosine I got a Lamy 2000 Fine nib after reading a jazillion reviews. Now I'm fina
  13. Avocet

    Thanks For Having Me !

    Hello all ... I recently have been infected with this terrible germ (fountain pens!) ... Starting a small collection of pens, tools, etc. I'm a renaissance type of person and after careers as a musician/composer, technologist on Wall St., I'm now a school teacher living on the beautiful Maine coast with a wife, 1 fat blue cat, 2.5 horses, 2.5 goats, 2 passed greyhounds, and one new muttpuppy with no name AND: 1 1997 apprx. MB Meisterstuck 146 1 LAMY Vista w/ converter 1 KawecoSport Ice (orange) converted to an eyedropper As I spend and have spent so much time producing words electronic
  14. Nice to meet you! 15 years ago my parents frowned at me, when I bought my first serious fountain pen; a Waterman of about 70 euro's. In their opinion: A] waaaay too much money for a poor student to spending on anything not directly necessary and B] An absolute bizar amount of money to spend on something as irrelevant as a pen But I absolutely loved my pen (after working years with a variety of low-quality pens). Sadly I lost that specific pen. In a hotel room in France. If there's any country suitable for losing a Waterman, it's probable France, but still sad. After that first serious FP
  15. Hello FPN, I'm posting on here because I really have no idea where to start - some of you are SO knowledgeable I'm hoping you can help! Perhaps this post can also be a reference for other people like me who are just getting started. The Background: I'm currently completing an internship / studying abroad in the United Kingdom, and will most likely be in Germany next summer for another internship. Being here has provided me with access to materials related to FPs that I have never experienced before. With that being said I'm originally from the North-eastern part of the United Sta
  16. ElColt

    Hello From Israel

    Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Elliot aka ElColt and I'm new here. I've been using fountain pens since I was eight or nine years old and in fact, I still have that first Waterman fountain pen. It's what prompted me to join this network actually. I would love to know which model it is as I can't find a picture of it anywhere. I will post my photos on the Waterman pen forum in a little while. All the best to you all, E
  17. kvinnakota

    Hello From Wisconsin

    Hello, I am a fountain pen enthusiast from Wisconsin with a focus on everyday use and practical minimalist designs. I have benefited a lot from the reviews and post in the various fora of FPN and hope to contribute in a similar vein. Best, KV
  18. knk141

    Greetings From Orlando

    Hi y'all! I am just coming back to fountain pens after a long absence. The first FP I ever bought was a Tombow Object CD when they were available in the US, and it is still one of my daily writers. My next FP was a law school graduation gift from my Grandfather: a Montblanc Nikoli in Platinum. My first job after law school made FP use impractical, but now that I am in private practice, I can use them again. I am currently in a demonstrator/eyedropper mood, because I've had a couple of pens stolen from my desk - a blue lapis Ahab and my Black Tombow Object CD, but my Conklin demonstr
  19. jonathanlai928

    Hi Fpners (Greetings From Hong Kong)

    Hi everyone! Just want to say hi. I'm glad to have finally purchased my first "proper" fountain pen, a Waterman Hemisphere and will be using it lots. As of now I'm trying to look for an affordable vintage pen with good flex fine/e fine and if anyone has any for sale below $75 please contact me!
  20. sethk

    New Enthusiast And Member

    Hello all. I'm new to FPN and also to fountain pen stuff (well I did have a period about 12 years ago where I played with a Parker Vector and some Pilot disposables while a teenager). A few weeks ago I found two of my wife's great grandfathers pens (a 1938 Parker Vacumatic and late '20s/early '30s Duofold). I was quickly enamored with them and the wider world of pens and filling systems and tinkering. Well, here I am, 24 pens later (have been through most every antique/junk store in Oklahoma City and my first ebay experience. I've been trying to aquire a broad variety of pens cheaply (eve

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