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  1. Hi everyone! I just joined this group and hope to learn from all of you. I am new to collecting and using fountain pens except when I was little before the ballpoint pens came round, a long time ago.
  2. iabarbosa

    Hello From Southwest Florida

    Just found this site. I have many fountain pens...people at work think I am funny. Somehow writing with a fountain pen feels good. Looking forward to learning more...I am also looking for the perfect blue ink!
  3. Ropi

    Hello From Denmark

    Hi all.... i'm looking forward to follow and discuss in this forum Hi from Roar
  4. MobyProf

    Hello From Pennsylvania

    I can't believe it's taken me this long to join FPN! I discovered fountain pens in January 2011, starting with a Pilot 78G purchased from Norman Haase. His kind guidance helped me feel my way into bottled ink, investing in new pens...and now I have over 25 pens, mostly in the sub-$75 range, and I use them every day, have started mixing my own inks on occasion, have filled a tea tin with Goulet ink samples. In other words, I should have been here a long time ago. Glad to be here at last. I do have a few questions I might as well toss out to start. First of all, are the nibs on the Duke Mako
  5. larsenproject


    Hi folks. I have been lurking around your forum for a while now, and I figured I'd finally join in on some conversation. Great information on this site. The coil reservoir is something I use all the time, and I found that post here. I use dip and fountain pens for a mix of drawing and hand lettering, so I may have more drawing and drafting based posts. Cheers!
  6. jody_fpn

    New From Florida

    I just joined from Florida, USA. I do have a project pen that I want to get functional. It has no threads, the bladder/sac is hard and broken. Jody
  7. Hello everyone! I've recently started getting serious about FPs after using them for several years in school. I'm back to school, doing my masters after a few years of working. I have a special interest in Indian and Japanese pens. Although I'm back to a very meagre source of funding (like during my college days, arrrggh pocket money!) I enjoy the challenge of finding good quality FPs that make me confident of stretching my budget. I'm particularly interested in finding old retail shops which sell interesting FPs. I've lived in Bombay and Madras (Chennai) previously, where I was spoilt by th
  8. MiniMaupassant

    The Return Of Minimaupassant

    Hi everyone After a hiatus of a good few years, I am returning back to the forum. I've missed you. While I have been away, I have been using my FPs every single day, but things have changed a bit in my life. Over the last couple of years I have moved about four times (now living in central Manchester UK, which is very cool) and have set up my own business (which is also cool). You won't be surprised to learn that my business is around writing and my new logo incorporates a fountain pen. I'll post a picture when I get the image files back from the designer. I can see things have evolved a
  9. serenitykevin

    Newbie Here - Hello To You All

    Hello to you all. My name is Kevin and I am retired through ill health. I have enjoyed using fountain pens for 50 years and I thought I might try and repair pens as a hobby. The Steph videos are great. They have been my bible in getting started. I live in London so if anybody fancies a coffee and an opportunity to talk about some of their favourite pens please do email me. serenitykevin@gmail.com I do hope this is a community where we get to meet up occasionally. Looking forward to learning - I know almost nothing at the moment. I did buy a huge job lot of pens and parts to start me off.
  10. carevalo1

    Im New To Fountain Pen Network

    Hi my name is christopher and i am kind of new to the whole fountain pen world. a friend of mine who uses fountain pens told me to make an account here. i currently own a cross aventura and a parker im chrome chiselled. my hobbies other than fountain pens are rc racing, playing video games and studying. i am also 13 years old and go to highschool. im currently in 9th grade and i have a very high gpa score (upper 90's). my my story of how i got into fountain pens was when i was in 7th grade. my science teacher made us write so many notes. i would get so many cramps on my hands and she was very
  11. Aschecte

    Greetings From New York

    Good day everyone ! My name is Aaron, and I am very excited to become part of your community. I am relatively new to fountain pens; appx. 3 months or so at this point. I have amassed a medium sized collection of pens from family and heirlooms of family members pre dating the ballpoint or rollerball. I currently have 15 pens, and have been studying proper form and Italic writing as well as my own quasi calligraphy or, as my wife calls it my own style of "fancy" writing ! I hope not only to become an active member here, and to learn, but eventually to contribute, and become an asset as well !
  12. I have recently gotten interested in fountain pens. While not wholly a stranger to the fountain pen, I haven't really done much with them in a long time, but I have started a very limited and humble collection. Mostly the inexpensive Chines fountain pens that are available on EBAY and Amazon. But I also have a few classic Esterbrook pens, and a couple of Monteverde pens that I have yet to ink-up and take out for a road test. My main interest in fountain pens is artistic. I'm more or less a professional artist and I enjoy drawing with them even more than writing. Find attached a few examples
  13. Hallel

    Hello From Calgary

    Hello everyone. I've been haunting the forums for the last few months, ever since I suddenly stumbled into the world of fountain pens. I've been reading tons here and it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to actually start chatting with everyone instead of just reading over your collective shoulders. So, a little about me. I'm currently living in Calgary, Alberta, I prefer tea to coffee, i have way too many blue inks. I've been exploring fountain pens and loving it! My current favourite ink is J. Herbin Lie de The, however I am currently too excited about all my pens to have
  14. Master Poobah

    Hello From Missouri, Usa

    Hello everyone, my name is Patrick Coday form Springfield, Missouri. I'm a college student at Missouri University of Science and Technology so I don't have an abundance of money for pens/inks but I have a rather small collection. So far I have a Yellow Lami Safari, a couple of Platinum Preppys, an Aldo Domani (twas a gift and I'm unable to find the name anywhere), and I'm in the works of purchasing a TWSBI 580 As far as inks go I've gone with noodlers for everything cause money. I have Apache Sunset, Bernake Blue, X-Feather, and lightning blue.
  15. I am a public school educator in NC. I got into fountain pens by purchasing a pen to commemorate major events in my life. Looking forward to learning a lot from the network!
  16. Elperraco

    Hi From Spain

    Hi everyone, I have been using and collecting fountainpens for over 5 yeras now. I dont remember when I discover this fabolous forum but I have been reading everyday since that momento. That was enough until yesterday, when a realise that I need an account. So thank you all for all the help and advices I have already recived and for the ones that will come! And as I always say, sorry for my english.
  17. Marine83


    Hello to all FPN members. I am not a collector, regular seller or buyer, however I received as a gift a Mont Blanc Floating Star pen with a ball point insert about 9 years ago. I know it is legitimate because I received a gift receipt with it and it was purchased at Mont Blanc store in Northern Virginia. I have never used or carried this pen in fear of losing it. I am now at the point, nine years later, wanting to sell it since I do not use it. I have the box it came in, the box that the box came in and the paper work that came with it. Insert will need to be replace I an sure it has dried u
  18. slipstream13

    Hello From New Mexico, Usa

    Hi, I am new to the "official" world of pen collecting, but have had a fascination with the fountain pen, stationery, and ink since I was about 13. I was living in Japan at the time, and became enamored of the variety of writing paper and pens (particularly fountain pens) available. My best writing pen remains to this day, 30 years later, a pen that probably cost $.50 usd, and is cheap looking and feeling. However, put a cartridge in it, and it will flow every time. I have since been acquiring inexpensive ($15.00 and less) pens that come from China. I have a Dark Green Bulow x450, an Ivor
  19. Arthur5538

    New Member From Wilmington, Nc

    I discovered that during the last year when searching for information I routinely ended up on FPN so decided to join up; peruse the forums and perhaps find some way to contribute. I’ve been an avid fountain pen user since college and still have my Waterman (turquoise case, 14k gold nib) which I got for my birthday some decades ago. I just had it restored and is now writing well again. I’ve been writing almost exclusively with Montblancs for the last 19 years with the Meisterstuck 146 being the work horse. A few years ago I added a Montblanc Boheme as a travel pen; I liked the more robus
  20. nansaidh

    Hello From California

    Hi, My name is Nancy and I'm a new pen-oholic. Actually I've liked fountain pens since I was a child and got my first calligraphy set (which I didn't stick with long enough to learn and I'm making a second attempt at that presently). I'm an artist, old military musician and collector of many things outside my "day job" of managing an attorney's office. A dear friend is responsible for the resurgence of my fountain pen interest this time. I started out with a few Lamy pens and quickly began to go nuts. I don't foresee this pattern changing for a while... *sigh* For my first question, I h
  21. Archman66

    Hello From Dfw

    Hello from Dallas/Fort Worth. I've had fountain pens before, but only briefly. I just ordered a Pilot Animal fountain pen which should arrive today (I guess it's the same as the Metropolitan-I liked the matte gold more than the gold in the Metropolitan line). I was impressed by the glowing reviews found searching Google and the price. I plan on using it everyday, and carrying it with me. I'm an architect and I journal, so I plan on sketching and writing. I'll be poking around the site to get info on ink, maintenance, general info, etc... Question though, and maybe I need to post it else
  22. Greetings FPN, I am finally getting off my butt to introduce myself and beg your indulgences with loads of questions. (Warning – long post) My name is Matthew and I’m grad student in Cleveland, Ohio. I have come to fountain pens through two routes: practicality/comfort & fun. I’m currently studying for a pretty important exam that I’ll be taking in about a month. As such, I have been (and will be) studying about 8 hours/day, everyday. This involves a fair amount of writing and note taking. I could probably go faster by using a computer, but I retain information better when I take
  23. trdsf

    Hello There!

    Longtime fountain pen user--I have delusions of being a published author some day and writing a first draft with a fountain pen is my preferred psychological crutch when inspiration is running thin--but completely new to actually collecting them, and to maintenance beyond periodic flushing with water. I am sadly in search of a new daily pen, as my black Esterbrook J went walkabout when I moved last June, and my glass dip pen is still packed... somewhere. The only pens I have in hand right now are my grandfather's Conklin Endura Symetrik (in need of repair), and a Parker "21" desk set that a
  24. JorgeC

    Greetings From Texas

    Hey! After a few months lolly-gagging on the forums, I finally took the time (and initiative) to introduce myself. I'm currently a postgraduate and a reborn FP-user (from my early teens, where I actually acquired a bit of $$ buying and selling pens on the Bay) who realized that if I'm going to spend the next 10 years studying and scribbling down notes, I might as well enjoy every minute of it! I just wanted to say hello and show you a few pics of one of my favorite pens so far - a TWSBI Micarta One of things I love most about this pen, is that its unique material allows for some 'cust
  25. inkception

    High Five From Toronto

    Hi Everyone! I just got started into the pen world late last year. I'm a 29 year old from Toronto Canada who picked up my first fountain pen, a Kaweco Sport, and it snowballed into 7-8 more pens thereafter. I'm actually going to stop by the store after work to pick up a Konrad Brush Pen and a J Herbin Gris Nuage My pursuit is to improve my handwriting skills and I'm currently learning Spencerian, and the Palmer Method of handwriting... I guess Palmer is the derivative of Spencerian, so they go hand in hand. I'm having a lot of fun with this new and addicting hobby... writing letters,

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