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  1. ArtofEricGunty

    Eric From Illinois

    Hello Everyone, I'm Eric from Illinois and I'm interested in learning more about Fountain Pens and writing paper. I work with leather and always have requests for journal covers so I'm looking to find out more about the types of pens and paper people use in them. I regularly use Retro 1951 pens but am interested in fountain pens that could be used for sketching. I'm looking forward to reading and learning and also interacting with all of you.
  2. jgrant

    Greetings From Kansas City

    I have been lurking on this forum for years, but for some reason I haven't signed up until now. I am a mid-twenties healthcare administrator who has lived all over the country, but am currently in Kansas City (living in KS, working in MO). When I was in elementary school, my family moved to France for a year which is where I was first exposed to fountain pens. I was required to use one while in school while living there. It wasn't until I moved back to the States that I discovered how much I dislike ballpoints and decided I would stick with my fp. After my student pen stopped working a few years later I started looking for a new one and that is when my interest in pens took off. I started with some Lamy Safaris and moved up from there. I was initially enamoured by wet stub nib pens and eventually started to gravitate towards fine nib pens. My current collection is relatively small, but is very Pilot heavy (74,92,823,Falcon) and has a couple western pens mixed in (Lamy 2000, Delta Unica, a vintage Snorkel and a bunch of Safaris). I am currently researching my next purchase which will probably be an Edison or Nakaya if I decided to sell off some pens to afford it. I look forward to interacting more with you all and continuing my fountain pen education!
  3. Hi! I'm Jocelyn, but I've also dubbed myself Miss Inky Fingers. I'm a 42 year old woman from Connecticut, in the US. I was introduced to fountain pens 5 moths ago, starting with disposables, a month later moving to Metropolitans, and now I've got a pretty hearty pen collection including one Pilot Falcon and a couple more mid range pens, plus a healthy allotment of workhorses (those cheap pens that deal with my crazy needs and inks well, like my Lamy Safary's, which don't clog from shimmering inks!). When current orders arrive, my collection will number 11 fountain pens, 2 glass dipping pens, and two calligraphy dip pens (just learning!). I'm just about to buy a nice vintage pen with a fine flex nib... I don't have one picked out yet (I have to wait to get my new credit card in a week or so to shop), but I'm crazy for flex writing and even the Falcon can't quiet pull it off, so vintage it will be. I REALLY want a "Ladies'" pen with a loop on the cap, but I'm not picky about cosmetics, I just want an excellent writer. I'm VERY excited that I got that credit approved because I'll get, in addition to the vintage, another falcon (this time F instead of B nib (oops!)), another stub (either a Conklin Duragraph or a Monteverde Intima, and one more Ahab. So, yah,, maxing that right out! My FAVORITE thing about fountain pens is INKSSSSS! When my current orders come in I'll have amassed about 35 bottles and I'm out of room but show now signs of stopping. There's always an exciting new hue or shade, or a feature I never imagined ink could have! My favorites of the moment are kosumosu (iroshizuku, a bubblegum pink) and Solferino (in the purple family, super vibrant!). **I'm going nuts for shading ink right now and also waterproof (but not bullet proof) non-black and non-blue inks... recommendations welcome!** My spare time is spent writing a lot of letters to pen-pals and friends I like to keep in touch with.. its replaced Facebook as my primary social communication. I'm always looking for new snail mail pen-pals if anyone is interested, leave me your mailing address and I'll send you a letter if you promise to write back! Well, that's me! Ready to participate instead of just checking here when I have questions! Bye! Miss Inky Fingers aka Jocelyn
  4. Twilight-Dragon

    Greetings From Sweden

    Hello Fountain pen friends! My name is Liselotte and I am a pen collector from Sweden. My first fountain pens was the white Waterman, made in plastic. I had both the black and the blue one. After those, I had a Lime Green Cross Solo, some Lamy Safari which are Dark Lilac, Lime Green, Red (with Coral Red front), Black, I also have two Waterman Hemisphere, one in matte steel and one in black and also the Expert II in Red Laque. I also have the Parker Sonett in Steel and Parker Frontier in blue plastic. I also have an unknown brand FP, which is a memory from my father. It was the pens (Yes a ballpoint in the same design too) that he bought for his first salary.
  5. Chaositech

    Greetings From Northern Virginia

    I'm looking forward to interacting with dozens of fountain pen aficionados. Technically I have owned fountain pens for over 25 years but for most of that time they set idle and dry. Last year I joined a writer's group and discovered that virtually every other member used fountain pens routinely. I explained to them that I had an old Parker that my father had given me but that it was unreliable and possibly clogged with old dry ink. They told me a few ways I could revive the pen and after soaking and flushing I was able to get reasonably good performance out of it. I know now that that pen is called a Parker 75 in fine with the Thuya laquer pattern. It is a gorgeous pen and I thought the world of it so I wasn't willing to carry it around a lot. They suggested I try a Lamy Safari. I did and promptly tumbled down the rabbit hole. Less than one year later I now have over 100 fountain pens and over 35 bottles of ink. I still haven't been to the DC Supershow even though it's held less than a mile from where I work. Hopefully I'll see you there.
  6. nm12209

    New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm new to FPN but am not new to fountain pens. I have been using them for a few years now. I mostly use inexpensive pens, as I am a student and cannot afford expensive pens. I will be starting medical school in August, and I plan on using fountain pens throughout medical school and beyond.
  7. thebeckster

    Hooked In Corpus Christi

    Hello, I have been hooked on fountain pens since I was in the seventh grade. That was in 1965 in Lansing, Michigan. I still have one of the pens from that time and add that to the rest of my collection and the number now eclipses 500. I look forward to learning more about this all consuming hobby (habit). Larry
  8. Pen-hed

    Hello From Kansas City!

    New member but I've been a voyeur on the site for a while.
  9. jlazz

    New Member

    Hi just joined the FPN I have been making kitles pens for about 6 months
  10. SmuShyDoge


    Hello from Philippines! :3
  11. Tylwythteg

    Hey From Tidewater Virginia

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Live in Virginia. Incredibly grateful to have found this site. Serious reading. Thank you in advance for post. Jen
  12. Lilybelle

    Hello From Tacoma Wa!

    Hello everyone! I'm Cindy. I discovered this wonderful site a few months ago and felt I needed to join if only to say "thank you"! I have only been using fountain pens for the past few months and still have much to learn! So far, I've made some truly cringeworthy mistakes- but after reading many comments on these forums- I feel you are a good-humored and accepting group of people (who won't throw verbal stones at me for a newbie mistake.) A little about me- I am an academic librarian, mom, and wife- and a total tech geek (mostly Mac.) I enjoy writing as a way to unhook from technology and always feel much more productive when I actually hand-write out my thoughts/ideas. I also have a love of all things office supply- mostly Levenger- and this led me to order my first Fountain Pen- the "True Writer Purple Majesty" with an extra-fine nib. I fell instantly in love with it and use it daily. A friend convinced me I would not truly experience what all the fuss was about until I tried one of the really expensive pens.... so after doing some research (nothing but Cross in stores near me!) I ordered a much-too-expensive "Pelican Souveran M600" in blue. And here's where the "red-face" comes in.....Until it arrived, I had "assumed" it would use cartridges and somehow missed the fact that this is not the case. Couldn't understand how to remove the cartridge converter! Alas- I had never heard of and had no IDEA what a "piston-filler" was! Now I do...... It is no fun to order a fancy new pen with a piston-type fill mechanism and then realize you only have ink cartridges in the house. I knew enough not to use India Ink but there are no local stores to purchase good bottled ink. I realized I needed to back-up and learn much MUCH more before throwing more money at fancy pens! Or I should say "less" money. I now own a Pilot Prera demonstrator (jury is still out on this one) and a pack of multi-colored Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens- that I LOVE!!! But the Levenger True Writer is still #1 in my heart. The Pelikan has since been filled with "Tender Purple" Waterman ink...but I cannot say it makes me happier than any of the other pens to justify the cost. Now deciding whether to return to Amazon or keep in a drawer until I am worthy (or even "need") an expensive pen! Joining here in an attempt to save myself- and my poor bank account- from myself! So hi!!
  13. I first discovered the delight of fine pens in the mid 1980s from my brother, who was very taken by his fountain pen. I found the ink rather messy, I have to admit, and easy to smear, but the pen was an object of beauty! He would only let me hold it, and it was only after I saved up for a while that I came to own my first "fine writing instrument." I purchased it in a beautiful stationery store while in Geneva, Switzerland, a handsome, slim Waterman ballpoint pen in black and gold. I have to admit that I enjoyed looking at it more than I did writing with it! The ink seemed to drag on the paper, and it might have been a bit heavy for my hand. Honestly, It may be blasphemous to admit in a pen forum, but one of my favorite writing instruments is a newly sharpened pencil, which holds a great tactile quality and can nimbly respond to a range of writing pressure; this could be a nod to my profession as a teacher!). I do have a fountain pen, but have not used it consistently. While brainstorming for holiday gift giving, I rekindled my interest in pens, having found a Phileas online (for $40) that I thought I'd give as a Christmas gift. I have been reading posts on this forum about the Phileas with great interest! It is a delight to connect with a community of passionate individuals! I am inspired to reacquaint myself with my fountain pen to write my Christmas cards! I have recently found it quite exciting to look for old, interesting pens at thrift stores. The mystery surrounding the previous owner, and what they may have written, intrigues me as a kind of cultural history. Also, it seems that greater quality is often found in objects manufactured in the past, and in my recent travels, it seems that there are still a lot of pens "out there" that heirs seem to relinquish a the box of junk sent to Goodwill. I enjoy the whole process of exploration, inquiry, discussion great fun. I hope to participate in sharing discovery with you!
  14. Cargoblues

    Hello From Paris

    Hello to all of you. Why did I wait so long to register ? I wonder. Maybe because I'm french and afraid to write in english. Anyway I did it. As far as I remember I've always used a fountain pen. I own a Montblanc 149 from the seventies, a Montblanc Boheme, a Pilot "Vanishing Point" and a Pelikan 140 from the fifties. Different pens, different inks, different purposes but I should say that the 149 is my favorite filled with Louis Vuitton "Bleu Sibyllin" ink.
  15. CTKelly

    Hello From New York City

    Hello all, I have loved fountain pens for many years both for the beauty of the pen and the character of the line I can create. Much to the joy of my local pen stores I am very particular about what I like and don't like in pens, ink, and line. Much to their delight, I haven't found many perfect combinations, but I am still looking! I have had two Aurora Optimas, a Lamy 2000, an Omas special edition something or other, and five or six Namiki vanishing points. Naturally I have many more Namiki vanishing point nibs than pens. I currently like writing with broad or italic nibs with 'wet' ink that has a lot of shading. That said my Lamy 2000 is a medium nib and I keep fine nibs with Noodler's bulletproof in one of my Namiki's at all times. I use my pens every day at work and at home. I take notes, write down ideas, and write clients notes and letters. Questions about pen care is what led me to the Fountain Pen Network. I will be asking many questions about how people carry their pens back and forth, how they store them at work (coffee mug anyone?), pen care, and maintenance. Additionally I always research purchases extensively and like to read every review I can. You will all hear more from me, Chris Kelly AKA CTKelly
  16. wfrogers

    Hello From Santa Barbara, Ca

    Hello! I am a new member and am very impressed with the Fountain Pen Network. I look forward to getting to know you all better and contributing to the conversation. I am a great lover of fountain pens and have recently re-started my collecting. Warren
  17. I know it's a mouth full! My friends just call me Jen. Long story with the name (SDACTS for short). What brings me to FPN? My estranged older brother came to visit me in LA to set old bones about two months ago. He brought with him a pen he had turned himself; which was fascinating to me since I've been writing for as long as I can remember. The more he showed it, the more intrigued I got. So I spent roughly two full days reading everything I could find on left handed fountain penning, script lessons, you tube videos, etc. I felt like I found a missing part of myself. The inks; the nibs; the feeds; the filling mechanisms; the notebooks and paper stock; Wax Stamps!the community, need I go on? I discovered The Goulet Pen Company; Brian and Rachel (I'm completely enamored IN A PLATONIC, NON-STALKER WAY!). In the meantime, my brother turned me my very own fp and asked me my thoughts. WELL! Armed with so much meaty information, I dug in; and oh boy, did I enjoy that! So, I guess it seemed only natural that I should now turn to the FPN to share with others that have the same appreciation for inky hands. I hope I make a valuable addition to the newbie bench :-)
  18. ChromeyAMG

    Hello From Pensacola, Fl

    I enjoy using fountain pens, and also enjoy making them. I have not graduated to kitless construction...yet But hope to before the end of the year as I perfect my passion.
  19. mortisd28

    Hello From Indiana

    I just got into fountain pens at the beginning of this year. Prior to that, I was trying to do calligraphy, but found the dip pens to be a bit of a pain. I am now trying to repair/restore a few pens. I'm currently looking for a feed for a Waterman Stalwart. Any pointers would be welcome! I've been lurking a few places (mostly here and Reddit). I figured I should actually join the community. There's so much good information here! Unfortunately, I've found I don't even know what questions I should be asking. For example, if I had done more research, I would have known not all Waterman 14kt nibs are flexible. I bought the Waterman because I REALLY wanted a vintage flex. Turns out it comes with a 2A nib, which I guess isn't exactly what I was looking for. I'm looking forward to spending even more time and money on this great hobby/obsession!
  20. Hello, FPN folks! New member from Petoskey Michigan. Getting back into fountain pens after a bit of a messy bout in high school. Setting down with a tablet and practicing for about 1/2 hour before bed, most nights. I've started carying and using 2 pens for most everything, including notes at work. I made my own Christmas cards this year, athough most were either pen - and - ink or in-on-watercolor, with dip pens. Hey .. ya gatta start somewhere. I'd like to improve my drawing and penmanship. On a quest now for an economical flexie to try more Spencerian - type penmanship. Currently have: 2 Esterbrook 'J's, / 9314-F & 9550 Esterbrook desk pin (clear pointy top) / 9550 & '8-ball' desk holder Shaeffer's Balance White Dot in mid-restoration Best regards, Dennis
  21. flpenaddict

    Hi From Florida

    Greeting from sunny Florida. I joined recently. I have loved fountain pens since high school when I purchased an inexpensive Parker Vector fountain pen. I journal daily so I have a reason to use my fountain pens. I discovered this site while trolling the Goulet website. My collection has grown over the years to include a variety of pens from Platinum Preppy to Montblanc. I recently discovered TWSBI which quickly became a favorite. Buying fountains has become an obsession; once I found Goulet pens all restraint was gone. I am waiting for my Noodler Ahab Flex to arrive. Happy writing everyone.
  22. Mitinder

    Satsriakal From India

    Satsriakal my fellow fountain pen lovers, I have been using a fountain pen since I was 10 years old and my first fountain pen was a Pelikan (Pelikano) which is sadly lost. Since 1988, when I started teaching in the college, I have bought at least one fp every year and it has been 26 years. My collection has grown with me and my enthusiasm is shared by my wife and children too. I write only with a fountain pen and have been able to induce in my colleges and students a liking for the fountain pens. I hope to learn a lot from this forum and its members . My regards to all of you, Mitinder
  23. amyatla

    Hello From Iceland

    Hi everyone, I'm really just a fountain pen newbie. I've always been nitpicky about my roller pens, but nothing else was available in the area where I lived before (Canada) in stores. I found some Pilot V-Pens in a bookstore here in Reykjavík, and am kicking myself for not having started using fountain pens earlier. I've always appreciated nice pens, but never realized there was a whole community of people that did! Years ago I inherited a Parker Sonnet ballpoint from my grandfather, and loved it to pieces. I've got a Sonnet fountain pen in the mail now (with a couple of Diamine inks to try), and can't wait for it to arrive! I just picked one with a steel nib though, until I've got more experience writing properly with fountains. I've been interested in lettering and calligraphy for years, and now that I've found a source of pens and ink, I'm finally ready to dive in! Think I'll work on my everyday handwriting a bit first, though. Glad to meet you all!
  24. Hello fellow fountain pen fanatics!! I think it is going to be a pleasure belonging to a group that does not either laugh or criticize when the topic of fountain pens is raised in polite conversation. MY BACKGROUND: I live in Toronto Canada but currently am working on a long term assignment in Vancouver, British Columbia. I work in the totally electronic world of healthcare IT but find every excuse possible to use my fountain pens day to day on the job. It is a source of great amusement amongst my colleagues and friends. FOUNTAIN PEN INTERESTS: At the present moment I have developed an interest in permanent inks ((Mont Blanc, deAtramentis, Private Reserve, Diamine etc.) and archival quality paper (have not been able to identify a source to buy some of this yet - hope to find this here). I am also interested in learning calligraphy. I look forward to mingling with fellow devotees. Vimy13
  25. Sabin

    Hi Everybody

    Hi everyone , I'm a new member here. This is going to be fun and interesting Here is my small collection so far...

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