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Found 13 results

  1. jandrese

    Namiki Emperor Chinkin Dragon

    Shooting the Sailor Bespoke KOP Chinkin Owl for Dromgoole’s inspired me to pull out my Namiki Emperor Chinkin Dragon and run it through the focus stacked macro ringer. I’d say it availed itself. F8B88398-F81A-4B6A-A5F5-C981F315526F by Ja Ja, on Flickr EE178EB1-23E4-4056-B7BB-80B3EDD2E062 by Ja Ja, on Flickr
  2. Here is the mighty No. 50 size Namiki Emperor in the 2021 Limited Edition Coral maki-e. Words cannot express the amazingly superlative incredibleness of this pen. I have some pretty awesome macros I can share in a followup post if anybody is interested. IMG_8256 by Ja Ja, on Flickr
  3. Hello, I am looking for a specific pen, a Namiki Nobori Ryu. It was an anniversary pen for Namiki awhile back, and it's a challenge to find. I am willing to be patient, but I don't even know where to start looking... Other than Ebay, can anyone suggest some resources to find a rare Namiki pen? Thank you, Maya
  4. Mayacamas

    Pen Cases For Oversized Pens

    Hello, I have a question: I just purchased a Namiki emperor and I am having a devil of a time finding a case for it. Any suggestions? Thank you, Maya
  5. Hello, I have been lurking for a few years, and have a small collection of German and Italian pens that I use daily-- Im a writer. I have become increasingly convinced that I need a Namiki pen and have looked at both the Emperor and the Yukari Royale line. May I get advice on: 1. Useablity-- which one is a better daily use pen 2. Good places to find a used pen (besides Ebay) at a fair price 3. Best vendors if I chose to purchase a new pen 4. What else I need to know Thank you, Maya
  6. Any thoughts or opinions on the Namiki Emperor Vermillion or Montblanc 149 silver rings celluloid? These are obviously stupidly expensive pens so I can be happy if I never buy either but I came across decent deals on each and am considering getting one of them. They are very different pens (except for their prices which are relatively similar) and each are appealing in their own way. I already have a small 149 collection so I am probably leaning towards the Namiki but the 149 is rarer and part of fountain pen history. Are there any other similar pens I should consider?
  7. I'm relatively new to collecting fountain pens, but having now rotated through 'collecting' other things over the years (and I, like most people, actually hoard rather than collect, in the true sense of the word), I know how things ultimately play out. Whether it be camera equipment, watches, even vacuums, always the same process, so now I like to get right to the punch line and be efficient with my spend and my learning investment with new hobbies. Start with the beginner unit, work up to a really solid performing 'value' unit that punches above it's weight, then get a VERY NICE ​unit that becomes one's daily driver even following the hobby immersion, then top it off with THE GRAIL... then on to the next hobby, but keep ties to this one, without the incessant urges to buy, Buy, BUY! Some people spend 40 years wandering in the desert to get to this place (its about the journey, right?)... others, perhaps a matter of months. The whole while, immersing oneself into forums, online shopping feedback, professional written reviews and You Tube videos soaking in knowledge and sharing about the hobby and its equipment. One gets very familiar with the technology of the hobby, the key brands and their traits, the temperament of that collecting universe, etc... And hopefully along the way, if involved long enough, develop some enthusiast contacts and share that enthusiasm of the hobby virtually. My learning over the years is that until one finally buys the Big Kahuna grail collectable, one ends up with a lot of equipment and a lot of money spent, most of which goes underutilized, the whole while feeling compelled to buy the next thing. Or there is the (uncomfortable for me) process of offloading of equipment (for pennies on the dollar, more times than not) through the 'sales corner' of the forum. Anyway, I've got my meager 3 pen collection, and the remaining 'grail' must be purchased. I know for my GRAIL, I want a BIG pen, but one that functions very well. I spent a number of hours researching European big pens and am very concerned about the fickle nature of their quality and usability. There are some horror stories out there about the Pelikan M1000 (specific to nib performance) and not consistent adoring reviews of the MB149 either. I personally enjoy my Asian pens, with crisp writing output and not sloppy wet. They all seem to punch above their weight. Which is why when I am looking at a $1K-$2K Asian pen, I can only imagine what I would actually feel about it in my hand. I've really become attracted to vermillion Urushi from a color/material standpoint. I know the Emperor is honking huge... but this a grail so really should be over the top. I understand it is well balanced and writes well. Meanwhile the Custom Urushi just looks really tight and I love the two-tone nib. Does anyone have any actual knowledge of which one writes better? Which has the best fit and finish? Which is just more awesome? Right now I'm finding the Emperor at ~ a 50% premium over the Custom. Assuming money is no object, which is more awesome, and why? What are the concerns with each? Anyone own both?
  8. Drawing61

    Murder Often, Divorce Never

    Hello and I trust you all had a Merry Christmas. My husband pulled a surprise on me today. After the last of our house guests left he gave me my Christmas present, a 2017 Namiki Emperor Dragon. He made it clear the gift was for Christmas and our 50th anniversary. I am still a bit shell-shocked. The reference in topic tags I heard for the first time when Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy were asked in a TV interview if they had ever considered divorce. Their answer is the secret to a long and happy and bumpy but never dull marriage.
  9. Iguana Sell

    New Namiki Emperor Dragon

    We are delighted to announce a new Namiki Emperor will launch this November 2016. The dragon, is one of Asia's most important mythical creatures and it will be the one to adorn this new version of Namiki Emperor fountain pen. Endowed with supernatural powers, this creature is usually linked to water. This is why we can see one on the fountain pen's cap supposed to go up to attract rain on spring and avoid floods on the fall, thanks to its magic ball also known as Cintamani, a sacred stone that gives power and makes its possessor's wishes come true. The dragon is also known a symbol of fertility, wealth and success. The artist, Mamoru, has used the Taka Maki-e technique to accentuate the awesome presence of the two auspicious dragons which are carefully drawn on this fountain pen. Waves and clouds are treated with silver Taka Maki-e creating the perfect contrast with these golden dragons. Behind them, on the background, we can spot Togidashi and Raden Maki-e with a black lacquer studded with multicolored glitter particles. The Raden technique highlights the sacred ball that the dragon holds on the hood. As we have mentioned, this new Emperor will be available this November. For further information or pre-orders, do not hesitate to contact us through info@iguanasell.com Enjoy a sneak-peak at this beautiful fountain pen below!
  10. jmccarty3

    Alert--Stolen Namiki Emperors

    Three Emperor pens have been stolen from Aesthetic Bay in Singapore: http://onfountainpens.com/2015/10/stolen-namiki-pens-please-help/#comment-6117
  11. I had both the pens inked on my desk and decided to take some pictures, Both pens are designed to be ED filled, from the same company, but what a wide gulf separates them, it is mind boggling to think of what Pilot have achieved as a pen company. For those who might be unfamiliar, the bigger pen is a Namiki Emperor and the smaller pen is a Pilot NSF pen. http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/EmperorVsNSF/IMG_0359.jpg http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/EmperorVsNSF/IMG_0360.jpg http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/EmperorVsNSF/IMG_0361.jpg http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/EmperorVsNSF/IMG_0362.jpg Best, Hari
  12. I feel the Namiki Emperor is the ultimate eyedropper pen. Huge, so huge that other big pens start looking tiny in front of it. Positively huge nib, yet the pen is very comfortable to use. Some pics with a Vermillion Dani Trio Mikado and a black Sho Genkai. The maki-e pattern on this Emperor is called the "Pavilion". http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/Namiki%20Emperor%20Pavilion/IMG_0198.jpg http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/Namiki%20Emperor%20Pavilion/IMG_0199.jpg http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/Namiki%20Emperor%20Pavilion/IMG_0200.jpg http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/Namiki%20Emperor%20Pavilion/IMG_0203.jpg http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af39/hari3171/Namiki%20Emperor%20Pavilion/IMG_0201.jpg Cheers! Hari
  13. holygrail

    284 B

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