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  1. Hello, I'm a new fountain pen user currently I was given as a gift from a colleague a Montegrappa nerouno medium size My question was at times when I'm writing I write at a slight slant and the pen would stop feeding ink and I couldn't continue to write unless I readjusted the angle, so I was wondering why this was and how I could mediate this. The ink I'm currently using is quink from Parker (black) I'm sorry if this is posted in the incorrect location, I'm still trying to navigate through the forums, if it can be moved please do so or let me know thank you. Thank you for reading, Thebeginner
  2. Hi gang, Some of you may remember me as Bonhams Auctioneers former penman-in-chief. Well, Bonhams is out of the pen business and I've moved on to San Francisco's PBA Galleries. We're launching our debut Fine Pens sale on Thursday, July 19th at 11:00 am PST. Here's a link to the online sale listings: https://www.pbagalle...catalog/id/454/ Here's a link to the digital version of the print catalogue with flip-thru pages: http://pbagalleries.com/content/ecat/648/index.html The sale features 361 lots of great modern and vintage pens. I've tried to include a broad range of pens to suit various budgets, and I hope that many of you will find treasures to enhance your collections! Our next sale will be on December 6th, and we're accepting consignments now. You can contact me at: ivan@pbagalleries.com. I do hope it's ok to post this here (I used to post notices for Bonhams' sales here without incident). Cheers, Ivan Ivan Briggs Director of Fine Pens and Comics
  3. Hi gang, Some of you may remember me as Bonhams Auctioneers former penman-in-chief. Well, I've moved on to San Francisco's PBA Galleries, and we're launching our debut Fine Pens sale on Thursday, July 19th at 11:00 am PST. Here's a link to the online sale listings: https://www.pbagalleries.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/454/ The catalogue goes to press today and will be mailed shortly. It's a fairly big sale, 361 lots, including many modern and vintage Montblancs; rare vintage eyedroppers from Waterman, Parker, Aiken Lambert, Edward Todd and others; limited edition Montegrappas, Namikis, Stipulas, OMAS, Sheaffers and more. As a big personal fan of Henry Simpole's wonderful creations, I'm especially pleased to offer four rare Simpole overlay pens. Our buyer's premium is 20%, with a 1% discount for cash or cash-equivalent payments (Bonhams premium was 25%, no discounts). Definitely factor the buyer's premium into your bid amounts! There's no credit card maximum (Bonhams max was $25K). You can register to bid on our website (the process is simple), and you can bid online, in person, by phone or by absentee bid. I've tried to include a broad range of pens to suit various budgets, and I hope that many of you will find treasures to enhance your collections! Our next sale will be on December 6th, and we're accepting consignments now. You can contact me at: ivan@pbagalleries.com. Cheers, Ivan Ivan Briggs Director of Fine Pens and Comics PBA Galleries Pictured: HENRY SIMPOLE: Tendril Sterling Silver Filigree Limited Edition Fountain Pen: Premiere Example. Estimate: $1000-1500 The Tendril's wonderfully elaborate openwork filigree was inspired by a Japanese silver overlay pen that Mr. Simpole saw in a 1990s auction catalogue. The filigree is overlaid on a Conway Stewart body. 160mm. Broad 18K gold Conway Stewart nib. Outer box, lacquered wood display box lined in red velvet and cream satin, illustrated leaflet, signed limitation certificate. Limited Edition: No. 1 of only 6 examples made. Excellent condition, not inked. Henry Simpole is the consummate penmaker's penmaker, and his overlay pens are among the very best limited edition writing instruments of the modern era. Each of his designs is handcrafted in small numbers to the most exacting standards, and they perfectly blend the superior aesthetics of the eyedropper era with the advanced materials and filling technology of the present day. Mr. Simpole's pens are exceedingly difficult to obtain on the secondary market, and the few examples offered in this sale represent a rare opportunity for collectors to obtain his legendary handiwork.
  4. Well after a long few weeks between ordering the pen and it landing on my doorstep, I'm pleased to say my Montegrappa Extra 1930 Arte Deco in shiny lines has arrived. I had been hoping for a slightly less expensive version of the shiny lines material to be used on a 1930 since the Extra Otto. As much as I loved the look of the Otto, I couldn't justify the price. Now that this model was released, and in a small limited edition number of 50, I decided the time was right to dip my toes into the Montegrappa waters and get my first Extra, Unboxing the pen I was immediately pleased that the celluloid pattern is even better in real life than in the photos so I thought I would share them with ya'll here. The pen is executed well overall with only the somewhat annoying ratchet piston mechanism spoiling the fun. I've also put together a short review on my blog here if you are interested. Did anyone else pick this pen up? I feel like the 1930 doesn't get as much love as it should.
  5. truphae_inc

    Review: Montegrappa Revolver

    Hi, everyone! New here, and just did a brief introduction yesterday. Wanted to share a review we did on the upcoming Montegrappa Revolver (limited edition) from the Cult Collection. This is a truly amazing pen with some super unique features - acts like a real revolver without any of the dangers! Feel free to check out our review here: https://www.truphaeinc.com/blogs/truphae-news-and-stories/montegrappa-limited-edition-revolver-stainless-steel-fountain-pen Would love to hear others' thoughts on Montegrappa - one of our favorite brands for the best metalwork!
  6. truphae_inc

    New Member Introduction

    Hi, everyone! I wanted to introduce myself to this network. I have been a long-time pen enthusiast, and am the owner of luxury pen retailer Truphae, Inc. We specialize in high-end luxury pens from companies like Aurora, Montegrappa, ST Dupont, Visconti, etc...and have great relationships with them as well. We also carry brands such as Pelikan, Cartier, and many others. Our goal is to find the coolest pens around, particularly rare ones that many other people would have a hard time sourcing. We not only sell, but buy and consign as well. Feel free to check out our website, www.truphaeinc.com, or follow us on social media: Instagram: @truphae_inc Facebook: www.facebook.com/truphaeinc We update social media daily with great new pens, and sometimes even other luxury goods like watches and lighters. Looking forward to getting to know you all better! ~Chris
  7. Hello everyone, I have a new Montegrappa Passione ballpoint that I could use some help with. This is a twist actuated ballpoint. When the ink cartridge is retracted, there is a bit of play in the action before there starts to be resistance. As it wiggles, I can feel a small pop right before the cartridge starts to extend. There is still play in the cap/rear of the pen when the ink cartridge is extended also, though not as severe. Is this something inherent to twist ballpoints or should it be tight with no play? Is there anything I can do to tighten up the cap and remove the play? Link to a video showing the pen: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mcnUDXafUqO8mUg3USzKSSrcGMzjHPC6 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Kyle
  8. Hi there, Was fortunate to be given 2 pens from an old relative - one a nice Conway Stewart 58, the other not sure - appreciate your help. My first real experience with old fountain pens, and enjoying cleaning them up and using them. The unknown has marbled brown celluloid? with what are clearly brass bands and clip. There is a button filler, but the internals - two thin brass strips have broken away. The nib is stainless with "Ducale" and "4" imprinted. No markings on body Is this a Montegrappa , based on the Ducale , but the clip doesn't seem to match , although the cap shape/bands look right from 1940's versions. Is it much older? Quite possible given these came with family from northern Italy. Appreciate the help. ALSO, anyone fixed such an old button filler ?
  9. In these reviews I attempt to be as to-the-point as possible to give the reader a quick idea about the aspects of the pen that stood out to me. The Good: Montegrappa has been spot on when it comes to the overall build quality of the pen. A lot of attention has been paid to details and everything feels polished and refined. The cap threads are very smooth. The nib writes really well out of the box. It is smooth and wet and I did not have to tune it whatsoever. I believe the nib is made by JoWo. The size and weight of the pen make is feel like a robust and substantial pen in the hand. The design is timeless. The Not-so-Good: Since this is a metal pen, it isn't light. I find it comfortable un-posted but when posted, it becomes a bit top heavy for me. The cap has a plastic liner inside making it safe for posting without scratching the barrel. The Bad: The pen surface scratches easily. To protect the brushed metal finish, Montegrappa has used a clear coat on most parts of the pen. But this coating seems pretty thin and I'm seeing some scratches and wear (which weren't present on the new pen) after a few days of normal use. The copper mule may not have this problem because the copper on that pen is untreated/un-coated. The silver mule is also not an inexpensive pen. The Bottomline: It's a great pen and I like it a lot just because of the way it writes and feels in the hand. If you like heavier and larger pens, this pen fits the bill perfectly. But for the price, it is a bit too easy to scratch. So don't carry it in a pocket with keys and coins. The Fortuna model comes in a variety of finishes. If this is not the pen for you, there are other finishes to choose from. http://i66.tinypic.com/2j1rhuq.jpg http://i67.tinypic.com/5jwmbs.jpg http://i64.tinypic.com/5uiyza.jpg
  10. Markall

    Montegrappa Repair

    Does anyone know how to dismantle a sixties montegrappa pen with a leaking piston? It looks i bit like a parker 51 section.
  11. This finish is absolutely spectacular! Im a little jealous actually. I havent been able to fire a pen to this color so now I have a new goal. The colors are amazing in person. It difficult to photograph and capture everything but theres a lot going on here and it looks amazing in person. The color does depend a lot on the lighting. All day at work today I was insistent that the cap was much more golden than the body and it bugged me. At home the colors match so much better! It looks great in light with more yellow to it. The price is a little ridiculous though and I would not have bought it had Goldspot not had a great promotion going at the time. Also the mug that came with the pen is really cool but had a dent in the lip. Got an email in to Goldspot about it. Nice and solid and a decent size too. Im actually planning to use this mug on a regular basis just hopefully dent free. This is easily the best built Fortuna I have and I think I almost have at least one from every series just about. The cap threads to the section smoothly on this pen. On the other Fortunas its a little gritty for some reason. Ive been told Montegrappa went to a JoWo nib on this pen and its pretty flawless. All of my other Fortuna Bock nibs have been completely uninspiring out of the box and Ive had to beat on just about all of them. Thats like 10 Fortunas or so. This JoWo nib is like glass but it actually writes. The other pens had been like glass but they polished all too far to the point of babies bottom and I had to bring them back a little. This JoWo writes great but its just a tad too smooth for my preference. I like a small amount of feedback but thats just my preference. Theres nothing wrong with this new JoWo but Im going to rough it up just a hair for quality feedback. A slight run over 6k micromesh will do it. I really dont get this. I have a ton of pens with Bock nibs both factory and aftermarket in #5 and #6 titanium and steel. Theyve all been great but the Fortuna nib was just meh on basically all of my pens. Now I had one JoWo previously from Goulet in a 1.1mm stub and it was scratchy with a thin line. Needed some work. Im not sure why Fortuna Bocks had been lame but a JoWo Fortuna is really nice. Not sure whats going on here but going to a JoWo nib was a night and day call by Montegrappa on the Fortuna. The pen is infinitely better for it. The other thing I really like about this pen is that theres a lot of press coverage about it and how its made. You can actually watch a video of how its fired that Goulet posted. That goes a long way to justify the cost to yourself.
  12. Hello, Can anyone please advise from experience if the Montegrappa Exta 1930 Broad nib is stubbish? I am aware that their medium nib runs slightly narrow, but I don't want a greater line width if it is devoid of character. Any advice or writing samples would be much appreciated
  13. FrankvK

    Montegrappa Fortuna Blazer

    The Montegrappa Blazer is a new member of the Fortuna family. A steel pen, treated with fire, to give it a unique and colorful look. We enjoy it and recorded a short video. https://youtu.be/mFrDpSmvYQ8 (I couldn't find a way to embed the video here)
  14. Joe Penmanship

    Nib Finish Deterioration

    I have a Montegrappa Fortuna Skull that I purchased in 2013. It has been a reasonably good pen, performance-wise. Not the greatest. Not the worst. The important note is that I have not used it much (since it is not the greatest performer) and it has remained happily capped and in a secure box most of its life. In fact, I only remember inking it two times (with normal standard inks that everyone uses, nothing weird, alien or BSB) and have only written with it probably a total of two-hours during its cushy little life. And I have cleaned it carefully and properly, as I clean all of my pens after some period of use. It has never been dropped. I have never lent it to someone else. I haven't stirred my coffee with it. Bottom-line, this pen has been treated like a princess (pencess?). So I went to visit this Fortuna this morning since I haven't caressed it for awhile. And upon removal of the cap, I see that the black finish on the nib has somewhat deteriorated - bits of silver shining through the black here and there. I rub the nib and no more comes off -- so it doesn't seem to be just flaking away. It just seems to have dissolved away into space. And it is now an ugly nib. I have a note into the store that I bought it from -- haven't heard back, yet. But has anyone else had this issue with Montegrappa Fortuna Skulls? Is this a known issue that in someone's similar experience the manufacturer or place of purchase might be willing to rectify? I did a search on the forums here, but did not uncover anything. I attached a photo. Cheers! Joe
  15. Hi guys. I would like to ask some questions about Montegrappa pen nib unit for sale and repairing. The nib unit of my Montegrappa 80th anniversary pen was damaged as shown in the picture. I was wondering if anyone a brand new nib unit available for selling at the moment (nib and feed only prefered). Besides, where can I get the pen repaired? One more thing, are there any other nibs and feeds of Montegrappa that could be used as a substitution of this pen? Thank you very much.
  16. Greetings! Montegrappa & Jazz lovers: Chatterley Luxuries has a Flash Sale on a Montegrappa Limited Edition Quincy Jones for $595. Enjoy! Link below: https://chatterleyluxuries.com/product/flash-sale-montegrappa-quincy-jones-limited-edition-carbon-fiber-fountain-pen-flash-sale/
  17. Here is the next volume of the Dromgoole's podcast. We have an interview with Mark Cole from Coles of London who distributes Visconti. Also we show some cool used pens we got here at the store, and conclude a giveaway.
  18. DromgoolesHouston

    Fountain Pen Review M805 Ocean Swirl

    This is Michael Dromgoole from Dromgoole's. I will be posting many product reviews for new items coming into the store. Today, I posted a review of the Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl on my Youtube Channel, and I will attach a link for that down below. Tomorrow I plan on posting a review about Fountain Pen Revolution Flex Pens so keep an eye out for that. We are also having a couple of pen shows at Dromgoole's this week, including Mark Cole from Coles of London which is the US distributor for Visconti on Thursday, and also on Saturday we will be having a pen event with Ken Jones from Yafa who distributes Monteverde, Pineider, Marlen, Stipula, Conklin, and others. I am going to try to do some interviews from them regarding new products and exciting things to come in the near future. If you enjoy my content, please feel free to engage by liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing!
  19. Hey guys, for those of you who do not know me, I am Michael Dromgoole. I am the 4th generation future owner here at Dromgoole's. We are starting a podcast that showcases new product, interviews reps and customers, and we have some other cool stuff up our sleeve. Please enjoy, and feel free to give me feedback in any form possible. I appreciate you watching and hope to see you back in the future!
  20. Shortly after I read a review of the Montegrappa Desiderio here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/327241-montegrappa-desiderio-review/?p=3916037 I acquired one myself, in the brown/red color: I thought it would be interesting to compare it to an original-generation Montegrappa Espressione, to which I feel it bears some resemblance. Note that there was a later edition of the Espressione that looks somewhat different from the original, and substitutes the 18kt gold nib of the original for a steel nib (at a reduced price), but here I'm only comparing the Desiderio to the original Espressione. Montegrappa has always had pens with resin and celluloid barrels, and for each material, pens with faceted versus circular cross-sections. To me, the (original) Espressione was meant to be the resin-bodied counterpart of the celluloid-bodied Miya. Both pens have cylindrical non-faceted caps and barrels, but otherwise both have 18kt nibs (though the Miya's is two-tone) with ebonite feeds and sterling-silver sections and trims. The Espressione's section bears the sterling silver hallmark but appears to have been further plated with rhodium in order to keep it from tarnishing, whereas the Miya's section has the characteristic matte sterling silver appearance and requires regular use of the polishing cloth that Montegrappa helpfully included in the box. But enough about the Miya. Let's get back to the Espressione (and the Desiderio, of course). With the Espressione no longer made, I guess Montegrappa figured on filling the present opening for a resin-barreled, circular cross-section pen with 18kt nib with the new Desiderio, but built it to a price point (not the original absurd list price but the later much more reasonable one). This entailed the following compromises: 18kt nib on the Desiderio all right, but the tiny #4 size (top) instead of the #6 size 18kt nib on the Espressione (bottom) Plastic feed on the Desiderio, ebonite feed on the EspressioneResin section on the Desiderio, sterling silver section on the EspressioneLittle rolling ball on the sterling silver Desiderio clip is made of the resin barrel material (looks cute, though), whereas it is also sterling silver (like the rest of the clip) on the EspressioneEspressione barrel has sterling-silver threads on bottom to post cap securely, Desiderio barrel has no threads at all. This makes the Desiderio shorter than the Espressione when posted (top), though when capped both are almost exactly the same length (bottom) Unkindest cut of all, in my opinion: the lovely raised "1912" (the year the company was founded) on the top of the Espressione cap (bottom), and a feature on lots of Montegrappa pens including steel-nibbed ones like the Parola, has been dropped in favor of a new abstract design on the top of the Desiderio cap (top) that means nothing and looks cheap. On the other hand, the Desiderio nib, incongruously small though it is compared to the general dimensions of the pen, wrote smoothly and wet right out of the box. This is (unfortunately) a big deal, because both my Espressione and Miya nibs refused to write when they first came to me, and they both needed work by a nibmeister before they would write (they both write splendidly now). If you can find an original Espressione in good condition today, you should expect to pay no more for it than for the Desiderio on clearance, but the Espressione is definitely the better-made pen. On the other hand, the Miya (which is the celluloid-bodied counterpart to the original Espressione) seems to have a true heir: the celluloid-bodied Passione, which was also initially priced just as absurdly as the Desiderio (but even more expensive), then re-priced at a slightly less ludicrous level.
  21. Drawing61

    Cellulose Nitrate?

    I recently purchased a delightful pen from Bryant at Chatterley/PenTime. It is a Montegrappa zebra celluloid from a limited edition "Beauty Book" a luxury package with the book and two pens "Lady" and "Gentleman". I chose the Lady with a double broad nib and have been having fun running her through her paces. She glides, she floats, I wonder if she is Japanese. My question: are any pens still made with cellulose nitrate, or are most celluloids made from cellulose acetate which I know my pen is composed up because of the price.
  22. I just picked up a new Montegrappa Fortuna Heartwood in teak the other day from an authorized dealer. I received the pen and it looked fine on the initial inspection but after looking at the body under mild magnification, I can see several cracks, about 3, in the pen body lengthwise starting at the metal insert where the cap threads too. These look to be all the way through the body. After seeing the cracks location under magnification, I can spot them easily without magnification now. Is this acceptable for a new pen? I have 2 Omas rosewood pens without cracks and also another Montegrappa Fortuna Heartwood in pear wood with absolutely no cracking. I've had the Omas pens for a year or so and they're perfect. The pear wood Montegrappa for a couple months. Am I being unreasonable in expecting there to be no cracks in the wood? Please see the pic attached of one of the cracks in the teak pen. The seller is telling me this is normal and called "checking" but this doesn't fit with my other experience. Thanks for your help FPN!
  23. Hello! I'm trying to collect white/ivory pens, but I don't want to have doezens of cheap jinhaos and lingmos, or other cheap brand, and also not extremely expensive one. I might like the statue of zeus pelikan a lot, but it's too expensive for me to be comfortable using it daily, everywhere. Well I guess I'm not trying to collect them, but to own a few nice ones. I own 3 right now (A caran d'ache leman, a montegrappa fortuna, and the Pelikan m600 pink, which is mostly white), I will definitely buy the white tortoise, and I have also another 3-4 pens on my radar right now, and all of them cost exactly the same (+/- 10$), maybe the sailor a little more. Which one should I buy, if I could only buy one. It doesn't matter my prefferences on what I like, I want to know what is more appealing to everyone else.
  24. Iguana Sell

    New Montegrappa Nero Uno All-Metal

    Montegrappa's latest novelty is already available! Meet the new Montegrappa Nero Uno All - Metal collection. Montegrappa decorates its iconic octogonal with parallel grooves writing instruments with metal and 23K palladium achieving an elegant and futuristic look. With four different colour combinations, the collection is available in fountain pen (EF, F, M, , rollerball and ballpoint. The whole collection is already available at Iguana Sell! What do you think?
  25. I bought the original version and gave it to my father as a birthday present when it came out. I absolutely love that pen and when Montegrappa released Cigar 2.0, I placed an order as soon as I learned about it. This is a very expensive pen. I would have not purchased it if I was not given a steep discount. I don’t consider myself as a collector in any capacity since I only have three other fountain pens: 20 year old Pellikan M800, 15 year old Nakaya Long Cigar and Aurora 88 Flex. I had several others which I had either sold off or given away over the years. First impression Compared to the first edition of Cigar, I think the quality of craftsmanship is higher. My father’s piston nob is ever so slightly misaligned from the body. It’s very hard to spot but definitely noticeable when filling the ink. No such problem with Cigar 2.0. This version has no clip, but it has a silver cigar band. It makes a perfect sense. The pen is too long to be carried comfortably. The clip was really to prevent the cap from rolling away. The silver cigar band looks more esthetically consistent with the overall design. One odd feature of this pen is the hidden cigar punch in the cap. The tip above the cigar band is spring loaded. By pressing it down, the hidden cigar punch is exposed. Turning the tip clockwise will lock in the exposed cigar punch. I don’t find this cigar punch very useful and generally I prefer using a cigar cutter, but it offers novelty rather than utility. If this were a real cigar, this would be a panetela (6”, 38G) with maduro wrapper. It resembles Padron Panetela Maduro. The presentation is very good as it should be at this price range. The textured outer cardboard box came with a cardboard sleeve with matching color and texture. A wooden box resembling a tobacco leaf contains the pen. Everything including the cardboard box was solidly built, but I still prefer the wooden cigar box presentation of the previous edition. The Pen The piston mechanism feels different. Unlike most other piston mechanisms including the previous Cigar, this one seems to have some sort of racket inside. I feel and hear clicking as I turn the piston nob. It also feels much heavier than the previous one. I suspect that the added silver components increased the weight. I think the grip section is made of silver. The area, which was dipped in ink, definitely shows a sign of tarnish. It is well balanced and comfortable, but this would not be my choice for a lengthy writing session. Mine has a fine nib. It's a usual 18K Montegrappa nib plated to match the silver parts. A custom decoration on the nib would have been nicer. I like pens with some traction and feedback. This nib is comparable to my other pens in this aspect but less than that of Aurora 88 Flex. I found the nib to be very smooth despite being fine. I use Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz. There was no problem with slow start or skipping. I tend to write very fast and the ink flow kept up with the pace without any problem.

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