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  1. I bought the original version and gave it to my father as a birthday present when it came out. I absolutely love that pen and when Montegrappa released Cigar 2.0, I placed an order as soon as I learned about it. This is a very expensive pen. I would have not purchased it if I was not given a steep discount. I don’t consider myself as a collector in any capacity since I only have three other fountain pens: 20 year old Pellikan M800, 15 year old Nakaya Long Cigar and Aurora 88 Flex. I had several others which I had either sold off or given away over the years. First impression Compared to the first edition of Cigar, I think the quality of craftsmanship is higher. My father’s piston nob is ever so slightly misaligned from the body. It’s very hard to spot but definitely noticeable when filling the ink. No such problem with Cigar 2.0. This version has no clip, but it has a silver cigar band. It makes a perfect sense. The pen is too long to be carried comfortably. The clip was really to prevent the cap from rolling away. The silver cigar band looks more esthetically consistent with the overall design. One odd feature of this pen is the hidden cigar punch in the cap. The tip above the cigar band is spring loaded. By pressing it down, the hidden cigar punch is exposed. Turning the tip clockwise will lock in the exposed cigar punch. I don’t find this cigar punch very useful and generally I prefer using a cigar cutter, but it offers novelty rather than utility. If this were a real cigar, this would be a panetela (6”, 38G) with maduro wrapper. It resembles Padron Panetela Maduro. The presentation is very good as it should be at this price range. The textured outer cardboard box came with a cardboard sleeve with matching color and texture. A wooden box resembling a tobacco leaf contains the pen. Everything including the cardboard box was solidly built, but I still prefer the wooden cigar box presentation of the previous edition. The Pen The piston mechanism feels different. Unlike most other piston mechanisms including the previous Cigar, this one seems to have some sort of racket inside. I feel and hear clicking as I turn the piston nob. It also feels much heavier than the previous one. I suspect that the added silver components increased the weight. I think the grip section is made of silver. The area, which was dipped in ink, definitely shows a sign of tarnish. It is well balanced and comfortable, but this would not be my choice for a lengthy writing session. Mine has a fine nib. It's a usual 18K Montegrappa nib plated to match the silver parts. A custom decoration on the nib would have been nicer. I like pens with some traction and feedback. This nib is comparable to my other pens in this aspect but less than that of Aurora 88 Flex. I found the nib to be very smooth despite being fine. I use Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz. There was no problem with slow start or skipping. I tend to write very fast and the ink flow kept up with the pace without any problem.
  2. I just picked up a new Montegrappa Fortuna Heartwood in teak the other day from an authorized dealer. I received the pen and it looked fine on the initial inspection but after looking at the body under mild magnification, I can see several cracks, about 3, in the pen body lengthwise starting at the metal insert where the cap threads too. These look to be all the way through the body. After seeing the cracks location under magnification, I can spot them easily without magnification now. Is this acceptable for a new pen? I have 2 Omas rosewood pens without cracks and also another Montegrappa Fortuna Heartwood in pear wood with absolutely no cracking. I've had the Omas pens for a year or so and they're perfect. The pear wood Montegrappa for a couple months. Am I being unreasonable in expecting there to be no cracks in the wood? Please see the pic attached of one of the cracks in the teak pen. The seller is telling me this is normal and called "checking" but this doesn't fit with my other experience. Thanks for your help FPN!
  3. Hello! I'm trying to collect white/ivory pens, but I don't want to have doezens of cheap jinhaos and lingmos, or other cheap brand, and also not extremely expensive one. I might like the statue of zeus pelikan a lot, but it's too expensive for me to be comfortable using it daily, everywhere. Well I guess I'm not trying to collect them, but to own a few nice ones. I own 3 right now (A caran d'ache leman, a montegrappa fortuna, and the Pelikan m600 pink, which is mostly white), I will definitely buy the white tortoise, and I have also another 3-4 pens on my radar right now, and all of them cost exactly the same (+/- 10$), maybe the sailor a little more. Which one should I buy, if I could only buy one. It doesn't matter my prefferences on what I like, I want to know what is more appealing to everyone else.
  4. Iguana Sell

    New Montegrappa Nero Uno All-Metal

    Montegrappa's latest novelty is already available! Meet the new Montegrappa Nero Uno All - Metal collection. Montegrappa decorates its iconic octogonal with parallel grooves writing instruments with metal and 23K palladium achieving an elegant and futuristic look. With four different colour combinations, the collection is available in fountain pen (EF, F, M, , rollerball and ballpoint. The whole collection is already available at Iguana Sell! What do you think?
  5. sidthecat

    Did Montegrappa Make A Ringtop?

    I bought a pen the other day - a blue ringtop advertised as a Montegrappa. If it is, it goes a long way back, since demand for this design of pen went extinct in the Thirties - not unlike the very sudden extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous. Has anyone ever seen one?
  6. Uncial

    Montegrappa Ducale

    I'm not sure if this has been reviewed before so I decided to jump in and provide an opinion just in case anyone is considering a purchase. This is a review of the Montegrappa Ducale in rose gold with a fine nib. I've never had a Montegrappa before so this purchase was a bit of a risk for me, but it was on fleabay for very little money and I thought it might be worth the risk. I tend to associate the brand with a bit of 'hit and miss' design; some of their pens look very beautiful, while others are the epitome of bad taste. Thankfully I find this one rather beautiful and understated. I think the Ducale comes in a selection of two or three colours and you can also buy a different trim, this one is rose gold in a tortoise shell effect with nice deep colour and sheen. It is quite a big pen - at 5.5 inches capped and 7 inches posted (can be posted securely). The rose gold trim is plated and is very nice. At the top of the large cap is a large band (giving a curious crown appearance) with Montegrappa's brand name engraved into it and a wide banded wave clip that terminates in a roller ball. The other end of the cap has a thin gold band. The pen body itself has a thin gold band towards the top, giving the appearance of a blind cap for a piston filler, but this pen is converter. Towards the grip the gold band also houses the threads to screw the cap on. The converter is a screw in converter with silver trim - again emblazoned with the Montegrappa name - and it holds a decent amount of ink. The feel of the pen is very nice; it is warm to the touch and the grip is especially good and very comfortable. I really dislike pens that have a large 'step' towards the grip as I find it irritates my fingers and distracts me when I'm writing, but this is very comfortable and very pleasant to write with. It feels like it is a quality pen, although I do have a couple of niggles with it which may be deal-breakers for some. The nib is beautiful. It's quite a large nib engraved again with the Montegrappa name and a honeycomb effect. It is not a solid gold nib, which for some might be off-putting considering the normal retail price of this pen. I have to admit that the nib surprised me. It is very smooth, but it also has a strange sweet spot. It suits me, but for some they may find writing with it a little distracting - it feels like the pen is training you to use it, but when you do hit that sweet spot and get used to it, it is a lovely thing (it didn't take long to train my hand!). It lacks any of the pleasing spring of a solid gold nib, but doesn't forgo any of the smoothness. Part of the feeling of getting a sweet spot may be that this is a fine nib, but to me it feels a little more like a medium as it writes rather wet (the ink I used was Kobe's Wadimasaki Blue). To try and give you some idea of what the nib is like, I would compare it in smoothness to the Conklin Mark Twain, although it doesn't feel nearly as stiff as that. Apologies for the nasty paper! Now for the niggles - and they are just that for me anyway. They both concern the cap. The cap is large - which I don't mind at all - but it is heavy. For some people I could see this being an annoyance, especially if like me you like to post your pen when writing. Unposted the pen feels a little on the light side, but posting it makes it feel a little unbalanced too, with quite a bit of weight to the top. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but with continued use I have found that I have become quite used to it. The other niggle is the interior of the cap. This one is a little more serious. The cap is lined on the inside with a metal insert, which is obviously what is providing such weight, but I have no idea why they didn't make it thinner. When capping the pen it screws in with a nicely cushioned feeling, but every now and again it is possible to snag the nib on the inner insert. I would be really annoyed if it were to damage the nib at some point, but I will have to remind myself to be cautious. Overall I like the pen. It is beautiful and understated and writes very nicely. To me the niggles are just that - niggles. I would recommend it to anyone with the added caveats about the cap. Even if I had bought this pen at full retail price I would not have been disappointed, it's a very stylish and good pen but for some the niggles I have might be of greater concern. 9/10
  7. Happy Anniversary Fed Pens! It's been two years already since we started Federalist Pens! It's hard to believe that it has been that long already! I have come a long way since the forum days of selling vintage items to fund the hobby that I love! The hobby that I still share with you, even as a retailer! The support has been great, and we have acquired several great brands over the past year! For pen brands- we have added Bexley, Aurora, and Montegrappa to the family! In ink, we took a chance, and added Robert Oster Inks to the line up exactly a year ago this month! Robert asked me to carry the products last July thru social media, and I agreed to be the first US Dealer! We debuted them at last year's DC Pen Show! Now- Oster Signature Inks has 6 US Dealers, and 80 different colors! It sounds funny to say all this now, but Oster Inks were new to the pen community. Robert has accomplished all of his success in less than two years! We took on sponsorship opportunities this year as well! I have become a regular sponsor for the "Well Appointed Desk". Ana actually purchased the first Robert Oster bottle from me at last year's DC Show (she actually waited for me to unpack the Oster Products...), and she did the review of Robert Oster "Aqua" not too long afterward. Thanks to great reviews such as that, Oster Inks have really taken off! I also donated both an Aurora Pen (Inkdependence), and a Bexley Pen (The Pen Addict) for reviews. These pens were given away as my way of "Paying it Forward"! Look for more review/giveaways and sponsorship opportunities in the future! Of course, some brands have "come and gone" at Fed Pens. I try my best to keep my site and products as fresh and purposeful as possible. It was important to me to carry well-known and respected brands. This was vital when I first started selling products as a retailer. It still is important to make sure the products I carry are working for you! This is a very competitive business market, and this is very obvious at Pen Shows. We do work together, and "help" each other by sending customers to other dealers when we cannot help them (Well, I DO, ANYWAY...). Questions can vary at shows.. one of the more interesting questions my brother and I get is "Does the pen come with a box"? I am asked this question more than once at every show. I am shocked to see people surprised when I say "Yes"! We are authorized, professional, dealers selling you a brand new product that we represent- WHY WOULD YOU NOT GET A BOX?? Do not be a Sucker! When you deal with Federalist Pens (ME), you get: -The item you purchased -The box the product comes with -Paperwork and warranty from the manufacturer -Bonus of our choice (i.e. sample, brand ephemera, Fed Pens bag, product boutique bag, etc..) -Federalist Pens (MY) 30-Day no Hassle/Haggle Warranty! Full Refund or replacement! (Only exclusion to this is with NOS Vintage Products- cannot be replaced...) DC Supershow next month starts Year Three for Fed Pens! (We debuted at the 2015 Show!) Stay tuned for more great deals, new products, and my continued support of the Pen Community! Happy Shopping!Federalist Frank Anniversary Sale! www.federalistpensonline.com To celebrate- the site is programmed to give you an additional 10% Off at Checkout! There is no coupon needed- just spend $20 or more, and Checkout will apply the discount! You will save over 20% on most items ALL MONTH LONG! It is my way of thanking you for the rapid success we are having! Shop Now! Many items will not be this low again! Some of the brands I represent do not even allow a discount- this will be waived during this period! Checkout does not discriminate (well, it could if I programmed it that way)! Take advantage of seldom discounted brands, as well as "Pre-Orders" (See Below) There is more! Most pen items will be shipped to US residents FREE this month! US Shipping is waived on pens $25 or more this month! Enjoy reduced shipping on ink, paper, and accessories! Thank You for your loyalty, and business!Here's to Year Three 2017-2018! New Products! NEW! Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz FP Collection The long awaited Pelikan M200 Smoky Quartz FP will be arriving next month!I am hopeful that it will be here for the DC Show! I know I will have stock for both the Commonwealth Pen Show (Mass.), and the Pelikan Hub Event (Philadelphia Hub) in September! The pen will also come as a kit to include the Edelstein Smoky Quartz Ink. I will open a page to take pre-orders for this pen later this month! New! Aurora 88 Minerali Collection! This beautiful new Demo Collection from Aurora will arrive the end of July! They will be released seperately each month (starting with the Blue model "Azurite" coming later this month (for August)). They will be limited to 388 pieces each- and will come with 7 different nib choices! (EF-BB, plus a Stub and Italic choice as well!)Pens will retail for $795, with a $50 surcharge for Stub and Italic nibs!I will open the page for this beauty as well later this month for Pre-orders!(You will get the 10% Discount on both as part of my Anniversary Month Sale!) Tune in next month- around Mid-August! Review of the 2017 DC Show (Look for my tables!)!Federalist Frank
  8. Hi, After a long time contemplating I finally bought the Montegrappa NeroUno with the Fine nib. I made the purchase online but before that I saw quite a few pens in my local shop. The pen and the nib I expected to receive is this: http://www.lacouronneducomte.nl/webstore/main/images/montegrappa_nerouno_fp_all.jpg But the one I received is this: In my local shop I tried both, and the one I expected to receive (first one) I liked way more. The shop also told me that the one with the hexagonal design is the old design and an older nib, and the clear clean one is the new one. However now the online merchant is telling me that they talked to Montegrappa, who are confirming the hexagonal one is the new one, and the clean one is no longer available. This sound strange, as all the official materials from Montegrappa still display the clean one, even the website: http://www.montegrappa.com/product-category/writing-instruments/regular-edition/nerouno/ I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me determine what is the truth, and is the merchant trying to *screw* me? Best regards, Alari
  9. The Montegrappa Game of Thrones Limited Edition is finally here! The Iron Throne pen is a masterpiece in a two-toned precious metal created using the lost-wax casting technique. The pen is available in sterling silver with vermeil trims or solid 18K gold, both with black and white celluloid details. The cap shows a royal crown with sword, its clip also shaped like a sword features a genuine ruby. The pen's barrel shows the Westeros families at war represented with fantasy creatures and sigils. This Limited Edition is available in fountain pen and rollerball. For the sterling silver version they have produced 300 pieces of each while for the gold version there are only 7 pieces. Fountain pen's use piston and feature a solid 18K gold nib amazingly engraved with the Iron Throne pattern. PVP: Sterling silver fountain pen: 3.900€ Sterling silver rollerball: 3.400€ Gold fountain pen: 48.900€ Gold rollerball: 52.900€ The edition will be available by the end of June but we are already taking pre-orders, in order to do so or get further information of this edition just email us at info@iguanasell.com
  10. Since I'm converting to Judaism (and like Judaism-inspired designs), I was looking into Judaism-related fountain pens, and I was struck by a curious trend: almost all the pens I could find related to Judaism or Israel are made by Italian companies. And it's not just one company or anything...a lot of major Italian brands seem to have made one at some point. For example: Delta Israel 60th anniversaryMontegrappa Fortuna ShemaOmas Israel 50th JubileeStipula Israel 65th anniversaryUrso MezuzahVisconti Twelve Tribes of IsraelVisconti Jewish BibleBy contrast, the only non-Italian Judaica pens I've found are the Bexley Israel 50th anniversary and the Curtis Australia State of Israel 60th anniversary. It's kind of an odd trend...I can understand Japanese companies not being interested in making Jewish pens, but you'd think that the US or Germany would make more. Is there some cultural or economic connection between Italy and Israel that would encourage this sort of design from Italian makers, or is this just a strange coincidence?
  11. Iguana Sell

    New Montegrappa Cagliostro!

    Montegrappa launches a new collection of pens exploring and celebrating the world of the unknown and peculiar. Its first edition is dedicated to the Italian Count of Cagliostro! Available in both fountain pen and rollerball, this Limited Edition has been designed in black resin with both 18K gold and .925 silver. The Mysticum is represented by the pen's creative design: The clip shows the Caduceus and Cagliostro's seal symbols. Among the sigils engraved we find the "Eye in the pyramid" associated with the Illuminati, the square-and-compas of the Freemasons and the grid that represents the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The 18K gold edition will be limited to: 22 units The .925 silver edition will be limited to: 289 units The collection will be available soon at Iguana Sell, but we are already taking pre-orders! Check out more details here and do not wait to check out some pictures below: https://www.iguanasell.com/collections/montegrappa-pens/montegrappa-pens-cagliostro-subcat For further information do not hesitate to contact us via info@iguanasell.com.
  12. Good morning, we bring you good news from Iguana Sell! Next week we will have the pleasure of receiving in our boutique the director of Montegrappa Italia, Giuseppe Alquila. During his visit, we will interview him while "taking a coffee" and he will tells us among other things, some details of Montegrappa's upcoming novelties. We want you to be part of this interview. For that reason we invite you to propose us the main topics for the interview. What interesting questions would you like to ask the director of Montegrappa Italia? You can leave your question in this thread or contact us by private message. All your suggestions will be taken into account. Do not miss this opportunity to get to know all the details and curiosities of the Italian house! Once the interview is released, we will inform you and you will be able to find all the answers in our blog. Thank you very much for your collaboration! Regards, Iguana Sell
  13. Homo_Erectus_Poland

    Limited Edition Pens From 2009

    Hi, I need some help. I would like to buy some nice pens for a girl. They should be from 2009 year and limited editions pens. Can anyone help me to find pens from this year? Thanks in advance. Tom
  14. Iguana Sell

    Iguana Sell Valentine's Day Give Away!

    Are you thinking of Valentine's Day? There are only two weeks left to the most romantic day of the year and at Iguana Sell we want to surprise you with a very special give away. Do not miss it! You just have to tell us the name of the three persons that you would like give our best pieces following the next steps, you can win a Pelikan M600 fountain pen, a Montegrappa Parola cufflinks or the new Maurice Lacroix Eliros Lady watch: 1) Follow us on Instagram @Iguana_Sell. 2) Upload to Intagram a photo with the names written of the 3 persons that you would like to give our best pieces and tag them and @Iguana_Sell in the photo. 3) Write #loveiguanasell in the post. Hurry up! On February 14th, Valentine's Day, we will announce the winner of each of the three pieces. Make sure you have your account open so we can see the photo that you upload! For more information and conditions visit our blog.
  15. Montegrappa launches its most awaited and exciting collection: Montegrappa Game of Thrones. The collection features four editions inspired by the four main houses in the HBO hit TV show. The Baratheon edition is coloured in charcoal black accented with contrasting yellow gold. On the clip it features a stag's head, a stag rampant on the cap's top above the motto "Our Is The Fury". The cap is decorated by a fleur-de-lis pattern. For the Lannister edition, Montegrappa has chosen yellow gold as the dominant colour. This makes the perfect contrast with its red body. A lion's head is featured on the clip, and the cap is decorated with a lion rampant above the motto "Hear Me Roar". This time a floral Tudor Rose pattern adorns the cap. The House Stark has northern origins, therefore the edition had to be in silvery-white with paladium trims conveying winter. The pattern chosen for the cap is this time a runic symbol, finishing with a direwolf's head on the pocket clip and his profile on the top of the cap above the motto "Winter is Coming". Finally, for Targaryen Montegrappa has chosen a metallic red against a coal-back background. A dragon's head forms the clip while its coils above the legend "Fire and Blood" is featured on the caps top. The cap is decorated with a filigree pattern. As you can see all editions are available in fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball. The collection will be available soon, but we are already taking preorders! For further information do not hesitate to contact us at info@iguanasell.com
  16. There are some of my pens for sale this week listed at my website that some of you might be interested in. A Montblanc 147 with a "B" nib. $375.00 http://www.fototime.com/4C5CBF4CD74117B/medium800.jpg A Waterman 100 Year Lady's pen set in fantastic shape with the original presentation box and guarantee. $487.00 http://www.fototime.com/34A52EA1BD18493/medium800.jpg An Omas D-Day Commemorative from 1994 with an 18K F nib. $450.00 http://www.fototime.com/0D6D2EFE30278BF/medium800.jpg Two small Waterman 52½v Ring Top pens. $130.00 each http://www.fototime.com/939E9B09656A58E/medium800.jpg A Montegrappa 302 with Sterling silver body and furniture and enameled cap. $225.00 http://www.fototime.com/FD9724D187539D8/medium800.jpg A Sterling silver Aurora 88 in the standard size (not the large size) with a factory stub nib. $850.00 http://www.fototime.com/7990E526E106679/standard.jpg
  17. Hello everyone! Today we are celebrating Fountain Pen Day and at Iguana Sell we want to surprise you with a very special giveaway. We would like to thank your endless trust in Iguana Sell and so we will be giving away the new Montegrappa Parola Stealth Black fountain pen. Participate to win following these three simple steps: 1. Follow us in any of our Social Media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 2. Share, regram, or retweet this picture using the Hashtag #iguanasellgiveaway 3. Complete the questionnaire you will find below. https://iguanasell1.typeform.com/to/bEvhh9 You may enter to win since today 04/11/2016 until next Wednesday 09/11/2016! The winner will be announced on Thursday November 10th!
  18. Meet the new Montegrappa Dia de los Muertos writing instruments! Montegrappa launches a new edition full of Mexican heritage. The brand has been inspired by the famous Mexican holiday and tradition: Day of the Dead. The instruments' body is made of black resin with brushed ruthenium trims. All writing instruments feature an enamel hand-made decoration. Fine engravings create the beautiful and iconic Mexican skull drawing. After this, several caps of pearled enamel are applied giving the final touch to this masterpiece. Pearled enamel can be chosen in white, blue or red! Available in fountain pen (EF, F, M, , ballpoint and rollerball the collection is already available at Iguana Sell! Be the first to celebrate the Day of the Dead! Check out the whole collection: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+dia+de+los+muertos
  19. Iguana Sell

    New Montegrappa Fortuna Rainbow

    Rainbows represent joy and good luck. This is why, this natural phenomena along with the famous song "Somewhere over the rainbow" have inspired Montegrappa on the creation of the new Fortuna edition, giving a message of longing, hope and optimisim. With trims in stainless steel, the colors have been created with pearlised resin. Every rainbow pen, comes with a gift tie dye pashmina of which no two are alike. This new joyfull edition is already available at Iguana Sell. Choose fountain pen (EF, F, M, , rollerball and ballpoint. Discover the whole collection: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=rainbow Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-fountain-pen-stainless-steel-isfor-ir Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-ballpoint-pen-resin-stainless-steel-isforbir Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-rollerball-pen-resin-stainless-steel-isforrir Check-out some pictures below:
  20. Iguana Sell

    Montegrappa Ducale Murano

    Meet the new Montegrappa Ducale Murano. This magnificent pen is inspired in the famous crystal craftsmanship. The whole collection is a tribute to Venice. Created entirely in vibrant resin, trims are manufactured in palladium. Its colour represents the famous art works of the Venetian artisans. This Italian jewel will surprise you because of its chromatic effects and deep blue highlights in its body.The piece is already available at Iguana Sell, with shipping within 24 h, and in different writing instruments: fountain pen (F, M, B ), rollerball and ballpoint. Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-ducale-murano-mare-fountain-pen-blue-resin-palladium-trim Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-ducale-murano-mare-rollerball-pen-palladium-trim-isdurrif Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-ducale-murano-mare-ballpoint-pen-blue-resin-palladium-trim Enjoy some pictures of these pieces below!
  21. Hi, I googled but fund nothing , I know it's an old type and gold plate, i will ppreciate it if you can tell me more information about them. Thank you.
  22. Montegrappa has just released a new Fortuna, the Montegrappa Fortuna Mosaico Pen Collection. This new pen has the same body style as the Montegrappa Fortuna but with a new mosaic resin cap and barrel in bright, vibrant colors. The pens are just in and now available for sale at Pen Chalet. Retail prices for each model: Fountain pen - $275 Rollerball pen - $235 Ballpoint pen - $190 Read more on our blog: https://www.penchalet.com/blog/montegrappa-fortuna-mosaico-pen/ Fountain Pen models: Barcelona Steel & Turquoise ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marrakech Steel & White - Broad ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rome Steel & Blue
  23. The new Montegrappa Hemingway Limited Edition is out! Montegrappa plays tribute to the American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway. The collection is composed by three different editions that reflect the novelist's life and journey. The first of the editions "The Soldier" is already available at Iguana Sell. Its green celluloid body creates the perfect contrast with sterling silver trims. The 18K nib shows Hemingway's signature while cap and clip are decorated with engraved details of the author's life. This edition is available in fountain pen, F-M-B, limited to only 100 pieces! Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-hemingway-the-soldier-fountain-pen-925-silver Should you need additional information please do not hesitate but contact us through info@iguanasell.com Enjoy more pictures of this piece, which is perfect for collectors and novel lovers, in our site.
  24. airline0

    Montegrappa American Dream

    Montegrappa and Kenro collaborated closely to design a series for those who would like to write their American Dream or just show their Pride. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, if you want to "Make America Great Again," or if you think “America is Great.” If we are Immigrants or Native Americans, we live in a free society that offers all of us opportunity. The new Montegrappa American Dream writing series with the red/white and blue rings on the cap and writing section lets each individual express their dreams every day. Fountain Pen Gold Nib $575, Steel Nib (M only) $395 Roller Ball $350 Ball Point $325 (each pen includes an American Flag lapel pin) Feel free to contact us 855-565-1818 or email orders@airlineintl.com
  25. Meet the new Montegrappa Nero Uno Duetto collection! Montegrappa's most iconic line launches a new surprising and fresh collection. With a contemporary twist, the Nero Uno writing instruments keep the collection's values following minimalism, simplicity and ultimate elegance. The barrel in black resin is decorated with a geometric linear pattern, furthermore this time the full metal cap is engraved with the same linear pattern creating the perfect contrast. Fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint are all available in palladium, rose gold or ruthenium plating. All of these novelties are in stock right now, so do not wait to check them out: Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+fountain+pen Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+rollerball Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+ballpoint For further information please do not hesitate to contact us through info@iguanasell.com

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