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  1. Yesterday we have received two new special edition inks by Montblanc: Montblanc Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey ink and Homer Greek Blue. As we could not resist to give these inks a quick test, we would like to share our first impression of these interesting colors. The Montblanc Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey is exactly as its name suggests. It has a spider web silver/grey color and behaves quite nicely in the pens we have tried. It offers some shading: The Homer Greek Blue ink at first glance reminded us of the Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue and we were a bit disappointed. But after drying it turns out lighter and of a different hue than Royal Blue. On the second day it is starting to capture us. Please judge for yourself: Both inks come in the 50ml glass bottles and cost € 35.-. To order, please follow these links: https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Neuheiten/Montblanc-Heritage-Spider-Metamorphosis-Web-Grey-Tintenfass.html https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Neuheiten/Montblanc-Homer-Greek-Blue-Tintenfass.html Best regards
  2. Waltz For Zizi

    Montblanc Pix Collection

    Hello! I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with something. I just bought 2 Montblanc Rollerballs from the new Pix collection, new pens, from a private seller. They seem original to me, the boxes have stickers, they have different serial numbers on the stickers and on the pens, EXEPT that I read in another thread the serial on the pens should have the first two letters and then numbers, but mine are not like that one has MBMK1YBB1, and the other MBMK5C472. Does anyone have a Pix collection instrument with a serial number like that?
  3. Solitaire146

    New To Mb Seeking Advice

    I have just purchased by first MB FP and about to purchase a couple more (Im afraid Ive caught the FP bug). I work in a profession where its common to mark up documents with red ink. This may be a dumb question, but how do most of you handle this? Do you have a designated red FP? I would prefer to avoid changing the ink color in each pen and instead just assign an ink color to each FP and stick with it. Is this common? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, I wanted to buy this Meisterstück Le Petit Prince & Fox Classique Ballpoint Pen for a while. It's my first ever Mont Blanc pen. I am new to the high end pen world and have limited budget... I found it on Amazon sold by RD Brands, came shipped from Israel and was about 150$ below MSRP. I decided to buy it there... After some readings, I now doubt I have a fake / replica product... I have the box that looks authentic, a serial number starting with "MBL...", Made in Germany / METAL inscription, I also weighted it and appears spot on. I emailed the vendor, they say it's authentic as well, they procure in bulk from an authorized seller, not being an authorized seller of their own. What do you all think? Real or Fake? Thank you so much!
  5. Dear forum members, I would like to introduce my new book to you. It shows in word and picture over 550 pens, all in connection to the animal kingdom. You will find pens from 80 companies. The book weighs over 1.5 kilo, has more than 200 pages. The attached pages show how the book is structured. Described is also a number of pens that are not shown. Also 100 pens that were sold by well-known auction houses. The book price is USD 150; (euro 124) including shipping. Many thanks for your interest. We do accept paypal (regina.martini@t-online.de). best regards Regina Martini
  6. fallingheights

    Montblanc 925

    Attached please is Montblanc 146 925. The top and bottom of pen seems changed and the nib is 14k instead of 18k which is supposed to be in these pens. Kindly provide ur views about the authenticity of it
  7. Bigeddie

    Montblanc Permanent Black

    Hi all, I've been slow on the uploading, but here is the third of three reviews of the new (Oct '13) Montblanc inks. Some of the text on the background is copy and pasted, this is in grey should you want to skip it I see some of you have already checked out the Flickr album! Montblanc seem to be shaking up their line a bit, Midnight Blue is no longer listed as being a permanent ink and two new permanent inks are being introduced. The packaging is the same format as the existing inks with new graphics, All white with blue and black text. The bottle is the same shoe as we are used to with the existing line up (with the nice two part filling arrangement). http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5477/10108346353_779b6d73ca_z.jpgIMAGE_1.jpg by Bigeddie100, on Flickr Included below are samples of the new ink, and some from Mystery Black for comparison. My scanner is now older than some forum members, that is to say rather tired. I have taken photos in direct sunlight for comparison. Both inks were in Lamy Safari pens with medium nibs. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7381/10116588723_c5577df8a6_z.jpgMontblanc Permanent Black on copy paper by Bigeddie100, on Flickrhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3788/10116533925_da7d9bebf0_z.jpgMontblanc Mystery Black on copy paper by Bigeddie100, on Flickr http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2820/10116512226_fa55819151_z.jpgMontblanc Permanent Black on Rhodia by Bigeddie100, on Flickrhttp://farm8.staticflickr.com/7380/10116525525_6451b35e04_z.jpgMontblanc Mystery Black on Rhodia by Bigeddie100, on Flickr Analysis: The new black has a much heavier flow than Midnight Black and a more intense depth, it is truly black. I would rate it on blackness with Noodlers (bulletproof) Black or Sailor Kiwa-Guro, whereas the Mystery Black has quite obvious shading, to me the sign of a not black black. Performance is good despite the heavy flow, even on cheap paper; the same caveats as the Permanent Blue here, it looks like single sided use only due to the bleed and show through, but there is very little feathering. Performance on Rhodia is superb, with a deep black, good lubrication. Water resistance:These new permanent inks from MB are the first that I have seen with an ISO certification for permanence, here I am only testing water resistance when dry. The inks proved to be very water resistant, I would be hard pushed to detect the difference between inks before and after soaking. Certainly this ink along with the new Permanent Black are the most water resistant inks out there, unlike the pigment inks nothing floats off of them. But the black does rub off, a little bit. After a two hour soak (photo to be added) I could rub some of the black off, legibility is still excellent, far ahead of that of the old or new Midnight Blue inks, and miles ahead of Mystery Black (which disappears after a 5 minute soak, as below). http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3747/10116653463_80c76125ea_z.jpgWater resistance in progress by Bigeddie100, on Flickrhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3764/10116561223_bec75a871d_z.jpgWater resistance by Bigeddie100, on Flickr Conclusion: This is a nice black. The down side, as with the Permanent Blue, is that it's £19 a bottle. For a good permanent black ink I would go to Noodlers black (90ml currently £12.50 from Niche Pens) or Sailor Kiwa-Guro (50ml around £16, The Writing Desk or Write Here). It's nice enough but not very remarkable for the money, and both of the other two have better performance for use double sided. I look forward to your opinions
  8. dicks390

    Montblanc Noblesse

    Hello: I have a Montblanc Gold Plated fountain pen. I have seen these listed as 20 K or 24 K Gold Plated. Did Montblanc make two gold plated versions, or just one, and if one, which one? Thanks in advance.
  9. dicks390

    Montblanc Noblesse

    Hello: I have a Montblanc Noblesse Gold Plated fountain pen. I have seen these listed as 20 K or 24 K Gold Plated. Did Montblanc make two gold plated versions, or just one, and if one, which one? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have three broken pens that I would love to give to someone or someones who have the skill, tools, and inclination to repair and to keep. If you can fix 'em or even salvage and use the parts, you can have 'em. I don't want to see these go to melt or resale or parts resale (I could do that!), but preferably to a collector who will restore and use them or even trade them on FPN. If you-all judge them beyond repair, then I'll reconsider. I just don't know enough to judge. First is a 1970's Montblanc, I don't know the model. I bought this new, broke the cap almost immediately, attempted a hamfisted repair (there is some glue residue on the surviving piece of the cap, which is in the photo and will be included with the pen), and gave up, a little brokenhearted. It's been in a drawer for 40+ years. The nib is in good shape, almost never used. I think it's a medium. It's moderately dirty, but the piston works and is smooth. https://www.amazon.com/photos/all/fpngallery/oub-KcOjSAq_pXmpYuB20Q Second is a Montblanc Mozart (cartridge only) with a pranged nib. The picture doesn't show the extent of the damage, but the tines are really bent. There is a slight blemish on the star on the cap. I don't know what the blemish is, and it didn't come off with light finger rubbing. The rest of the pen is in great shape. The threads are clean and smooth. I don't remember where I got this, or how and when I broke it, but I've had it a very long time. I probably bought it when the Mozart series first came out, but I am not sure. https://www.amazon.com/photos/all/fpngallery/HVDQvfdcRf6_gFsgo1h3Fg The last is a 1940's or earlier Schaeffer snorkel in burgundy. It was my wife's school pen. I broke the section very recently (*grrr*) when disassembling it to clean. The surviving piece is depicted and will be included with the pen. The nib is undamaged, but the pen is VERY dirty. She probably put it away inked decades ago. Having blown it once, I will not attempt further manipulation, but rather leave it in parts. https://www.amazon.com/photos/all/fpngallery/5dlpnTF0RBeYigg5KPi6uQ Here are all three together https://www.amazon.com/photos/all/fpngallery/z48Cx81AQvin2QYh2ZlA8w I'll leave this open for a couple of weeks and choose randomly, with preference to someone who wants all three. If you only want one or two, please don't hesitate to say so, however, because there might not be anyone who wants all three. For shipping, I request that you send me a prepaid shipping box so that all I have to do is bubble-wrap them and send them off.
  11. Hello, MB mavens: I have a lovely MB 221P, which is the c/c version of the 221. It writes like a dream and was a gift from my father many years ago. However, I've never had the right converter for it. I've long used an unbranded converter which was the only one in my stash that came close to fitting it. And it works, but it doesn't fit at all precisely. If I'm not careful with the pen, it will leak from the imprecise join between the nipple and the mouth. I want to buy the proper converter, or at least one that will fit properly. But I've always been hesitant to just buy an MB converter, online, because of the converter in the picture below. That converter -- which is branded Montblanc -- does not fit my 221. So, how do I know what converter to buy? All help gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.
  12. GutSchrift

    Review: Montblanc Oyster Grey

    Please see the attached photo. Just a quick little review of an ink new to me -- which I love! Really enjoy this color. It's a very true grey color, but just dark enough to be more legible than other grey's I've used previously. Thank you! Edited: Forgot to mention the paper -- Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton, A5
  13. ISW_Kaputnik

    "expiration" Date On Montblanc Ink?

    I have some Montblanc Midnight Blue ink that I bought 4 and a half years ago. I actually know that because I remembered getting it on Amazon and just looked up the order. I've never taken to it that much, because I was expecting more of a blue black, and when this dries, it just looks black, so there's plenty of it left. But I was thinking of giving it another shot the next time I fill a pen. I just noticed, though, that there is a paper tag on the bottom of the bottle which says September 2017. Is that a "best by" date? I've never run into this on an ink before, generally assuming that it's good until it evaporates or develops mold. But is Montblanc suggesting that you ought to use it before it's too old? It's not that I'm really worried about it having gone bad somehow. Just curious about the logic of putting that date on there.
  14. Just got a lovely 144G with long ink window and F nib. It had a new cork seal and filling wonderfully... any harm in using it as an EDC (no pocket only purse) and no direct sunlight?
  15. "Humanity can live without science, it can live without bread, but it cannot live without beauty. Without beauty, there would be nothing left to do in this life. Here the secret lies. Here lies the entire story." Dostoevsky. The Montblanc Writers Edition Dostoevsky fountain pen was released in 1997 with a 'limited' number of 16,300 fountain pens. It is a suitably moody pen for a writer who often plunged the dark depths of the human psyche, yet it's moodiness comes with a terrible beauty too. When Montblanc get their designs right, they really do get them right, producing miniature little works of art that are entirely functional and a true joy to own. I love this pen, but it has had a somewhat tragic history with me that has only recently resolved itself - more on that later. I bought this pen on the second hand market several years ago at what I thought was a very good price. The price of this pen (along with the Voltaire I was eyeing at the same time) seems to have significantly increased over the last couple of years. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but they do seem to be a little rarer than they once were which is perhaps pushing the price up, often well over the thousand euro mark which I would consider to be a little painful on the old purse. The pen came with its original packaging; a cardboard box shaped like a book with a black satin inlay where the pen rests. Many people like the boxes but I can't say I'm a fan. They are fine but not something I can get excited about. I think it's a shame they never include a copy of the author's work. This pen originally came with a fine nib that was quite soft, but didn't offer flexibility and expression, but it did have a curious, very slightly stubbish aspect and was quite different from a lot of other Writer's Edition nibs. I liked it and loved the feel, length, weight and balance of the pen posted. The concave grip is small and a little thinner than most Montblanc's, but comfortable. Sadly, I dropped it one day. The nib didn't appear damaged to the eye, but it did compact the left tine making it a little like an awkward oblique. It wasn't going to be something I could repair and in spite of my attempts to continue writing with it I had to admit defeat. Then someone here on FPN mentioned that they sent off their Agatha for a nib exchange and promptly got one. I decided to risk the same and plumbed for a double broad nib. I didn't have high hopes of getting it, but two weeks later the pen was returned with a double broad nib, re-gilded signature on the cap, re-plated gold on the top of the clip, a blemish removed from a cap ring and the whole pen polished and looking like new and all for less than the price of a Pelikan M1000 nib exchange. I am impressed by their customer service. Now to the pen. It's a back resin pen with an ivory snow peak on the cap (the older WE's in an old fashioned vintage style tend to have ivory coloured peaks rather than a pure white - a nice touch) and has a stormy blue ink window (minus the facets). The cap, grip and piston nob are plain, but the barrel of the pen has an engraved pattern reminiscent of either Imperial Russia or a riff on Russian folk material designs (depending on who you read - Montblanc say it's a nod to Imperial Russia). The furniture is gold plated with similar geometric designs of x's and diamonds that are found on the barrel. The clip narrows down to a ball that houses a rather moody looking sapphire. The screw cap comes off with three turns to reveal an 18K gold nib with an imprinted geometric design that is similar, but different to the barrel and cap bands. The cap is domed in a vintage style and the piston nob is a touch flatter with a metal (brass?) piston mechanism. The pen posts securely. The details are: 5.75 inches capped, 6.30 inches posted and 28g in weight, filled. The author's signature is on the cap, to the right of the clip, and gilded in gold. The pen is a piston filler that is smooth as butter and fills easily - you can fill it by dipping the nib only so you don;t have to immerse the whole nib and section. The double broad nib is quite crisp. On the sample above it was written on slightly poor paper so it soaked in slightly. The BB nibs have a beautiful quality; incredibly smooth and very wet with a stub aspect and a true joy to write with. I normally buy fine and extra fine nibs, but I do love these double broad nibs. Be aware that now and again you can get one that has quite a lot of oils residue in the nib housing that can make the nib either a slightly hard starter or skip slightly when first writing. A good and thorough flush will rid you of the residue and the nib should write like a dream. I am very fond of this pen. I love the old vintage nods that Montblanc really does so well. It's a joy to use and own and a fitting tribute to Dostoevsky. Probably best described as a terrible beauty.
  16. Hello everyone here at FPN. In the past I shared with you a thread in which I expressed my desire to obtain Montblanc 149 since for me it had always been a pretty beautiful fountain pen that from my children I longed to obtain. The price of a new MB 149 is high, so I decided to get a used one to "save a lot of money" and to my misfortune it was the opposite. I noticed one that I found here at the fountain pen network in the USD 420 classifieds and I contacted the seller and asked him if he had the pen available and he told me that it was not and he showed me another one in the private messages and he told me that It was a condition near mint, fine point and it worked amazing, so I decided to buy it and with it the beginning of the curse and misfortune. The pen came to my house and I was completely excited but when I used it, my performance had completely disappointed me, I wrote horribly dry and cut the lines in several places. So furious I decided to start the claim via paypal to get the refund, everything was going well and I just had to send it to the country of which Poland is and then paypal gave me my money. But suddenly everything got terrible against me because of the fault of the postal service of my country since they sent the pen to the United States instead of Poland and according to them they were going to solve this problem but no, they did it again and I lost the Paypal case because of him and the guy who scammed me went unpunished. So I ran out of my money and with a defective product so I resigned myself to staying with her and decided to send her to a nibmeister to fix these problems and he told me that the nib tines were too tight and that the tip was wrong made and deformed and that is why he wrote so badly. So he told me that he gave the correct shape to the tip and increased its ink flow to write wet. The pen just arrived a few days ago after his visit with the nibmeister and indeed the nib writes quite wet but my problems are not over yet, now what happens is that the fountain pen when I just recharged writes quite wet and smooth and without any failure in the strokes but ... after a while it begins to write something drier and begins to omit strokes. Before sending the pen with the nibmeister it already presented a flow that was decreasing and terrible but I attributed it more to the nib. So now the problem is the feed? The pen suffers a lot from ink starvation after a while writing, in my opinion it is quite unacceptable even my cheapest pens do not show these symptoms. Then he sold me a pen with nib and defective feed? .. what a scammer was that guy who sold it to me. I am currently devastated I have invested this pen enough money to almost reach the price of a new MB149. I don't even know what it has if the fountain pen needs a new feed and I should send it to the Montblanc service, or if I leave it in oblivion, pure frustration has brought me, the dream turned into a nightmare !! All I wanted was for my dream pen to write as well as it looks.
  17. Anyone know when "Metal" showed up on the underside of the Montblanc Meisterstuck LeGrand 146 clip? I just bought a 146 and was surprised to see "metal" and "Made in Germany" on the underside of the clip, and no pix on the center band.
  18. nuria

    Vintage Model To Identify

    Hello, My mother give me my grandfather's fountain pen and now I would like to know what model and what year it is. I've been searching in forums but I didn't find this model. It has MASTERPIECE name in the cap and two small round holes. The number 26 at the bottom and the number 14C in the pen nib in addition to the tipical 1840 M marc. Can anyone give me some information? Thank you.
  19. Montblanc regularly intoduces new and pricey LE/SE inks. I'd like to try more of them but because of high cost of a bottle, it's not possible. As I like orange inks, I decided to try this one. Bottle 50 ml glass bottle that comes in a stylish packaging. It looks nice on the shelf. It's solid and ergonomic. Ink splash The ink has average saturation, it feels watery and lacks lubrication. I like the washed out color, but, truth be told, it's nothing special, especially for the price. Drops of ink on kitchen towel Color ID Color range Fabriano, Aurora 88, M Tomoe River, Aurora 88, medium nib Maruman, Jinhao x750, M Copy paper, Jinhao 992, fine nib Tsubame, TWSBI 580, stub 1.1 Fabriano, Jinhao 992. fine nib Water resistance
  20. enchiridion

    Small Collection

    here are some nice striated 1950s Montblancs I got in.
  21. i recently purchased 2 montblanc 146s both from japan. 1 is the Montblanc 146 Platinum in "Fine" nib (stated in the box with the F sticker), and another monotone nib Montblanc 146 in "Medium" nib (stated by Kingdom Note). When i received them i believe there is an error somewhere. The platinum should be in M and the monotone nib in F/EF? Variances between them that made me think that either one of them might be fake? Monotone Nib Montblanc 146 White Logo on cap has slight protrusionsTop cap trim just stated GermanyNo inner clip engravingsBottom cap trim stated Montblanc meisterstuck no 146 (note the font differences)Nib writes like EF/F but stated to be M by sellerpiston filler Feed differsSkipping/Irregular Ink Flow Platinum Montblanc 146 White logo on cap does not protruteTop cap trim states serial number onlyInner clip engraving stated Made in Germany METALbottom cap trim stated Montblanc Meisterstuck (note the font differences)Nib writes like M but stated to be F due to F sticker in the boxpiston fillerFeed differs
  22. I’m having difficulty with the fit of refills in a Montblanc Leonardo ballpoint. An older “Pix” marked refill works, and allows the click mechanism to work perfectly, but when I fit a current production refill, the point barely protrudes from the nose of the pen. Maybe the recess in the refill end cap is deeper on the current product refill? Can anyone please suggest a fix for this? Any help will be appreciated
  23. Dear Friends, I'll be in Canada all August this year, in Waterloo-Kitchener, Ontario. Can my Canadian colleagues tell me if there are any fountain pen events in this area (pen shows, meetings, etc.) in August, and if and where there are any antique shops and flea markets, where you can find pens, other writing instruments, etc... I am mainly interested in Pelikan, Montblanc, but also Parker Duofold, Vacumatic and all others. Mostly vintage pens... . I'd like to talk about fountain pens, maybe I'll buy, sell or trade something. I am also interested in pens for parts and to be repaired. I would be grateful for your information and guidance, thank you in advance. Contact me at the Forum or directly via PM
  24. Hello fellow Montblanc fans, We made a video overview of the new Montblanc Calligraphy collection. Let us know what you think of this new Flex nib and the Gold Leaf Solitaire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6meE30Dk_Q
  25. Hi, I am waiting on a Solti to show up in my mailbox and am curious about thoughts and feelings on the pen from those who have used/owned them. Being a big fan of the Chicago Symphony, I couldnt pass it up, but have never never seen a Donation Pen in person. What should I know? Thanks!

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