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  1. Hi everyone, In my never-ending (and expensive) quest for vintage MB pens, I noticed a 60's era 149 w/an 18C nib that was just listed on eBay here and ends just before 6 PM (EDT) today; the pen has an 18C (not K) nib and looks like it's in pretty good condition. Note that the seller only ships to US, so this might appeal only to those already in the states. DISCLAIMER 1: I'm just posting this in case some FPN'ers in the US might not have noticed this and the auction end is very soon. If it violates the FPN rules, the mods have the right to remove this topic. DISCLAIMER 2: I'm associated with neither this auction's seller or eBay more generally in any way, shape or form outside of furthering my hobby of spending far too much time and money chasing far too many pens.
  2. La Couronne du Comte

    Montblanc Discounts

    Hi All, We are clearing out cabinets to make room for the new collections and we now have some incredible Montblanc discounts! Since Montblanc doesn't allow discounted prices announced publicly in our webstore, I kindly request you to send me a PM and I will provide you with the list of available pens and the discounted prices! And I must say ... some pens are really attractively priced . Best regards, Dennis www.lacouronneducomte.nl
  3. I already have 3 three 149s, ranging from circa '70 to early '90. Heard great things about older version, but always been able to resist the temptation. Even if I prefer large pens, just out of curiosity I have been tempted by a (affordable, slightly battered, user grade) 142 from the '50 and now I WANT REALLY BAD a 149 from the same period. So beware, curiosity kills also the budget... Here it is with my oldest 149.
  4. I found this set at an online estate sale not to long ago. I am really quite new to fountain pens in general (my wife got me into them only about a year ago) and outside of the purchases i have made for myself i know next to nothing about the myriad of vendors and manufacturers of writing instruments. That being said, i was looking for a case that I could keep my pens in so that my desk wasn't quite so cluttered. I found this 40 pen case and a lot of pens for $45.00 and decided to purchase it. The owner didn't really care for them nor was she interested in them in any way. I liked the look of quite a few of them and i hoped they would write nicely since i thought they were quite attractive. I brought the purchase home and showed them to my wife (who is a life long lover of fountain pens) and her jaw dropped. Needless to say i still have no idea what I have here, but kudos to anyone who can identify any of these sets. I have yet to be able to identify any of them except the bordeaux Mont Blanc, but i am such a neophyte i cant even tell you which model they are. The mechanical pencil works wonderfully well although it could use a bit of cleaning up. Regardless, i really love the one in the very middle, however it needs some TLC. If any assistance can be given as to identifying the possible manufactures pictured here or where to begin my search for answers it would be incredibly welcome. Do any of you have any similar stories of luck? I would love hear them
  5. Hi all, For a long time I've been a big fan of MontBlanc 146 pens: their balance, huge capacity and great feel in hand are (in my opinion) unrivalled. I could never get over their nibs though; mushy, unexpressive and often requiring significant work before they wrote as I preferred. (What can I say? I'm picky when it comes to nibs). Enter the Sailor pen company. With woeful size and balance for my hand, the lack of girth and weight were a surefire recipe for hand cramps after a few lines of writing. But the nib was otherworldly. Just unparalleled. So... the solution? http://s2.postimg.org/jad4o9w4p/IMAG1326.jpg http://s2.postimg.org/ae2ckc5ih/IMAG1327.jpg http://s2.postimg.org/dbzbe1d61/IMAG1325.jpg http://s21.postimg.org/vro59fjev/IMAG1328.jpg I haven't seen this done before, and in all honesty I wouldn't recommend it if you have any true love for your pens or can resell them, but both the sailor and MontBlanc had cosmetic issues that would have decimated their resale price. So instead I hacked together a workhorse. An ebonite feed is required for heat-setting to fit the new shape and curvature of the Sailor nib. Let me know what you think!
  6. muratavci

    Hello From Turkey!

    Hi everyone from Turkey. As you know I am new here I am looking for a pen for good signature and I meet FPN while I was looking at information about my research at internet. I have got a no idea about pens, nib, stub, ink etc. I want a pen for usually signing maybe sometimes take notes or writing. but my priority is signing. So what is the best pen (roller, ball-point, fountain) for you? Of course nib size, stub, oblique or straight etc. Thank you very much
  7. msolok

    Boheme Cartridge Compatibility

    Hey Guys, I am looking at grabbing a couple of Boheme's as I can get them for a decent price. What I am unsure on though is the cartridge compatibility. While I love the Montblanc colours, the cart prices here are stupid (8 carts for $18.... No thanks). So I am wondering is Small international Carts work in the Boheme's? I have a bunch of Kaweco and J Herbin small carts that would be great if I could use in my Boheme. Also, I have heard that the nib mechanisim can get loose and the nibs starts retracting while writing. is this a large issue with the Boheme's? How about the mechinism freezing up?
  8. GabrielleDuVent

    Extra-Fine Smackdown: Japan Vs Germany

    So I decided to compare the EF nibs I possess right now, with inks on hand, since I got a replacement Lamy EF nib. I wrote out both Japanese vertically and horizontally, and English, to compare alphabet and oriental script. Here are the combinations: MontBlanc Meisterstuck LeGrand, 14K EF nib, with Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue Lamy Safari EF nib with Lamy Blue Platinum Plaisir with J Herbin Encre Violette Platinum Preppy with Platinum Black Vertical Verdict: Platinum Plaisir wrote the smoothest, then Preppy, and the grand loser was MB. Lamy did fine, but not spectacularly. MB was VERY scratchy. Also, the MB width is so thicker than the other three that it looks like a medium. What gives?! Order: Plaisir, Preppy, Lamy, MB. Horizontal verdict: Platinum Plaisir wins again. Preppy lost out to Lamy; MB is a little smoother, but still scratchy. MB must hate this paper. Order: Plaisir, Lamy, Preppy, MB. English: MB wins, hands down, despite the "this is so not EF" thickness, then Plaisir, then Lamy, and Preppy decided to scratch. Order: MB, Plaisir, Lamy, Preppy. Conclusion: Lamy can do fine vertically and horizontally, but fares better with loops and curves. MontBlanc abhors vertical strokes and corners, period. Plaisir is smooth both ways, but loses an oomph when writing in English, and tends to glide too much. Preppy is acceptable in all situations, but will never, ever stand out. Considering that Japanese has a lot of vertical and horizontal strokes, as well as angles, and significantly less loops than English, it makes sense for Platinum to make pens suited for that purpose, rather than Lamy or MB making nibs that suite cursive loops more. Also, thinner the nib, easier to write Japanese, because we have sudden upward strokes. The red? Pilot VRAZOR EF point. The pink is Varsity (nib is bent for some reason). http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/GabrielleduVent/DSC_02562_zpsd09521e5.jpg
  9. gte930d

    Cracked 234 1/2 Drp Barrel :/

    this is unfortunate. i bought the pen off ebay relatively cheap, then discovered the cracks. i feel as if they're growing, but perhaps it's my paranoia. in either case, there are three cracks total - 2 big ones, and a tiny one in between. this is my daily fountain, for which i have grown to love! im new here on the forum, but perhaps you can all welcome me with some fantastic advice on who to send this to for repairs!? or can it be repaired at all? i'm really stressed and disappointed about it, but have continued using it. the daily use and pleasure of the pen has been overwhelmed by fretting over the cracks, however - and fear i may have to shelf it. sorry for the focus problems, but you get the idea of the scope of the cracks. these pens are IMPOSSIBLE to casually photograph! heeeellllp! (and thanks for any advice you can provide)
  10. Hi, everyone! I am new to both - fountain pens and this forum. Sorry, if this has already been discussed, but I haven't found it on the forum. I recently bought my first fountain pen - a Montblanc Jonathan Swift with medium nib with Montblanc toffee brown ink. I was looking for a decent notebook which would be used both - for office notes and my personal ones. Moleskine seemed to be the perfect choice due to it's design and creamy paper colour. It turned out to be a disaster as I can use only one side of the notebook due to severe bleed-through of the ink. Please see the pic. http://s11.postimg.org/domcfwwir/image.jpg Please advise if all moleskines are like that or it is due to the choice of pen/ink. What substitute to moleskine would you recommend? I would rather change the notebook, then the pen . Do all monblanc inks have the same bleedthrough qualities or should I try another ink, maybe a non-montblanc one? thank you in advance! Dennis
  11. The best way of cleaning a pen that has much debris of old ink especially on the writing unit is disassembling the pen and then using a ultrasound device ( like the ones used for cleaning medical instruments ). No problems with Pelikan, Conway Stewart, .... However these parts are sealed on Montblanc, impossible to disassemble. Question: is it possible to put the pen like that in the device without risking to damage certain parts, resulting in leaking or malfunctioning of the pen afterwards?
  12. sorry about the poor photo quality, it is an ebay listing from cambridge uk http://i.ebayimg.com/t/mont-blanc-fountain-pen-/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/-58AAMXQlrxRdDQO/$T2eC16NHJIIE9qTYI1gCBRdDQN8CRg~~60_12.JPG

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