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  1. I quite fancy one of the R&K colours and wonder if anyone uses it in their Mb piston fillers? I'm very careful about which inks I use in my piston fillers, but I really like the look of R&K Cassia. I don't even know yet if I can get any in the UK either.
  2. I recently obtained one of the Jinhao Chinese Pens a) because it was ridiculously cheap, I wanted to see how it would hold up to my Meisterstuck 146, and c) it has had some very good reviews recently. I filled the Jinhao X450 with the same ink that is in the MB ... MB Midnight Blue. The Jinhao wrote beautifully for a USD $0.98 pen. The pen is very weighty though. Now for the real surprise ... After the converter ran out, I flushed and filled the Jinhao's converter with Noodler's Whaleman's Sepia (a favorite of mine). The X450 skipped and hard started for the duration of the converter. 4 times, I primed the feed with a small twist of the plunger. She worked wonderfully with the Sepia, but only for a paragraph of cursive and then back to skips and starts. When the Sepia was used up, I flushed and cleaned thoroughly, refilled with the MB and she returned to a flawless wet flow with no issues at all. Lubrication? Bottom line, though I own a half dozen Noodler's pens, I will never use anything but MB in a MB and this was a real eye opener for me between these inks in this large Sino pen. The Noodler's inks work well with their namesakes flex pens, but this opens my eyes to the individuality of inks and the pens we use them with. Best,
  3. Jadie

    Dostoevsky Dream Come True?

    Just wanted to share a little story.... In recent months I've been cleaning up and narrowing my collection of inks and pens---selling the old, saving money to buy my grail pens, etc. One of them was the MB Dostoevsky. Out of all of MB's WE, this one appealed to me most---I love the detailing on the body, the golden rings on the cap and barrel---even that funny blue jewel in the clip. But I despaired of ever getting this pen, because it was long out of production and the current prices on eBay were too expensive for me (all of the listings were sets or included boxes---and all I wanted was the pen). Well, about a week ago, just when I was about to give up, someone lists it on eBay without boxes and papers at a price I could actually swallow. I admit it, I had to look twice. My hands shook. My heart skipped a beat. I swear that pen was calling my name. There was the usual dilemma of is-this-a-fake and will-I-get-scammed and someone-will-probably-outbid-me-in-the-end going on, but I decided to try for it anyways. For five days, I was the only bidder. Predictably, the last five minutes made up for all those days....but in the end, I still managed to squeak through with the highest bid. So, if all goes well, I might be the owner of a Dostoevsky after all. That's what I call the beginning of an almost happily ever after. =)
  4. Here are two vintage Montblancs that I acquired recently. They needed a little work from Greg Minuskin to get them working perfectly again.
  5. mrchan

    Montblanc Rouge Et Noir

    Hi dear FPNers, I'd like to consult ye guys regarding the VINTAGE version of the Montblanc Et Noir made from ?1910 - ?1920s as I have recently come across them and would like very much to obtain one. I'd like to ask: 1. What do those numbers mean? I think there are numbered between 1 to 8. Perhaps the size/length of the pens/nibs? 2. Which models have the red star and which have the white? 3. Any idea roughly how much each of them costs? In Excellent to Near mint/mint condition that is, not some crummy one. 4. What are the filling systems like? I haven't come across much info on it at all. 5. Do the numbers on the nibs correspond to which version it is? Thanks guys Here are two pics I found on some random google search
  6. Hello, I have a few problems I need some help with. My montblanc 149 and a cross townsend both have slightly bent clips. It really annoys me having that little gap between the cap and the end of the clip. I have tried the trick with the key, but I'm scared of scratching the cap. Is there any way to get the clip loose in order to get it back into shape? Or any other trick that has worked for you? Also, I discovered today, my Monteverde prima is stuck in the cap. When I try to uncap it, I only screw the barrel off. I can't tighten the barrel too much either, as that will only tighten the cap further and I'm afraid of using pliers as I think it will damage the threads. Any ideas?
  7. Goodmorning! I would like to share recent YouTube videos of an artwork using a Montblanc 149 with a nib grind by Michael Masuyama. The needle-like tip is just perfect for the type of detail work that I enjoy. The ink used for this artwork was Cafe Des Iles by J. Herbin. The paper is an 11 inches by 17 inches Strathmore 2-ply Smooth Bristol board. The pencil used for the initial sketch was a Blackwing pencil by Palomino Brands. At the last stage of the process--from mid to end portion of Video Part 4--the MB 149 pen was turned into a quick airbrush/atomizer tool using a simple soda straw to create fine mist sprays for soft shading and blending, as well as coarse spatter ink sprays for texture work. Video Part 1 of 4 - [Note: When I began this recording, I didn't think I would upload it publicly on YouTube. As such, this first part was recorded at a local restaurant and my friends at the table convinced me to share the entire process. The other three videos were recorded privately in my art studio]: Video Part 2 of 4: Video Part 3 of 4: Video Part 4 of 4: Below are links to the video. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Thank you letting me share this post with you... and best regards, Ced
  8. bernardoarcos


    Hi everyone! Last week I check several websites, and a special one offer several Montblanc products with huge discount prices. For your reference website is http://www.montblancluxurypen.com My question is very simple, anyone of my dear FPN fellow have purchased on this website? I will deeply appreciate your comments and help. Warmest regards Bernardo
  9. shirtdj

    Help Identifying This Montblanc

    G'Day All, This is my first post after recently joining the FPN. I'm hoping one or more of the members will be able to assist me in identifying the following pen. After being fortunate enough to acquire my first Montblanc last year on a trip to Europe, a 149, I’ve been enjoying reading the forum posts and learning about the different models and variants. After buying the 149, I was looking for a matching MB crystal inkwell and ended up buying an inkwell and pen stand on eBay at a very good price. As it turns out the pen stand is too small for the 149 but the bonus was that a MB fountain pen was included with the stand, making the purchase even better value. Any assistance in confirming my diagnosis of the model and vintage of the pen would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately there is no cap so I can't confirm whether it would have indicated Germany or W. Germany or whether it had a serial number. The following are the characteristics of the pen and I’ve included a couple of photos, excuse the lighting, to aid review: Dimensions: Length (nib tip to end of filler cap) is approx 123mm and the width is approx 13mm Barrel: ink window with stripes Nib: Two Tone 14K, quite flexible when compared to the Parker Duofold I'm used to. Feed: Plastic with horizontal combs ? Filler Thread: Brass From the above characteristics, and using the Dating 149’s post images and chart and from reading various FPN 146 posts, I believe it’s a modern 146 post 1990 variant. I’m in the process of sourcing parts to build a cap after enquiring about the costs from MB Technical Services in Australia who wanted between AUS$230 for the cap body and AUS$610 for a complete cap with a pen service. So far I’ve sourced a cap body ($75) and clip ($50), just need a cap top to match. Thanks in advance and look forward to your thoughts.
  10. First off, my apology for adding yet another "is this fake" topic. The MB pen in question is a 18k Boheme Solitaire Gold Citrine with grid pattern that is listed on Ebay. I would like an advice if the boheme gold came in a grid design. I tried google as well as searching the FPN forum and nothing came up. (Well, google came up with other Ebay listing--which is not helpful at all.) The link below to the Ebay item: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=370797221001 Any MB collectors out there own such type of pen in grid pattern, or is it just another creative product of the counterfeiters? Was there ever a Boheme in gold with grid? From what articles I've found online, they all show (or point) to the Boheme gold with striped pattern only. Thanks in advance.
  11. sonoftownhall

    Did This Half Demonstrator Come From Mb?

    Hi, I recently purchased this pen from a MB collector. As you can see, the cap is a transparent demonstrator cap but the body is a stock MB 149. Can anyone comment on whether this kind of demonstrator ever came out of MB like this? Or do you think a previous owner married a 149 body to a demonstrator cap? I will add detailed pictures later, because i haven't my macro camera with me. Thank you for any insight that you can provide.
  12. Hello, I am curious if anyone here on FPN has tried this Montblanc Pen Polish that is currently on Ebay... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pen-Polish-Montblanc-and-other-HighEnd-Pens-Resin-Celluloid-Metal-etc-/251298456450 It claims to offer a two-stage, non-abrasive polishing system that produces "Insanely high shine." Also protects pens from scratches. And each bottle has a serial number to prove that it has been quality checked. Any advice or input on this product is appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hi All, Montblanc recently introduced the new Writers Edition 2013 collection, honouring the French writer Honoré de Balzac, and the Heritage Collection 1912. The Writers Edition pens are expected in August/September and the Heritage Collection 1912 will arrive at our store in approximately one or two weeks. Those who reserve their pens with our store now, will receive a wonderful Montblanc gift set with their pen(s) ... You won't be sorry when you have reserved your pen with us!!! Click on the links below for more info on the pens. Writers Edition 2013: http://www.lacouronneducomte.nl/webstore/main/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=montblanc+balzac Heritage Collection 1912: http://www.lacouronneducomte.nl/webstore/main/montblanc-heritage-collection-1912-fountain-limited-edition-p-4730.html Best regards, Dennis van de Graaf La Couronne du Comte
  14. Adam of Bertrams Inkwell

    Montblanc Mentioned On The T.v. Show Suits

    I have some very exciting news! On July 16th, the first episode of the new season of Suits on the USA Network had its debut. It has been quite a while since pens have been mentioned, and not just cleverly placed as a product in a t.v. show (or in a movie for that matter). So, imagine my delight and surprise when one of the main characters, Louis, talks about how he can't stand using cheap office supply pens and needs a much nicer pen for his daily use. The conversation starts with one of the cheaper pens "exploding" all over his shirt and tie, and progresses to his love for nicer pens. Louis then explains how using a nicer pen helps him get through his daily tasks which includes a ton of writing (since he's a lawyer). This was quite the unexpected addition to the show's normal content, so imagine my continued excitement when later in the show, the firm's managing partner asks Louis specifically for his favorite Montblanc pen to sign something with. Yes, I know this was product placement, but as someone in the pen industry, I always find it fascinating to see how writing instruments get mentioned in various forms of media. Sometimes it's not as flattering (i.e. a pen "explodes" for dramatic effect), and sometimes (as in this case) it is very flattering and encourages the use of fine writing instruments. I am very happy to see that in this digital age, people still enjoy seeing quality pens in their television programming. Now I'm off to go track down which Montblanc Louis handed the managing partner!
  15. I have some vintage Montblanc pens & pencils I've been slowly identifying over the past eight months. Usually I have no troubles on my own, but I've got a few that I'd like a second (or third) oppinion on. In other words I'd like to confirm that I've correctly Identified my pens and at the same share some of my rare finds with the rest of you. I'd love to see and hear about your rare finds as well! I hope this thread will be useful for us vintage/antique pen lovers. I've been using the resources posted in the forum to identify this one in particular, and Ithink that it is this pen: http://www.fountainpen.de/old-20er-25er-meisterstueck-erste-variante.htm A very rare Montblanc Meisterstuck/Masterpiece Safety 25 M. Production period between 1925 - 1928. I thought it was a very exciting thing to share, and I was hoping to get confirmation that I have correctly identified my pen. I will post pictures of my pen, let me know what you think. It's discolored so if anyone has advice on restoring the coloring (if possible) I'd appreciate hearing from you. lol also if someone can tell me how to post a picture in a reply on a thread I'd appreciate it as I'd like to keep the thread going as I find out more about some of my older pens. (Sorry I'm such a noob DX )
  16. camoandconcrete

    Happily Surprised By An Old Ink

    So, tonight I decided to dig out my Visconti Homo Sapiens to see if I still liked the 1.3 stub nib on it as I was planning on exchanging the nib with Visconti for an EF. I decided to fill it with one of my favorite inks, Montblanc Toffee Brown, or so I thought. I filled it with Oyster Grey and didn't realize until I started writing. In the past I really did not like Oyster Grey but, with this nib the color just pops in a way its never done before for me. This led me to think if certain inks just work better with certain pens. Have any of you ever given up hope on a particular nib and/or ink like I did until by accident they were used together?
  17. Hi all, I have a lovely Montblanc 134 long captop but the caesin star just won't stay on. Every time the barrel is screwed into the pen, the star pops out in response. As a result of it being this loose, it's prone to leaking. Ordinarily, I'll paint the sides of the star with some shellec or rosin, and leave it dry. But since it's such an old pen, and since I've never dealt with caesin, I'm not sure if using shellac would dissolve the star. Can the wise sages here weigh in on what are the proper steps to take? Thank you!!
  18. Hi everyone, In my never-ending (and expensive) quest for vintage MB pens, I noticed a 60's era 149 w/an 18C nib that was just listed on eBay here and ends just before 6 PM (EDT) today; the pen has an 18C (not K) nib and looks like it's in pretty good condition. Note that the seller only ships to US, so this might appeal only to those already in the states. DISCLAIMER 1: I'm just posting this in case some FPN'ers in the US might not have noticed this and the auction end is very soon. If it violates the FPN rules, the mods have the right to remove this topic. DISCLAIMER 2: I'm associated with neither this auction's seller or eBay more generally in any way, shape or form outside of furthering my hobby of spending far too much time and money chasing far too many pens.
  19. La Couronne du Comte

    Montblanc Discounts

    Hi All, We are clearing out cabinets to make room for the new collections and we now have some incredible Montblanc discounts! Since Montblanc doesn't allow discounted prices announced publicly in our webstore, I kindly request you to send me a PM and I will provide you with the list of available pens and the discounted prices! And I must say ... some pens are really attractively priced . Best regards, Dennis www.lacouronneducomte.nl
  20. I already have 3 three 149s, ranging from circa '70 to early '90. Heard great things about older version, but always been able to resist the temptation. Even if I prefer large pens, just out of curiosity I have been tempted by a (affordable, slightly battered, user grade) 142 from the '50 and now I WANT REALLY BAD a 149 from the same period. So beware, curiosity kills also the budget... Here it is with my oldest 149.
  21. I found this set at an online estate sale not to long ago. I am really quite new to fountain pens in general (my wife got me into them only about a year ago) and outside of the purchases i have made for myself i know next to nothing about the myriad of vendors and manufacturers of writing instruments. That being said, i was looking for a case that I could keep my pens in so that my desk wasn't quite so cluttered. I found this 40 pen case and a lot of pens for $45.00 and decided to purchase it. The owner didn't really care for them nor was she interested in them in any way. I liked the look of quite a few of them and i hoped they would write nicely since i thought they were quite attractive. I brought the purchase home and showed them to my wife (who is a life long lover of fountain pens) and her jaw dropped. Needless to say i still have no idea what I have here, but kudos to anyone who can identify any of these sets. I have yet to be able to identify any of them except the bordeaux Mont Blanc, but i am such a neophyte i cant even tell you which model they are. The mechanical pencil works wonderfully well although it could use a bit of cleaning up. Regardless, i really love the one in the very middle, however it needs some TLC. If any assistance can be given as to identifying the possible manufactures pictured here or where to begin my search for answers it would be incredibly welcome. Do any of you have any similar stories of luck? I would love hear them
  22. Hi all, For a long time I've been a big fan of MontBlanc 146 pens: their balance, huge capacity and great feel in hand are (in my opinion) unrivalled. I could never get over their nibs though; mushy, unexpressive and often requiring significant work before they wrote as I preferred. (What can I say? I'm picky when it comes to nibs). Enter the Sailor pen company. With woeful size and balance for my hand, the lack of girth and weight were a surefire recipe for hand cramps after a few lines of writing. But the nib was otherworldly. Just unparalleled. So... the solution? http://s2.postimg.org/jad4o9w4p/IMAG1326.jpg http://s2.postimg.org/ae2ckc5ih/IMAG1327.jpg http://s2.postimg.org/dbzbe1d61/IMAG1325.jpg http://s21.postimg.org/vro59fjev/IMAG1328.jpg I haven't seen this done before, and in all honesty I wouldn't recommend it if you have any true love for your pens or can resell them, but both the sailor and MontBlanc had cosmetic issues that would have decimated their resale price. So instead I hacked together a workhorse. An ebonite feed is required for heat-setting to fit the new shape and curvature of the Sailor nib. Let me know what you think!
  23. muratavci

    Hello From Turkey!

    Hi everyone from Turkey. As you know I am new here I am looking for a pen for good signature and I meet FPN while I was looking at information about my research at internet. I have got a no idea about pens, nib, stub, ink etc. I want a pen for usually signing maybe sometimes take notes or writing. but my priority is signing. So what is the best pen (roller, ball-point, fountain) for you? Of course nib size, stub, oblique or straight etc. Thank you very much
  24. msolok

    Boheme Cartridge Compatibility

    Hey Guys, I am looking at grabbing a couple of Boheme's as I can get them for a decent price. What I am unsure on though is the cartridge compatibility. While I love the Montblanc colours, the cart prices here are stupid (8 carts for $18.... No thanks). So I am wondering is Small international Carts work in the Boheme's? I have a bunch of Kaweco and J Herbin small carts that would be great if I could use in my Boheme. Also, I have heard that the nib mechanisim can get loose and the nibs starts retracting while writing. is this a large issue with the Boheme's? How about the mechinism freezing up?
  25. GabrielleDuVent

    Extra-Fine Smackdown: Japan Vs Germany

    So I decided to compare the EF nibs I possess right now, with inks on hand, since I got a replacement Lamy EF nib. I wrote out both Japanese vertically and horizontally, and English, to compare alphabet and oriental script. Here are the combinations: MontBlanc Meisterstuck LeGrand, 14K EF nib, with Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue Lamy Safari EF nib with Lamy Blue Platinum Plaisir with J Herbin Encre Violette Platinum Preppy with Platinum Black Vertical Verdict: Platinum Plaisir wrote the smoothest, then Preppy, and the grand loser was MB. Lamy did fine, but not spectacularly. MB was VERY scratchy. Also, the MB width is so thicker than the other three that it looks like a medium. What gives?! Order: Plaisir, Preppy, Lamy, MB. Horizontal verdict: Platinum Plaisir wins again. Preppy lost out to Lamy; MB is a little smoother, but still scratchy. MB must hate this paper. Order: Plaisir, Lamy, Preppy, MB. English: MB wins, hands down, despite the "this is so not EF" thickness, then Plaisir, then Lamy, and Preppy decided to scratch. Order: MB, Plaisir, Lamy, Preppy. Conclusion: Lamy can do fine vertically and horizontally, but fares better with loops and curves. MontBlanc abhors vertical strokes and corners, period. Plaisir is smooth both ways, but loses an oomph when writing in English, and tends to glide too much. Preppy is acceptable in all situations, but will never, ever stand out. Considering that Japanese has a lot of vertical and horizontal strokes, as well as angles, and significantly less loops than English, it makes sense for Platinum to make pens suited for that purpose, rather than Lamy or MB making nibs that suite cursive loops more. Also, thinner the nib, easier to write Japanese, because we have sudden upward strokes. The red? Pilot VRAZOR EF point. The pink is Varsity (nib is bent for some reason). http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/GabrielleduVent/DSC_02562_zpsd09521e5.jpg

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