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  1. When listing a pen on an auction site or when selling pens on other platforms, words such as ‘not working’ and ‘broken’ have a tendency to make buyers deeply hesitant. Sometimes though, it is worth the risk. The flip side of course is that it isn’t worth the risk at all and you end up crying over a steaming pile of junk and the money you wasted on it. Luckily the Carbon Fibre Solitaire that came to me from southern Spain was worth the risk even though the seller was honest enough to let me know that the piston mechanism was broken and the pen was not working. It had been well used by its previous owners but one owner had put some rather peculiar ink in it and then allowed it to dry out. Much soaking, flushing and meticulous cleaning (over about three months) got the piston moving and the pen into a working state again. As I said, it had been well used and came with plenty of war wounds. How or when these were acquired I do not know so I can’t really speak for the robustness of the finish on the barrel. Be warned, it's a finger-print magnet as can be seen in these pictures. The Carbon Fibre looks and feels like the sort of workhorse fountain pen that should sit in with the tools in the toolbox – maybe that is the life this one had at one point. Its broad nib is as smooth as butter, wet and has a nice yet subtle stub aspect. It has a screw cap and is a piston filler (now clean of ink and working nicely). The pen posts securely and the inner, almost waxy cap liner stops any possibility of marking the barrel. The tactile barrel is a high polished steel and although I can’t be certain, from the marks and scratches on this one, I’d presume that it might mark easily if you don’t in some respects baby your pen. The marks aren’t that severe, but you notice them more when it’s in strong sunlight. The cap is steel, layered over with a carbon fibre weave and a clear acrylic. The snow peak is in a black domed top at the tip of the cap. The carbon fibre weave is rather difficult to photograph. My phone camera couldn’t decide if it should focus on the surface of the clear acrylic or on the depth of the fibre weave. In many pictures it appears black, or at least a charcoal grey, but it is actually a somewhat peculiar colour – a sort of deep teal-leaning green. For something so industrial it’s actually very attractive with quite a strong sense of depth. Posted, the pen has a surprisingly good balance and doesn’t feel overly back weighted. Unposted it still has a good weight and length and I found the pen to be lighter than I thought it would be. The cap weighs 16g, the pen uncapped weighs 26g and capped it weighs 42g. Unposted the pen is 130mm and posted the pen is 158mm and capped the pen is 145mm. It takes two turns to screw and unscrew the cap. When I picked this up I was looking for a Montblanc with a broad nib that I didn’t have to worry about war wounds with. This pen already having lived seemed like a suitable punt. I wasn’t expecting much of it but it did surprise me in how much I liked it once it was up and running again. It’s a bit of a sober offering from Montblanc despite that high polish; the sort of pen that wouldn’t be out of place in an engineers office. The black plastic grip (with striped ink window) makes it easy to use without the worry of a slippery steel section. To buy one new and have it scratch up easily would be disappointing and I didn’t personally want to go down that route or have such a significant spend. Maybe others who own this can add their own experience of how robust the finish is. It could well be that the previous owners of this one were simply careless. Nevertheless, I think it’s a very attractive pen and if you like the more restrained and sleek look it is a good handling and pleasing writer.
  2. goodpens

    Authenticating Montblanc Resin?

    TL/DR version: Do knockoffs of black Montblanc pens ever have the characteristic wine red glow to the resin? Longer version: I recently bought a Montblanc at an antique store: Black with silver-toned (likely platinum) trim.13.7cm long capped; 15 cm long posted. Nib=18K, unmarked but apparently EF Cartridge/converter fill. Lousy pic quality available or I'd post. Comparing it to a current production model, it looks identical to the Meisterstuck Platinum-Coated Classique, which has a 14K (not 18K, as mine) nib. This was a one-on-one sale; the stall owner seemed to know very little about FPs. Too much detail to provide here, but everything about the interaction and her stall gave me every reason to believe that she believed this to be an authentic Montblanc. In other words: if this is a fake, she was duped; I don't believe she was trying to dupe me in any way at all. I can't identify the pen. Called Montblanc and the serial number doesn't correspond with a FP in their records (though maybe with a ballpoint). Was told I could go through the process of sending it in for authentication. After detailed review of things to watch for in knockoff Montblancs, everything about this looks legit to me (clip shape, Pix, band with engraved SN and "Germany," quality of the snowflake emblem, springiness of gold nib, weight/balance, quality of the screw-in convertor, quality of engraving of Montblanc name, and the reddish/wine-colored tint of the black precious resin). If this is a knockoff, it is of incredibly high quality. Part of me wants to know if this is authentic. Part of me doesn't care. I'm inclined not to go through the trouble of sending it in for authentication; I'd rather just enjoy it. (The feed needs another good soak, but it is in excellent condition otherwise.) It seems to me that the color of the resin would be incredibly hard to knock off. So what I'm curious about is: are there known instances of the wine-tinted black resin being present in knockoffs? Or is its presence an indicator of the real deal? Searched the forums for related info, but didn't find anything. Thanks for any info/advice!
  3. omarcenaro

    Xrays Of Montblanc

    I know many of y'all have stayed up at night thinking "I wonder what a Montblanc looks like when x-rayed". Well, I am here today to finally answer this age old question, lol. As I am the Chief (and the Indian) of Radiology where I work I said lets do it. Actually, several times during the week I fire a test shot of the x-ray equipment after its been restarted or calibrated in the morning in order to confirm that its ready to shot during the day. Usually I shot my Iphone or keys. Today I had my 147 Traveller that had not been inked up yet and thought lets tested on that. Well, here are the results: Montblanc 147 Traveller Posted Nib Hope y'all enjoyed that. As I bring in other pens I will xrays them as well. Cheer, Ozzy
  4. white_lotus

    Montblanc Honoré De Balzac

    This review is part of a series of "blues reviews". Someone sent me a sample of this ink a while back. At long last I've gotten to using this lovely ink, and writing up a review. The papers are Hammermill 28lb inkjet, Mohawk via Linen, and Tomoe River. Too bad I didn't know about his ink when it was available as it's a nice turquoise. The ink appears to be a single dye. Somewhat similar to pthalo turquoise.
  5. Two and a half years ago, I purchased a Montblanc 146 pinstripe Solitaire with an extra-fine nib. The nib wrote beautifully; but after a little while, the piston mechanism broke--despite the care with which I had treated the pen, I must add. I sent it to Montblanc for repair, as it was still in warranty. The pen came back with the piston in perfect order; but the nib had been put way out of adjustment. I then sent it to John Mottishaw, who reground it to a true extra-fine of extraordinary quality; and I have since used the pen daily. Well, this evening, the pen, which had been loaded with Montblanc Permanent Blue ink, appeared suddenly clogged and reluctant to write; so I immediately rinsed out the ink, using the piston mechanism, of course. In the process, the piston broke--again despite my gentle handling of it. I offer two questions to the experts at FPN: Firstly, is there some problem with the design and durability of the Montblanc 146 piston mechanism? Secondly, is there a problem with Montblanc's Permanent Blue ink? I should add, parenthetically, that I need to use an ink which will not wash away when exposed to moisture, rain, or spilled liquids; anything less negates the whole raison d'être of a pen, fountain or otherwise, as far as I am concerned. I should have used iron gall ink, except that I had some concerns about the effect of such an ink on the pen's sterling silver casing. I should add that I have had some very bad experiences with Montblanc's repair department in the past. They do make beautiful-looking pens, and sometimes, excellent nibs; but the company does seem to have problems which, I feel, need to be addressed better than they apparently are.
  6. Dearest readers, Could you please help identify this pen? I am by no means a Montblanc connoisseur and therefore at somewhat of a loss. Many thanks for all the help you can offer. I bought this pen from a thrift store. Best wishes!
  7. soapwench

    Dating a Montblanc 4810

    My boyfriend's dad gave me a Montblanc Meisterstuck that had stopped working. I cleaned it and it works beautifully, of course. It has a serial number, which started in 1991, but it also says W Germany, which didn't exist after 1990. I did several Google searches and even searched the serial number, but couldn't find anything to help me date it. I'm really just curious, more than anything. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. It does have the 14K bi-color nib. I apologize if the answer is here somewhere and I oveooked it. Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. Mijail D. Hoyo

    Montblanc Boheme Rouge Ballpoint Pen.

    Dear Forum. I apologise in advance in case this is not for what the forum is meant for. I have been trying to convince my father that the Montblanc which was given to him as a present, not a long time ago, is actually a fake one, but he refuses to believe me. He has shown me uncountable tests proving that the pen is authentic [The material does glows in red(if we put a flashlight under the cap), the Montblanc peek/logo looks good, its serial number seems correct, and with high quality, the engravings like Pix(under), and Germany, are written on the clip and can be read without difficulty. All the engravings that "should be there" are actually there. it is not like I am triying to find and excuse or I want to get my father mad, but there is something off with this pen. As I said, it is supposed to be a Montblanc Boheme Rouge with platinum fountain (ballpoint pen), and here is where I say that is fake. First the stone from the clip is not a red looking one, but instead there is a Light-orange stone. And second, the platinum fountain. As far as I can recall, there is not a single boheme rouge with platinum fountain. Also the silver color looks dirty(to me). I would say that anyone could see where the problem is, if anyone tried to verify it from the engravings and all that stuff that is shown on YT videos, it will maybe make them doubt, but I mean, look at it. It's not like any other. I have only these two reasons to say that is fake. Against all the uncountable ones my father made me check, but I want to be sure. I Am asking this here because where I live there is not a single boutique verified from Montblanc to check the pen in person. And I do not trust YT videos. I would like to ask if anyone here could consider taking a look and helping me confirm my thoughts. Ps: Excuse my phrasing and my English
  9. 我在二手市場上以90NTW的價格購買了一支原子筆。 它沒有任何保證,而且價格便宜,我認為它是假的。 有沒有人有任何想法或告訴我他的模特, 謝謝
  10. Hi everyone - I've got a Montblanc Starwalker that's had the threads on the cap strip completely twice, with very little use. I sent it back for repair once, and am looking for a more reliable solution. The second time it happened, the person at the Montblanc store very smugly recommended that I don't pull the cap off and don't tighten it too much. Believe me, as much as this pen cost, I've been as careful as I can with it and the cheap plastic threads in the cap fail after a couple of months of normal daily use. Can anyone recommend what I should do?
  11. James Purdey & Sons Single Malt scented ink was released in 2018 by Montblanc as part of a series in collaboration with James A. Purdey, a gunmaker and hunting lifestyle brand. The ink surprised me! Single malt scented ink sounded at first like a (overpriced) gimmick and to some extend it is of course. But the color is a deep, beautiful orange-brown with amazing shading. Definitely a fall color which can be used in both a business environment (note taking) as well as for personal writing and correspondence. Be careful though, when opening the bottle or the pen cap the whisky scent is quite strong. It might be frowned upon at 830am when the meeting starts... The scent fades quickly though, within minutes. After 20-30 minutes the smell of the paper itself always wins. The ink behaves like most Montblanc inks I own. Perfect behavior in a broad, wide nib. A bit dry and with a strong dislike for TWSBI pens. The shading is wonderful, no feathering, and no show-through. Drying time is well below average at roughly 22 seconds. As can be seen, the ink doesn't really appreciate water. This ink is the most bright, orange-brown ink I have. SBRE brown (P.W. Akkerman) is not far off, Comte de l'Or (produced by Diamine) is much more gold (of course), Herbin's café des Îles and Caroube de Chypre have far less orange in them and are a more true brown. The ink will definitely gain some attention in the office, but I will use it for a while. I really like it. N.B. Review written on Original Crown Mill Vellum paper
  12. omarcenaro

    Montblanc Converters broken

    I’ve been using all week at work my Burgundy Classique (144R) with 18K nib. I have been using the piston converter to fill with ink. The older threaded converters that say Montblanc ink only. I notice that when I filled the converter (attached to nib) from the bottle that I got a bunch of bubbles, which was odd, but it filled up enough so into my pocket it went. Fast forward to today Friday, I needed a little more ink and when I opened the pen there was ink down the converter and in the barrel. After cleaning up the mess I checked the converter and found that it was not pulling a vacuum. With a magnifying glass I saw a crack on the threads. Luckily I have 4 new MB converters, 3 of the older ones with the “MB ink only” and a new one from MB that now no longer has the ink words on the side. I inked up the new old one with a syringe this time and when I wiped of the threads to make sure there is no ink it soaked the paper towel. So I dump the ink and as I was cleaning the converter it breaks (see pic). I then fill the 3rd and last of the old type converters and screw into pen. I could not see any cracks under magnification so we will see if it holds up. Luckily I still have a brand new (no words) converter in reserve. Seeng if anyone else has had this issue. Also, this may help warn someone as well. I really thought it was leaking from the section some how and by passing the converter. I was actually starting to send the pen into MB before I checked the converter.
  13. Saw this Montblanc for sale on marketplace but couldn't identify it from my own knowledge or with a Google search. Do you guys know what it is?
  14. Rosebud

    Hello from Torquay

    After reading through this site quite extensively I have decided to finally drop in and say Hi. I have been enjoying writing with and reading about fountain pens after a long break of 15-20 years. Over the past few months I have been writing with a Lamy Safari f, a Lamy Al-star m, a Sailor Pro-Gear m, a Waterman Perspective m and a Pilot Metropolitan f. Of the lot my favourite has been the Sailor Pro Gear. My favourite ink is Montblanc Hadrian and Perle Noire. I use Kin-Mokusei to highlight. My favourite paper is Rhodia dot-grid. Though I also enjoy Rifle Paper Co.
  15. FarbrorSeb

    Meisterstück identification help

    So I’ve been offered an MB Meisterstück for $250. I was unable to find any identifying marks or numbers, so I wish to employ the forum for help. ..And if it’s a fair price?
  16. Siberian Shy Bro

    Is this MB 146 legit?

    Hello, I have come across this pen on an internet auction. The price is fairly good, but not too good. It is Montblanc 146 LeGrand Gold. Is it legit? What to look for and what to ask the seller for to be sure?
  17. FarbrorSeb

    Montblanc 12 spindle/knob issue?

    Hoping for some help. The knob on my Montblanc 12 piston filler just twists without the piston moving. Does that mean the spindle head is broken inside the knob? I presume that would be difficult to fix. Everything is friction fitted so it ain’t easy taking the pen apart.
  18. Uncial

    An Operatic Series?

    In 2014 (I think) Montblanc released two pens in the 149 format connected to the Teatro Alla Scala opera house in Milan. One was a metal pen with black lacquered portions and inset diamonds with an engraving of Salieri on the nib as it was his opera 'Europa' that was the first performance in 1778. The other was a normal 149 with the engraved garland and imagery of the balcony tier swathes on the cap. Both were of a limited number. It wasn't an anniversary (so long as my pen release date is correct) so I was simply wondering if this was meant to be a series on world or European opera houses that was abandoned? Or was there another reason for this release?
  19. CosmologicalPerspective

    Fake Montblanc Pens on OfferUp

    This is my first post on FPN, but I have been seen a lot of scams on OfferUp with fake Montblancs selling for the price of genuine ones. I want to show you guys one particular example of a gentleman selling a Writer's edition "new with original box" including our interesting conversation in which I let him know it is fake, but I would like you all to see for yourselves. I have already reported it but I doubt OfferUp will take action. What should I do if they do not delete the post?
  20. Fellow FPN lovers, I do not know if this is the place to ask a question about Montblanc 146. I am considering ordering my first ever Montblanc fountain pen 146 Le Grand EF from Appleboom pens. I see that the price quote is Euros 479.34 plus shipping, about $567(https://appelboom.com/montblanc-germany/meisterstuck/?sort=p.price&order=ASC&fa27=Fountain%20pen). A quick question to you is if this prie incudes VAT that is about 20% of the price or it is without VAT? I checked fr the same pen in our US MB site and it is about $705 +10% tax here in CA (https://www.montblanc.com/en-us/fountain-pens_cod22527730565448096.html). So it will be about $770 locally. The problem is I need an EF nib. Local MB only has M and F nibs. The question is has anyone purchased from the Appleboom store. I am not afraid but I have been saving for the past two years to purchase my first MB. Do you have any advice for me? Also, I am failing to understand the large price difference? Maybe I am reading the information incorrectly? Or should I just get a used MB from local dealers in California like Penguin Pen co. or others online dealers like Endless pens. So many choices but price point and authenticity are of concern. Any help you can provide/ insight/ advice to me will be appreciated. Thank you.

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