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  1. phillieskjk

    Kakuno Nib Swap

    Are the nibs on the Pilot Kakuno swappable with the other cheaper pilot pens that all swap nibs (Metropolitan, 78g, Penmanship, Plumix, etc.)? The smiles on the Kakuno nibs make me unsure, as none of the others have them, but if they are I would love to put one of the smile nibs on my Prera! Thanks, Phillieskjk
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to Fountain Pen Network, and I have some question regarding Faber-Castell Loom. And piston converter. I just brought Loom, and when I put in the converter in and turn it a little to ensure it is in place, the nib/feed started turning too. Sort of like unscrewing from the body. Might be a stupid question but why does it do that? Is it because it is for changing the nib? Another burning question I have is whenever I ink up my pens using a piston converter, there is this air that goes up first before the ink starts to fill the converter. I have fully submerged the n
  3. I've got my heart set on a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 as my next pen. It'll be my first gold nib, and my first pen nicer than my TWSBI. The one thing holding me back is figuring out which size nib I want -- wavering between an M and an FM. The only Japanese nibs I have to go by are Pilot Metropolitans...I have a medium and my gf has a fine. I definitely think the metropolitan fine is too fine, but I can't decide if the medium is OK or if something finer (i.e., FM) would suit me better. My question: are the CH92 fine & medium comparable to the Metropolitan fine & medium in terms of fin
  4. DianaMurray

    Nyc Newb

    Hello, total fountain pen newb from NYC here. I don't know what came over me but one day I just had to get myself a fountain pen. I had been dissuaded because we had them in the house as a kid, with bottles of Parker ink, and I associated them with getting ink on one's hands, and clogs, and nothing worked, etc. I avoided them. OK, enough, I got over it and ordered a Pilot Metropolitan. Came yesterday - it's gorgeous. The gray one with the houndstooth ring around the top of the barrel (?), not sure what it's called. I had a funny experience. It came with a cartridge. I have a bottle of No
  5. I'm in a bit of a conundrum here, and I'm looking for some help. My pen history is basically nil. I've only owned Varsities, a Lamy Safari EF, and a couple of 78Gs. I'd like to graduate someday to actual fountain pens like the MYU 701 or custom 74, but as a poor college student, I cannot do so in the near future. With that in mind, which should I purchase? A White Tiger Pilot Metropolitan, or a NOS Pilot Elite Short/Long FP? I've been intending to get the Elite for awhile now, but the seller is currently away and won't be back until 1-15-2014 (one can still view the item in question here:htt
  6. Edgemcmuffins

    Help With Pilot Metropolitan Nib Damage

    I'm a new fountain pen user who recently bought a pilot metropolitan. While using the pen (which had no issues prior and was my favorite pen), my dog hit my chair enough to startle me, and I dropped my metro. It landed nib-down and landed on the edge of my carpet. I flipped out, but managed to realign the nib (it was bent slightly to the side). It all seemed good and done, but now I'm having starting issues. Any ideas on what to do?
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, I checked the repair Q&A forum but my questions are a bit more general I think so I decided to post here. Background: I'm new to "proper" fountain pens, used a fountain pen for decades as a kid and young adult, always liked that smoothness and speed featherweight pressure facilitates. Now I use Pilot Metropolitan - Fine nib. I was using Pilot black ink (see picture attached) that I got with it. Works like a charm. Extremely light pressure, high speed writing is a breeze and smooth. I saw the Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue which I used for decades is still made and around
  8. Parlot IMR Frankenpen This is a Frankenpen made from Parker IM and Pilot MR fountain pens. It combines a Pilot MR silver dot body with Parker IM silver section, fine nib and converter. I manage somehow to bend the Pilot nib and I didn’t like the heavy Parker IM black laqurel body. The IM section fits perfectly into MR body, only problem being the cap when closed is a fraction wobbly, not noticeable, but there. So now I have a full metal nice pen, with a nail fine nib ready to rock ’n’ roll. Appearance & Design (9/10)What can be said? Already classic cigar shaped Metropolitan from
  9. I did a brief search but haven't found a definitive answer. Does the con70 converter fit into the metropolitan? I just bought a cocoon but I don't want to buy the converter if it's not going to fit.
  10. I am thinking of buying one of these - but I could not find any review on it. Anyone used them? How are they. Please share your opinion Thanks
  11. Hello! I'm new around these parts, though I've been reading FPN for a while. I've got a small problem, which is that my Pilot Metropolitan (M) is currently inked with the very wet writing Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher, which tends to feather and bleed a lot when I write on regular old printer paper (which is sadly what I end up writing on a lot of the time). As a result, I don't use the Metro as much as I'd like. I do also have another pen (a Waterman Apostrophe, fine) that I'd like to ink. So, I wanted to know whether: 1. Anyone has a good ink recommendation for a Pilot Metro (M). Colour
  12. The new very colorful Pilot Namiki Metropolitan Retro Pop line will be here in November!! This line includes Fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball pens!!!
  13. Exchletzia

    Pilot Metropolitan Repairs?

    I have just recently purchased two Pilot Metropolitans. After minimal use of the first one the cap no longer snaps onto the pen, but has to be pushed down and twisted to get it to close, and even then the seal is very weak and often springs the cap back off. I am certain that it is not a problem with the pen, but with the cap because the cap from my other pilot metropolitan will snap securely onto both pen bodies, but the broken cap will not snap properly. Does anyone have experience with this issue and/or know how I might be able to fix it? Thanks!
  14. I had an unfortunate mishap with my Pilot Metropolitan at work, and destroyed the nib. I dropped it (cap off), onto a tile floor, it bounced off the nib and "double-tapped", bending it in two different directions. Needless to say, the nib was mangled. Wanting to try a different type of nib, and not willing to buy another metropolitan, just to cannibalize, I decided to buy a plumix and swap the nibs. I did not try out the Plumix first. I immediately dismantled it, cleaned both pens with plain water, and re-assembled the plumix nib and feed together on the Metro, using the same half-spent blac
  15. An introduction into fountain pens and Lokta journals for my Nephew Recently my nephew had a birthday and he turned 15. I got him a Pilot Namiki MR Metropolitan collection Fountain Pen in silver and a Monk Paper Belt Style Buffalo Leather Lokta Small Journal. I was a little unsure as to what to get for him as his first introduction into fountain pens. It turns out this was a perfect fit for him as was the buffalo leather lokta journal. The journal is just beautifully crafted and an excellent source for your jotting of notes, drawing, or keeping track of life events. The Metropolitan l
  16. I am a new fountain pen user with only about two months of experience using fountain pens. I am looking to replace my Pilot Metropolitan whose nib was damaged beyond my ability to repair after it was dropped (capped, but the snap-cap was knocked loose by the impact). As I am very much enjoying fountain pen use, my indulgent side naturally saw this as an opportunity for an upgrade. The Pilot Vanishing Point seemed to fit my needs perfectly. My question to you, therefore, is, is [sic?] the Vanishing Point so much better a pen (nib, convenience, feel) than the Metropolitan that it is worth a pric
  17. Please disregard this opening post and read the second post. I accidentally checked the wrong "html" box. This resulted in very wonky formatting. I think I figured it out by my second post.
  18. fitz123

    Humidity Vs Metropolitan

    Humidity has been high lately, and I've noticed on my daily carrier-Pilot Metropolitan with F nib, that on the squeeze converter, the ink sac tends to condense and sweat, like a glass of cold water in the sun. I've found that it fills up in the barrel and has to be cleaned every night, after a long day of writing. I know this can be fixed by getting a con-50 or refilling cartridges, just curious what other think. Also, I've noticed more nib creep and droplets getting in the cap, and that too has to be cleaned out daily. {I use Noodlers Blue} Has anyone else had this problem in the humidity
  19. Kuhataparunks

    Pilot Penmanship Vs. Pilot Falcon Ef?

    Hi guys, I have a simple question that I hope someone can answer. Please, allow me to explain: I am interested almost exclusively in fine point nibs, and I mean really fine; I considered the pilot metro F too thick for me, so I was elated to find the Penmanship with its truly extra-fine nib, being able to simply switch the nibs! The penmanship-metropolitan mod is currently my favorite pen, even over a pen for which I paid literally 10 times the price Thinking it would be comparable, I got a Pilot Elite with a 14K EF nib, and it writes an even thicker line than the F Metropolitan! Grrrrr!
  20. I received my first Pilot Prera yesterday and I am amazed at the quality of the nib on a relatively inexpensive pen. I always prefer Japanese pens for their exquisite fine nibs. The Prera fine compares very well to my Sailor Pro Gear Slim EF 14k gold nib. I am very impressed! Having said that, I do enjoy collecting things as well. As far as I can tell, the Prera has 16 variants with nine solid colors and 7 demonstrators. Are there any others I am missing? Special or limited editions? Some seem to have started out as LE or were presumed LE and ended up as production models. Is the white endca
  21. h.farmawi

    Pilot Metropolitan

    Hello guys ! its not the first review for this pen for sure but i said i want to review this pen also , i also wanted to write something so here you go.. Ps : thanks Mr. Joe for the pen !http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n187/hfarmawi/pilotmetropolitan_zpsd102db91.jpghttp://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n187/hfarmawi/IMG101_zps6bf17ca3.jpg
  22. Overview: The Pilot Metropolitan is a "budget" fountain pen from Pilot. the reason that I put the word budget in quotes is the fact that the only thing budget about this pen is the dirt cheap price of USD $13.78. I got everything that i expected and even more when i bought this pen. Looks: This pen has simple styling and a very utilitarian design. it is dressed in matte black with a glossy plastic midsection. when capped, a small silver metal band is visable. the cap itself is marked "pilot japan" and has a simple silver clip. it does not stand out, but it is not too plain either. 10/10 Co
  23. airbender-ellyn

    Pilot Converters In Nyc

    Is there a place in NYC that sells Pilot cartridge converters? I don't feel like ordering online for something so little.
  24. Well, first off let me thank everybody on this site for all the information they have provided me in my research. Probably 5 months ago, I purchased a Lamy Safari (F) with a converter and a bottle of Noodler's Black ink as a starter fountain pen based on the reviews I had seen on here and other places. I was very happy with my purchase as a first pen and it wrote beautifully for the time I had it...it was "misplaced" at work one day and has not been seen since. The Safari was a great intro into fountain pens but was a bit rich to risk losing another one at work. Well, on to my new purchas
  25. My hands are trembling and my mind is numb with disbelief. The tactile sensation of writing with the Pilot Metropolitan (F) is amazing. Actually, there is no tactile sensation at all. The nib glides so smoothly across the paper that my thoughts have trouble keeping up with it. This is one fine nib, perfect for taking notes or going on bursts of free-writing. It's a little puzzling that it took me by such surprise, because I've had prior experience with Pilot Prera (F), which to my knowledge uses the same nib and is previously the smoothest pen I had. Yet this nib feels much smoother, with i

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