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  1. Hello, I'm a newcomer to the fountain pen world and I'm planning on buying a Pilot Metropolitan. To european buyers: does the pen come with a bladder or piston converter included or do I have to buy them seperatly?
  2. My girlfriend has one of those purple "retro-pop" Pilot Metros with a transplanted 1.1 stub nib from a Plumix. She keeps complaining that it's "leaking," which seems to mean that when she uncaps it to use it there's ink all over the section, so she gets inky fingers. I've inspected it fairly closely over the course of several weeks and I can't find anything wrong with it - no cracks in the section, the nib/feed is sitting properly, I've swapped out a couple of different cartridges / converters, etc., all the usual suspects. I have noticed on my own two Metros that a substantial quantity of ink appears to pool under the hood of the nib, sometimes even working its way around to the under side of the feed. If you give either pen a pretty good shake ink will come splashing out and splatter all over your paper. I realize that fountain pens should, generally, be treated gently. However, my other similarly priced pens do not exhibit this behavior - I have a Platinum Plaisir (F), a Kaweco Classic Sport (1.1 stub), and a Parker Urban (M) inked up in daily use and they do not splatter when shook. My suspicion is that there is something about the design of the Metro that leads to this ink pool forming (since I observe it in all three of our pens) and that in my girlfriend's case, living as it does in the pen-loop of her padfolio, at various points throughout the day her pen is sometimes jostled, leading to ink from the pool spraying all over the interior of the cap. I know this is a cheap pen, but she really loves it, and I would like to make it useable for her, if I can. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon or come up with a way to solve it? Thanks! - N
  3. Dear Friends Need help on any leads on the availiability on Pilot Metropolitan Retro POP series in India. Where I can get these in India? Or to whom I can approach? Is there any shop where I can contact them for this series? Appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. https://youtu.be/I49e8nhfXm8 Hey Party-People. J. from Carpe Pluma with another review video. This time we look at the Pilot Metropolitan. Check it out if you get the chance. Thanks!
  5. I recently finally got myself a Pilot Metropolitan as a starter pen. Last time I needed to refill the converter, I had a very hard time unscrewing the section. I finally got it open, and refilled it. Since then, I'm having some leaking around the base of the nib. My question is, given how cheap the pen is, is it worth repairing it, or should I just toss it & buy a new one? If repair is worthwhile: I'm in the Twin Cities -- if anyone is local & has recommendations for a repair shop, I'd appreciate it!
  6. Recently, I've messed my Pilot Metropolitan's nib. I love this pen, which is black and from animal collection. I'm using J. Herbin Perle Noire ink with this pen, however, while shaking the pen, it dropped ink sometimes, and I wanted to fix that by manually adjusting the nib. However, this newbie attempt resulted me having a bended nib, which leaked even more. This was a bad idea. I couldn't fix this behavior. I didn't want to throw the pen away, so I tried to find replacement nibs. I couldn't find a spare nib for Metropolitan, and I didn't want to salvage other pens just for that, so I checked other sources. While checking Aliexpress, I saw Wing Sung 659 and 698's nib is compatible with Pilot nibs, so I gave it a shot. It's $3 on Aliexpress (I bought with $2 feed which should be compatible with pilot also just in case). The feed looked almost identical, but didn't fit into pen (slightly larger), but the nib fit into Pilot's feed just nicely, and here it is. The replacement nib's tines are a little bit longer, but writes beautifully, and F is almost identical with Pilot's M. This "frankenpenish" attempt resurrected my pen. In the photo: Left: Pilot MR-3 (nib is identical with metro) with Pilot nib, Right: Pilot Metropolitan with Wing Sung nib.
  7. Hey everyone, I am planning to buy a Pilot MR in Greece. One seller told me that european MRs (Metropolitan) have only M nib and the international cartridge system. Another one told me that I can order MR in F nib as they are not available at this point in his store. I am seeking the truth! I'm afraid that I will buy a F MR but the cartridges will be the Pilot's propietary ones. What's the truth about european MRs and nib sizes?
  8. ...how would you describe the difference when writing with these pens? I have a Metro <M> and love it. Smooth, precisely wet enough, a pleasant bit of feedback that gives me control over my writing. Obviously the much more expensive Custom 823 will be a much better writer, but how would you describe this improvement? I haven't got one yet, but might be able to buy a medium nibbed 823 for a good price, hence my question. Using the Metro as a reference, what can I expect?
  9. I've added a comparison with my fine nib Metro which works and writes beautifully. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  10. Rosendust2121

    Ink Starvation In A Metro?

    Hey all, I have an issue with my Metropolitan(my fine nib one). It seems that even after I clean & reink, it seems like the pen is ink starved and it's a hard starting pen. I use distilled water as part of my cleaning routine and use Irozuku inks exclusively in my Pilots. Is a change of ink needed? I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Regards, Rosendust
  11. Two days after I purchased it, I dropped my Pilot Metropolitan NIB straight down onto a hard floor. Rather than keep the pens as parts, I chose to try a cheap Chinese nib. The NIB is listed as EF and 0.38mm. I believe that the Pilot F nib is 0.32mm, so, this is pretty close, but larger than, the Pilot Fine nib. The nib is gold in color and it reads EF/CLASS/YONGSHEMG I think. I am attaching sample writing using the Chinese EF nib with a pen loaded with a Pilot Blue Cartridge. The black writing is using a Pilot F nib. I purchased three nibs for about $5 on eBay from assassin813. I was then asked which nib I wanted, F or EF. At the time I did not know that the EF was closer to the Pilot F, so I am glad that I chose the EF over the F (.5 mm). It seems to be writing well right now, but the Pilot nib is smoother I think. The Pilot nib was awesome the moment I inked it up, I had to write a bit before the Chinese nib started writing better. AT the end of the day, I am pleasantly surprised at how well this cheap nib performs, but, only time will tell how well it continue to performs. Close up of the NIB: Nib on the pen: Text written with the Chinese EF nib: Comparison with the Pilot Fine Nib (Black) and the Chinese EF nib (blue). :
  12. Hi I have 2 vanishing points in 18k Rhodium plated, one Medium and one Fine. The Fine one is a bit too thin, too dry, while the Medium is wet and on the broad side for me. Attached is comparison to a Metropolitan MR Medium which I like both as a line thickness and as wetness, crispness. Is there a way to modify the VP nibs to write like the Metropolitan, and how?
  13. TotalPerspectiveVortex

    Silver Pilot Mr In Europe

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and glad i found it. I was given a beautiful black Pilot Metropolitan a while back, but during a class it feel straight on the tip, bending it completely, and i have deduced from the internet that the most economical choice is just to buy a new Metropolitan. I'm not particulary fond of animal skin or retro pop designs, but those seem to be most readily available. My question is, where could i find a silver Pilot MR/Metropolitan (the one without animal skin or dots) in Europe? Does it even sell in Europe? Thank you for your responses, happy holidays!
  14. Ages ago (and no doubt past its warranty even if I could remember where I bought it) I got a Pilot MR (European version of the Metropolitan). It's a cartridge pen although last week I bought the right converter. And although I really liked the nib, and found it comfortable - and I have tiny hands so I don't find many FPs just right for me - I somehow sidelined it. Anyway recently got it back out, with a view to maybe adding a converter and trying my new Diamine Registrars' in it. As it's a Medium that writes fairly fine, and also the nib/feed can be totally removed to be cleaned. I used a standard international cartridge in it (not Pilot's own brand as the European ones take the standard cartridges) and lo and behold, it leaked. Not a little. A lot. The entire cartridge worth of ink was, the next day, dumped in the pen top. Really annoying. I pulled it apart, cleaned it and put it back together. Being careful to line up the feed centrally to the slit in the nib. Again - another leak. By the next day, about half the cartridge. A quick look online told me that people have had problems not pushing the feed and nib right back as far as they'll go, into the section. So I tried that, this time. No leak for a day. Then a miniscule leak. I took the cap of and placed it in a small bottle, upright to see how much it leaked and also see if I could figure out where the ink is coming from. But today - again - it has dumped most of the cartridge out. Now I am pretty sure it is not leaking from round the cartridge. It is somewhere on the nib. Or the bottom of the section... I looked with a magnifier but I can't see any hairline cracks. I really want to use this pen as I find it comfortable to use and I like the nib. I don't have any other Pilot pens I can make a Frankenpen with. I thought I'd solved it when I pushed the feed really as far as it could possibly go into the section but it only stayed continent a couple of days. And am still not sure where it's leaking from. Anyone got any ideas? Or is it a lemon?
  15. AndrewPracticing

    New Pilot Prera!...and A Question

    I just received my new Pilot Prera in the mail. It has a medium nib. My Pilot Metropolitan has a fine nib. Noobie question - how best to swap? Also, will doing so lead to some unnecessary wear on materials (feed, etc.)?
  16. Do you have any pen and ink recommendations for book signings? My book of poetry just came out, and I've done two books signings with my Platinum Plaisir (fine) and Noodler's Baystate Blue. It actually worked out great, but I'd like to try out some other colors and would like to use some nicer pens. I'm a fairly new fountain pen collector, and I'm just starting to experiment with nicer pens. About my experience with the Plaisir/Baystate combo: I loved the bright color, it dried quickly (even though it's not supposed to be fast drying), and didn't smear. The Plaisir did fine, but being a cheaper pen, it writes scratchy. I do have some nicer pens, but I was worried the Baystate Blue would stain the pen (so I didn't have to be concerned if it stained the inexpensive Plaisir). Here are the other pens I have: TWSBI 580AL (M) - Love this pen---ink doesn't dry out in pen if I leave it in a long time, but I think the M nib might be too broad for book signings, and I'm afraid it would be prone to smear/not dry quickly enough. Pilot Urban Premium (M) - Same feelings as about the TWSBI. Noodler's Ahab, Konrad flex, Konrad flex Essex acrylic: I like the Ahab and Flex acrylic, but they are prone to leaking at the nibs and sometimes putting out too much ink. Not happy with the Essex--not reliable, leaks, inconsistent look on paper. Platinum Plaisir (F) - Doesn't dry out in pen, not afraid it will get stained or stolen---but it's scratchy to write with. Pilot Metropolitans (F & M) - Pretty pens, but dry out quickly, nibs get damaged easily, and the writing scratchiness is inconsistent. I went a little crazy on eBay and just got these pens---but I'm nervous about what inks to use in them. Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night - M Platinum Chartres 3776 - F What do you recommend? What types of ink should I look for (dries quickly, water resistant?)? I liked the look of Baystate Blue---but is it safe to use in more expensive pens? I also tend to like purples and teal/turquoise. Nib size? Are there be other types of fountain pens I should consider? Thanks!
  17. nitinarora8

    Hello From India

    Hi Everyone Myself from India. Excited to join FPN after reading lot of information about my new hobby of starting again with Fountain Pens. I have started with Pilot Metropolitan , Lamy Safari (the dark Lilac color), Baoer 388 and Baoer 507. I have started with Water man Serenity Blue and also Private Reserve Midnight Blues. Looking forward to lot of interactions with everyone here. Thanks Nitin Arora
  18. Very excited to unveil my first fountain pen a Pilot Metropolitan in Gold with a fine nib with some simple photos and filters. I'm using Noodler's X-feather and Hilroy 50lb sketch book paper.
  19. I'm a student, and I usually carry one of my nice pens (I don't actually have any cheap pens - just my grandpa's 51, Snorkel, and my Edison Nouveau Premier) in a leather sleeve in a separate compartment in my backpack. In my pocket, along with my keys and knife (and whatever else makes its way in there) I usually carry a cheap ballpoint or gel pen. Just a Bic or a G2, sometimes a mechanical pencil. I want to carry a fountain pen instead, and I was wondering what you thought would be best for something that I can throw in my pocket and not worry about it breaking. It's between a Preppy, a Metro, or a Safari. It'd just be for times when I need something to write with right away, so a cheap pen with a fine nib and a snap cap is what I want. Would a Preppy work? Can it stand up to the abuse of being smashed around like that? Or should I upgrade to a Metro or a Safari? (I welcome other suggestions) Thanks!
  20. vikalp11

    Pilot Metropolitan

    Hi everyone. I would like to share my views on my new and first fountain pen : The Pilot Metropolitan. First impressions at the shop were good. The pen felt solid in hand. It wrote well with no pressure. I had researched a bit before purchasing this pen. Earlier I wanted to buy the Waterman Hemisphere, but that was out of budget. The pilot metropolitan perfectly fitted in my budget and writing requirements. Hence I purchased it. The shop is Shukla & Co., located at Fort, Mumbai. I have attached pics of the pen, which also have my reviews in them, which I wrote in my diary. Ink used is Pelikan Royal Blue 4001. Please let me know what you all feel about it.
  21. Hi, For those of you who own both a Pilot Metropolitan and a Pilot 90s (Stella, Stargazer, etc.), how do the nibs compare? Are they, in fact, functionally the same nib mounted on two different bodies? I find the Metropolitan fine too spidery and the medium too wide. Am wondering if a 90s would be a middle-way option, and if so, which nib to get. Thank you! Laurahead
  22. Hello, to all good people outrhere! I am new member of the forum, and I will introduce myself in proper section, just a lill bit later. Here is my question. I decided I want to buy Pilot Capless/ Vanishing Point. I have trouble deciding between fine and medium nib. I have been browsing the web a lot lately, and I figured out that medium is more like western mediums, and fine is like usual Japaneese fine. However I do now have Pilot Metropolitan in Medium nib, and I find its width perfect. Does anyone have both Pilot Metropolitan Medium and Vanishing Point in Fine. And if anyone does, I would be grateful if they could post a writting sample comparing the two, and generally giving brief comparison between the two. I know there is Goulet Nib Nook, but in my humble experience it sometimes can be misleading. I have also found comparisons between Metropolitan Fine and Vanishing point fine, but they are of little help, since I find Metro fine too fine for my taste. And unifortunately I do not have a chance to try a pen in the store, since where I live noobody is willing to let you dip the pen All help much appreciated!
  23. phillieskjk

    Kakuno Nib Swap

    Are the nibs on the Pilot Kakuno swappable with the other cheaper pilot pens that all swap nibs (Metropolitan, 78g, Penmanship, Plumix, etc.)? The smiles on the Kakuno nibs make me unsure, as none of the others have them, but if they are I would love to put one of the smile nibs on my Prera! Thanks, Phillieskjk
  24. I've got my heart set on a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 as my next pen. It'll be my first gold nib, and my first pen nicer than my TWSBI. The one thing holding me back is figuring out which size nib I want -- wavering between an M and an FM. The only Japanese nibs I have to go by are Pilot Metropolitans...I have a medium and my gf has a fine. I definitely think the metropolitan fine is too fine, but I can't decide if the medium is OK or if something finer (i.e., FM) would suit me better. My question: are the CH92 fine & medium comparable to the Metropolitan fine & medium in terms of fineness? I'd hate to end making a decision based on bad assumptions.
  25. DianaMurray

    Nyc Newb

    Hello, total fountain pen newb from NYC here. I don't know what came over me but one day I just had to get myself a fountain pen. I had been dissuaded because we had them in the house as a kid, with bottles of Parker ink, and I associated them with getting ink on one's hands, and clogs, and nothing worked, etc. I avoided them. OK, enough, I got over it and ordered a Pilot Metropolitan. Came yesterday - it's gorgeous. The gray one with the houndstooth ring around the top of the barrel (?), not sure what it's called. I had a funny experience. It came with a cartridge. I have a bottle of Noodler's on order, and I just couldn't wait to use it, so I attached the cartridge and....nothing. I was catapulted back to childhood with my parents' non-functional fountain pens. I got it together & consulted an instructional video, which suggested you squeeze the cartridge a couple of time. LOL, I squirted a big puddle of ink, luckily on paper, so no harm done. I gentle squeeze was all that was needed. Questions: 1. Do I store the pen right-side up? 2. I notice a bit of stray ink on the nib, so I clean it off w/a bit of paper towel. When I pass the paper towel over the breather hole, ink comes out. Is it supposed to be that way? Thanks! I love my pen. I can't wait for my Noodler's to come to experiment w/the converter.

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