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  1. Ricardocruz

    Hello From Porto, Portugal

    Hello everybody! Ive learned to write with a rather regular Pelikan pen in 1978. Because of that Ive always loved fountain pens, specially Montblanc models. Last week Ive found a second-hand 144 M nib in an online shop. Ive bought it and got quite happy with it. However, I felt I needed something else... So I went to a retail store here and got a real treat. Ive bought a brand new Montblanc 149 90th Anniversary Edition with a F nib. Im extremely happy with it, as you might guess! Cheers!
  2. TheMajestic

    Italic Vs Oblique Nib

    Hi, Can someone explain to me the difference between an italic and an oblique nib?
  3. Hi, I recently obtained this MB Meisterstuck ballpoint pen. I know this is a FP forum, but maybe someone can help me on Ballpoints! I have doubts on whether its a genuine MB.. I have attached a few photos. 1. The "pix" is on the band, not under the clip. Under the clip has "made in Germany" - is this common? 2. There is a serial number. IW1666858 3. The bottom part of the pen (under strong light) goes slightly red. Any help would be great! Many thanks.
  4. Stitchpunk

    Reasonable Price?

    *Waves hello* I would like to solicit some opinions from experienced collectors if that's ok. I'm in New Zealand, and on our local equivalent of eBay there is currently a MIB 146 bordeaux with the original paperwork, showing a purchase date of 1995. it looks unused and even still has the M nib sticker on it. The seller has a Buy Now of NZ$940 on it, which equates to around US$685. Would you consider that a reasonable price for this pen? A bargain? A bit steep? As you can see I have no idea! a VERY long time ago I used to sell all kinds of flash fountain pens for a living, but the only MB I ever got to own was the Hemingway ballpoint - and I sold that when I was a starving student trying to pay my rent :/ Now I'm starting to get back into fountain pens a little. Montblancs rarely come up for sale here, and if I bought one overseas I'd get hit with $NZ150 or more in import duties. I could buy this, but it'd empty my bank account. (Right now the most expensive fp I own is a Kaweco Liliput Fireblue.) I'd greatly appreciate any opinions/advice, thanks in advance!
  5. hoil262

    Help A Noobie!

    Hello everyone. I was given a Montblanc pen from my dad to sell. I know next to nothing about it. It's at least 15 years old, because that's when my dad got it from a relatives estate. No box or paperwork. It hasn't been used in at least 10 years. There's an ink cartridge (?) in it, but doesn't seem to write. I've attached a bunch of photos. My questions are... 1) What exactly do I have? 1) Should I get it working before I list it? How would I do that? 2) Where/how do you recommend I sell it and for how much? Thanks everyone!
  6. I found Montblanc Meisterstuck fountain pen on local "Buy and Sell" web site. I'm planing to buy this pen for my collection. I new to fountain pen collecting and don't know much about Montblanc pens, but I know that there are lot of fake MB pens out there. Can someone tell which model this is and can you tell from photos is it genuine? I saw that it has engraved "Germany" and serial number on pin. Does this model have engraved "Pix" on back of the pin? These are the photos that seller sent to me. Thank you.
  7. MartynV

    Montblanc Leather Pouch Question

    Hi, I'm getting a Montblanc Meisterstück Classique pen in either gold or platinum (can't decide!) and would be grateful for any advice regarding my concerns with Montblanc's leather pouches. I already have a Montblanc Meisterstück 1 pen leather pouch but having read through some threads on this site I'm concerned about the risk of scratching the pen (especially as the 'precious resin' appears to be vulnerable to surface marks) and possible long-term corrosion to the gold plated parts such as the clip caused by the chrome tanned leather. I checked Montblanc's website which does not disclose whether chrome tanned leather is used for the Meisterstück 1 pen pouch. However, a search on Google showed that chrome tanned leather may be used for the Boheme pouch and chrome tanned leather is used for belts. I understand that a pen won't stay mark free forever, but I wouldn't expect a protective product like a £105 pouch to inflict damage. Could the jacquard lining scratch precious resin? Has anyone noticed marks appear on an otherwise brand new pen simply from being inserted into or removed from a pouch? It's entirely possible that damage referred to in other threads may have been caused by other factors and the threads are quite old. I've looked at alternative leather pouches and whilst Lucrin's look promising they don't mention the tannage used. Similarly, Onoto's case has a felt lining but Montblanc pens may not fit. Is there any real advantage to choosing platinum over gold? Are these concerns groundless? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Martyn
  8. Hello everyone! I just bought Montblanc Meisterstuck Platinum Ballpoint Pen online. And I received it today. However, as always, I started to question about the authenticity of my newly arrived pen. In my view, it looks genuine, but I would like to use some pen experts' helps to analyze the authenticity of the pen. I attached the photos below. Doubtful Things 1. I think the distance between letters on the middle ring is too wide. 2. Serial Number is not right next to the clip nor has a format of "Two Letters followed by five numbers." 3. "Made in Germany METAL" on the bottom side of the pen clip.
  9. Hey guys. I have done some research and apparently some people find a way to fit standard ballpoint refills in standard rollerball pens. Apparently it involved using an adapter at the end of the ballpoint refill, but Im not sure if that worked for every pen. So before I go on the quest to find one of these adapters which seem to have vanished from earth, I would like to know from you experienced folks if it will fit in my pens. I have a starwalker rollerball and a meisterstuck classique. They both share the same rollerballs and fineliners refills. I wish I could go ballpoint with them. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, I found a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck fountain pen at my grandparents, and it has not been used since the passing of my grandfather (over 8 years ago). It has been well used, although the only 'dirt' I see are on the two parts in the image attached. Should I send it to them to clean it? Or should I use a nib cleaner myself and see how to use the cartridge? Thanks, Brutum
  11. Hello, I know the pros and cons of purchasing grey market. I just purchased a 7569 - Meisterstuck Platinum Line LeGrand Ballpoint Pen from Jacobtime.com I am in the process of deciding if everything looks authentic. They have a 30-day return policy, so that is a plus to me. Their online reviews are mostly positive, and they have an A rating out of New York. I have noticed a few items that seem interesting to me, and thought I would put it out here to see if anyone else has had the same experiences. The pen was not shrink-wrapped, but taped in a plastic bag basically. The tape and plastic were of the type that you could tell if they had been opened, so I am thinking that is to indicate it is factory fresh possibly? The only sticker on the outside did not have the serial number to the pen - is this a bad thing? It did have a number on it, and also the word "New" printed on the sticker. Has anyone seen that before? That seems strange to me. The pen was in a white cardboard outer box with the Montblanc logo on it. No stickers on the white box. The inner pen box looks and feels authentic, but I have nothing to compare it to. The warranty booklet looks and feels authentic. The warranty card is not filled out. As to the pen. On the underside of the clip, it has "Made in Germany" and the word "Metal". The serial number is on the outside of the clip band. I do not want to put it in the post here to give the bad guys a good number to work from, but is there a standard format to follow such as "MB" then letter, number, number, etc.; or letter, letter, number, etc.?? I assume the bad guys know the format anyway, so I don't know if this does me any good anyway, just to know the format. Like I said, JacobTime.com is supposed to be a grey dealer, but I did have these questions arise. I do not live near a boutique to take it into to have it checked. I tried to get some pictures to post, but I could not get any close-up shots that would be of any good as far as authentication. Sorry for such a lengthy post! I'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions as far as whether this pen sounds authentic, or screams "fake". Thank you for any help.
  12. weissberg1

    Exchange Nib For Meisterstück 72

    Hello everyone, I am looking for an exchange nib for my Meisterstück 72. The fountain pen was manufactured in the 60s. I have already contacted the Monteblanc customer service, but they told me that they do not produce nibs for such an old pen and that they cannot help me at all. Does anyone know a fitting nib of another pen model or from another brand? It does not need to be a gold nib. Thanks, Markus
  13. I recently purchased a new Montblanc 11738 fountain pen without a box or any papers. As far as I know and it looks, it is a 144SP sterling silver. What do you think about this pen? Although it's not a piston filler and being a little small in size, it seems to fit well in my hand when posted. I also can't see any differences from a 145 classic other than lacking threads on the barrel. Any info and comments deeply appreciated
  14. Hello all members. Well, my first appearance on FPN, greetings Been thinking to sell this one. Any idea what it's worth nowadays ? I've looked on many websites and it all vary somewhere around $200-$250. So I really don't know how to evaluate this one precisely. Any opinion would be much appreciated, thanks
  15. greysfanhp

    Can't Unscrew New Mont Blanc

    Hello all! I just received a Tribute to the Mont Blanc fountain pen for Christmas and the weirdest problem has arisen: I can't unscrew it to put the cartridge in. This is my first Mont Blanc, but certainly not my first fountain pen. I've tried unscrewing every part of the pen but nothing will budge. Am I doing something wrong or is the pen at fault? Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks! http://s28.postimg.org/451iqxkot/IMG_3450.jpg
  16. rocketman_0000_

    Montblanc Help

    Hello fountain pen experts, I recently inherited a Montblanc Meisterstuck pen and would like to know more about it. Here are all the identifying numbers on the pen: Bottom of cap: Montblanc - Meisterstuck Top of cap: CB274493 W-Germany Nib: 4810 14k Montblanc 585 I want to know more about this pen so I know what ink to buy. I'm fairly new to the fountain pen world. The pen came with cartridges but they were dried up inside. The dried-up cartridges have beige-colored casing and say "Mont Blanc" around the top. I'm pretty sure it's black ink, since the dried-up ink inside looks very dark black. My questions: 1. What ink should I buy? 2. When was this pen made? 3. What model is this pen? 4. How much is this pen worth? 5. Based on the serial number and other features, is it real? Thanks you in advance for any help. I'll upload pictures soon, if you guys think it's necessary to answer my questions.
  17. christianch

    Meisterstück 90 Years Skeleton 149

    Hello, I have reserved this pen and I will be able to try it next week. I did see this pen before but I never had a chance to try it. I am now looking for a new special pen and I feel that this will be the one. I love the rose gold nib (and prefer it to the white gold one!). Any owner willing to share some photos, comments opinion ? Non-owners opinions are welcome too Christian
  18. ~ Over 25 years ago a friend in Central California presented a 149 Meisterstück 14K M nib fountain pen to me. Not realizing the magnitude of the gift, it was put away, unused during the following decades. I've lived and worked in Beijing for nearly fifteen years, with the pen stored away in a packing box. Just over one year ago an article referring to the high quality standards of Montblanc pens sparked my low-wattage memory. After finding the faded white presentation box, the forgotten 149 was cleaned, filled with dark blue Montblanc ink and used to write steady, clear lines. Happiness! Last Autumn Ms. Meng and the friendly staff at the Montblanc Boutique in Beijing's Malls at Oriental Plaza, by Wangfujing Street, arranged for the purchase of an EF nib 149 which was so satisfying that two months later an additional EF was bought. As much as I'd enjoyed using four Lamy Safari pens for taking notes and correcting student research papers, the Montblanc 149 EF nibs were ideal for my needs. After finding The Fountain Pen Network I read many helpful articles covering a wide range of topics, finding it to be an effective means of educating myself on the care and feeding of quality writing instruments. When a recent thread discussed the pending release of the 90th Anniversary Meisterstück commemorative pens, I met with Ms. Meng at the Beijing Montblanc Boutique to see if a special order of an EF nib might be feasible. In China several nib sizes aren't customarily stocked, including the EF nib. This afternoon a text message announced the arrival of the 90th Anniversary Meisterstück EF Nib pen at the Boutique, far more rapidly than expected. As a small means of expressing my appreciation to those FPN Montblanc Forum members whose comments I've read, here are several small images of the pen purchase, the pen itself, and comparison shots with the other three 149 pens. Full-sized versions may be viewed in my Zenfolio Gallery, http://tomkellie.zenfolio.com/p834972162. The new 90th anniversary nib is exceptional, with steady flow, superb feedback, and a pleasing thin line. The pen's red gold-plating is more subdued than in photos I've seen. The slightly reddish color cast of the metal is apparent, but not especially pronounced. The single metal nib appears more brilliantly golden than I'd expected, which probably reflects my lack of experience. All in all a highly satisfactory purchase.
  19. kend84

    Which Meisterstück Is This?

    Hi, I got this fountain pen as a present, but I don't know which model this is. Can you help me out? Thanks
  20. Hello My Dear Fellows, Im going to get my first Montblanc Meisterstück coming friday, I've been safing my money for about 3 months now, and now finally the time has come. I heard many people saying "oh no you have to get it pre-owned" I don't think so. I want to be the first owner of the pen, even if this means I have to pay a lot more. Doing the first stroke, the first filling, that's what it is all about to me, when Im getting a new pen. Also I got an old pre-owned Montblanc 121, which is an big dissapointment, because its just damaged. So yeah, I will test out the two pens 149 and 146 and then decide which one will be the best fit for me. I'll keep you guys updated, how I got served at the boutique and how the writing and overall the pen feels within the days of usage. I also know there are many posts about this pen out there, but I wanted to do an in depth one, without any opinion untill I got the pen stay tuned! Vossi
  21. Hey all! Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had a 145 Chopin with a fine nib. I loved the pen's look, and the size was nice, but I never liked the nib. At times, I felt the nib on my old beater Pilot Metropolitan was better than this one. So I sold the pen and vowed to stay away from Montblanc for as long as I could, which was just under two months. I decided to look into used 146s and found one for the right price. The seller did not know the nib size, except that it was an oblique. I've had it for about a week and have fallen in love with this oblique nib, to the point that I may consider moving towards obliques from this point on. I've read over and over that it's nearly impossible to give modern Montblancs a nib size just by looking at them and seeing a writing comparison. With that being said, to those of you who own oblique Montblancs, what does this look like? The feed has a small letter D, which I doubt will lend any help to identifying nib size. Also, I've read on here that it's darn near impossible to find a counterfeit Montblanc piston filler, and while I'm not having any doubts about this pen, I am curious as to if Montblanc is putting "Pix", "GERMANY" and "metal" on the back of the cap clips. I've seen Pix and GERMANY, but haven't heard of "metal" (lowercase) being on the back of these clips. Help and thanks!
  22. ikondave

    Question About Servicing

    I have a mid 80's 149 Meisterstuck that I purchased new for my father on his 60th birthday. He passed away several years ago and my step mother recently found the pen and very kindly sent it to me. My father was not at all familiar with fountain pens, and I think it's possible that he put too much pressure on the nib, although I cannot see any obvious damage. It is in overall excellent condition. I slowly and carefully cleaned it but the nib is still a problem, experiencing a great deal of skipping after a few minutes of writing quite well. I am at a point where I believe that it needs professional attention. Checking the Montblanc site only confused me. Might someone be able to suggest an option or two for restoring this beautiful pen's nib to good health? Thank you.
  23. Hi! I got this lovely fountain pen today at an antiques store and have been trying to find out which one it is, can't find anything online or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places...? All hints appreciated! Also, if anyone knows what it might be worth please let me know. Thank you so much!
  24. Hello, First post on this forum - to be honest, didn't know there was such a huge community for fountain pens... Requesting some help determining model and value for a fountain pen I found while cleaning out my dad's room. On leave, visited my parents house and they asked me to go thru some boxes and throw away useless/old stuff. There I found couple of new Montblanc ball pens and one fountain pen... The ball pens I was able to find online as they were a common model (same one my dad gave me when I graduated from college) but couldn't find the value and exact model of the fountain pen online... Can you all tell me what exact model this is and the value? I think it is the Meisterstuck 144 Bordeaux&gold if that's even the right terminology. I only say that because I found the same (?) pen on ebay. Please see the links - it's being sold for over $1000. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MONTBLANC-144DV-BORDEAUX-GOLD-FOUNTAIN-PEN-FINE-POINT-NEW-IN-BOX-144DV-/130858055584 and another one I found... http://www.ebay.com/itm/MONTBLANC-144DV-BORDEAUX-GOLD-FOUNTAIN-PEN-FINE-POINT-IN-BOX-144DV-/140922383496 Here are pictures that I took earlier today... It's brand new... it says 18K on the nib (didn't even know what a nib was until today), under the 18K it says 750 (or 760 can't really see it's small), above the 18K it says 4810, on the cap it has the number 925, around the band it says Montblanc Meisterstuck, around the clip(?) it has 2 letter followed by 6 digits and then GERMANY and then METAL 3. It also has the proof of authenticity as you can see in the pictures...it was purchased in 1998 at an airport duty free store (so I'm 99% sure that it's not fake-hopefully) Unfortunately, it is old so there is a stain as you can see on some portion of the cap (last picture). I'm guessing because it's silver, color changes if not used or touched (?). Should I keep it? does value increase over time? if selling, what's the best method? Any of you interested? Thanks for the help in advance!
  25. Morning All, Just a quick comparison of the two fountain pens I use for work on a daily basis. Two similarly sized pens, both from quite different price points. The Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme and the Montblanc Hommage a Frederic Chopin: Although both write very smoothly, but you can feel the difference in the Montblanc; partly in its extra smoothness and definitely in its extra weight. It is the better finished of the two, with nice touches like metal threads when you separate the pen's body. They both start instantly, and only suffer the occasional an small skip if I'm writing very quicky. The Pelikan is the smoother reverse writer. I like fine nibs for the amount of writing I do (+/- 20 pages a day during meetings), but of course there is less line variation available from these. The Montblanc Royal Blue ink is a lovely classic blue colour which flows well. The Cult Pens Deep Dark Orange is very deep, almost red, and great for highlighting points or writing stand-out notes and points. Being similarly sized they are a great pair to use together as it's easy to swap between them when I need to change colour. The 145 gets the most use, and if filled in the morning it gets me through the day just fine. Hope that was of interest. Thanks for reading.

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