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  1. I'm afraid this is rather peripheral in a pen forum, but the flattening of this splendid house has given we amateur pen historians a great deal of work that might not have been necessary had the bombs missed. A remark of Greenies ("bomb damage") prompted me to look into Sunderland House, Mabie Todd's grand London Headquarters in the 1930s which was destroyed by bombing in 1940. Here's a snap: The house was built in 1904 for his daughter Consuleo, by William Kissam Vanderbilt, eldest son of the famous "Commodore". Consuelo Vanderbilt had been forced by her mother Alva, into a loveless marriage to the 9th Duke of Marlborough. Here's a link to an article from the San Francisco Call, July 1904, which is an amusing read very much in the style of the time. It is also amazing that in around thirty years the private house had become a commercial premises, and given the economy of the time probably bought very cheaply. Cob
  2. Hello Everybody, I've had this Mabie Todd pen for a couple of years now, yet I couldn't find any information regarding a model name/number when I tried looking it up. It is a short eyedropper with a #2 nib, and the body is made of BCHR, whilst the top of the cap features a gold cover with a floral design on it. Thanks in advance, Oliver
  3. A repair box, with a parts pricelist. Not sure of the date. The zodiac stones seems pasted in probably by the repairman. http://fountainpenboard.com/forum/uploads/fpngallery/album_449/gallery_334_449_2415593.jpg http://fountainpenboard.com/forum/uploads/fpngallery/album_449/gallery_334_449_3409270.jpg http://fountainpenboard.com/forum/uploads/fpngallery/album_449/gallery_334_449_4613730.jpg http://fountainpenboard.com/forum/uploads/fpngallery/album_449/gallery_334_449_1458225.jpg
  4. jaredvdm

    Mabie Todd Swan 2

    Hi All, Newbie here. I am a hobby typographer with a love for all writing instruments, but mostly the pen we all congregate for. I inherited a few pens from my late grandmother. A cheap looking Hifra fountain, Tropen Scholar, Wahl Eversharp and a Mabie Todd Swan 2. The Swan is my, as it writes beautifully and looks like it's seen a lot. First thing is, I have no idea how to date the pen, and the second is, it's missing it's original lid/cap. It's such a beautiful pen and I would like to know how I would be able to acquire one and how I would date it. Is anyone able to help? Thanks in advance, Jared
  5. Here's a nice example of this famous model. I have not before seen the herringbone chasing on a Minor nor a cap band. It is stamped on the end of the barrel SM2-60 which suggests that it is quite early; probably about 1932. Cob
  6. So I saw an auction for a NY Mabie Todd Swan - a gold ringtop, but the photos were so bad you couldn't tell anything about the pen. So what one does in the circumstances is ask the seller about the nib (of course). The answer prompted me to bid on the thing, and it just arrived. What a treasure for fifty bucks! Very heavy for its size so I think it's solid gold. Very handsome chasing, and a wonderfully flexy #2 nib. I bought it with my fingers crossed, and I'm very pleased.
  7. Another antique! I think that dating the pen is fairly straightforward. On the barrel is stamped Mabie Todd & Co New York, but the section is stamped Swan 4500 M.T.B. This of course would refer to Mabie Todd & Bard which ceased in 1907, so I can reasonably presume that this pen dates from perhaps 1908 or thereabouts. Stamped also 4572 this represents a 4500 model with a short medium No 3 nib. The pen incorporates a "plug feed" whereby the pen may be filled without unscrewing the section. There is also a gold overfeed, probably an early example. And the pen does what Mabie Todd claimed: it is always ready to write which it does very nicely! Cob
  8. I've seen something this morning that puts me in a campaigning mood. One butcher by the name of Womble1962 is apparently stripping gold nibs from fountain pens, (and doubtless anything else he/ she can get at) and selling the remains " for parts or repair" I think that this heathen, heid banging philistine, who sells the purist dross, should be bombarded with messages. See: http://www.ebay.fr/sch/m.html?item=351349542960&ul_ref=http%253A%252F%252Frover.ebay.com%253A80%252Frover%252F0%252Fe11010.m2368.l3160%252F7%253Feuid%253D71a9939dc1a243c59475241194a55afa%2526loc%253Dhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.ebay.fr%25252Fitm%25252F351349542960%25253F_trksid%25253Dp11010.c100136.m2769%252526_trkparms%25253Daid%2525253D555012%25252526algo%2525253DPW.MBE%25252526ao%2525253D1%25252526asc%2525253D20140212115136%25252526meid%2525253Da76ed1d692014051a70e0f36a9aa1b2b%25252526pid%2525253D100136%25252526rk%2525253D1%25252526rkt%2525253D12%25252526sd%2525253D301561760653%25252F%25253FssPageName%25253DADME%25253AB%25253AWNA%25253AFR%25253A3160%2526srcrot%253De11010.m2368.l3160&_ssn=womble1962&rt=nc What about a "save Mabie Todd" thread that would willingly accept other maker's fans? I think I'll start a thread right now and send this heathen a link.
  9. Have a look at this picture: it shows the barrel stamp of a very nice Swan 1060 I have up for sale on eBay at present. I suspect that the curious additional letters are a production error so I suppose this pen must be judged a quality control failure - rare I should say at Mabie Todd before the war. It can be seen that the misplaced letters are made with the factory stamps. Any views on this curiosity? Cob
  10. I could use some help. I'm having difficulty IDing a Mabie Todd NY, flat top, wide cap band, lever fill. No model # on barrel end. Nib has heart breather, "SWAN 14ct Mabie Todd & Co made in USA" barrel has a light imprint. SWAN Self Fill Pen, MABIE TODD& Co NEW YORK Pats Jan 23.34 May 23.13 Pat. P3" 4.75" capped 4" uncapped. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. I often see Mabie Todd nibs with a letter stamped on the nib below the size number. The most common examples seem to be D, G and H. Is it known what these letters designate? Examples: http://i.imgur.com/IzQiBvd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VkefZtW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8g0UJCD.jpg
  12. Hello all I am new to the forums. I have an antique Mabie Todd dip pen and would like to find other nibs that fit the pen. The Mabie Todd nib that is currently in the pen is expensive and difficult to find. I would like to write with the pen a lot but all the nibs I have don't fit this pen. I recall seeing another post on the forums discussing nib and holder matching. The posted stated that Victorian dip pens had smaller nibs. If anyone could suggest a nib that would fit the pen I'd really appreciate it. I have attached a picture of the pen/nib you should be able to see the nib if you zoom in. Thanks in advance.
  13. I was given a rather lovely Swan pen yesterday, of a sort that (in my limited experience) I haven't seen before. So I would very much like to know more about it. This is a long post, but I'm putting as much detail in as I can to increase the chances that someone will be able to help. I didn't find anything on FPN that might help - but if I've missed something, please just point me in the right direction. It looks like a good quality piece, and there are no leaks or cracks. An overnight soak of the nib revealed lots of gunk, and it needs further cleaning, but it is unblocked enough that water flows through. I guess it's pre-WWII, given that it's an eyedropper. But it has clearly been reasonably well looked after, so I doubt the nib is a replacement. It also seems likely that the box is original to the pen. Pictures follow, but I don't have a good camera with me, so please note the following details (all writing on the pen is in CAPS, and / indicates a new line): * Cap: feels like solid metal, and is gold coloured (rolled gold?), with the Swan logo at the top of the clip. No finial 'jewel'. It's a screw-cap. * Barrel: deep green - can read as black in poor light. No evidence of fading. Smells a bit funny - if I had to guess, I'd say it isn't plastic. Barrel imprint is slightly faded, but still reasonably crisp. It has the Swan logo with "trade mark" written underneath. The imprint says, "'Swan' Safety Pen / Mabie Todd & co. Ltd / Made in England" * Section is black and has an imprint: "Swan" * Nib appears to be fairly rigid - much less flexible than the thin Swan eyedropper (e.g.) and Blackbird lever-filler (e.g.) pens I have (EDIT for clarity. It's not a nail - you can get some line variation out of it, from what I can see when it is filled with water - but it differs markedly in feel from the other Mabie Todd pens I have tried). The nib seems to be a number 1: it is marked, "Swan / 1 / 14ct / Mabie Todd / & Co Ltd * Feed is black, smells a little like the Noodler's pens and is marked "Swan". I haven't yet removed the nib and feed for cleaning. The box is as shown in the first picture - pretty standard. The end of the box is marked "Safety" in black and "Fine" in red. I'm including a picture of a bottom side of the box which quotes postage costs in both then-standard and imperial denominations, in case that helps to date it more exactly. Finally, the pen came with an eyedropper in the box. The rubber feels a little old and slightly inflexible, but it works fine. I don't imagine it is original. Pictures: Entire ensemble Pen: nib, barrel & cap Nib close-up (to the extent that my camera does close-ups) Finallly, instructions on exchanging nibs, including postage prices
  14. I know that the BHR has faded to a horrid colour on the cap, but it does have the 1920 bling feature of an 18ct gold band on the cap! Never mind all that nonsense: it is fitted with the lovely Mabie Todd New York No 2 stub, a little bent and writes like a dream. Funnily I just sold my first No 2 Safety Screw Cap a week ago! They are lovely pens. Cob
  15. I know a little about the Mabie Todd brand, but haven't been able to find a single go-to page for information on their models over the years, and am wondering where this one fits in. I just cleaned it up and put a new sac in it, and it's a pretty nice little pen except for a pronounced tendency to nib creep. Might be better with a different ink (I'm using Namiki Blue), but never mind that now. Here's what it looks like. http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt221/mapn/Pens/MTS37_zps020e6de6.jpg http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt221/mapn/Pens/MTS41_zps04d256a4.jpg On the flat end of the barrel, the number 54 is visible above the letters ETN. Along the barrel, their are three lines of text. "Swan" Self Filling Pen Mabie Todd & Co., New York, Pats Jan. 26 04 May 21 18 Pat Pdg The word "Eternal" also appears at right angles to the above, part way around the circumference of the barrel. The nib has the writing "Swan" Eternal 4, 14 Ct, Mab Todd & Co. From the 1918 patent, I'm guessing that this is from the years of decline of the U.S. company, but it's a pretty nice looking pen. The only real manufacturing flaw I can find is with the cap. There are three breather holes, two of them are not punched out completely, and there are still nubs of plastic (celluloid) left in the middle. This is the first lever filler I've seen without a springbar. The pressure bar hangs on a pivot from the lever. The lever has a hook on the other end that latches it into place when closed. It works quite well. I filled this from ink that had been transferred to a vial in order to get a rough measurement, and it took in a milliliter. The nib writes a line somewhere on the border of fine and medium, it has no particular flex. It's writing a bit dry, I may try spreading the tines a little. It's a fairly short pen; I have to post it to write with it comfortably. Anyway, I'm curious to know about when this pen was made, and anything else interesting about it. And if somebody knows of a good reference page for Mabie Todd models, that would be good too.
  16. I have been very fortunate to acquire a very nice Swan SM1/57. Apart from its prettiness, it has a most interesting nib which I assume is quite unusual: it is a broad oblique italic. Writing with one of these is quite discipline-inducing! Cob
  17. A thorny one this - and probably a hardy perenniel for all I know. Does anyone have Stephen Hull's WES piece concerning Mabiie Todd's colour codes? I have done a search without any success. I know a few of them, but am a bit puzzled with a recent purchase. It is a Calligraph stamped 3250. Now 50 was always green (or at least I thought so) until this one arrived; it is brown. For example, I have a late 1920s/early 1930s 230/50; this is jade! 20 was dark blue, 30 was grey, 60 is black, 70 is light blue. A few more: 52 early is Lapis, later blue/black marble, 42 is blue marble, 45 grey marble, 53 blue/bronze marble, 58 marine bronze, 59 Italian marble, and 64 amber mist. And that is more or less the lot off the top of my head! My two "64s": Rgds Cob
  18. I'm probably going to get a replacement nib for my Mabie Todd pen. It has a cracked Eternal nib, but writes wonderfully smooth. So, how are the regular nibs in comparison? How is the writing experience?
  19. Hi, There is a long hairline crack in one of my eyedropper pen. How to repair it? Though I do not use this pen very often is it possible to have a silicon grease coating at the inner surface before filling, or need to have some glue? With Regards Tapan
  20. Dear All, I have the following two pens that I am trying to get into working condition. The first is marked "Swan" self-filler Mabie Todd 7 Co. Ltd. Made in England on the barrel, with S-F 210 C at its base and SF2 on the part the nib sits in. The nib is marked Swan 2 14Ct Mabie Todd Co. Ltd The second, which appears to have an italic nib is marked "Swan" self-filling pen Mabie Todd and Co. Ltd. Made in England on the barrel, with 2 S. F-MBRD at its base and also SF2 on the part the nib sits in, while the nib itself says Mabie Todd and Co. N.Y. 2 Neither has a sac and one is missing its cap. Can anyone advise me on where I might buy sacs for these pens, and what size? Is there any chance of finding a cap? Is there a particular way they ought to be treated on reassembly? Both are also quite faded. Many thanks for your help and sorry if these questions are ignorant or have obvious answers already presented (I did a bit of a search, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for). Sorry also for the wretched picture. regards, Ben
  21. neila452

    Need Mabie Todd Nib

    I have a Mabie Todd Swan pen model #3150 that needs a nib. The pen itself is ca. 125mm or 5 inches capped. 1. What model number Swan nib am I looking for? 2. Do any members know where I might find a nib to fit this pen? -Neil Anderson
  22. Centopar

    Mabie Todd Swan 1500

    This dropped through the letterbox an hour ago. I haven't had much time to play with it, but I couldn't wait to show it to you all. Here she is: a BCHR Mabie Todd Swan 1500 eyedropper, with a pretty gold-filled band. Big thanks to Deb from Goodwriters, who, as always, was an absolute joy to deal with. The cap is friction fit and posts very comfortably - the lack of a clip is actually something I always rather like in a pen (1500s with after-market clips are quite common, and I am pleased to have found a pen without one), but your preference may differ! Uncapped: Of course, the really interesting thing about the 1500 is the nib and feed setup. The 1500 was made in the 1910s, when most companies had abandoned the fiddly over/under feed for ladder feeds. Mabie Todd carried on with the over/under, and it's a wonderfully reliable mechanism - at least when Mabie Todd are making it (some vintage pens with this setup can be quite blobby). This nib is beautifully flexible; it's not the most responsive nib I own, but it feels very brush-like to use. Here are some pictures of the nib and feed, because I know that's what you're all interested in: I didn't take a picture before I filled the pen, but the feed's long back and accompanying twist of silver wire is interesting, and Deb has a picture from a different 1500 on her blog. I've owned this pen for all of about 70 minutes, so this is a very perfunctory look (and Tanzanite is too wet an ink to use in it, in retrospect - apologies for the scrawl). I've not written much with it yet, but I have a feeling we're going to be firm friends. The nib is smooth, wet and painterly, and the slimness of the barrel suits me perfectly.
  23. Hello, I am looking to purchase a Mabie Todd Swan Eternal with a No 8 Nib. Information on this pen seems to be quite scarce. I would be grateful if informed members of the forum could shed some light on the best place to look for it and pricing etc. Thanks. Regards

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