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  1. Iguana Sell

    New Visconti Charreria Limited Edition

    Visconti launches a brand new and amazing Limited Edition: Meet the new Visconti Charreria. The figure known as "El charro" became famous in Mexico due to their work as land-owner and horse-rider in the old Mexico. Honouring this traditional figure, which was really significant in the evolution of power and wealth, Visconti has created yet again a precious masterpiece. The body in ivory coloured resin is inspired by artist Emilio Garcia's masterpiece "Charreria". The Charro figure has been carefully put into each fountain pen by the famous italian artist Claudio Mazzi with airbrush pens and rollers. Cap, rings and trims are made of sterling silver customised with Charreria motifs. The nib, available in F, M and B, is 23K palladium dreamtouch and the fountain pen features Visconti's Vacuum Power Filler filling system. The edition brings a Limited Edition packaging in wood with a cloth embroidered with floral motifs. Only 149 pieces of this amazing masterpiece are available all over the world. For further information do not hesitate to contact us via info@iguanasell.com Enjoy a sneak peak at the new Visconti Charreria below!
  2. jasonchickerson

    Sailor — Pen And Message Cigar

    http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0043-Edit.jpg http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0041-Edit-Edit.jpg Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Paper, dipped (top) and Lamy 2000 F/M (bottom) http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0046.jpg Quick wash on Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Paper (envelope) This is the brown I've been looking for. Cigar is not perfect. It looks its best on high quality, absorbent paper and looks flat and everything else, including high-end vellum (sorry, Clairfontaine Triomphe lovers). It behaves perfectly in a dip pen, but it's dark enough to lack depth. I'll stick with Tokiwa-matsu for my go-to dipped green. This is such a strangely complex color. It is a dark, unsaturated (in the chroma sense) green with a unique satiny sheen that makes it appear brown. This has the result on aborbent paper of being both green and brown at once. Fantastic. FPN member Sandy might call this one indecisive. That's OK with me. It works so well with my new sketching brown (Yama-guri), and washes so beautifully, I think it may be my new sketch-worthy green, too. Time will tell. Because of the cost of importing this ink from Japan, I attempted to mix my own. I came very close with a 2:5 mix of Sailor Tokiwa-matsu and Iroshizuku Yama-guri. You can see from the first pass (q-tip/earbud) that the subdued green is similar. However, more ink gives red sheen that causes the ink to look brown in the Cigar, while no sheen arises with the faux Cigar. Strange, as Tokiwa-matsu and Yama-guri each have a nice red sheen on their own. So while I could mimick the color of the ink, the effect is not the same. This is special stuff. I will be buying two bottles. http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0044.jpg http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0056-2.jpg Iroshizuku Yama-guri (top), Sailor Cigar (middle), Sailor Tokiwa-matsu (bottom) http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0051.jpg For the sheen lovers, clockwise from left: Cigar, Sailor Oku-yama (sheen king), R&K Alt-Goldgrün, Sailor Tokiwa-matsu and Iroshikuzu Yama-budo (center) As always, reasonable care has been taken to ensure color accuracy. However, this is a complex ink, impossible to represent fully in photographs. If you can get a sample and try it for yourself, do it. A big THANK YOU to FPNer fire ant for providing me with this sample!
  3. Coming in September, the Pilot Limited Edition Guilloche Vanishing Point Fountain Pen. We are taking pre-orders and quantities are very limited. https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/pilot_limited_edition_vanishing_point_fountain_pen.html Product Description: Add more style and sophistication to your writing with the new Vanishing Point 2016 Limited Edition fountain pen, the Guilloche. The sleek, head-turning Guilloche inspired graphic details are distinguished by intricate, paired lines flowing in precise, interwoven curves. This delivers a super smooth, textured and luxurious feel to the Vanishing Point’s premium black barrel. The superbly-crafted barrel design is further enhanced by the pen’s flawless rhodium accents and rhodium plated 18-karat gold retractable nib. Presented in a strikingly accented gift box, the highly sought-after 2016 Vanishing Point Limited Edition fountain pen is Pilot’s newest indispensable writing companion designed to capture the texture and detail of life’s stunning array of handwritten moments. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:o Medium Nibo Converter & blue ink cartridge included
  4. The new Montegrappa Hemingway Limited Edition is out! Montegrappa plays tribute to the American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway. The collection is composed by three different editions that reflect the novelist's life and journey. The first of the editions "The Soldier" is already available at Iguana Sell. Its green celluloid body creates the perfect contrast with sterling silver trims. The 18K nib shows Hemingway's signature while cap and clip are decorated with engraved details of the author's life. This edition is available in fountain pen, F-M-B, limited to only 100 pieces! Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-hemingway-the-soldier-fountain-pen-925-silver Should you need additional information please do not hesitate but contact us through info@iguanasell.com Enjoy more pictures of this piece, which is perfect for collectors and novel lovers, in our site.
  5. Ink View: Sazerac: Papier Plume’s homage to New Orleans official (dr)ink! Before we go any further. I wanted to apologize as my initial goal was to get this out to you before the ink was out for sale or sold out, but some unforeseen delays (mail system - mainly -) got me the sample too late to provide a meaningful view . I also want to thank Papier Plume for sending me a sample of this ink. and to Lapis for the earlier announcement. Now that that’s out of the way, I hope you enjoy this ink view as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sazerac, the drink and the (dr)ink. The Drink To start, you cannot talk about an ink about a drink, without talking about the said drink J (the rhyme was NOT on purpose). Sazerac is NOLA’s official cocktail drink. A heritage drink that dates back to the 19th century, with some arguing that it was created in the mid 1800s and others in the late 1800s. Others will consider Sazerac America’s first cocktail. What is unanimous, is that the drink was recorded (written) at the beginning of 20th century and that the name was derived from the liquor used in the original recipe: a Cognac produced by the Sazerac de Forge et Fils house (expensive, expensive), and that one of the more characteristic ingredients is peychaud’s bitters, produced by Peychaud’s apothecary (the bitters are now own by the sazerac company). Now again, some also say that it was Peychaud the one that had the recipe and shared the drink with his friends. But it wasn’t until the Sazerac bar (a bar that offered sazerac based drinks) that this drink was offered to a broader audience. Regardless , it’s a drink that had survived alterations (instead of Cognac using Rye Whiskey, addition to absinthe), changing times (different owner’s) and prohibitions(alcohol prohibitions including absinthe). It might not be in every cocktail menu in NOLA, but can surely be ordered off the menu (if asked politely ). As of 2008 The Sazerac became the official cocktail of New Orleans. So how do you prepare a Sazerac? - not the topic of this view but here is a good link for those that are curious. Now, let’s talk about the (dr)ink. The Ink Here is a shot of the bottles: (Quick trivia what is the pen on the background ? – answer at the end ) This (ink) is the third installment in Papier Plume’s (PP) homage to its native city, the first two being Street Car Green and Calle real. As with their previous inks, the hues are inspired on what they are looking to pay tribute to, in this case the drink itself. And as Papier Plume: “The drink varies from red to a golden orange depending on the hand of the bartender.” So, did the ink managed to achieve that? I think so, golden orange yes, red ? not to a deep red, but reddish tones. The shading is definitely there and it is strong. I’d say this before going any further – it does not smell or taste like the drink – shame! Let’s see the swab in the Mnemosyne card: This is definitely an orange family ink, it has yellow and redish tones depending on where and how much of the ink pools, my first impressions was how light it went on the paper. I let a few drops fall on the swab to see how it behaved and also to get a feeling about the drying time (definitely not quick). It also gave me some idea that this would be a good shading ink; however it requires a somewhat wet pen to truly bring out its properties. So on to the tools: Pens: Visconti HS Bronze – Medium, Van Graf FB – Sand – Medium, FC 02 Italian Glass - Broad Stub AND Twsbi Vac 700 Fine. Paper: Tomoe River, Rhodia, Rhodia R, Clairefountaine Thriomphe (CF), traditional copy paper and laid paper. Tests: Flow, saturation, shading, sheen, bleed-through, see-through/show-through, feathering and pooling. With other tests such as water, bleach and alcohol and dry times. Sometimes it will be a yes/no answer, sometimes 1-5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent) CrossOver Card This is an idea I came about with my last ink view, it allows me to see all the papers and how the ink behaves across . You can see that each column is representative of the paper used. Thoughts on the ink-paper behavior Flow: Flow is good, very fluid, consistent across all papers and pens usedSaturation: Medium, sometimes it looked more saturated depending on the paper, but it was within my expectations if I was looking for good shading.Sheen: None, Zip, nada.Shade: This is where this SHINES. Yes, this ink shades. I was able to get shading across the papers used. And all nib types (thumbs up)Bleed-through: None, not even on copy paper, under normal writing circumstances. That being said I did let a fair amount of ink pool and let it dry to see the result and under those circumstances it did bleed on most papers.Show-through: There is some slight, very slight on all papers with the exception of Rhodia R and Laid . However it is not enough (IMHO) to not be able to write on both sides.Feathering: Now I did experience some tiny (and I’m being picky) feathering using a very wet nib, on all papers but tomoe. Now to be fair this was a very wet nib that I was using to see how far I could take it. Please take note that you the paper you are using is sensitive to the oils of your hand this ink will feather where the oils mix with the paper.Pooling: (This is not the shading but more on the pooling on the edges of the letters, I enjoy when the inks provide this). There was none that I could observe in any of the papersWater Resistance: The tests shown on the card were done using an eyedropper, leaving it a few seconds then using a tissue paper to retrieve the excess. But offline I did a more smear/spread test. Tests show that the ink was not waterproof, but you could potentially recover some of the writing if need to be. Big shout to Tomoe river as the ink just held on to the paper, for a paper that rejects ink by nature it is a bit odd. Alcohol Resistance: Very consistent across. You would be able to recover from this one – almost no effect.Bleach Resistance: None, Zip , nada.Dry Times: As noted this is a wet ink and the drying times were there to support it with drying times that were around the 20sec mark and on some papers longer than that. One thing I had not mentioned before it is how easy is to clean any of PP’s inks from the pens I have used them, I would attribute this to the fact that they are not meant to be waterproof, as well as that they are not viscose and not too saturated. Here are some other inks for comparison, From the top and then left to right: Ink NameMakerOverall notesAmberPelikanThis is a more yellow golden ink with great shadingSazeracPapier PlumeN/ACopper OrangeLamyLooks dark compared to Sazerac, not a lot of shading and more saturatedApache SunsetNoodlersDarker than Sazerac and renowned for its shading properties PumpkinDiamineNo shading, super bright almost no hint of brownHabaneroNoodlersApache’s darker shade or tanned brother haha! And here is a quick sketch of the Sazerac to draw Sazerac ! Here is some Cursive and Block writing for reference. Opinion Personally: I am a fan of oranges, I am. So I would say I like this ink. Objectively: this ink is not the easiest to have on a work environment, but everywhere else it would be a fun ink. This is an ink with great shading properties and it doesn’t completely washes away if by accident some water gets poured on to the paper. It is pleasant to read but it is a wet ink so you might be looking a slightly more than average dry times, again it all depends on the paper and how wet you nib is. I mentioned before that it goes lighter on the paper than any of the other inks I have, but that doesn’t mean there are others out there that could be in the same range and I don’t have or I have never tried (Caran d’ache saffron?, MB ink of Joy?, iroshizuku yu-yake?). I’m very happy to have this ink as part of my orange repertoire Availability As noted at the beginning of this view this is now sold out. For this release Papier Plume increased the production from 30 to 55 1 Oz / 30ml bottles, but sadly it was sold out within the hour of its release. I would say this, if you can get a change to try it, I strongly recommend it. For those that made it this far: what is the pen on the background of the bottle picture? The Answer : Visconti Van Gogh Room in Arles J In addition, as with all the inks in this collection Papier Plume includes nice double side card with the history of what the ink pays respect to and a list/teaser of all the inks on the collection, they don't come with samples though, but 2 more to go! Papier Plume notifies their ink availability through their newsletter first, then Instagram, then Facebook, and finally twitter (in that order). Thank you for keeping up with me up to this point !
  6. Iguana Sell

    Visconti Watermark Is Now In Stock!

    We are really glad to announce the new Visconti Watermark Demo Limited Edition is finally in stock! This masterpiece needs at least 20 manual operations per fountain pen. The body is made by cutting sterling silver form a tube, leaving the user to see the ink level of their fountain pen. The numbered Limited Edition features a double reservoir of ink charge and comes in a special packaging. In stock in EF-F-M-B nib, choose your favourite and enjoy shipping in 24 hours! Discover every detail: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/visconti-watermark-demo-silver-fountain-pen-silver-925-limited-ed Should you need additional information please do not hesitate but contact us through info@iguanasell.com
  7. I was gifted this pen by my father. I have one other fountain pen, which i don't use often. This specific fountain i've been doing a lot of research on because i feel it would be in better use with someone else. The only problem is I cannot find a price for it. Through the research I have found it to be a "Cartier Limited Edition Louis Cartier 100 Years in America Centennial Fountain Pen" that sounds like quite the pen to me. I unfortunately don't use it and neither does my father. So I am here trying to see how much these go for, since it was so hard to find out about it in the first place, i figured its a pricey pen. So i don't want to just send it off to any random person. I would want it to go to the right person. If someone out there could provide more information for me, I'd be very appreciative of the help.
  8. As you may know Lamy is celebrating their 50th anniversary and wants to share this moment with all of us launching a very special new Limited Edition. Lamy 2000 Black Amber Limited Edition, with only 5000 pieces worldwide! Awarded for an excellent design, the barrel of this fountain pen is made of blasted stainless steel, with a special warm silk galvanic finish. The nib is made of rhodium plated gold and keeps the shape of other pieces in the Lamy 2000 collection. Plus, this Limited Edition comes in a special packaging gifting a 50ml bottle of ink. Available this upcoming September, the price will be approximately 500€. You can already pre-order your Lamy by reaching us through info@iguanasell.com Discover much more of this Limited Edition in this video: For further information do not hesitate to contact us via info@iguanasell.com
  9. The moment has finally arrived! The Montegrappa Mule fountain pen is back in stock in F, M and B nib. The full copper fountain pen inspired in the well known vodka cocktail, the Moscow Mule, is back in stock. With a 1912 engraved in the cap, honouring the year when Montegrappa started creating the fountain pen has a special filigree patterned nib. All of the Montegrappa Mule fountain pens come in a special packaging, and once again the Limited Edition copper cup is available. This time, get your Limited Edition fountain pen and mug before they are over! Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-mule-limited-edition-fountain-pen-copper-isfoh-cu Should you need further information do not hesitate but contact us through info@iguanasell.com Enjoy a picture of this masterpiece below!
  10. DanceOfLight

    Omas - Which Would You Send Back ?

    A bunch of Omas that were offered at significantly (IMHO of course) reduced prices, have landed on my desk. I can afford to keep 3, so the rest would need to go back. The wish, of course is to keep all of them, but my banker vehemently disagrees. Do note that all of them were offered around the same price around 375 Euro equivalent, except for the c/c filler which is reduced further. All of them new/un-used/un-inked The question is : Which of these would you send back and why #1 Paragon - Art Deco Limited Edition - Piston fill - Gold Trim - Stub #2 Paragon - Art Deco Limited Edition - Piston fill -Gold Trim -Broad #3 Paragon - Art Deco Limited Edition - Piston fill -Gold Trim -Medium #4 Milord Dark Ebony Wood - Arte Italiana - Piston fill -Silver Trim - Stub #5 Paragon - Arte Italiana - Piston fill - HT trim - EF #6 Milord - Arte Italiana"mother of pearl maroon"/Bordeaux - C/C fill - Ruthenium Trim - Broad I've got a week to decide and I love ALL of em
  11. Dear friends! At Iguana Sell we are ready to share with you the latest news of Pelikan! Here we are, presenting you the new product that will be released by the brand this summer of 2016: THE fountain pen Pelikan Souverän M1000 Raden Sunrise Red The Raden Collection is a traditional Japanese decorative craft used for lacquer and woodwork. The fountain pen Raden Sunrise Red is coloured using the special Japanese lacquer called urushi. Moreover, in order to make it's raden stripes Pelikan applies the following technique: First, an abalone shell is placed on the ground, flattened with a hard stone into very thin sheets and then cut into narrow strips. Finally it is affixed to the lacquer coating. Crafted with the Maki technique traditionally addressed to the Japanese Royalty as a symbol of power and wealth, this unique writing instrument,made of refined Urushi lacquer combined with vivid raden stripes, emulates the burst of color that occurs in the sky as day breaks. This masterpiece is available with a M nib. Of course, Pelikan will keep its quality with its finely-chased 18 carat gold nibs. Also the pen is presented in a traditional Japanese gift box made by Paulownia wood. Watch out! Just 333 pieces will be produced worldwide and each of them will include its number. If you need any further information about price or availability, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to help you! Please contact us to info@iguanasell.com or at +34 91 441 50 41. Have a great day! Kind regards, Alessia Iguana Sell
  12. Joe Q8

    Montblanc Middle East

    Hey guys, Just wanted to gather the Middle East and GCC region Collectors and what are you latest purchases for 2016 Montblanc Writing Instrument Cheers
  13. Coming this June, exclusive the the US distributor, is the Limited Edition Montegrappa Rosso Veneziano Fountain Pen. The pen is called the Rosso Veneziano after the red that is spotted in every corner of Venice. This beautiful red celluloid fountain pen has a piston filling system and 18kt gold nib with sterling silver trims and is available in EF, F, M and B. The SRP is $795. There will be 100 units. As will believe these pens will be sold out very quickly we suggest you place your orders immediately. If you are interested pre-order now https://www.penchalet.com/blog/montegrappa-rosso-veneziano-fountain-pen/
  14. Shavely Manden

    Anyone Used Stipula Israel 65?

    Has anyone used / does anyone have impressions of the Stipula Israel 65th anniversary LE? I can only find a single passing reference to it on FPN. Also, if anyone's used it, does it have an interchangeable nib?
  15. The new limited edition Conklin Ambrosia Celluloid Mark Twain Crescent Fountain Pen is now available while they last. Only 99 pens made 14k Gold nib Handmade in Italy Translucent cap and barrel with sparkling amber particles Crescent filler mechanism https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/conklin_mark_twain_crescent_ambrosia_celluloid_fountain_pen.html
  16. Visconti has just introduced a new limited pen inspired by New York made with a variegated resin in a beautiful black and orange Magma color. This pen comes in a fountain pen, rollerball pen, and a ball point pen. Available the end of April 2016. Pre-order these pens today: Fountain pen: https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/visconti_manhattan_magma_fountain_pen.html Rollerball pen: https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/rollerball_pens/visconti_manhattan_magma_rollerball_pen.html Ballpoint pen: https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/ballpoint_pens/visconti_manhattan_magma_ballpoint_pen.html In 2003, Visconti created the Wall Street, a pen inspired by the square shape of New Yorks buildings and the Vetruvian Man. Even earlier in 1994, 20 years on, we are in an era of great stylistic makeover and modern architecture, and so Visconti reworked the old project with refined forms and a more stylistic design. The fountain pen features the Visconti 23kt palladium Dreamtouch nib, and fills with the Visconti high power vacuum filling system. Also available in rollerball and ballpoint. Product Specifications Item codes and retail price #60173 -Fountain Pen $595#60273 -Rollerball $395#60073 -Ballpoint $350Edition: Production Limited to 500 pens in each writing typeFountain Nib:23kt palladium Dreamtouch nib: XF,F,M,BFilling System: High Vacuum Power Filler Material:Variegated resin Magma colorTrims:Palladium plated steelLock System:Screw
  17. Dear Friends, I'm really onoured to introduce you Mezzanotte, our Limited Edition collection of only 100 pieces, built fur us by Delta and dedicated to the night and its elegange. Made from solid bars of fine resinturned by hand, enhanced with rhodium plated trimmings features a steel clip with small wheel to facilitate insertion into the pocket. Fitted with a 14 ct. gold nib and piston filler, offers un exploratory window to check the ink level and an extra smooth brass mechanism. Everything in this pen is designed to ensure superior writing experience and a long life, backed by theManufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Sober and elegant in his black livery, the pen is embellished with a sculptured ring in burnishedsilver portraying a laurel wreath and a "Saunion", the tip of the spear of the Samnite warrior. These two symbols taken from an ancient coin found in the grounds where Goldpen was born, the Samnium (territory between Abbruzzo, Molise, Puglia and Campania). The name Mezzanotte, not only wants to indicate the beginning of a new day, the point at which today becomes yesterday and tomorrow becomes the present, but the night as a whole. Intriguing, fascinating, mysterious, dark, midnight is that moment when the boundaries of the possible spread out and get lost. In the dark everything can happen in one way and also its opposite: you enter into agreements and wear betrayals, unions are born and ancient alliancesdie. The night of lust and sin. The night of sleep that brings advice, inspiration, new blood to leave a mark in history. The worldly darkness, the night of writing, the study of thought, of inventions to human progress. This pen, black as night, is dedicated to all those who, day after day and night after night, want to leave a mark in history. Mezzanotte is offered exclusively as a fountainpen fitted with either a 14ct solid gold nib or a Fusion nib, features Delta’s own piston filling system. http://www.goldpen.it/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=1435&category_id=192&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=37 Buona serata Laura www.goldpen.it
  18. Hello, Lamy newbie here. I wanted to get a Safari and saw the Neon Coral is still available on eBay for around $25 from different sellers. That seems a little strange, since the Coral was a 2014 LE and I figured there'd be none left to sell in 2016. I bought one there anyway, but I'm already suspicious that it may be a fake. However, JetPens is also still selling it, in Medium only, for $28.50, and they're an authorized retailer. Again, we're talking about a 2014 Limited Edition here. Has anybody happened to see something like this before?
  19. Hi I wish to share with you a prized possession of mine, one of the only 19 Limited Edition Parker Duofold Black Centennial Fountain Pens, launched on the occasion of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 held in New Delhi (India)! This special pen received a fair share of media attention at the time launch, as the first of this limited edition was presented to His Royal Highness Prince Charles in an event organized in Delhi before the XIX Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. As per an article I read, of the 19 pens, apart from Prince Charles, 1 each was gifted to the Queen of England, Shri D K Jain (Chairman & Managing Director of Luxor group) Smt Sonia Gandh (Congress President) and Dr. Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India). And the remaining 14 were sold to collectors across India at a retail price of approx USD 2K at the time. It was quite a fortunate chance that I was able to purchase one directly at the time of launch in Oct-2010. I got the low numbered edition #3 pen (each pen has the unique serial no, 1-19, and the edition limit engraved on the barrel). I have this pen in mint, unused condition with original box, packing material, receipt and COA. I was curious to know what my pen could be worth in today's market, and also appreciate any advice from senior members of the forum on whether this pen is worth selling or keeping as my son's inheritance. regards Abhinav
  20. Montblanc has put out some limited edition inks around Christmas time, and somehow I ended up with one, probably bought in Europe in 2007. Reading about them, it seems the silver cap on mine means it is from 2005, but the scent is heavy on cinnamon, so I am not sure. It seems the colour was the same both years, and a nice brown it is. Most browns are too light for my taste, or have an uneasy green tinge, or an unpleasant orange tendency. This one is a warm brown, quite rich. I used three pens and mainly Clairefontaine Triomphe paper, a gift of a FPN member —thank you! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3QdMl-7KMko/VnTMkMxZiBI/AAAAAAAABjs/hDtc_ANu0Ys/s1600/MB%2B1.jpg Here's the back side of that sheet: No surprise that there's no feathering on Clairefontaine, but feathering was minor on more ordinary paper. Here it is on a medium-quality notebook made in Indonesia: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-zTGAlJTrMSM/VnTMkGgA75I/AAAAAAAABjo/fZsjOzpUJtE/s1600/MB%2BIndonesia%2Bnotebook.jpg And here is a higher quality notebook, made in Thailand. I like the brown better on this ivory paper. Here's the quite yellowish Leuchtturm 1917, which had the longest drying time by far: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-tuH2vQU7BZU/VnTMwHVI9kI/AAAAAAAABj4/-Jwrh4IqPoo/s1600/MB%2BLeuchtturm.jpg There's not a whole lot of obvious shading. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gG7F3lV3hjo/VnTMwS5HARI/AAAAAAAABj8/Yc0AKChjjGU/s1600/MB%2BLE%2B2005.jpg Though you can turn it up on coated paper, like this postcard: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6PwZh83UlpY/VnTOTt6KqCI/AAAAAAAABkY/dQaAi-uTtsM/s1600/MB%2Bpostcard.jpg I live in a monsoon area, so I am very interested in behaviour under water. For this water-drop test, I blotted the left half of the grid after about half a second, like I might do with an envelope that got rained on. The right side I let dry. This is my first review, and I didn't want to use another sheet of paper to do it again, so I will put this up as is. If I do another review, I will make two separate grids. It might be a bit hard to read after a long soak, but there is a grey element in the dye that is permanent. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-5ndmIsk54KE/VnTOiWyykNI/AAAAAAAABkg/_No2i-nfbl4/s1600/MB%2Bsoak%2B1.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Te1lnqKaV1g/VnTOy8wvDTI/AAAAAAAABko/BTo1_0D6D7E/s1600/MB%2Bsoak%2B2.jpg And finally, a close-up of the comparison with other inks. The brush pen and the first three are the Montblanc. I actually like both the other browns I have (Burma Road Brown is more a khaki for me), but right next to Montblanc's seasonal brown, they lose a lot of appeal. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2gloaBU75tU/VnTNObDSU-I/AAAAAAAABkE/Uf960UPO2-o/s1600/MB%2Bcomparison.jpg
  21. freakman

    Merry Christmas From Omas

    http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh34/frenzyman01/IMG_5126_zpslpuldgoz.jpg Ordered this for myself directly from OMAS and it was delivered this morning. Will write a review later. Definitely one of the best OMAS creations!
  22. Good evening everyone out in the pen world! It has been a while since I have done a review, but this weekend I obtained a little gem of a pen. I say little, I mean a baseball bat/club. I digress. Here is an informal review of what we have found. In short, I have been lucky enough to have pick up an amazing, and truly different writing instrument, totally unexpected. My partner and I were out on a pen shopping expedition to a nice bricks-and-mortar shop we have frequented in the past (penbox uk) in Epworth, UK, to order a pen for my upcoming birthday. This typically involves pen talk, tea in the cafe next door and more pen talk. Invariably, the proprietor/owner, Steve, allows us to handle and dip pens that catch our interest and from time to time pulls out the odd special item he has got stashed in his store room. This time he pulled out an absolute beauty... Now, I was definitely NOT a Sheaffer person, I love Conway Stewart, Pelikan, TWSBI, stub nibs and the like. I do have a (inexpensive) stainless steel sheaffer with a standard nib, a bit of a nail, functional, but have never thought of going "high end" with Sheaffer. So. Out came a box. Huge and heavy. Hmmm curiosity. Box opened, very carefully. Oh my. Box contains a Sheaffer box, which contains a suede-like bag with a shiny black lacquered box within. Inside this box was a book, a guarantee, a pen sleeve and, the pen... (also comes with limited edition ink bottle and cartridges). Phew! So far so good. Still at this point, I am at the "thanks for showing, but I want a Pelikan/Visconti/Something Else etc etc". That is until the pen was passed into my hand. Oh my. So. Here we go. First impressions. Baseball bat, club, heavy, chunky, oh my just looooook at the amount of detail and craftsmanship in this little baby. This is unreal. Thanks again, but I am not buying it. Erm, wait a minute, just LOOK at that inlaid nib! Nope. Still not doing it. Second impression. "She who must be obeyed" wanted it. So be it. Wrap back up and purchase. Go home muttering. Third impression. Home at last. Cup of tea and time to unbox (again). Nope, had it been me alone I would have not bought this... Oh wait, this DOES feel nice in the hand. The heft is considerable, but VERY balanced. Let me just dip the nib in some Waterman Inspired Blue. Apply nib to paper. Oh. My. This is just nice. No, not nice, really nice. Immediate starter. Smooth. A (hint) of feedback, just enough to let you know it is a nib, but you have to really have a light touch to notice. Hmmmmm. Unboxing. Ok, so going back a step (trying to slow down a bit). The unboxing experience is for those that like big, expensive boxes, or are collectors of such, will be mega impressed. Presentation is stunning, even better than my Conway Stewart Winston. It is just awesome. However. It is a box, the box will be stored in the garage and the pen is going to be used, not put in a glass case. Overall Look of the pen. Everything is relative. For me, it was just the sheer amount of detail, the fact the pen has raised details, looks balanced, I think (capped) it looks what a silver Conway Stewart Churchill would look like. It looks well proportioned and although shiny (made of solid silver) isn't glaring, the edge of the shine is subtle rather than "bling". The section is what made me waver at the purchase. Rather than the typical section and sticky-outy nib (think Pelikan), this is a nicely tapered section which terminates in an inlaid nib. A beautiful inlaid nib. It looks just amazing, but having been brought up with standard type nibs, it took some getting used to. Never had an inlaid nib before. What amazing craftsmanship. The fit is seamless, it feels as if the nib and section were just made from the same material, the joint is so smooth. The nib. As above, it is an inlaid nib. Not everyones cup of tea, but it is a work of art. 18k gold, palladium plated, medium tipped. Looking through the loupe reveals a generous amount of tipping material, even and well finished (no babys bottom). I have had a Pelikan M1000 with the tip off-centre, Pelikan should have a look at these and maybe take notes. I am firmly a B, BB or stub fan, but this is a medium. I love it. I wish it was a BB, but variety they say is the spice of life, well, this is a medium but flows as wet and smooth as a B or BB, but lays down a nice medium line. Nice. The cap. Big, heavy, detailed. Takes one and a half full turns to remove. I like it. The clip, at first I thought was cheap, I am not 100% sure if it is silver or not. It could be, BUT, looking underneath the tip of the clip, there appears to be a small ball to facilitate fitting in a shirt pocket smoothly and is a different shade to the clip-proper. The clip "may" be silver. I think the clip, being simple, does in fact work with the design, despite its "austere" look, but I still think it looks cheap, especially the plastic white dot. Sorry Sheaffer fans, it's just how I feel. It is growing on me though. Posting the cap. Don't. it is solid silver, it is heavy and posts really shallow. Stand it on your desk, hold it in your hand, use it as a doorstop. Don't post it. it totally wrecks the balance of the pen. Filling system. Plus points. Cartridge converter, takes Sheaffer carts and converters, the converter is fitted already, a couple of boxes of carts and a bottle of limited edition ink also supplied. Minus points. The converter looks as cheap as any other standard converter, really. I don't mind it not being a piston filler, but hey, at this price point, a higher quality converter would have been a nice touch, one that could be pulled apart to lubricate. Not sure if it can be pulled apart, not tried it, but it doesn't look so. The section. Never had an inlaid nib before, so the section profile was weird. This is what put me off in the shop. I though it looked stunning, but to my eye it didn't look right. Conflict. A couple of days later, a few pages of A4/Legal and why aren't all sections made this way??? Hey it still looks weird, but it works and works well. Like I said, this is not destined to live in a box or in glass case, it is in my laptop bag and is an every day writer. Note to collectors, this will look stunning in a glass case with a nice led light, highlighting the incredible finish. Although not a collector per se, I do understand the collecting hobby and fully respect it. Horses for courses. So what now? Well, having been shown the pen in the shop and not selecting it for myself, my partner being the culprit, it actually migrated to my work bag faster than any pen in history. It is a daily writer, it is smooth, wet and very balanced despite it's weight. I will be using other pens, but I feel this is now in my permanent rotation. Anyone wanting one, don't buy it on spec/online, get to a real shop and get it in the hand. It truly is the only way to do this. All that is left is to get a suitable replacement to give to my partner. (as I write this she is on the phone chuckling at me). Cost? Cost. Ouch. I mean, the RRP is obscene. The web prices are not that much better, but when the ACTUAL price was a quarter or that on the internet, I think some sort of artificial price inflation is at hand. Not complaining, just sit i a comfy chair and google the price. Writing Sample. I have done a very quick scrawl just to show that it is truly a medium line. The weight makes a dramatic difference to the handwriting and does take some adjusting to, so profound apologies that my sample really does the pen a real injustice... Pics Just a few snaps, show and tell. Hope you like. Spec I have pasted the manufacturers spec below, taken from the Sheaffer site. Limited Edition features relief engraved images of Walter A. Sheaffer, his son and successor Craig R. Sheaffer, and the first Sheaffer factory in Fort Madison. Sheaffer® Centennial Limited Edition is limited worldwide to 45 Gold Fountain Pens, representing Walter A. Sheaffer’s age at the time he founded the company, and 516 Sterling Silver Fountain Pens, representing the official date of incorporation. All instruments bear a hallmark from the Assay Office of London, guaranteeing purity and fineness of the gold. FEATURESLimited to 45 Solid 18k Solid Gold fountain pens and 516 Sterling Silver fountain pensSheaffer's exclusive inlaid nib in 18K gold with or without palladium plate2mm diamond replaces the White Dot® on the solid gold fountain penEach individual instrument features engraved serial number on end of barrelSheaffer® White Dot®, the trademark symbol of writing excellence is featured on clip of Sterling Silver instrumentAll Sheaffer® Centennial Limited Edition writing instruments are packaged in a luxury gift box with a black lacquered finishComplete with protective bag for gift box, black leather pen pouch, one bottle of Sheaffer® Skrip® Ink, two shelf packs of Sheaffer® Skrip® ink cartridges, certificate of authenticity, and commemorative booklet
  23. Montegrappa is the official licensee of UEFA Champions League since July 2015; and they're releasing a new Limited Edition to celebrate 60 years from the first UEFA European Champions Club Cup. The pen is all made in sterling silver, with blue resin details, and decorated with symbols of Champions League everywhere. Cap and body are decorated with a low-relief torchon motif in sterling silver, declaring name and year of every champion of the competition since 1955. The clip reproduces the profile of the cup's handle. The cap top ends with the UEFA Champions League Starball, gold plated inside just like the true cup. It will be ready - hopefully - in a couple of weeks, maybe less; and the list price will be approx 3000 Euro (VAT included). (There is also a solid gold version, but I'd like to forget its price ).
  24. So I was just browsing the internet clicking through links through the shipping proxy that I am currently using and I wandered onto the Capcom webstore. If you're familiar with Video Games, then you should know who Capcom is. They publish games such as Street Fighter, Megaman, and in this case Sengoku Basara. Sengoku Basara is a video game series that is based on the Warring states period of Japan. Each character is highly exaggerated and incredibly stylized. This series was made into an anime a couple of years ago and an english version of the 3rd game was released around the same time the anime came out. Since this is the 10th anniversary of the series, Capcom decided to commemorate the occasion with fountain pens! These pen's have a custom nib engraved with an identifying feature of the characters that each pen represents. Date Masamune: http://www.enter-sis.com/factory/upImages/item273_1_20150805182558.jpg Yukimura Sanada: http://www.enter-sis.com/factory/upImages/item273_2_20150805182558.jpg Mitsunari Ishida: http://www.enter-sis.com/factory/upImages/item273_3_20150805182558.jpg Nibs: http://www.enter-sis.com/factory/upImages/item273_8_20150805211422.jpg The decorations that are on the cap and barrel are silk screened. More importantly, these pens are made by Sailor! I don't know if these are steel or 14k gold nibs as there is no indication. At this price point, I'm thinking gold nib, but these are limited edition pens so I really don't know. These pens are set to release November 20th and preorders are up on the e-capcom website at http://www.e-capcom.com/ec/srDispProductDetailCsLink/doColorSizeLink/1/1/A10005656/10/10/srDispProductDetail/1 well as http://www.enter-sis.com/factory/shopping.php?itemNr=273 As a fan of this series and a fountain pen collection, I'm definitely planning to preorder the Date Masamune and the Mitsunari Ishida pen...Maybe the Yukimura pen. An Anime/Video Game themed fountain pen is something that appeals to my fountain pen collecting self and my Anime and Video Game loving self. I didn't have anything I had planned on buying currently, but these immediately went on my list of pens to buy. EDIT: After doing some research, it looks like these pens are limited editions of the Sailor Procolor 500, and because of that it should use a steel nib.
  25. betweenthelens

    Le Stipula Davinci Samurai

    The LE Stipula DaVinci Samurai Review and photography by Laura Elizabeth Bullock Introduction The LE Stipula DaVinci Samurai was produced in a collaborative effort by music publisher Leeds Levy and Chatterley Luxuries’ Bryant Greer. Leeds and I have a mutual friend from the Big Apple Pen Club, Tim Ettenheim. Tim brought the pen to my attention and, along with Leeds, asked that I write a review of and photograph this unique pen, which is available for purchase at https://chatterleyluxuries.com/product/stipula-samurai-rose-gold-overlay-limited-edition-fountain-pen/ I am in no way affiliated with Stipula or Chatterley Luxuries and this review is a noncommercial effort. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7284.jpg Appearance and Design The barrel of this exquisite pen is transparent blue resin with rose gold vermeil overlay bonded permanently to solid sterling silver. The overlay is hallmarked in three places with 925 and a five-pointed star followed by 1770 and FI for Firenze. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7299.jpg The gorgeous overlay echoes the legendary tosei gusoku armor of Japanese samurai right down to the gilt kanamono used on the helmets, shoulder guards and plates. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7300.jpg The pen's trim is also rose gold vermeil as is the unique sword-like clip with the suggestion of a samurai at the top of the clip. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7314.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7311.jpg The clear end of the blue resin barrel shows 0/18 as the pen is limited to 18 worldwide and this particular pen is a prototype. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7321.jpg Perhaps the most interesting and most unusual feature of the Samurai is its retractable nib that appears with a clockwise twist of the barrel through a half-moon shaped door bearing the Stipula name and disappears with a counterclockwise twist as it’s retracted and the door closes. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7326.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7328.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7330.jpg Finally, this Stipula pen features an interchangeable writing system. When the nib is retracted, the barrel pulled out and the universal cartridge or piston converter removed, the section and nib can be easily removed by applying light pressure to the section’s metal wings and gently pulling. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7309.jpg Construction and Quality The Samurai is extremely well made and hand-designed with superb attention to detail. Its sturdiness is apparent in its heft and solid construction. A firm grasp is required to remove the barrel and once the barrel is replaced, there is a satisfying, solid click. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7303.jpg The removable writing section is also of solid construction with a tab and hole mechanism to ensure its proper replacement without incurring damage to the nib. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7335.jpg Size The Samurai is 136-140 mm (5.35-5.51 inches) in length and the diameter is 16.1-18 mm (0.63-0.71 inches). Its weight is 61 grams (2.15 ounces). Its formidable size and girth are impressive. Because of this, it may be better suited to larger hands. However, this would not preclude usage by a woman. I am perfectly content using this pen and I can comfortably grip the barrel and write for an extended period of time. Nib and Performance This is a medium 14 kt. gold nib with the Stipula leaf logo in two places and a 585 gold mark, meaning the gold is near this percentage (58%) pure. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7331.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_7333.jpg The nib is not a flex nib; however, it does provide amazing line variation depending upon the angle at which the nib is used and how much pressure one exerts when writing. The paper I used to assess the nib’s performance included a Rhoda Webnotebook, L. Writing Paper made in Japan by Life Company, 60 lb. Fabriano sketch paper, a Moleskine lined Legendary Notebook, and 100 % cotton Crane Monarch sheets with Ecruwhite Kid Finish. The inks I used were J. Herbin Rouge Hematite, Waterman Florida Blue, Akkerman Passage Blauw, and Pelikan 4001 Violet. The Samurai performed well on all papers with all inks although the Moleskine did not provide quite the level of quality writing experience as the other papers. This paper paled in comparison to the similarly smooth, but higher quality, writing surfaces of the Rhodia and Life Company Japanese papers and there was even pleasant feedback on both the Crane and Fabriano papers. The pen performs better on higher quality, heavier papers but it must be mentioned that there was no skipping or hard starting on any of the papers with any of the inks. The pen performed well inked with the Pelikan 4001 Violet, the driest of the inks. There were consistent uniform color and even some subtle shading apparent. This pen was made for the very saturated J. Herbin Rouge Hematite with the extremely beautiful green-gold shading standing out and the rich color flowing freely. My Stipula Gladiator with medium nib is a wonderful pen; however, its nib doesn’t have the range of this Stipula Samurai and the Rouge Hematite in my Gladiator puts down a red line with no shading. I have to use a flex nib, such as the one on my Bayard LE 4 or the nib on my Morrison’s gold overlay ring top to see the shading. The Waterman Florida Blue (a wetter ink than the Pelikan 4001) and the Akkerman Passage Blauw (perhaps the wettest of the four inks) have a discernable flow, more so than that of the J. Herbin and especially more than that of the Pelikan 4001. Filling System The filling system utilizes a universal cartridge or piston converter, both of which are included with the pen. The converter took up the ink immediately. Cost and Value This pen retails for $1095. In my opinion, the pen is worth it. The quality and construction, the understated elegant design, uniqueness and outstanding performance are worthy enough to commandeer such a price. Conclusion This pen provides a truly luxurious writing experience. I’ve used it consistently for several days and for as much as an hour at a time. I’ve not experienced anything approaching fatigue or cramping, even owing to the pen’s size. If I were working a desk job, I would use this pen as a daily writer, however ostentatious it would appear; it’s that comfortable and that lovely with which to write. If one is looking to turn heads with a work of art that also happens to be a fountain pen, this is also the pen for you.

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