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  1. Concise, minimalistic presentation, useful for comparison. Text is laconic somehow poetic never ever negative. Tactful. I've been following his ink presentations for a year. One ink every day. 654 inks till now. Many Sailor LEs. Does have a search engine. You can use google translation. http://happyinkdays.hatenablog.com This one from Taiwan. On tweeter. Totally mute. https://twitter.com/yveslee_TW Thanks to both of them, if they read me. I really enjoy their work. David.
  2. This is my own pen. I did not receive any compensation for this review. This pen is available to hire through pensharing.com. Looks, description, build quality, dimensions This is my limited edition (number 14 of 25) Delta Fantasia Vintage. It's made completely from turquoise blue celluloid, has a fine number 6 rhodium plated steel nib (there is an option to have a gold nib, at additional cost), and rhodium plated clip and cap band. The cap band is fairly slim and carries a "Greek key" pattern. The clip has a little scroll work and a rollerball and is firm but not overly stiff. There are chrome rings just behind the threads and below the blind cap at the end of the barrel. The finial is in a cone shape whilst the end of the blind cap is rounded off. The nib carries the simple Delta logo, name and nib size, with no other markings or engraving. The celluloid is absolutely sensational, the turquoise colour is gorgeous. As you rotate the pen in your hand there appears to be four distinct sections to the celluloid - on two of those, the celluloid has a deep 3-D stripey effect; on the other two it's more muted but still lovely. You can spend hours just rotating the pen in hand, waiting for it to catch the light in a certain way. The pen comes in a variety of celluloids, all limited to 25 pieces: Brown (the only pen which comes with gold trimGreen (with black marbling - verde variegato)BordeauxTurquoise (now sold out)Red (with blue marbling)Green (verde scuro) L-R, the colours described above, from the cover of the accompanying booklet. The build quality is fabulous, it feels beautifully made. The only minor disappointment is the clip: from the front it's a nice shape, with the roller ball and scroll work, but side on it looks rather thin and flimsy, compared to say a Montegrappa clip. Dimensions are: Capped 135mm, 28g (Lamy Safari 139mm, 18g)Uncappped 123mm, 18g (Lamy Safari 128mm, 10g)Posted 148mm (Lamy Safari 164mm)Other: barrel width 14mm (at its widest point just behind the threads), section width 11mm (at its narrowest concave point), section length 21mm (including threads), nib length 23mmStory behind the pen I first saw this on Instagram, on Edwin PG's feed (@fountain.gem). He had just purchased 3 different ones: the turquoise, the brown and the marbled red. Photo credit: @fountain.gem on Instagram I instantly fell in love and knew that I had to have one.. I didn't realise this before purchasing but the pens are made by Salvatore Matrone in collaboration with Stefano Senatore (owner of Stilograph Corsani, retailer of fine writing instruments since 1924, in Rome). Salvatore is, of course, the founder of the sensational new pen company Leonardo, and is the son of Ciro Matrone, one of the founders of Delta. So the pedigree of the pen is impeccable! I emailed Stefano to enquire about the pen and he responded to all of my questions quickly and with great enthusiasm and we established a great rapport. Once I placed the order it arrived extremely quickly. Awesome customer service all round! Feel in the hand Celluloid is a beautiful, silky smooth material which is warm to the touch so naturally the pen feels great in the hand. And because the section is also celluloid it means that you benefit from that same feeling whilst you are actually writing. The circumference of the section is slightly larger than I prefer (and the same with the nib size at number 6, I find number 5 is my sweet spot) however I knew this before purchasing the pen is not in any way a hindrance to getting a comfortable grip. It's quite a light pen unposted so no fatigue from long writing sessions. Filling / refilling I believe the term for the filling system on this pen is "captive converter". It's essentially a cartridge converter except that the twister is longer than on a traditional cartridge converter, is metal rather than plastic, and can be accessed by unscrewing the blind cap at the bottom of the barrel. The barrel also unscrews so you can fill it as you would a normal CC if you prefer. So you have the look and feel of a piston filler and the convenience of a cartridge converter. Clever! The one minor downside is that because the "piston knob" is not an integral part of the barrel, it does have a slight rattle if you tap the pen in that area. Nib feel on the paper / ink flow The steel nib is absolutely superb and wrote beautifully straight out of the box. It's got enough feedback that you can feel you're actually writing but does feel lovely and smooth. Flow is on the wet side, in fact perfectly so. Line width / variation The steel nib is firm and doesn't offer anything in the way of line variation. It's a genuine fine line. Here's the comparison to the Lamy Safari F. They're pretty much identical: Top: Lamy Safari F; Bottom: Delta Fantasia Vintage How does it make your handwriting look I love the slightly wetter flow. Maybe this contributes to me slowing down my writing pace a touch, which means a bit more care. Whilst I don't have particularly "nice" writing, it does contribute to it looking its best. Value for money At the €300 mark, the choice is almost limitless: Pelikan, Montegrappa, Visconti, Sailor, Aurora, Pilot - all the great names have lots to offer in this price bracket. Many will be gold nibbed piston fillers but I haven't seen any other celluloid pens out there (you might be lucky and pick up a used celluloid Montegrappa from eBay at that price). The really hot celluloids to have right now are: Leonardo Momento Zero (piston filler, gold nib)Montegrappa Colori Del Mare (based on the Extra 1930, piston filler, gold nib)But both these pens command a much higher price: the Leonardo at around €700, the Montegrappa at around $800. So if you just want the material but not the piston filler or gold nib then this really is the only choice. Conclusion / recommendation The celluloid on this pen is the undoubted star of the show. It is stunningly beautiful. It is hand made by one of the leading lights in the fountain pen community, Salvatore Matrone. It was also amazing value for money at €300 and the buying experience from Stefano was smooth and handled with care and charm. For that price though, you have to sacrifice the gold nib, sterling silver trim and genuine piston filler, but they are sacrifices well worth making. Overall, I love this pen - I'm delighted to have been able to have obtained one of such a limited run of pens and I would buy them all if I could!
  3. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000130670/?rt=pr&fbclid=IwAR1FfIOac7LqGthhhQt3h5iMfbLyNv6bSZg9dvnRVLig5JWQ1-0xwStnD5M Expected, but why Zabi? Where's the generic Zeon or Earth Federation versions? I guess I'll have to hold out longer...
  4. Ronderick

    Lamy Safari Pokemon Le

    LAMY Safari? Pokemon limited edition (only available in China, I guess) Price: 487 RMB Pre-orders starting October 20. Probably worth it just for the mascot figure... https://m.tw.weibo.com/digiwo/4296959219218127
  5. Hello, New to the forum but I have a question regarding the Visconti Silver Dust fountain pen that I recently bought. After reading/watching reviews on the Visconti Silver Dust with the palladium nib I thought that this would be the ideal pen for me as I'm planning on flying for work and like writing with a fountain pen. The design of the pen also was attractive to me. Living in the UK and had previously used the UK shop before to order online. I decided to use the same shop which offered the silver dust in the steel tubular and dream touch versions. I ordered the extra fine in dream touch and when they said they only had an extra fine nib in two tone, rather than the one tone palladium that I've seen everywhere else. I didn't think too much of this. However, I think what has been sold to me is originally the steal tubular nib version with the nib replaced with a palladium one. My reasoning for this is that the outer packaging states "KP16-01-FP1M Opera Silver Dust Demo Pen Tubular M", looking at Visconti's own website from my own understanding for the dream touch nib would be KP16-01-FPS. The pen also came with the snorkel and looking at it next to the nib, just eyeballing the nib next to the snorkel I do not think it would fit. When I had been looking at this pen online the dream touch version should come with a travel inkwell instead of the snorkel. In the end I'm thinking of returning the item as it isn't what I expected when paying a premium price, I think if the shop had been more up front that they were replacing the nib from what came out of the box I wouldn't feel so bad. Just curious who else has bought this model of pen and the version they bought and what they got out of the box.
  6. Fritz Schimpf

    New Pelikan Limited Edition Maki-E Peacock

    We have just received word that this years Pelikan maki-e fountain pen will be released in June. The Maki-e Peacock Limited Edition is, judging by the pictures, a beautiful pen with a hefty price tag. Here is a picture of this beauty: The Maki-e Peacock is based on the Souverän M1000 and comes with a medium nib. It will be available by June 2018 and has a retail price in Germany of € 3.450.- including the VAT. The Maki-e Peacock is limited to 111 pieces worldwide. For more pictures and information (in German) please follow this link: https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Neuheiten/Pelikan-Limited-Edition-Maki-e-Peacock-Kolbenfuellhalter.html Best regards Fritz Schimpf
  7. Greetings everybody! I am a new member here in FPN and I am actually quite nervous to be here (this is actually my first post so NICE TO MEET YOU ALL) So let me get straight to the point: As the title said, apparently I heard that Kuretake is having their 110th Year Anniversary soon (?) and will likely released some limited models, which I would love to have The problem is, I have no more information but that I stated above since their web page have no notice whatsoever and I am left with only this handout (https://imgur.com/a/HBT8CDT) So if anyone have any ideas about this, I would love to hear your news
  8. truphae_inc

    Review: Montegrappa Revolver

    Hi, everyone! New here, and just did a brief introduction yesterday. Wanted to share a review we did on the upcoming Montegrappa Revolver (limited edition) from the Cult Collection. This is a truly amazing pen with some super unique features - acts like a real revolver without any of the dangers! Feel free to check out our review here: https://www.truphaeinc.com/blogs/truphae-news-and-stories/montegrappa-limited-edition-revolver-stainless-steel-fountain-pen Would love to hear others' thoughts on Montegrappa - one of our favorite brands for the best metalwork!
  9. We're pretty excited to have been able to secure two (2) of these Limited Edition Omas Arte Italiana Calligraphy Sets. This set is a Limited, Numbered Edition of only 331 released worldwide as part of Omas' 90th birthday celebrations and we have managed to secure the only two that have been allocated to Australia. Includes: One Omas Arte Italiana pen in Omas "Colour of the Year" blue. Four easily interchangable complete nib assemblies: 1 x 14K Gold Broad Nib 1 x 18K Gold Italic Nib 1 x 18K Gold Fine Nib 1 x 14K Gold Extra Fine Flexible Nib An always "ready to write" leather travel carry case that securely holds two pens, three nib assemblies and has a pocket containing an Omas note book and a zip pocket containing five Omas cartridges. Features:Limited, Numbered Edition of 331 Sets. Shape: Dodecagonal Material: Cotton Resin Color: Blue Trim: High Tech Models: Milord Converter/cartridge Fountain Pen Engravings: OMAS logo and Greek key on the ring of the cap #Limited Number on the cap Nib: Rhodium plated, 18K Gold B in 14K Gold – Italic in 18K Gold – F in 18K Gold – 14K Gold in EF Ex.Flex. Feeder: Ebonite ø 6,5mm with 1 capillary for Milord model Loading capacity: Converter: 0,80 ml. – Cartridge: 0,80 ml. Length: (cl. – op.), Weight: 145,2 mm. – 174,70 mm. - 27 grams – max ø 16,3 mm. Warranty: OMAS International Packaging: OMAS Leather pouch, including OMAS notebook and 5 cartridges Price: $AUD2,250.00. ( $USD1722.00)Please email kevin@justwrite.com.au if you would like to buy this set or if you would like any further information. You can also download an OMAS pdf file from HERE
  10. TassoBarbasso

    WTH? Is This A Joke?

    Just stumbled across this. I'm speechless.
  11. Pelikan celebrates this years 180th anniversary with a fascinating pen, the Pelikan Limited Edition Spirit of 1838 fountain pen. Based on the M1000 it features a sterling silver barrel, an 18-K gold nib with a special engraving and three little diamonds in the nest on the cap. This pen is limited to only 180 pieces worlwide and comes with a price tag of € 3.000.- including the German VAT of 19%. Have a nice weekend. Fritz Schimpf
  12. Acquired a beautiful limited edition Sailor Profit 75. Nib Hand crafted by the Great Mr. Nagahara.
  13. Greetings all, I posted this in the Market Place too, but figured fellow TWSBI enthusiasts might be interested as well. They just released a photo of their next special edition gold Mini-AL. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZjTGMIjNTb/ Enjoy!
  14. Greetings! Montegrappa & Jazz lovers: Chatterley Luxuries has a Flash Sale on a Montegrappa Limited Edition Quincy Jones for $595. Enjoy! Link below: https://chatterleyluxuries.com/product/flash-sale-montegrappa-quincy-jones-limited-edition-carbon-fiber-fountain-pen-flash-sale/
  15. writepen

    Mabie Todd--Modern

    Hi Members, and Holiday Greetings to you! No doubt many of us will receive gifts this time of year, and I am sharing with you a present which arrived this AM. It's a Mabie Todd fountain pen made of abalone sea shell which is the source of Mother-of-Pearl. It feels super and looks spectacular. The Bock nib/feed is smooth and responsive and fun to use. Do you post your caps when writing? I do, so the threaded barrel bottom is appreciated as the cap can be securely posted. Mabie Todd is the exclusive brand of Fountain Pen Hospital in New York City. I visited fountainpenhospital.com This pen is called 'The Eternal', is a Limited Edition, and there's a special offer of 25% off the retail price. I hope that everyone who has a fountain pen on their Holiday list receives their wish!convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2017-12-19_19-39-54.compressed.pdf
  16. Goulet's Q&A mentioned that the next limited edition TWSBI Mini-AL will be gold. I searched for an image online and found one posted to TWSBI's instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZjTGMIjNTb/ They estimate they'll be in stock at the end of October. Decisions, decisions......
  17. Iguana Sell

    New Pelikan Maki-E Dragonfly

    We are glad to introduce Pelikan's 2017 Maki-E Limited Edition: Dragonfly. For further information or pre-orders please do not hesitate to contact us at info@iguanasell.com
  18. I just got a Visconti Wall Street LE. Beautiful pen overall, but the bands of the celluloid are highly irregular. Most are approximately horizontal, but some go off in entirely different directions. This photo shows one of these warped parts. Is this common, or have I been sold a defective pen? I am certainly surprised that a limited-edition pen would be sent to market with this sort of workmanship, but I can't say that I know much about the manufacture of celluloid barrels.
  19. csgebhart

    Lamy Safari Dark Lilac

    I have been shopping online for a Dark Lilac safari. There are several ebay sellers who are located in Hong Kong or china who have them listed for around $21-$22 with free shipping. I'm just wondering whether anyone knows if these are legitimate? It seems like a pretty low price for a limited edition pen that is no longer available. Don't get me wrong, I would love to get one at that price, but I don't want to spend even that much for a fake. Thanks for any information you might have.
  20. Ink View: Garden District Azalea – A homage to the historic neighborhood of New Orleans Garden District Azalea (GDA) is the last installation of PP’s NOLA inspired limited edition inks. An ink evoking the colors of Azalea, commonly found on the Garden District, a Victorian style neighborhood in New Orleans and the subject of this view. Once again a big thanks to Papier Plume for sending me this sample, this is a nice pink, and despite not being a pink fan, it has enough of the red (and I like reds), that is legible and pleasant to use in my personal view. But I’m getting ahead, lets look at this ink and its name more in detail So what is this ink about? ----- The Garden District and the Azalea The Garden District(GD) is one of those neighborhoods in New Orleans that you would want to walk around, the old style Victorian homes, the well-kept garden and house are an appeal to both tourists and locals, and I know I sound like a travel agent now, but look at this picture!. Taken from : https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjnyOLg55HPAhUM0GMKHb_XB_EQjB0IBg&url=https%3A%2F%2Frdvernon.wordpress.com%2Fcategory%2Fnew-orleans-garden-district%2F&psig=AFQjCNFhjgBIOoO7oGQn-RMVpxeF3ek54A&ust=1474043941157159 And if the houses don’t attract you there is also the lower garden district where you can get original art, antiques, vintage clothing, and jewelry But GD was not originally part of New Orleans; in fact, it was part of the city of Lafayette until 1852 when it was incorporated to New Orleans. A neighborhood meant for wealthy Americans who didn’t want to mingle with the creole population that lived in the French quarter… ah history. Regardless the homes were built using Victorian and Greek revival style architecture, where the large houses in constant renovations and upgrades allowed the owners to host large parties and celebrations, especially during local festivities. The houses’ generous lots allowed the cultivation of the gardens, for which the area is named after, and both the gardens could compete to see which one stands out the most, but the fact is that both are now staples of the area. Its residents are known for being proud of their homes and maintaining them in pristine shape (they are also 4th/5th generation New Orleanians ) The Azalea - a spring showoff! . I’m way over my head when it comes to gardening, there has not been a single plant that has survived under my care, and the ones I have alive are all because of my SO, so I’ll probably trample on this part and deepest apologies to those knowledgeable with the art of gardening. Azaleas are a flower shrub, blooms on the spring and the flowers last several weeks, they are tolerant to shade and they prefer living near trees (Wikipedia). And that is all good, but what I found interesting (and NOT in wikipedia) is that the azaleas came to america from Orient two centuries ago, they can be found in seasons other than spring, they are known to bloom around March, that there are at least 5 types of azaleas in new Orleans and that there was a tour for the flower aficionado named after the city of Lafayette called Lafayette Azalea Trail (once lost, but it has now been resuscitated and modernized- see pic) And did you knew they were toxic? In large amounts they can be dangerous, I may add, but in essence they are! Now, I could not get the names of all the types of azaleas found in the New Orleans area, but I’m pretty sure that if you walk around the gardens, and you are knowledgeable enough, you would be able to spot them. I'm also positive that they will have multiples shades, but trying to be as fair as possible my take on the azalea pink will be: "middle of the road" i.e ‘George Lindley taber’ southern indica hybrid. - see bellow ‘George Lindley taber’ southern indica hybrid. ------- The Garden District Azalea (The ink view) As noted this is the last of release in the city of New Orleans line, following the previous inks of this line: Street Car Green , Calle Real, Sazerac and Mardi Gras Indians Purple. A pink ink that is pleasant to read, and an ink that in wet nibs shows reddish tones and a good amount of shading Here is how the production bottles looks like And here is the Swab From a first glance, this ink has high shading properties, not too saturated and as all PP’s inks some wet/watery nature. Let’s look at this more in depth So how I looked at this view? Pens: I used three pens this time One EF (Twsbi ECO), One Medium ( MB 146) and One Broad (FC model 1901 BS) Paper: Tomoe River, Rhodia, Clairefountaine Thriomphe (CF), traditional copy paper , laid paper and Vellum Tests: Flow, saturation, shading, sheen, bleed-through, see-through/show-through, feathering and pooling. With other tests such as water, bleach and alcohol and dry times. Sometimes it will be a yes/no answer, sometimes 1-5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent) Crossover Card My way to see all the papers and how the ink behaves across. You can see that each column is representative of the paper used. Thoughts on the ink-paper behavior Flow: Flow is good, very fluid, consistent across all papers and pens usedSaturation: Medium, it does allow more shading having a mid-range saturation IMOSheen: None, Zip, Nada. – In general I have not found one PP ink with sheen propertiesShade: There is lots of shading on this one . Again you would need a wet nib regardless of the width to really experience it. On dryer nibs it will just be a pale pink – not too pale but pale ink. Bleed-through: Only bleed I saw was on copy paper , using a medium wet nib.Show-through: There is some slight, very slight on most papers, I’ve circled the ones where this happened, more intense on the vellum, but that is expected. You would be able to write on both sides on most quality papers .Feathering: No visible feathering on the papers I tried it withPooling: (This is not the shading but more on the pooling on the edges of the letters, I enjoy when the inks provide this). Only on the tomoe river paperWater Resistance: The tests shown on the card were done using an eyedropper, leaving it a few seconds then using a tissue paper to retrieve the excess. But offline I did a more smear/spread test. Tests show that the ink has no water proofAlcohol Resistance: Very consistent across. You would be able to recover from this one – almost no effect. Where it shows that the ink has gone from the comparison is where the bleach spread to.Bleach Resistance: None, Zip , nada. Dry Times: This is a somehow wet ink when it goes on paper, and takes time to dry between 10-20 seconds. On copy paper it is almost immediate, same as my previous view I believe is because the ink is watery that goes through quickly between the fibers One thing I had mentioned before it is how easy is to clean any of PP’s inks from the pens. I would attribute this to the fact that they are not meant to be waterproof, as well as that they are not viscose and not too saturated. Ink Comparison From the top and then left to right: Ink NameMakerOverall NotesMashmallow InkDe AtramentisLight-neon pink, good if you want to consider highlighting - has sheen behaves wellGarden District AzaleaPapier PlumeInk of this view Tourmaline - Ink of the YearPelikanPart of the Edelstein line - limited ink of the year 2012- more darker reddish tones hint of orange good shadingBordeauxViscontiThe darker of the bunch, after that you are entering the bordeaux range and moving away from the pink, good shading, good ink overall And here is a (quick) sketch, I went first for the flower then for the houses I'm not as happy with this sketch as I was with the other, I may have to work on it later on Here is some Cursive and Block writing for reference. Opinion This is a pink that at first sight might look light and on fine/EF nibs it could be, but dries a little darker and on wet nibs will show great amounts of shading and more reddish tones. It is pleasant to read, and the flow is not too bad. You may find that there is more feeling of your nib hitting the paper and that is because of how watery the inks generally are - this is not bad - but is something that you should be aware of if you are looking on an ink is that super lubricated feeling. There is no waterproof and in such place where there might be some you will note that after you clear out the water you will have a hard time to read due to the ink turning very pale, again the best attributes of this ink will be the shading. As I say before I don't have that many pinks and this is one I can work with. While I wont say I'll use it on a daily basis, I'm sure there will be times where pink will be needed and this one will do the trick. I’m very grateful that I got this sample, and happy to have this ink as part of the 2 other pinks I have . It is over all a great way to close off the Homage of New Orleans line. There are many many stories and places from the city where inspiration could be drawn from, but maybe we will see that if they (Papier Plume) decides to do Volume 2! - Lore stories anyone? Availability This ink will be up for sale today Friday the 16th This will be the link when the ink goes live: https://www.papierpl...ict-azalea.htmlExpect release at 11am CST - They will have a limited run 60 bottles to sell online and it is a limited production Papier Plume notifies their ink availability through their newsletter first (link), then Instagram, then Facebook, and finally twitter (in that order). Thanks for reading until the end!
  21. The Lamy Safari is 17 grams and 37 years of design excellence that’s been the beginner’s fountain pen of choice for almost all those years. Its design is one of the most strikingly simple yet modern in the pen world, yet it has proven to be as timeless as any of the classics. The Al-Star is its big brother. Made from aluminum instead of ABS plastic, the Al-Star weighs more and feels more solid in the hand, but is nearly identical to the Safari in every other way. They share the same nib, design, and internal functions. The Al-Star is a way to own the classic yet modern design in a sturdier and slightly heavier body, and it appeals to people who like the feeling of metal in their hand while writing. Each year, a unique color is released as a limited edition for both the Safari and the Al-Star. This year, the Al-Star came in Pacific Blue. The Pacific Blue Al-Star Along with a Regular Blue Safari and a Dark Lilac Safari Appearance and Design The Pacific Blue color of this year’s Al-Star is striking and vibrant, yet light enough to not be overly flashy. The silver coloring of the nib and clip match well with the blue, creating a look of warm ocean waters. One factor of the design to be aware of, if you don’t already know, is that both Lamy Safaris and Al-Stars have a triangle grip, so they can be uncomfortable for some people to hold. For most, though, the grip is perfectly comfortable. As someone who enjoys having slightly unique pens, this limited edition is a truly gorgeous one, and in my opinion Lamy really nailed it with their color choice this year. The Al-Star Alone Construction and Quality This is a solid pen. In preparation for writing this review I used this pen daily for a little over a month, and in the course of use I dropped it countless times on varying surfaces, none of them particularly soft. The pen has yet to get a scratch. (These were all with the cap on however; you may fare far worse if the pen is dropped nib first.) Safaris have a bit of a reputation for being indestructible, and the Al-Star is a Safari but stronger. If you get this pen, you won’t have to worry about breaking it. Additionally, the overall quality of the finish is excellent. Lamy’s quality control is famously excellent (every pen is tested with a bit of blue ink before being shipped) and their care is on display in their pens. The Al-Star Deconstructed Weight and Dimensions If you’ve ever seen a Safari, it’s that but slightly heavier. As someone with large hands, it fits nicely posted in my hand while writing. I asked a friend with much smaller hands to test the pen as well, and she had no issues, although she did prefer the pen unposted. The pen posts easily, and I haven’t had any issues with scratching on the back of the pen from the cap, as I occasionally do on other pens. Nib and Performance So here’s the thing. It’s a steel nail. A very boring steel nail. But is boring so bad? The nib comes smooth straight from the box, and is incredibly reliable and consistent. In short, there’s nothing exciting going on but it’s a real work horse, and it’ll be smooth and ready to go from the get go. The nib sizes on these pens do tend to run broad, so if you aren’t used to Lamy nib sizes (or German sizes in general), I’d get one size smaller than you would usually buy. A Writing Sample with the Al-Star Filling System and Maintenance The Al-Star is a Cartridge/Convertor pen. It fits proprietary Lamy cartridges or a Lamy convertor, which can be purchased for give or take five dollars from wherever you buy the pen. The accompanying ink for this Limited Edition, Lamy Pacific Blue, can be purchased in either cartridge or bottle form, and matches the color of the body of the pen nicely. Cost and Value An Al-Star will set you back just under $40. Is it worth it? That’s up to you. For the same cost, you could have a gold-nibbed Platinum PTL-5000a or most of a TWSBI Diamond 580, both definitively better, or at least more interesting, pens to write with. The Al-Stars price forces it to compete with pens outside the Safaris league when it’s essentially a Safari with fancy skin. For me, the pen was worth it for the color. As a big fan of limited edition Lamy’s, I loved the Pacific Blue. But if you aren’t that into the color, there are other, better options for the price.
  22. An Open Letter to the Fountain Pen Community: Dear Fountain Pen Afficianados: It is a very sad day for me. I am a professor at UC Berkeley who loves fountain pens. I was upset to find my office broken into and my fountain pen collection, consisting of more than 50 pens, stolen. The thieves seemed to know what they were doing as they located some pens in rather non-obvious places. Some highlights of the collection at a Namiki Owl limited edition, a wide array of Pelikans from the 50s and 60s, and a Lamy Persona, a long discontinued model of wonderful design. Also in the collection were a Sheaffer Legacy with touchdown filler, a Sheaffer Intrigue in whale shark, and some lovely Omas Arco pens. Another unusual item is a Waterman Opera pen, a 1990 version of the Man 100 with lovely chasing. One item of strong sentimental value is a 1989 Montblanc 146. If you see such items suddenly turn up on eBay or offered for sale at a retail store, please alert the police. The theft is UCPD case #14-01720 and the phone # is 510-642-6760. I miss my collection greatly and will pay a handsome reward for its return. Please help me recover it. Sincerely, John Morgan
  23. As I plug my last cartridge of Lamy Copper Orange into my Al-Star, I start to consider replacements. So I have to ask: which inks the network believes are good look-alikes for Lamy Copper Orange? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!
  24. Iguana Sell

    New Platinum 3776 Century Shungy0

    Hello everyone! Meet the new Platinum 3776 Century Shungyo. Inspired by the seasonal scenery of Fuji, the color this time represents the dawn of early springs when the freeze has not yet passed and sunlight turns the sky red. Irregular lines and a matte finish cover its red resin barrel while a neo black finish is placed at the top of the pen expressing the silhouette of the mount Fuji by dawn. The fountain pen's trims are rhodium finished on brass. The cap ring is decorated with three dimensional letters. The fountain pen features a 14K gold nib with rhodium finish available in Soft Fine, Fine, Medium and Double Broad. This is a Limited Edition to 3776 numbered pens. The fountain pen includes a Blue-Black ink cartridge and a converter. The new Platinum 3776 Century Shungyo will be available in July, but we are already taking pre-orders! To pre-order yours contact us at info@iguanasell.com Kind Regards, Iguana Sell

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