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Found 8 results

  1. PuliMorgan

    Kanwrite Legacy Review

    I am saving up for buying a Lamy 2000. But I needed a good work horse pen till I got the Lamy. So I thought of getting a Kanwrite Heritage because I was so impressed with the smooth writing performance of Kanwrite's much cheaper $10 pen called Desire (I use Desire for the Noodler's infamous Baystate Blue ink). Then I came to know about Kanwrite's latest product Legacy, which was launched just a few weeks ago and I changed the decision. I wasn't disappointed. I bought solid blue colour Legacy with a fine nib and ebonite feed. I ordered the pen directly on Kanwrite's website and it was delivered within a few days in spite of the COVID restrictions in my place. The pen came in a a beautiful box. Also, there was a spare extra-fine nib with plastic feed as a 'surprise gift'! First Impression: Legacy is a large pen. It is a moderately heavy pen weighing 26 grams capped and 18 grams uncapped. It is solidly built. The screw-on cap opens with about one and three quarter turns to reveal a No #6 (international standard size) nib. I had opted for a steel finish nib (Gold plated and dual tone options were also available). The cap threads doesn't interfere with writing grip. The nib was smooth out of the box. The barrel opens with six and a half turns. The pen comes with a piston pump filler (1 ml ink capacity). The threads are greased and has an O-ring. The pen can be converted into an eyedropper with a whopping 6.5 ml capacity. Threads of the cap, barrel and piston work smoothly with no glitch. Size comparison with other pens can be seen in the picture below (from left to right: Parker Vector CT, Noodler's Charlie, Sheaffer Gift 100, Kanwrite Desire, Camlin Elegante and Kanwrite Legacy). Legacy is 152 millimetres long (capped) and has a barrel diameter of 15.1 mm. Grip section is circular with 12.2 mm diameter. It doesn't post well and is too long and too top heavy to write when posted. Now the Pros and Cons. Pros: 1) Legacy has the smoothest nib I have used during my limited experience with the fountain pens. The pen writes smoother than my Lamy Safari and Sheaffer Gift 100. 2) The pen is a wet writer. The ebonite feed is never going to starve the nib. 3) The company offers seven nib options (including two flex-nib and a stub options), 3 nib finishes, two trim colours and 5 pen colours to choose from (that is 210 choices and all of those options are available!!) 4) Nibs are screw in type and nibs can be separately bought. So you don't have to buy several pens to get different nib options. I haven't tried to remove the nib, the procedure looks very simple in the 'how to' video sent by the company. 5) One free Extra-fine nib came along with the pen as a "surprise gift". 6) Jumbo 6.5 ml eye dropper option for those who write a lot. 7) Smooth piston pump filler. 8 ) Minimal, yet elegant design. Solid construction. 9) Excellent customer service. They respond to emails and Whatsapp messages within hours, often within minutes. Cons: 1) Lines are a bit thicker for a fine nib. It writes closer to a medium nib. (I have a Kanwrite Desire with Extra Fine nib and it writes like a Parker Vector fine nib). 2) Cap doesn't post well (I never post, so I am okay with it). 3) A bit top heavy even when unposted. So it took some time for me to adjust especially since I have small hands. Large grip section diameter also took some time to get adjusted to. Anyway I now use Legacy as my workhorse pen and I write 10 to 12 pages everyday with no fatigue, thanks to the wet smoothness. 4) Not really a con: the clip of the pen I got was defective and was catching on to the fabric while taking out from pocket. I removed the clip from the pen and corrected the issue using a small plier. It took less than two minutes. But Kanwrite sent me a new clip when I gave this feedback despite telling them that I had already corrected the issue on my own. Great gesture by the company - they really value customer satisfaction. Writing Sample: Final Verdict: Kanwrite Legacy is worth every penny and the cons I wrote are far outweighed by the pros. I have not seen many companies that offer the high quality customer care like Kanwrite. Just be aware that it is a wet writer and that the fine nib writes more like a medium. Legacy costs less than one fourth of the price of a Lamy 2000 and I am not sure if I still want to buy the Lamy for which I have been saving up. Legacy is a good pen. Note: I have no affiliation with Kanwrite. I just love their products and enjoy their excellent customer service.
  2. silverlifter

    Legacy Redux

    Three finishes: Source
  3. Maine Vintner

    Sheaffer Service Saga

    Hello fellow FPNers, I recently sent my early '90s Legacy 2 fountain pen to Sheaffer for repair of a leak. Thought I would share my story.... Best, John
  4. lyonlover

    Sheaffer Legacy 2...is This Normal?

    Hello everyone, About a month ago, I bought a Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant and promptly returned it. That was the first fountain pen I'd ever bought for myself. It wasn't a very good experience (and I'm not whining about it either) and I was pretty disappointed. Then, fast-forward to three hours ago, the mailman rings my doorbell, I sign the receipt paper, and I whip out a box knife to unpackage my newest purchase. I'd bought it from a reputable fountain pen dealer in Wisconsin as a New Old Stock pen, and made sure that I had good communication with the seller. I play with the snazzy touchdown mechanism with water for five minutes, then fill it with Waterman Mysterious Blue... Without delay, the pen lays ink, but it is quite dry. The line is a faint shade of blue, and has gotten darker over the past two hours, but is also quite scratchy. I read that Waterman inks are supposed to be lubricating, but this pen is nowhere as smooth or as wet as my friend's $15 Pilot Metropolitan using the same ink. There doesn't look to be anything wrong with the pen, visibly I mean. Is this normal for a brand-new fountain pen to be scratchy and dry? I've only tested various fountain pens in stores and used vintage pens. Please help. I like this pen a lot and I hope to be able to use it for at least decades. By the way, it's a fine nib pen.
  5. People, Please help! Thanks.
  6. ArchiMark

    Legacy Family Portrait

    Hi, Thought I'd kick off the week by sharing a little Sheaffer Legacy goodness with the family portrait below.... Love these lil' bad boys....stubs and all.... Hope you all enjoy them...... I certainly do..... Mark PS. Can you spot the 2 Jim Gaston SE's ?...................... http://i473.photobucket.com/albums/rr100/ArchiMark/P1070599_zpsogbzjwnh.jpg
  7. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7331/11764292803_115a097a45_c.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3798/11765944553_9d24da7703_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7305/11766101454_1626696848_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7379/11765691675_81d178ee0b_c.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3771/11766458776_fec61eb9a1_c.jpg Appearance This is one beautiful pen. The deepness of the lacquer is striking. I have a kikyo nakaya and the shine and finish of the blue urushi is a bit better, but I would say the blue lacquer on this pen is not far behind in its depth of color and shine. The colors and the design of the pen seems reminiscent of the blue and gold Waterman Edson. As I suppose any Van Gogh aficionado would be, I find the combination of deep blue with gold particularly fascinating. The trim is gold plated: shiny on the clip and cap band, and brushed gold on the rest of the cap. It has a square PFM like cap head. The end of the pen body is also squared like the PFM. Nib I've included some closeups of the nib unit, definitely my favorite part. The nib gives line variation like a crisp cursive italic, only the difference is that it is super smooth. Its unique in being able to give so much line variation with so much smoothness. The only other factory italic that approaches it in my opinion is the Esterbrook 9312 nib and even so, it is not nearly as smooth as the Sheaffer. It should be kept in mind that unlike many italics, the Sheaffer factory stub is not a nail, but rather it has a little bit of give to it, and feels springy when you write. Design The touchdown lever makes a pleasant whooshing sound when it is depressed. Note gold plated touchdown converter in the case. I like to post the cap and the lacquer finish is strong and does not leave scratches. The posting is very smooth, and the pen feels perfectly balanced with or without the cap on. The nib section, the part of the pen you actually put your fingertips on when you write, is quite wide, its in the range of a montblanc 149. From the nice hefty feel of the pen in the hand to the substantial but not over done weight, you really feel like you are writing with something very solidly built. Its especially good for someone with large hands. Writing experienceThe pictures cannot portray how nice the writing experience is. Its so smooth with just a hint of feedback, just enough to help you navigate the paper. Its funny, but as long as you position it right, and it has a very tolerant sweet spot, it does not seem like you are writing with an italic, until you look at the line variation you are getting. Its a wet pen, so if you want to get really tight italic lines, you need a somewhat dry ink. I used Sheaffers Skrip Blue Black, but probably would do even better using an iron gall like Montblanc midnight blue old formula, or perhaps Pelikan Blue Black. Drawbacks The only thing I wish is that the touchdown worked. It just does not seem to draw up ink. The o rings seem ok on it, so I am a bit stumped. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. However, it works great with cartridges and a sheaffer squeeze converter is supposed to fit it too. So taking into account the other positive features of this pen, lack of touchdown is only a minor issue. Summary Its an amazing pen, something I feel very fortunate to have the chance to use. If you ever have an opportunity to buy one, especially with the hard to find factory stub nib, I would say do it, you will not be disappointed.
  8. I have a couple of Sheaffer Legacy (both I and II) sterling "blanks", no engraving or design of any kind. They have the same "sterling" markings as any of the Legacy FPs with engraving/patterns, such as the Sheaffer Legacy sterling barleycorn models. I acquired these blanks many years ago from an office supply store, the owner of which insisted that they were some sort of "factory mistake" (perhaps they weren't scheduled for retail sale by Sheaffer, but obviously, artisans like Classic Pens started out with blanks to create their CP4, Washington and Richmond, Civil War pens, and Sheaffer has done the same with its various Legacy sterling models. I've never seen any Legacy sterling blanks for sale. I assume that if utilized as a writer, one would need to exercise great caution, and even then, it might be difficult to avoid scratching the smooth sterling surface. Did Sheaffer ever sell Legacy sterling blanks to retail customers? If "yes" what years, which models (Legacy I, II, Heritage), how were they priced, etc. Any information or opinions on the value of these blanks (less, more, or about the same as the standard Sheaffer factory Legacy I or II sterling fountain pens, such as the barleycorn pattern) would be greatly appreciated. This is my first post here and I'd like to point out that for someone like me who is not an expert, I appreciate the fact that those who are knowledgeable/experts are willing to provide answers when they can.

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