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  1. 52 days ago I made this topic about a problem with my Waterman Carène: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/305762-to-waterman-carene-owners I wrongly assumed it was ink, but pen2paper raised the issue of chemicals on a leather case. I had a leather case made a couple of years ago and have been keeping the pen into it since. Then Force also came to rescue – people said he would – and recommended polishing with a polish liquid. Ghost Plane gave the final touch by recommending I used a cotton ear, since I was worried about damaging other surfaces of the pen. I must confess that I was skeptic about it, and took me almost a month to try. I knew I would be disappointed if it didn't work. BUT IT DID! I want to take all FPNers who were so kind, helpful and helped making the topic alive, especially the aforementioned ones. FPN is really a terrific place to gather and know everything about fountain pens and everything related to them! http://www.clipartkid.com/images/9/happy-dance-clipart-best-jKcPlf-clipart.png THANK YOU!!! Marcelo
  2. Blackstone Axiom Fountain Pen Hello, a few months ago, Kevin from JustWrite was looking for pen testers to test/review Australian new Fountain Pen offerings… Blackstone brand. I jumped at the offer, I have been a huge fan of Blackstone inks for years now and I was seriously excited at the opportunity to try a Blackstone Pen. The Blackstone AXIOM model comes in Carbon Fibre and PU Leather finish. I went for the leather finish because I don’t have any other pen in leather finish and I was interested in experiencing that. I received the pen just before the Holidays, timing was excellent since there was a couple of pen meets schedule during that time and I could give a pen a true “road test” across fountain pen lovers of every kind (and every taste). Specs of Blackstone AXIOM pen I received: Black PU Leather/Titanium finishNibss: #6 Ruthenium Plated Jowo nib in B and 1.5 ItalicCartridge Convertor First Impressions: What can I say… I LOVE the looks of the pen!!!!!. Is dark and heavy and looks like a bad boy in leather (in comparison to the MB146 above... lol) .. The ruthenium nib (dark gray) matches the titanium finish of the clip and bands perfectly. I tend to like the submarine-type of pens. There are a few flat tops I adore, but in general I tend prefer the cigar shape on pens. The AXIOM with its rounded finials (top and bottom) is very much to my liking. The leather texture is an interesting one. It has an organic feel. Anyone who has an ebonite pen can relate a little to it. Ebonite has a warm/alive feeling in comparison to just normal resin. The leather has a textured feeling. You either love it or hate it. In my case I like it very much. The pen is heavy. . again, one of those things that you either love or hate. I like heavier pens and totally dislike the very light ones. Weight is about 50g, which makes it on the heavier side of my pens (Oh yes.. I have heavier pens than that.. lol) Nib Performance: My personal taste is for Double Broads, Broad Stubs, Oblique Broads and Calligraphy nibs 1.1 and above. So yeah.. I do like BROADS… the bigger the better.. (You can tell I am not a man.. ). I requested the Broad and the 1.5 Italic nib. The nibs come all fitted to a neck, so changing nibs is quite easy, just unscrew the neck/nib combo and screw the new neck/nib combo. Total foolproof. Broad: I find this broad more on the Medium+ size. Not as broad as I would like.. but still bigger than a regular medium. Technically, the Broad size is usually the smallest nib size I like. Performance is good. From start, it wrote like a good ol’ Jowo nib. Pleasant experience. Calligraphy 1.5: This is definitely a favorite nib for me. Most times with Lamy and other pens that have a Calligraphy 1.5 nib, I find that they tend to run on the dry side. Is understandable, the nib requires more ink that a regular medium or fine, and most time the feed is not prepared to supply that amount of ink. The AXIOM with this nib works beautifully. Ink makes a difference and is very possible I just pair it with a great ink (Blackstone ink) because the nib just glides on the paper. I definitely like this nib. Writing Experience: I have been using this pen everyday since November. I already said I like the looks and feel, so the weight is not an issue for me. The pen has had several fills of Blackstone ink (some of my old Cashmere inks and some of the new Colors of Australia inks). These inks are overall on the wet side and the pen has taken them as a champ. Nibs have not received any adjusting from me and they just glide over the paper. The pen is definitely not postable, it becomes too back heavy if you post. I tend not to post my pens (unless they are too small), so no issues for me. The section has a nice gentle slope that makes your finger feel comfortable there. The threads are not on the way, unless you grab your pen on the high side... which would be kind of wrong since the shape of the section makes you grab it on the right spot. I do enjoy looking at the nib, I find the ruthenium matches the pen's looks and is a joy to see it when writing. The AXIOM has become my EDC pen. Only time will tell, but the finish of the pen makes it amazingly sturdy, it still looks like a brand new pen. Road Test: I received the Axiom just before the Holiday season. Timing was excellent because I was able to bring it to a few Pen Meets where several of the top connoisseurs of fountain pens in Toronto had the chance to play with it. The name of well renowned connoisseurs of the Toronto area have been change to protect their identity. Terald – Is a fan of celluloids and precious resins… he found the pen on the heavy side, did not like the leather feel and overall he receded to his corner to caress his brightly colored “precious” pens… Lischy – Is a delicate lady, her taste goes in to EXTREME fine nibs and petite pens… of the Japanese persuasion… She was not a fan of the Axiom (especially with those BIG WET BROAD nibs) and she also receded to her corner the play dress up with her pens. Rags, Lanwar, Tyke and others .. gave the AXIOM a thumbs up!!.. They like the weight, feel and the overall look of the pen. These are big men with big hands.. and they appreciate a substantial pen. I believe Rags was the one excited about being able to unscrew the bottom finial.. (pic below) He says that because of his big hands, is easier to fill the pen that way (removing the finial and holding the barrel instead of the tiny converter). That was a first for me, I had no idea you could do that. Conclusion: All I can say, I enjoy the pen, but there are elements of this pen that makes it not suitable for everyone. Overall, this being one of the first offerings from Australia, makes me excited to think what else will come… Some funky takes with a couple of legendary pens... ... the AXIOM is in good company (Parker Duofold Centennial White Ivorine and Delta Dolcevita ORO Oversize) C.
  3. I was attracted by the lovely leather colours available (not just the usual camel, brown, black), and on a whim ordered a shrunken calf 2 pen sheath. It finally arrived today, and I'm a little underwhelmed. I wish I'd ordered a less boring colour combination (I picked dark blue x sky because I'm a grubby person and the pearl grey x mykonos I liked best would never stay clean ), but maybe that's a reason to get another one in a colour I like better. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this brand? There's a website, but they seem a bit obscure and I couldn't find much information about them on the internet. The notebook covers look nice too, if somewhat pricey.
  4. Can anyone recommend a leather cover that would work for the A6 Hobonichi Techno Planner, other than the ones available directly from Hobonichi? The planner's measurements are listed as 4.1" x 5.8" (http://www.1101.com/store/techo/2015/planner/). I like the Gfeller covers but the measurements for an A6 cover for a Rhodia "webbie" are 3.5" x 5.5". (http://www.gfeller.us/noncart.html)
  5. With a growing collection of pens comes a growing need to store said pens. Pens at home are kept in a glass top display, but the ones on duty require durable, lightweight, and stylish protection. I own a Visconti Dreamtouch triple case, a Markiaro single case, and a complimentary OMAS sleeve. I am looking for a leather case that can accommodate no more than four pens - preferably not a sleeve or a wrap, or anything in which the pens can make rough contact with each other. Any insight would be appreciated.
  6. About 9 months ago, I uploaded a review of the new leather roll-up pen pouch that had just been released by Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR - link https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/281101-the-fountain-pen-revolution-leather-roll-up-pen-pouch/). It was a good product for a *very* reasonable price - but it had one or two downsides that were commented on by me, and by other contributors to the thread. So when I saw that FPR had produced an updated version, I was quick to pull the trigger (I needed more pen storage anyway!). Full disclosure: Kevin from FPR has provided me with a few pens free in return for an impartial review - but this product I paid for in full. The first thing I noticed on arrival was how much less bulky the pouch was - the two pictures below show the old (left) and new pouches side-by-side, both empty of pens: http://i.imgur.com/M5tDypm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/m0pGO9R.jpg The main reason for this difference is the fact that the newer pen is made from a lighter, more supple leather that folds down much more easily. The inner leather is also more supple - and somewhat brighter. You'll notice, too, that the outer leather of the pouch has been folded in and double-stitched to ensure the layers won't come apart easily (once again, new pouch left, old pouch right): http://i.imgur.com/zAYEALJ.jpg Notice too that the two straps that wrapped around the pouch in different directions have been replaced by one longer strap, which wraps around the whole pouch roughly twice. This (in my view) is also an improvement. Also, in place of 5 shorter pen slots and one much wider slot, the new pouch now has six slots, with the middle two more widely spaced. The biggest change, though, was the addition of a leather flap over four of the six slots. This was the biggest complaint about the older pouch, and has now been addressed. I have to admit, I was dubious about the advantages of a flap - though it provides for greater protection against pen clips clashing (and prevents pens slipping out), it limits the height of the pen that can be placed inside the pouch. Having a flap that covers only four of the pen slots I think is a good compromise. In the pictures below, you'll see that even some fairly long pens *did* fit under the flap - from left to right are a FPR Triveni (full size), a Karas Kustoms INK, a TWSBI Eco, a Diplomat Excellence A, a Jinhao 159 (which is swapped out for a Diplomat Excellence in the second, flap down photo), and a Ranga Duofold. Of these, only the Ranga (15cm) was too tall (and fat) to fit under the flap; the thinner Triveni (14.5cm long) had no trouble. http://i.imgur.com/BFyENb7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mfwWfCv.jpg Two more photos show how well the pen folds over, with the above pens sitting inside - though for the second photo I removed the Ranga (which rarely travels with me anyway!): http://i.imgur.com/RbSEru1.jpg http://i.imgur.com/u0yhEtJ.jpg I think the new pen pouch is an improvement on the old: though I've very much enjoyed using the former, the newer pouch provides more protection, while its greater suppleness (and lesser bulk) means it folds up much more easily. Time will tell whether the leather is as durable - but the pouch seems well-constructed, and the materials feel to be of good quality. Another win for mine - and at US$32 (plus $3 postage) you're getting great value for money.
  7. siddr90

    1 Pen Case For Mb Le's?

    Hi, I've been looking to buy a pen case for my Carlo Collodi edition & Gaius edition but I'm finding it difficult to get a case that suitable for such thick pens. My budget is 50$ as I've already spent money on the aston 2 pen case - but the pen doesn't go in smoothly and fits very tight (I'm scared it might discolour the pen) Would anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking of the Franklin-Christoph 1 pen case, but it says max diameter is 0.75" which is pretty much the same as the carlo collodi's width. http://www.franklin-christoph.com/1-2-3-pen-cases.html Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi Everyone, I have started creating some leather pens cases and I would love to get some feedback from the wonderful people at FPN. Here are some pics.
  9. Hello Everyone, I found this reasonably priced pen case from China: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fountain-Pen-Roller-Pen-Brown-Coffee-Color-4-Pens-Case-Holder-/261419805754?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cddd5ac3a Has anyone tried buying similar cases (for similar prices) from Chinese sellers? I think it looks quite nice but I don't want it to break down in a few months, so any feedback would be great and any general comments/ suggestions for pen cases are welcome! Thanks!
  10. PenChalet

    50% Off Aston Pen Cases

    Save 50% Off select Aston Leather pen cases while they last: Aston Leather Single Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $40.00Sale: $20.00 available in 3 colors view details... Aston Leather Double Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $50.00Sale: $25.00 available in 4 colors view details... Aston Leather Triple Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $65.00Sale: $32.50 available in 4 colors view details... Aston Leather Four Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $75.00Sale: $37.50 available in 4 colors view details...
  11. Finally, giving in to all my desire, I went for a midori traveler's notebook. This is a regular sized notebook with a brown leather jacket. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog, as the images are/will be reduced to a small thumbnail after a short-while by the image hosting service. Below is a link to the same: Midori Traveler’s Notebook Review Lately, along with a fair bit of travel, my focus has shifted towards acquiring various paraphernalia, genetically consistent with the core fountain pen ecosystem, while the pen themselves are in transit . Having used parker notebooks with the usual ivory coloured paper, for my travelogues; I was fascinated by the idea of a notebook enclosed in a traditional manner within a leather jacket. To my limited knowledge and much elation, the Midori Traveler Notebook came out to be much more than that. I came in touch with the Midori brand, when I had got myself an aluminium multiple ruler. As per their website, Midori is a 65-year old Japanese company specializing in paper products and creative design stationery. You may also bump into MD Paper, while searching for quality paper products across Asia. From the perspective of paper, the company also makes stitched notebooks along with the flagship Traveler Notebook. And the core part of the notebook i.e paper manufacturing remains with Midori, Japan. Traveler Notebook comes in two different sizes – Passport & Regular acorss two standard colour variants – black & brown. (Additionally a blue - special edition is being released in April - 2015). The one being reviewed here is a regular sized traveler notebook. PRESENTATION (6/6) One of the enchanting parts of the notebook is the multi-tier packaging. Nothing expensive, but enticingly ‘differentiated’! A polyethylene plastic wrap, diaphanously enclosing a package wrapped in traditional brown paper, increases the excitement for unwrapping the gift. A note on the Traveler’s notebook in traditional Japanese paper, reveals a consistent purpose and description. It does reveal that the brown leather jacket is handmade in Chiangmai, Thailand, whereas the notebook is manufactured in Japan, thus referencing and embellishing quality http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/mtn/mdn%20001_zpsn3bkbpwx.jpg At the backside of the package, rests some information regarding manufacture of the notebook and the leather jacket – from the countries of JAPAN and THAILAND respectively, along with product/bar codes and other compliance details in Japanese script. The brown package is fastened with a reddish-brown elastic band. Opening the package, unveils a notebook enclosed in a white cotton bag. Additionally, one spare elastic band (orange) is provided in a poly-pack. You can also remove the reddish-brown elastic band from the outer enclosure. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/mtn/mdn%20005_zpsvgrigln6.jpgI had also ordered a 64-page refill along with the notebook (Refill#001), which has a simple wrap with a coloured stamp conveying the details of it. DESIGN (6/6) A leather enclosure secured by a single brown elastic band going through a perforation at the back of it, expresses the sense and simplicity part of it. The cover is made from cowhide leather, with an elemental texture and it acquires grace with time. It’s supposed to scratch, acquire colour over time to transform into your signature companion. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/mtn/mdn%20007_zpsbewykgcf.jpg The enclosure carries one single stitched notebook with blank pages (Refill#003). There is a series of two strings running across the notebook and the leather cover through multiple perforations on the it and those are anchored by a small tin clasp placed at the top-left end of the notebook system. The elastic band fastens the notebook while the rather loosely held non-elastic one is meant to be a bookmark. The only embossed mark on the leather jacket is at the botton-left side of the back cover, which states MIDORI & MADE IN THAILAND. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/mtn/traveler%20ends_zpsgtncgrzr.jpg So, the primary ecosystem for the traveler notebook consists of two categories of refills – notebook and accessory. Notebook refills come in 64 pages (both sides) across blank (003), lined (001), grid (002), monthly planner (005), lightweight paper (128 pages, 013) and kraft paper (014). Accessorizing your traveler with sticky notes (022) or film album (023) or a pen-holder (015/016) is pretty easy once you purchase the refills and they may be priced between $4 to $10. There are several other inserts that are available for the traveler. You can find a complete list here. The design of the notebook is primarily based upon an Add-On model: base + spares like the Gillette razor-blade model. But again Sony too sells the PlayStation at a loss and makes up for the same with the entire gaming ecosystem. PERFORMANCE (6/6) The enclosing elastic band can be replaced with another by pulling it out from the inside of the back-cover. Adding a notebook is easy, by using one of the spare elastic bands to connect the new notebook with the existing one, which needs securing the band around the spine of both these notebooks. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/mtn/mdn%20014_zps6pujgcto.jpg PHYSICS OF IT (4/6) – RELATIVELY SPEAKING A very portable one, the dimensions (13 X 21 cm) match closely with the standard parker notebook. However, given the availability of pages (192 in parker) and an absence of a pen-holder, the parker does score some brownie points here. If you are looking for pure table-top writing experience, then parker can be more appealing, given its solid frame. The leather cover does offer a lot of flexibility when you are travelling and it’s meant for traveler. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/mtn/mdp%20comp_zpswhmmm4aj.jpg ECONOMIC VALUE (4/6) The traveler notebook and a 64-page refill cost me around USD 35, with free shipping from Japan. While the price might still be low for a comparative analysis (with other shops), the economic value of the notebook does not do very well against the likes of competition - parker costs less than one-fourth of the same. Then again, you have to purchase refills typically costing anywhere between $4 to $10. That’s midori’s ecosystem for making money. The Add-On model! OVERALL (5/6) The design and vogue part of the traveler is exquisite. And yes, the MD paper is nice, thick and smooth for all your beloved fountain pens. Since, it was another Japanese product, I tested a Sailor Pro Gear Sigma Slim (Medium) with it. And it did run like a dream, laying quite a fine wet line. The thickness and texture of the MD paper makes even a relatively wet ink dry up pretty fast (sailor jentle ink dried within 6 seconds). However, that again comes with an little although unnoticeable bit of feathering, unlike the parker notebooks . However, there is no bleed-through for the paper. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/mtn/mds%20001_zpstbof40zu.jpg It was fun reviewing the Midori Traveler Notebook. Hope you enjoy the review and find it useful. Thanks, Sonik
  12. Hi! First of all, I'm from Hungary so its important to me to find a site which is based in the EU (UK, Germany etc.) and sells that product. I need one about A5 - B5 size, neither too big, nor too small, its better if its thinner rather than taller. Its also important to be fountain pen friendly ( But i still can't decide which fountain pen should i get for my money ( 70 - 80 gbp / 100 - 120 usd ), so if you suggest a few i will be glad! ( Right now im looking into the reviews of TWSBI 850-AL and Platinum Sai Limited Edition). I want to start to write a journal, so i i not really need a notebook, more a journal, and i prefer leather cover.
  13. I ordered a custom Renaissance Art cover for my Hobonichi Techno planner. It's the small custom cover in wintergreen. The measurements I gave them were 5 7/8" high by 4 1/8" wide by 5/8" deep. It arrived safely in only about a week. I really like the leather and the simplicity: this is a book cover, period. No extra pockets, no closures, no bookmarks, no pen loops. It has a comfortable, rustic feel to it.The leather is beautiful and I'm sure will get better with age. Sorry about the lighting. The leather is a deep forest green that leans slightly toward yellow. It's dark but still obviously green. Source: http://www.renaissance-art.com/catg96/category.aspx Pics:
  14. Hi all, Another review of under-the-radar stationery goodies: custom leather and half leather notebooks by BomoArt from Budapest, Hungary! I think I found them via another online shop carrying a small range of their products which looked very interesting, especially their notebooks They're combining a range of nostalgic/romantic/steam-punkish prints with leather spines of various colors to mix and match after your fancy (their web shop is pretty well made too!) Among others I picked this blank A5 notebook with dark brown leather spine and prints of a nostalgic aviary. The brand name is embossed at the back of every journal. Looks pretty classy. You can choose ruled or blank paper with various page counts. Each book has a ribbon bookmark and bright red end papers. Below you can see one of their thicker journals with 280 pages. Some of their motifs are quite kitschy for my taste but others are simply adorable like the balloons, the aviary or those roses. I love roses! I also ordered a small stationery box with 10 A4 sheets and 10 Din long envelopes. The box is a bit larger than the DL format - which is a pity because the A4 sheets come folded to fit into the box -, but beautifully made with some leather details. The envelopes are lined with the same balloon motif you can see on the box. The sheets are unprinted. The notebooks feel sturdy and well made. The covers are made of thick cardboard, the leather has a nice feel and isn't dyed to death. The paper doesn't disappoint either, it worked well with any ink and nib width I threw at it. (Especially that Danitrio and Diamine Asa Blue are a super wet killer combination) The blank books are A5 format whereas the lined ones are a little slimmer. Lines are light grey and unobtrusive. Beautiful products and at a rather low price point too (€17-20 for a half leather journal size A5). They also offer diaries, address books, giftwrap paper and all kinds of other papeterie stuff. I'm determined to get my daily diary for 2014 from them, probably with the balloon design. All books are handmade in Budapest and were made to my specifications. As usual no affiliation but a happy customer.
  15. I've always really liked the Nakaya leather pen case but as I've been saving to buy my dream pen I couldn't stretch my budged to include the dream pen case as well. I like to dabble in a variety of handcrafts and when a few weeks ago at a craft fair I came across some very nice leather pieces I decided to have a go at making my own. And here it is. I'm very happy how it turned out especially considering I have very little experience in leather crafts. Some of it was pure luck I'm sure. I used a cardboard tube from a tin foil roll as a mold for the larger half and a thick marker pen with paper wrapped around it to get the diameter needed for the smaller piece (and thin plastic bag on both to help put them in and take out and to protect from moisture). I bought wooden half spheres for the ends at a hobby shop. The inner diameters are 21mm for the smaller half and 27mm for the larger. The molds are 22mm and 28mm but the leather shrank a bit as it dried. That is one thing a would do differently the second time, take the molds out a bit earlier. I waited too long and the leather shrinking caused the seams to open just a bit. It doesn't show in the pictures (very difficult to get sharp pictures on a cloudy winter day, too little light) but there is a tiny crack in the seams. The leather I found is very nice. It's 2mm thick (that is 5 oz i think). The reverse side is velvety soft. In the finished case the inside is pressed against the mold so it's no longer fuzzy but it is very smooth and I don't feel any need to make a lining for the case.
  16. Does anyone know of a commercially available leather pad cover that will fit a Rhodia no 12 dot pad? I just moved up to the Sacramento area, and I am super happy to have Rhodia available to me now. I use my small no12 everyday, as well as larger notebooks, and it would be perfect if I could only find a leather cover! Thanks in advance guys!
  17. What companies make leather covers, made with thick full grain leather, for the Field Notes notebooks? Thanks.
  18. Are there any companies that make a leather pen sleeve to fit the TWSBI Mini? Thamks.
  19. I've been looking for a decent pen case for a little while and I've narrowed down my choices to two similar cases. They are both hard ish leather, hold three pens, are similarly sized, and the price is similar as well. I'm just curious to know if anyone out there would recommend one over the other, since I don't know which of the two to pick. Pelikan or Aston? There is also this Aston 4 pen case, but the leather is softer and it doesn't look quite as protective or sturdy. Any advice? Sorry if this has been asked [a million times] before.
  20. A5 size note-pads are my "go-to" size for jotting things down at my desk, playing with pens working on my handwriting, and taking to meetings for note taking. I kind of wanted a leather portfolio for the meeting part (and also to close at my desk and hide my doodles...). I ran across the Van der Spek writing cases at Appelboom, and ordered the "bottom of the line" model for 39 euro to see if I liked it. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa163/roomdog/Van%20der%20Spek%20Writing%20Case/VanderSpek001_zps4721de0a.jpg For where it's priced, it's hardly a base model. The leather is very nice and the whole thing exudes quality. This won't be my last one, and I think I'll see about having a custom one made. (more on that as we go along). Included is a very nice Van der Spek labeled A5 notepad. A thoughtful inclusion so you are free to write immediately, in case you didn't already have an A5 notepad... http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa163/roomdog/Van%20der%20Spek%20Writing%20Case/VanderSpek003_zps343476a1.jpg Another thing that sold me on this brand was that there is a pen loop built in. It appears quite small, and a Pelikan M300 fits easily and snugly. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa163/roomdog/Van%20der%20Spek%20Writing%20Case/VanderSpek004_zpse8d5fbed.jpg The problem with pen loops is that they're almost never the right size for the pen you intend to use. Van der Spek gets around that issue by hiding a bit of elastic in the loop. The loop that securely holds an M300 will also accept a large pen like this Omas Extra (roughly MB 146 size). http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa163/roomdog/Van%20der%20Spek%20Writing%20Case/VanderSpek005_zps8c284e9d.jpg Here's a closeup of the elastic. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa163/roomdog/Van%20der%20Spek%20Writing%20Case/VanderSpek006_zpsd0a5570c.jpg I'll use the included paper for something (or give it to the wife), but I prefer to have some Rhodia in there (which is why I bought the thing in the first place. As you can see, the A5 sized Rhodia pad fits perfectly. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa163/roomdog/Van%20der%20Spek%20Writing%20Case/VanderSpek007_zps9e24277d.jpg Overall I'm quite pleased with the case. The leather is very, very nice and supple to the touch. One minor complaint is that they used a bit of foam underneath to give it a "pillow touch". I'm not a fan of that and wasn't aware that this would be the case (no pun intended!). The small pockets will hold a business or credit card, but I would probably prefer if one held Exacompta note cards (I like the 74x105mm ones readily available in Europe). I put a few of these in my Midori Passport notebook for jotting a to-do list or being able to pass along a quick note or info. The last thing is the pen loop. It is quite snug, and while a tapered pen like the Omas (or a Lamy 2000) will fit; I have some concerns about the durability of the elastic. A pen like a Pilot 95S seems to snag on the lip where the cap meets the body. I think I would like a finger pouch fashioned in place of the loop instead. I'll call Van der Spek and see if they can do something like that. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa163/roomdog/Van%20der%20Spek%20Writing%20Case/VanderSpek008_zpsc4801ff8.jpg
  21. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of new lines from Kaweco, including their premium bottled inks, Liliput Brass, AL Sport Stonewashed, Deluxe Octagonal Pocket Clips, and best of all, and exclusively available at Cult Pens, the Eco Wild Raw Leather pouches. Kaweco have given us a number of interesting product finishes over the years, but none have been quite as unusual as the new AL Sport Stonewashed, available in black or blue. The premise is simple, take the popular AL Sport range and stonewash it like you would a pair of jeans. The result is a writing instrument that looks as though it has been well used over the years. Creating the finish in this way also means that no two pens are the same - the pen you have will vary from everyone else’s, perhaps by a little, maybe by a lot. As usual, pocket clips are optional, but the new Deluxe Octagonal Pocket Clips do add to the vintage-look of the Stonewashed. Add in a Kaweco Sport converter for the fountain pen, and you can use Kaweco’s new high-quality bottled ink, available in 7 colours, each in a 30ml bottle. Kaweco inks are a premium formulation, very reminiscent in character and colour of the old rotring inks. 2014 has also seen the introduction of a new super-compact Brass Liliput. Milled from solid brass, the untreated finish means this pen will - like the AL Sport Raw that came before it - wear over time and develop a unique patina depending on use and storage conditions. This finish can either be left to develop its patina or can be restored using brass polish and a liberal application of elbow grease. Available as either a fountain pen or a ballpoint, in smooth or waved finishes. Following these recent future-proof additions to the Kaweco family, comes the Eco Wild Raw Leather Pouch, a high-quality and incredibly strong leather pouch, which will acquire its own unique character over time. Eco Wild Raw leather pouches are manufactured from high-quality cowhide, sanded and oiled to a velvety, rustic richness. As the leather is not artificially coated, it will readily acquire a patina, along with the scuffs and scrapes of daily use adding to the character of the pouch. These pouches go beautifully with most Kaweco pens but especially with the plain metal finishes. The MD of Kaweco carries his richly-scuffed AL Sport Raw in one of these – a superb combination. Available exclusively from Cult Pens now, the Kaweco Eco Wild Raw Leather pen pouch comes in one- or two-pen sizes to suit both the Liliput, and Sport ranges. Get 20% off an Eco Wild Raw Leather Pouch when you buy any Kaweco AL Sport or Liliput, by using discount code FPNK20 at the checkout.
  22. I've always been a huge fan of leather furnishings, and would really love to find a good pen with a leather barrel. I know that Faber-Castell makes their "Basic" in a leather finish, but I'm not a huge fan of the rubbery cap. On the other end of the spectrum I know that S.T. Dupont used to make an alligator leather pen, though they're a bit beyond my price range. Does anyone know of any pens finished in leather somewhere between those two extremes?
  23. I think it is about time to do my first review (way overdue). I've always liked the looks and feel of leather notebooks but either the paper was not what I wanted or I was to scared to spoil them with my scribbles. So I opted to go for a nice leather cover. I searched a while to find a nice leather cover that could fit the notebooks I like. Most covers out there seem to be made for Moleskin and that's, well lets just say not my cup of tea. Not to long ago I came across a Dutch website www.writersplaza.nl were they sell handmade leather notebooks and covers by an Englishman named Paul Francis. Just when I was about to order the reddish one I noticed the dark brown one. I could not choose so there was only one option left I ordered both Both are just awesome. They fit about any A5 notebook I think. So far I have tried them with my favourite at the moment the Leuchtturm (currently in the brown one) and the Rhodia (web) and the thicker softcover Rhodia (shown in the reddish one). The reddish one has an extra flap where you can store businesscards, creditcard, etc. The extra flap also protects the notebook more when carried in a backpack or sorts. You can put the flap over or under the front cover. They both are pretty soft leather and lie as flat as the notebook allows. As a bonus the are made environmentally save. (http://www.writersplaza.nl/c-1443210/paul-francis-how-your-book-was-made/) They can stain a bit at the beginning. Needless to say I'm extremely happy with them and they put a smile on my face every time I see them or pick them up to start writing. After some googling I think I found his ebayshop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Diary-Shop No more words let's show some pictures Some very nice diamondshape stiching
  24. The Good Captain

    In Praise Of Moleskine

    I've always liked Moleskine notebooks and especially the pocket-sized ones - 9x14cm. Just ideal for the everyday 'get off my chest' sort of comments. A bit like my LOMO camera used to be for 'photo-thoughts'. I know that the Moleskines have a bit of bad press but that's probably down to people's reluctance to sort out what is right with Moleskine for themselves, rather than complain and whinge that Moleskine 'doesn't like my ink' sort-of thing. So I decided that I'd start using them again, in favour of the Leuchtturm pocket ones and see what happened. I've gone back to the soft-cover ones for the simple reason that I've found a superb chap who makes leather covers for them (along with a load of other stuff) and mine arrived this morning. I'll come to that in a bit. When I first started my first Moleskine I'd done a bit of searching for 'good' inks for Moleskine and came across this excellent series of reviews. I immediately went for the Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black - just my sort of colour anyway - and have never looked back. Therefore, I would suggest that people might care to try Moleskine-friendly inks first, before they rule out the paper altogether. (Sorry about the pun.) Making something work for you is a lot more fun than complaining that something doesn't suit you. Just my opinion. Anyway; soft covers here I come and as I mentioned, I've a perfect soft leather cover for the start of my next project. This is the one I went for, from Fenner Crafts. A fabulous chap to deal with and the service has been excellent. The soft Italian leather and soft cover of the book just go together perfectly. Of course, that's my opinion and some people might prefer hard covers and thicker leather. I've not tried a hard cover book in there but the covers are designed for both and I guess that a similar-sized book, like a Rhodia, would fit too. But I don't want to use either of those. Here's a picture of mine. So, come on people - give Moleskine another shot! You know you want to.
  25. So I have been reading and browsing looking for a quality leather notebook cover, while at the same time looking for quality paper to use with my FP. I have seen so many pictures, read into so many brands, that I have a general idea of what I want. However, I find myself now completely overwhelmed with the choices, sizes, etc. By now I've seen how to make your own covers as well as the enormous range of planner-styles. So yes, feeling a bit overwhelmed. Rather than just start buying and experimenting with what I've seen, I'd like my first purchase to be done with some input from you paraphernalia buffs. I use a Medium 14kt Montblanc nib with Diamine Green/Black quite often so lets assume that's what I will be writing with in this notebook. I make lists often, but this paper will mainly be used to write letters to my daughter. She is 2 and I write her a letter every day I can so when she gets older she can laugh at how awesome I was. I am looking for both a leather cover, and paper to fill it. Cover I would like to purchase the cover once, and replace the paper as necessary so it must have replaceable paper, to be used often. There must be a spot/pocket to fasten my pen. I'm a laser engraver and will be putting my own intricate designs into the leather if/when I feel like, so plain covers would be preferred. So far I have seen some nice-looking stuff, but like I said, overwhelmed. I liked the Midori's, is there something better to look at? LeatherReplaceable PaperPen SlotPaper I will only be using a FP with this notebook, so it must work well with FPs. Lined paper would be best, but I am open to other types if people have recommendations for letter writing paper. As I mean to pull the letters from the notebook, this means I will need lined paper, that can tear away clean (to be placed in a folder or book/scan). I would prefer the paper to not be hole-punched as well. I have read good thing about Rhodia, but didn't see if it would fit in covers or if it tore away clean. Lined PaperFP CapableTearaway Non Hole-punched So there ya have it, the method to my new notebook purchase madness. I really would appreciate some input on what pairing of cover and paper would fit my needs. Looking to spend under $100 but its its more... hey, I'm worth it. Just not $200 worth it Also, thanks for taking the time to read this novel, I know I can run on for a while.

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