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  1. Hello, I have a Sheaffer Legacy Heritage with an Inlaid nib. Unfortunately, the nib started leaking at the inlay. (I could get a diamond pattern if I press a tissue against the nib). I heard some suggestions to use wax or Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure, both of which sounded scary. It was one of the last ones made in the Fort Madison plant, so I didn't want to disassemble it. Is there any chance that the problem would resolve itself? or should I send it to a nibmeister for repair?
  2. So... I got a cool Fern Green Esterbrook J (with 1 cap) and really like the thing. The body of the pen has a crack around the cap-threads, but it's only apparent when removing the section and bladder. Which I did. because I wanted to see it. but that's not the issue. The issue is the constant seepage of ink around the feed/section interface. Again, I took the feed and nib out, but this time for a good reason! It was 0.1mm off-center and bugging me. So now it leaks, it gets into the cap, it spreads onto the section and gets on my fingers. How to fix it?
  3. mikhasan

    Edson, Inky Fingers

    Whenever I uncap my Edson (M), I find ink on the section. I've learned to grip farther away from the nib, but I still get ink on my fingers. I think what's happening is the ink from the nib creep transfers to the cap which then transfers to the grip section when I cap/uncap the pen. Anyone know how I can prevent this? Thanks in advance.
  4. I got my Click Neo Tulip last week, and filled it about halfway with Private Reserve Spearmint. I haven't been using it a lot--I have four other pens inked--but every time I use it it seems emptier. I cleaned a lot of ink out of the cap on Friday, and today when I opened it ink poured out of the cap. The ink cavity seems totally empty, but it looks like there's some ink behind the piston. And when I hold the pen upside down ink drips straight out. I guess I'm going to try to disassemble it as far as I can, and clean it out, but does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix it?
  5. Hey everyone, I recently bought a Sheaffer Legacy Heritage (pictured) and for some reason it leaks from the converter and into the barrel. It doesn't actually leak out of the nib, and I only ever see the ink when I unscrew the barrel but, as I'm sure you can appreciate, this is annoying regardless. I currently have Mont Blanc Irish Green in there. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the ink properties, but I don't think it's done this with any other ink before. Another thing I'm thinking it might be is the temperature. I walk to and from school every day, and at the moment (here in the UK), it's extremely cold. In fact - it was even snowing here today (I'll only take one pen to school tomorrow I think and make sure I keep it warm). Could a low temperature make the pen leak a little? It's fine sitting on my desk at the moment. I've written with it and there are no leaks, until I get to school and have a look inside the barrel to find ink over the converter.
  6. Hey fellow fountainpennetworkers; I know that a lot of your guys have had cracked and leaky Lamy 2000s,but mine confuses me a little bit.My lamy was bought on the counter(exactly the one displayed on it),and it feels pretty good,the nibs, the barrel,all great.But a month later ,when I inspected the nib(don't blame me for being overly careful,cause any one will take great care of a pen more than $150),I find there to be a nearly 1 cm crack(a visible black line) ,starting from the joint of steel and morkoron (I don't know how to spell it).But strange enough,it does not leak,but when your finger touches the crack, it feesl just not so smooth.It does not leak .I feel it eventually would someday,with the viscosity of the ink holding the leak back just for now. Sending it over to Germany is so effort-taking ,and its not easy to get these crack sealants in where iI live ,so what do you guys recommend? Thanks
  7. My new Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 has been leaving little droplets of ink in the transparent cap (in spite of the pen being stored nib up)--was an inconvenience, but last night, this is what I found, after laying it on its side for a moment while I answered the phone (before uncapping, thank goodness). The smaller streaks are from ongoing "normal" drops in the cap; the big honkin' blob is the new pool. Had to uncap it over the sink, there was so much ink rolling around in there. :::yikes!::: The nib section appears to be seated securely. Any idea what the heck is going on? Is this a known issue?
  8. tacticaltimmy12

    Pocket Safe?

    Is it safe to carry a fountain pen in your pants pocket? I wear cargo pants and like to carry a pen and notebook in my cargo pocket, but I'm worried that the pen will leak. The pen's that I'd carry would either be the Platinum Preppy, or the Pilot 78G. I'm not using an eye dropper conversion, just using cartridges and converters. They seem pretty secure, but I'd hate to ruin a pair of pants.
  9. Hello All, I have recently bought a vintage Waterman 92 (see pics). Pen was said to have been serviced and new sac installed. The only apparent flaw I saw was the broken head on the lever - the lever still works fine. However, after I inked it up (Diamine Green/Black for reference), I noticed that it was easily the wettest pen I have written with. I barely shook the pen forward and what had to have been half the ink in the sac fell straight out onto the paper. I did the same to produce the ink drop in the pictures. I will be disassembling the pen shortly - I hope I don't find that the feed is destroyed or something. I can imagine this is a fairly common problem with old lever-filling sac-pens. Is there a fix? Thanks
  10. GlennPen

    Twsbi Vac-700 Airplane Flight Test

    Hello, I just recently received my TWSBI Vac-700 Demonstrator in Medium, and although I am leaving already (oh bittersweet, to receive a pen and not use it immediately right after) from Japan to California, I'd thought it to answer my own question: Can the TWSBI Vac-700 truly withstand leaks on an airplane, be used on-board, and not leak when landing (or even when in use)? http://i.imgur.com/7n1HaOi.jpg To answer this question I've filled my TWSBI with bottled water (so that should it leak or heaven-forbid, explode) to the brim using the technique shown by Brian Goulet, and will have it in my jacket pocket nib up, then when the airplane reaches a constant altitude, I'll begin scribbling first with the water inside the feed with the blind cap closed until it starts to dry out, then open the cap so that water flows to the feed. Hopefully nothing happens other than continuing to write. After about half of the water has been used, I'll close the blind cap, cutting off the water flow, then place it back in my pocket again nib side up. Once I land, I'll check my pen, if there's no water, then we''ll know this pen is perfectly suitable for Airplane carry and use. I'll let you know the results as soon as I get home, and take pictures if possible.
  11. Hello Everyone, I bought a used 149 from an online seller in the U.K. last week. The serial number on the warranty card matches the one inscribed on the pen cap. But what I am curious is the nib size. The warranty card says the nib is Fine (F). But many of my friends who are FP fans say, from what it writes, it should be a Medium (M) nib. Could it be possible that an F writes like an M? Also, I was trying to switch the ink from Diamine Blue Velvet to Diamine Bilberry yesterday. When I attempted to screw the piston to remove blue velvet back into its bottle, some ink came out from the piston side. This is my first piston pen; I suppose that this could be a normal behaviour of the piston. But when I explained the symptom to a friend who has a 146, he recalls similar experience, said there is a slight leak near the piston threads and suggested that I visit a boutique to have it repaired. Is this normal? Should I have it repaired or should I live with it? Cheers!! Thiti
  12. atc729

    Cross Click Ink Leak!

    Hey everyone. I have a Cross click and recently put a new refill in it. I used to always keep it in my shirt pocket and never had any problems with it leaking. I put a new refill in it aoubt 2 days ago and now when I pull it out, there is ink all around the tip and when I first write, I get a glob of ink on the paper. I pulled it out of my pocket just now and the tip was black because there was so much ink. It made the pen a mess! (sorry no pictures, I cleaned it up before I thought to post on here). Do any of you have any idea what might be causing this and why this refill seems to be so much differently behaved than the refill that came in the pen?
  13. fitz123

    Humidity Vs Metropolitan

    Humidity has been high lately, and I've noticed on my daily carrier-Pilot Metropolitan with F nib, that on the squeeze converter, the ink sac tends to condense and sweat, like a glass of cold water in the sun. I've found that it fills up in the barrel and has to be cleaned every night, after a long day of writing. I know this can be fixed by getting a con-50 or refilling cartridges, just curious what other think. Also, I've noticed more nib creep and droplets getting in the cap, and that too has to be cleaned out daily. {I use Noodlers Blue} Has anyone else had this problem in the humidity and heat of more than usual nib creep and slightly leaking in cap? Thanks, Fitz
  14. FundFacts

    Montblanc 242 Piston Leaking

    Hello FP Masterminds, I recently purchased a Montblanc 242 that is in overall good shape. However a few hours after inking I started to write and noticed my hands were covered in ink. It appears to be leaking from the piston knob. I got a partial refund and now I'm looking into the best way to have the pen repaired. It is quite old so I'm not sure if Montblanc will take it for repairs. I was wondering if there was an easy repair someone inexperienced like me could do or if there was someone in the US who could repair it for a fair price. The pen only ended up costing $100 so obviously I don't want to spend more than that to repair it. Thanks
  15. Hello! First, I'm a noob, so if this has already been addressed at length, and I missed it in my search, I apologize. Now onto my situation....I was given a bottle of 4.5 oz Noodler's HOD for Christmas, and of course this came with a modified eyedropper Platinum Preppy. I was excited to use the pen and bring it to work because everyone says that they really like the pens and they are cheap, so if one walks away from your desk, no biggie. Yesterday, I am writing away, and it begins to leak heavily. Huge drops came from the bottom of the base of the nib where the feed ends. Ink got everywhere. It was a huge mess. I inspected the pen, and it does not appear to be leaking at all from the closure. I checked the O-ring and ensured that the threads were lubed up with silicon grease. I ran water through the nib and feed, dried it, and inspected the parts and put it back together. It has not leaked again...yet. My questions.... (1) Why did this happen? (2) What can I do to prevent this from happening again in the future? (3) Is this a common problem with modified Preppys? If so, I will need to reconsider buying a bunch of these for my desk at work. I work in oncology clinical research, and it would be a disaster of epic proportions if my pen leaked all over a patient's chart or other source documents. I can see the look on the FDA auditors' faces now....YIKES! Any help or advise is greatly appreciated!
  16. It leaks from where the converter and feed meet and it causes a mess in the barrel. I changed the converter so I know it isn't that. Answers? Here's a picture of the feed needle thing and I can't see what's wrong.
  17. lavie

    Parker 51 - Leaky Nib/hood

    Hi All, I just got a Parker 51 aerometric. I never had one before. The nib was slightly off-center - enough for it to be noticeable in writing. The person from whom I bought the pen told me to remove the hood (which actually did not require any force or special effort, such as heating), and to carefully and slowly rotate the collector. This worked. However now, whenever I dot an "i" or write a period with even very moderate force, ink gets quite visibly sprayed onto the paper. The ink appears to be spraying from the area between the feed and the opening at the tip of the hood. This rendering the pen useless. Interestingly, if I remove the hood and write without it, this problem does not occur. What should I do to correct this? Please let me know if this should be posted in another forum. Lavie
  18. Hello Forum, I recently purchased a Pilot Vanishing Point. My initial impression has been positive from buttery smooth nib to convenience of retracting tip. I have one concern over this pen. It is, I continue to experience a leak behind the nib. Even after I clean the section out, the leak reappears every time I push the nib out to write. I am wondering if this is a normal behavior or something wrong with the pen. I am using Noodlers Blue ink and using the piston converter that came with the pen. I have attached the photo of the problem so you can help diagnose it further. Thank you. Tae
  19. Who would you recommend to repair and refurbish a snorkel-style Tuckaway that leaks where the barrel joins the nib? Thanks, Laurie
  20. scribe16

    Vintage Waterman Inner Cap Leak

    Hello there, I have had a bit of bad luck lately with a couple of antiqe waterman's that I recently acquired. Both pens have started leaking inside the cap to the point that ink gets everywhere and even down onto the section. On close inspection I can see that the inner cap on both pens is distorted. So the inner cap is no longer round and doesn't seal properly and on both pens I can see a spot where the inner cap has pulled away from the wall of the outer pen cap. Both pens are BHR from the 1920s does anyone have any experience with this problem and ways of fixing it? Thanks. scribe16
  21. scribe16

    Waterman's Bhr Inner Cap Leak

    Hello FPN people, I have had a bit of bad luck lately with a couple of antiqe waterman's that I recently acquired. Both pens have started leaking inside the cap to the point that ink gets everywhere and even down onto the section. On close inspection I can see that the inner cap on both pens is distorted. So the inner cap is no longer round and doesn't seal properly and on both pens I can see a spot where the inner cap has pulled away from the wall of the outer pen cap. Both pens are BHR from the 1920s does anyone have any experience with this problem and ways of fixing it? Thanks. scribe16
  22. Hi all, Wondering if someone can help out with a PFM II issue. I'm Not experienced in repair but eager to get this sorted. Got what looks to be a leak that's caused the plastic inner cap to degrade, unusual as I've only been using diamine inks but anyways. After washing the cap out thoroughly there seems to be no end of brown crud emanating from the spring loaded clip. Got a feeling its from a rusting spring thats up there. On to the question; is it possible to remove and replace the inner cap (on a PFM II) so I can find out what's going on? Many thanks for your help in advance, Badger
  23. Ok I replaced the sacs on the Waterman 512 1/2 PSF, 452, and Lady Patricia. I tested them with Noodler's Black Eel, a lubricated ink. I am admittedly new to flex nibs which all three have. So, I could just be naive. I don't know if I didn't wipe the nibs down enough after(wrap paper towel around the nib and let ink flow for a couple seconds or so) or what but when I started writing all three nibs ended up having a severe case of nib creep from the breather hole. I thought where was a leak in the sacs the sacs were fine and I would think if it were a leak ink would come out around the section and lever area. I did eventually wrap a paper towel around the nibs for about 5 seconds and I didn't seem to have the problem again. Was the feed just oversaturated right after inking or might there be other potential issues? I didn't have this happen when I used them for dip tests which leads me to wonder if it was an oversaturated feed.
  24. LumpyFrumpkins

    Parker 21 Dripping Ink.. Solutions?

    Hi all, I'm a little new to Parker pens, after only having a 45 and a 51 for a few months now (loving them both). I recently purchased a 21 on eBay. The thing writes fantastic, but there seems to be way too much space between the top of the nib and the bottom of the hood, allowing ink to pool up in the space and drip out out of the tip when I move the pen suddenly. It's also dripping ink into the cap so when I uncap it and try to write, I get ink all over my hands. I've flushed the pen pretty well and there doesn't seem to be any leaks anywhere. Is there a way to close the gap between the nib and the hood? Is my pen warped in some way? I've included a picture of what I'm talking about. Thanks guys. -Alex
  25. Hey folks, This is my first post on the network and I'm dying for some input. A friend of mine gave me a Pelikan Celebry his family received as a gift from a German exchange student. It wasn't treated well and was headed for the trash until he found out I was a pen addict. It has a broad nib and writes beautifully after a few priming lines. But, when it sits (even for a short period of time) with the cap on, ink leaks below the nib at the base of where I hold the pen. There is clearly a chip on the pen which you should be able to see in the picture. Currently it has a black Kaweco sport cartridge. Is there any way to stop this leaking? I'd love to use this pen regularly but not if it's bleeding ink. Any ideas would be great! Thanks pen people.

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