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  1. This is my first Lamy italic nib and I must be doing something wrong. I received a letter from a pen pal with writing samples of different pens and this was the one of a Lamy Safari with the 1.1 italic nib. So, I ordered a new Safari and a 1.1 italic nib, but this is what my attempts look like. I actually used the back of the letter (I apologize if you are the pen pal and are reading this :-) ) so it would be on the same paper - apples to apples, if you will. It's not even close! It doesn't matter which angle I hold the pen, I can't get the same result. The stroke is much wider than I expected and I am rather disappointed. Is it me or is it the nib, or a combination of both?
  2. Hey everyone! First of all, I'm new here. I've lurked around a bit and I actually thought I'd made an account before but it seems not under a name I can remember, so… But I'm not a regular Internet forum poster person, so if I'm breaking any rules posting this here, sorry! Anyway, here's the situation. I've used my first and only fountain pen, a Lamy Safari with a M nib, since late 2010 with pretty much no issue. Today, I left it somewhere at school and it is possible I may never find it. Then again, I might come across it tomorrow, but it got me thinking again about fountain pens. In the event that I do not find my pen in the next week or two, I'll probably have to get a new FP, but which one? I heard of the TWSBI 580 last year or so, and I'm curious as to how much better it is than the Safari. The local fine pen shop has the Safari at $42 and the 580 at $60. There may be better prices online, but I'll probably go to the brick-and-mortar shop anyway to support a local business and for convenience. So is the 580 worth $18 more? Or should I just get another Safari which I know works well for its price, even if it does seem a little boring compared to the frankly rather majestic 580? I would use my pen everyday at (high) school, so theft, dropping, and general misfortune could happen to it. Would the TWSBI hold up? I've heard that their quality control is not the best. Are there any other suggestions you guys have? I think $60 is my limit, given that I'm only an as-yet unemployed high school student and a bit prone to losing things. And my fallback would always be the Safari, which is awesome and reliable. I hope I can track down my pen, but I guess it's not a big deal if it's gone. I'll just have to get a new one eventually! The only thing is, I've got a test coming up early May that comprises three essays back-to-back that must be done by hand! I just don't know if I can go back to ballpoint for such an extended writing session! Thanks in advance, AnonymousMuggle EDIT: I thought I'd just add some detail as to how I write. I write generally in cursive, on pretty cheap lined paper. My writing is pretty big and scrawly too, so the Safari M nib is perfect. Which is the TWSBI equivalent? Also, I don't post my cap, ever, and my ink of choice is Aurora Blue. (Reminds me, I have a whole lot of ink that I can't use if I don't buy/find a pen!)
  3. Dear FPN friends. Thanks to FPN and my Fountain Pen hero SBRE Brown I have discovered some nice looking pens from the Empire of the Middle. You all might know them. Jinhao, Hero, Kaigelu etc.etc. Of course these pens are no competion for i.e. Pelikan, Mont Blanc, edison etc, when it comes to Charima. And I guess also in quality there of course is a difference. I Love my m800 it is excellent and of cours I pay extra for the charisma. I believe though that the cheaper pens like the Lamy Safari and cheaper Kaweco must feel the competition. I have a Lamy Joy and a Lamy Vista. They write well and the vista is kind of nice but nothing special (the looks of it) In Europe they cost about 15-18. For that money one could also buy a nice Chinese pen. There is the Hero 359 a steal of of the Lamy 359... Nothing special ordinary plastic. Both the Hero and the Lamy... But the Lamy writes well. The hero costs $15 (12) at I sell pens.... For that difference you better buy the original. But how about a Jinhhao x450 or 159 or a Kaigelu 316. Htey sell for less or just a bit more.... But they look much more beautiful and more valuable than a Safari.... According to several reviews they wirtie quite well too... So I guess if i want to spend say $25, I go for some Chinese (no chop sticks:-) Nice pens to buy in between when your saving money for an expensive "dream" must have Fountain Pen.... For the price and the looks that must be a better deal fo the money I guess. And some how in the course of time Lamy or other Western penmakers must feel the competition for their cheaper pens I guess. Don't understand me wrong I lke the Lamy Vista and I love the Lamy Joy, and of course there are the loyal Lamy etc. fans.... but stilll... I would like to know your thoughts on this subject Regards, Peter
  4. Hello Well, my name is Gabriel and I am new to this community, which as far as I have seen I like very much. Notice that I am spanish so if i misspell words or have grammar mistakes, well, I am sorry! So, I started to use fountain pens a couple of moths ago when my father gave me what i think is a Waterman Hemisphere for my birthday, and since that day I just love them. Weeks passed and I commented to my mother that I loved writing with fountain pens and surprise, she told me she had a bunch of fountain pens she didn't use anymore and told me I could have them! As you can see, there I was with a bunch of really cool fountain pens, ( i will include a picture of them), but I just felt that they were a bit too scratchy so I decided to buy a Lamy Safari, because of all the great critics I had heard from it. Well, turns out that it really is as great as they say, at least from my opinion, it was waay smoother than my other fountain pens. Whit my Lamy Safari I also bought a 1.1 nib, and, for my surprise, my handwriting was incredibly better!! That is something i have had a lot of trouble in my life, I have horrible a handwriting and teachers almost couldn't read what I wrote. Now I am studying Aerospace Engineering and it turns out I start to care about my handwriting when the tests are choose-a-option type ( I don't know what you call them ) so nobody was going to read what a i wrote. Well, the fine nib my Lamy safari came with is great for me when it comes to writing in a test in order to choose the right option, because i can write really fasta and smooth, but, for writing things that I am actually going to study from the 1.1 nib is just fantastic BUT, a bit too scratchy, so, here goes the question. Which fountain pen do you recommend me for writing, with a 1.1 nib or something like that. I thought about the Art Pen by Rotring, but I have also considered an oblique nib, even tough i have never tried one! What do you think? So, this are some of the pens i have, form left to right, ( or up to down) I think they are : Sheaffer, whit a 14k gold nib, ( ni idea which model), Waterman (Thats all I have discovered form this one hahaha), Waterman Hemisphere, Inoxcrom ( no idea which model either). Even tough they are not bad it jus fells that they should be smoother, i dont know, maybe their nib is broken or something like that, and i say this because the lamy safari writes waaay better that the sheaffer with 14k gold . http://i883.photobucket.com/albums/ac39/Gabrieljauma/20140109_131850_zps9e25c5b3.jpg[/url] These are some of my other fountain pens, the las three i made them myself!! http://i883.photobucket.com/albums/ac39/Gabrieljauma/20140109_130245_zpsb0d7d52a.jpg[/url] And finally a writing sample of how bad a i write hahaha! http://i883.photobucket.com/albums/ac39/Gabrieljauma/20140109_131627_zpsd02bfd4f.jpg[/url] Thanks for reading!!!
  5. Hello everyone, sorry if this was posted in the wrong section, new here. I'm currently in high school and have decided to invest in a decent pen instead of using bic pens, but I don't want to break the bank. I want a fountain pen for writing essays and notes that is under $30. I have done my own research and I think I have narrowed it down to the Lamy Safari and the Pilot Metropolitan. I was siding with the Lamy, but noticed the somewhat triangular grip and was afraid it would be uncomfortable to write with. And since the Pilot Metropolitan only comes with a medium nib ( from what I have read, correct me if i'm wrong ) I fear that words that i write in my notebooks will leak to the other side of the paper. Can you guys help me chose between these two, what would be your personal preference?
  6. inken

    Hello From Germany

    Hi! I decided to join after seeing some inspiring Photos, now i am planning to collect my own little Safari Rainbow! Can't wait : )
  7. VatVVolf

    Lamy Safari Cleaning

    Hello, I got my first "real" fountain pen recently and I was wondering about cleaning it. Currently all I have is cartridges and all the videos cleaning it I've seen revolve around using the converter to push and pull water. Is there any way to clean it without a converter? I ordered a converter and noodler's black today so if there is no way I can just wait, but it'd be nice to be able to clean it now. I was also wondering about changing the cartridge, do I need to wait until it's completely empty turn it upside down and change it? What are the steps to changing them? I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum so if it isn't I'd appreciate someone moving this or directing me to it.
  8. Hi all, I bought a Lamy Safari pen with a Fine nib. It comes with a Lamy blue cartridge. But the writing becomes lighter as I write. The blue line just fades! Which ink should I use? I am new to FPs and their inks. Can you please guide me? I basically want such an ink which is dark in colour and which does not fade upon continuous writing. Thanks. Deepak
  9. Hello FPN!! I've had my eye on two pens for quite a while and have finally decided to go ahead with a purchase. My problem is my budget restricts me to only be able to buy one of these for now. I have to choose between The Kaweco Sport Classic and the Lamy Safari in matte black, both with fine nibs. Which one would your'l suggest I get because I really cant put my finger on which one I seem to like more. Im looking for a smooth writing, everyday pen. I may also later on want to fiddle around and fit it with a stub nib. Im hoping your'l can help me make a better decision Thanks in advance
  10. today i had a bunch of great vintage finds i found an old conklin 40, a small BCHR Wear-Ever, and a waterman 13 with perfect color and imprints but no nib. all day i have been ogling the waterman 13. the imprints on it predated the globe logo and the feed predated the spoon feed. the 13 had some old white out or stickers on it that i had to spend the better part of a day peeling off but i was so excited at having found one in the wild for $15. once i got the stickers off and it was all cleaned off the only scratches on the pen were from me gently peeling off the white out with my fingernails. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UgxuW2nmGrg/UhG6MVcx-iI/AAAAAAAAAnY/rPsw5osfzKc/s1600/wl1a.jpg with great excitement i inserted a 14k warranted nib of the right size and filled it up with ink. i couldn't wait to see how the pen wrote. from past experience with other pens of this age i expected the pen to have bouts of gushing ink and going dry and i told my friend that as well who had been watching me fix up the pen all day. but as i wrote page after page i did not have a single instance of the ink running dry or gushing out. there was a little nib creep but that was it, no drips. sadly the nib had no flex while in the pen. it had a bit of flex when it was loose but once properly fitted to the feed it was fairly stiff. eventually it struck me, from the flow of ink to the feel of the nib on the paper, the pen wrote and felt exactly like a lamy safari. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-SJ5ac76ayvo/UhG6MBMzdgI/AAAAAAAAAnU/0sunB1Fy4s0/s1600/wl2a.jpg this is where i became conflicted, i expect the old waterman to be better and worse than a lamy safari. i would expect the lamy to have better flow control than a pen of this age. even though the flow was way more consistent than any other pen i have from that time the way the pen writes lacks any of the character you would expect from an old pen. other than any historical value of the pen there is really no advantage to this vintage pen. they are both no frills workhorses. the only difference is that the modern pen does it as well for cheaper. at the same time though there is perhaps something to be said for a pen writing so well after over 100 years and its clearly a quality product relative to the other pens of the day. i have a hard time imagining that my lamy will be as easy to flush and get started again after laying barren for so long. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-tCYNWjJ7a3Y/UhG6Lh6tLuI/AAAAAAAAAnM/E5slrSLwSh4/s1600/wl3a.jpg
  11. Hey everyone, so I'm pretty new to fountain pens (first one yay!), and I was wondering, how often should I replace my nib? I have a Lamy Safari XF nib, and recently (IE yesterday) a jerk 'borrowed' it, and pressed down so hard on the paper that he left ink splotches, and now it writes funny. I think the line is wider, which negates the whole XF nib thing, and I was thinking about replacing it, but that's fifteen dollars I'm loathe to spend. I really need a thin line for my handwriting to approach legibility, though. Any advice?
  12. Prolix

    New Pink Lamy Safari

    Look what Goulet Pens is going to be stocking starting in August. I've been scouting out pink ones on e-bay for a gift for a friend, but it seems that won't be necessary! Perhaps they heard the shouts of dismay from those who were not delighted by the Neon Yellow. Woo!
  13. Hey everybody! I'm a new fountain pen user, and I was wondering what are some good journals for me to use? It will be used as a diary, and I travel a lot. Specifically, I will be spending two months in China in the near future (yay!), and need a good journal for my Lamy Safari XF. I typically either use Diamine Sherwood or Waterman Black, if that helps at all. I'm looking for something not too expensive, though I am willing to spend up to 25$. I prefer something that looks nice but not girly, is medium sized, and maybe has a hardcover? Also, I tend to fold the cover back, and my last journal fell apart because of this, so does anyone know of any ones with really strong bindings, because it may be abused a tad. Finally (this is a lot, I know, but bear with me), any travelling tips? I'll have one suitcase and one carry on, so I really need to know how to properly store this stuff. Can I write on the plane with my Lamy and not have to worry about it exploding? Should I use a ballpoint (cringe) just for the ride? Thank you so much! PS I already love this website.
  14. Lamy Safari vs Platignum Studio (This is my first review) Introduction I have owned quite a few budget fountain pens over the years such the Parker: Reflex, Vector, Jotter, frontier as well the rotring: Skynn and Freeway (my favorite). I have always enjoyed using fountain pens the safari and studio are two of are my most recent additions to my collection. I bought both of these pens for about £15, the safari from Paperchase and the studio from Rymans. Both of these pens are similarly priced and appeal to the same consumer and a are probably classed as school fountain pens. Design, Appearance and Build Platignum Studio (Unusual clip design) The studio is mainly made from aluminium with a spring steel pocket clip, brass screw threads and a rubberised grip section. The body has a tapered cylindrical cigar shape throughout with black trims. The grip section is resembles the section found on the parker frontier and is comfortable. The pen sits comfortably in the hand and is well balanced both posted and unposted. The most appealing and unusual aspect of the design is the pocket clip which resembles a nib which I particularly like. The pen weighs 20 grams uncapped and 30 grams capped. The pen is available in a wide range of vibrant colours ( see http://www.platignum.com/pick-your-pen/studio-range/studio-pen-rainbow/) Lamy Safari (The Safari’s apple green colour) The safari is made from ABS plastic with a chrome plated sprung pocket clip. The safari has a unique design with flat and curved sides and finger grip groves on the grip section. The pen is comfortably in the hand and however it is a little light for my liking weighing approximately 17 grams and 10 grams unposted. The pen has never really appealed to me until recently. I’d known of it’s existence for around 10 years however this changed recently when I saw the apple green 2012 limited edition pen in the flesh the colour in my is perfect and really suites the design I knew I had to have it. The pen comes in a wide range of colours varying every year with limited editions. Design, Appearance and Build Winner DRAW The materials used in the studio are more premium and represent better value than the safari however the bold design and vibrant colour makes the safari really stand out. Nibs and Filling (Nibs, grip sections) Studio The studio has a steel nib as well and however only comes in a medium size. The nib writes fairly smoothly however it is a little dry and skips occasionally and unlike the safari it does write in a standard medium thickness. In other reviews it has been questioned whether the studio takes standard international cartridges or proprietary ones? I have tried both standard cartridges and a Faber-Castel converter and both work fine and don’t leak. Safari The safari has also has a steel nib and however is available in a wide range of nib sizes F/M/B/LH. The fitted Medium nib writes a little broad which I dislike as I tend to write fairly small. However it writes extremely smoothly and is quite wet. It takes proprietary ink cartridges as well as a proprietary converter which is available for around £5. Nib and Filling Winner SAFARI The nib on the safari wins it as even though it takes proprietary cartridges the smoothness of the nib is amazing. Price and Value Both pens represent good value for money the platignum has a solid traditional metal design build and the safari has very smooth nib however it very light and doesn’t have the same reassuring weight. Price and Value Winner STUDIO The Al-Star is a good £10 more for a similar build to the studio the studio wins as feels more premium so represents better value. Conclusion Overall Winner SAFARI Both pens are good choices for a budget/school/everyday fountain pen and both represent great value for money however I slightly prefer the safari as I really like the vibrant colour and the smoothness of the nib which makes it the winner. However the studio does represents better value for money it has feels more comfortable in the hand as it is more heavy.
  15. So, as some of you know, I owned four pens - a red Safari, a purple Al-Star, a Faber Castell Basic, and a Parker Vector. ... I now own another Safari. A turquoise one, in fact. My French Oral prof uses some kind of Vintage pen (it might be a Parker, I'm not sure) and today, she was setting us all these 'challenges', with stuff like paper, pens, etc for prizes. She got out her FP and said "Anyone who can refill this, wins this." She held up the Lamy and I squealed because so. pretty. and the rest of the class (five people) kinda laughed. Here's what people did... Person A poked at the pen, and announced it wasn't refillable.Person B took the cap off (progress!) then announced he didn't understand FPs and passed it on.Person C managed to unscrew the barrel (sheer luck I think) but got no further.Person D dropped it (GASP) and managed to remove the converter, but not use it.Person E opened the ink and said 'eww, it's wet!"I took the pen, refitted the converter, filled it up, wiped the nib on a bit of her blotting paper, and handed it back. See, being a bit nerdy pays off!
  16. Before we start - I know that there's a topic for this, but this was also done for a couple of friends, so I wanted to make it easy for them to find the post! The convertor for my Faber-Castell finally arrived today which finally allowed me to compare all four of my pens and all four of my inks, compared to before when I was always limited to three, I decided to upload the pictures here for your input / enjoyment / etc. I also felt that this showed how nice the newer PaperBlanks journals are as I had no problems at all writing in my 'Bronte, Jane Eyre' Midi. I apologise for the slightly shoddy images, I was using my iPod camera. The first image is a sample of writing, the second shows my pens. The third is the reverse of the page I wrote on.

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