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  1. Hi all, I am new to FPN. I bought a Lamy Safari and filled it with Sheaffer Skrip black ink, after thorough washing of the pen. The pen writes with wetness when I start, but as I continue, it becomes scratchy because the ink flow somehow reduces a bit. It does not dry up completely, but there is definitely some reduction in the flow. I read a few articles online, and I came to know that there must be a slight gap in the nib (from the breather till the end point which touches paper). Is it so? My pen has absolutely no gap. No light passes through the nib :-( I am afraid as I do not want to tinker with this new pen, yet want to increase the ink flow so as to make it smooth. How can I do it? Please advise.
  2. Hi there! After more than one year of intense usage (mainly for drawing) of my Lamy Safari(s) I am thinking about buying a "next-level" fountain pen. In terms of performance do you think it is worth spending money on a better one (gold nib, better construction, etc.)? Is there significant difference between a budget and an expensive pen? (My budget is not that fixed, I can be persuaded - but let's say $150 is the ceiling.) What I've observed with my Safari is that 1) the feed sometimes does not give enough ink when drawing really fast sketches (maybe it is just the ink? used only Lamy and Diamine so far) and 2) I have a slight guess that there must be better performing nibs as well. My requirements of the new pen: - great feed and nib; - reliable workhorse pen - still remains a good pen after 10 years; - reverse writing - at least as good as the Safari; - classic look, the less plastic feeling the better. So far I've these pens in my mind: - Platinum 3776 PTB-5000B - Platinum 3776 PTB-10000B / PNB10000 - Pilot Namiki Falcon (maybe a too big jump?) (- Faber-Castell Loom) Maybe I should try lots of different inks (just ordered Sailor jentle) before boastfully believing I am ready to "leave behind" Safari? Thanks a lot for all the answers in advance! Kind regards, Kristof
  3. I'm looking for an ink (I am a newbie) and I plan on using this in school, so I need a ink that is either blue or black (preferable black) that has a fast dry time and handles various types of paper. P.S. I am planning on buying a Lamy Safari as my first fountain pen.
  4. Weavercat

    Re-Hello From Colorado

    Hi folks, um, yeah. I joined in 2014 but....left but now I'm back. The name is Weavrr/Weavercat/Liz. I graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Art (Painting/Printmaking) and a minor in Biology. I started out here as primarily a dip pen, brushpen, and drafting pencil user. Which is awesome. However. A longtime aquaintence of mine recently confessed their love for fountain pens and under their guidance I finally made my first starter pen purchase. I purchased a Lamy Safari-F (because my handwriting is tight and cramped) in that LE color: Petrol Whoops. I think I love this. Well, except for the cartridge it came with. It's nice but it feels too light/bright in a blue (which I figured on so I went and spent a penny on R&K's Alt-Goldgrun and a converter because wow) and yeah. And here I thought my dip-nib addiction was bad, this is going to get me into all sorts of trouble. I feel pretty darncool right now writing up my fishing-notes with a 'fancy' pen. Even more so when I'm writing up notes for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. BAH, all my old posts are gone. I did a review of the Baron Fig kickstarter 'Confidant 1' back in 2015. I would totally share my writing sample but see, I decided to be a bit profane... but polite. So, no sample of my polite profanity. Instead, a sample of the artwork I make with my brushes and dip-nibs in old-old Higgins Black Magic.
  5. suman5492

    Lamy Safari Blue

    I have a Lamy Safari matte charcoal black Fine nib. Except for the charcoal, dark lilac and the petrol, all the other colors come in a glossy finish. I prefer matte finish mostly, but this time I wish to have the blue glossy one. Do the safaris with glossy finish are prone to scratches? I can use my charcoal without about that since it has a beautiful matte finish.
  6. JF_LAMY Collection

    2017 Lamy Safari Petrol - Pictures

    Dear all, I believe this colour will be a bestseller! Was not really as much excited when I first got the pen, because the colour is a bit darker than on the official pictures, but the more I look at it, the more I love it. Please note the new (updated) convertor. LAMY_SAFARI_2017_PETROL My FLICKR account Kind regards, Jan
  7. JF_LAMY Collection

    2014 & 2016 Lamy Safari Se - Neon Coral; Dark Lilac

    Dear all, I know, I know, we are already eagerly awaiting the 2017 special edition Safari to get to pen-shops, but I just had these two sitting on my desk, and wanted to share. Have you noticed, that taking pictures of pens with matt finish is a bit easier than of those with shiny surface ... ? Or is it just me? All 2014 pictures and 2016 pictures, if you are interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/ or: 2014 LAMY Safari / Neon Coral https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/72157677910321054 2016 LAMY Safari / Dark Lilac https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/72157677690210824 Kind regards, Jan My FLICKR account. Please see my collections here: C._Josef_Lamy_GmbH; LAMY_17_Special; LAMY_18_Special; LAMY_27m_rot_B; LAMY_42_lady-set; LAMY_67P; LAMY_74_dialog3; LAMY_80_profil; LAMY_80_scala; LAMY_81;_281_profil-set; LAMY_Accent; LAMY_design_72_-_26P_&_126; LAMY_studio_-_Pearl_white_BP;_2007; ARTUS_EF; Artus_BALLIT_-_pencil; Akkerman_LAMY_27e; 2014_LAMY_Safari_-_Neon_Coral; 2016_LAMY_Safari_-_Dark_Lilac; 1979_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; 1988_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; 1997_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; LAMY_vintage_advertisements; 120205_Plzen_-_Pen_display; 141108_Pardubice_-_Pen_display; Montblanc_254; Montblanc_342-S; 1936-37_Waldman;_Faber_#3_nib; PRIM_wrist_watch;
  8. TradeWind

    Have I Been An Idiot?

    I got a Safari for my birthday in August last year, a Dark Lilac. Considering the fact that it's rare, should I have just kept it aside and used my other pens and not have used it as an everyday workhorse? Naturally, it's got scratches at the back of the barrel because I posted and unposted it too much. And they're deep. I just liked how it looked and probably will get the new petrol Safari. I need to justify my conscience.
  9. Itsallstraw

    A Nun And A Nib!

    Hello all! I am new here but I have been lurking for quite some time trying to gather as much information as I could about pens and ink! I am a nun from the US so I don't have a lot of money to spend on pens, but I do love the art and the beauty that is found in the fountain pen world! I am looking for a workhorse pen, something I am use at work as a nurse, and something for personal writing. I was looking at the lamy safari dark lilac and the twsbi eco... I am a huge fan of anything purple ( you know that lovely shade of blue purple!) What is a good work purple ( dark enough to use at work but rebellious enough to be purple ) and a good journaling purple? ( I have to admit I am intrigued by the diamond shimmertastic lilac satin but I don't want any clogging or pen problems! I am so grateful to this community for the resource and inspiration you are and have been to me! Be back soon!
  10. I know it is not the most popular way to carry a fountain pen (especially in the opinions of many on this forum), but I like to carry my fountain pens in my front pocket. When I was just carrying a Lamy Safari or Noodler's Nib Creeper I didn't really think twice about it - it was next to my phone in my pocket so it always stayed upright and the cap never came off. However, I've recently purchased a Lamy 2000 and while I am not afraid of scratches (I bought it used) I am afraid of breaking it - especially in the section area since it is pre-2009 when they changed the design to include more metal and reduce stress cracking. I only carry one pen at a time as I'm rarely compelled to use multiple colors in one day. Does anyone have a recommendation for a front-pocket carry sleeve or if it is really necessary or worth the cost? Like I said earlier, I am not concerned with scratches, but I am concerned about cracks and things that will affect the function of the pen.
  11. HoosierGeek

    Just Ordered My First Lamy

    I'm fairly new to fountain pens - I have a couple of Pilot Metropolitans and a Waterman Kulture. I ordered a Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands that hasn't yet arrived. I was going to get a TWSBI next...but that Dark Lilac Safari just wouldn't get out of my head. I'm not kidding. I actually dreamed about it last night. I'm not a fan of purple normally, but something about that pen with the black trim is just stunning. So today I ordered one in a fine nib, a converter, and Diamine Bilberry (I've been drooling over that ink for awhile) to fill it with. Stalking my mail carrier until it arrives... So coming from a Pilot Metropolitan F and M nib, and a Waterman Kulture F, what can I expect from my first experience with the iconic Lamy Safari?
  12. Donuts

    Lamy Safari Grip Question.

    I am a newbie, with a pilot metropolitan, fine nib. I hate the grip and how scratchy it is. It may be the paper, but I don't think so. I tried a Lamy safari at a bookstore and really liked the grip. My metro's is way too thin, I want something about the thickness of a pilot G2. I feel like I'm trying to write with a ballpoint refill, minus the actual pen. Now, I only got about five seconds with the safari, so I must ask: is the grip much thicker? is it very ergonomic in long writing sessions? and how much more smooth is a medium western nib compared to a fine Japanese nib? Is something wrong with my metro nib? Also, could I be using too much pressure? I'm writing about how much pressure I use with a rollerball/ gel like a G2. Thanks!
  13. Thoughts about this? Would you give it a flex nib? http://gizmodo.com/this-is-the-handwriting-robot-ive-always-needed-1764683921
  14. I have tried looking everywhere for this but seem to find it nowwhere. Can I put waterproof ink into a Lamy Safari fountain pen? Also what is the best type of ink for this pen? Thank you for your time!
  15. Hello, Lamy newbie here. I wanted to get a Safari and saw the Neon Coral is still available on eBay for around $25 from different sellers. That seems a little strange, since the Coral was a 2014 LE and I figured there'd be none left to sell in 2016. I bought one there anyway, but I'm already suspicious that it may be a fake. However, JetPens is also still selling it, in Medium only, for $28.50, and they're an authorized retailer. Again, we're talking about a 2014 Limited Edition here. Has anybody happened to see something like this before?
  16. Hello! My name is TheDungeonChronicler, as I have recently been promoted to be the scribe for all DnD campaigns I am participating in, putting my prolific writing habits to good use. I am extremely embarrassed for this to be my first post here, but I think I have managed to break 2 "beginner" level fountain pens within a month of each other...the newest not even being a week old...I am very distressed by this and I want to know what my options are. So, background: I bought my first fountain pen about 2-3 years ago. A yellow Lamy Safari with a Medium sized nib. The Lamy came with a cartridge converter, and I bought a bottle of Lamy ink and some regular disposable Lamy cartridges of ink. I instantly fell in love with it and have used it almost constantly in this time period. About a month ago, I was (foolishly) walking with my Lamy uncapped, and me, being the absolute klutz I am, dropped the damned thing nib first on the laminate floor. I immediately checked the nib to make sure it was not damaged, and as far as I could tell, everything was fine. Yet as soon as I began writing, the ink flow was much drier, and skipped for almost no reason. I am not a problem solver, but I tried looking online to see what I could do to fix it. I rinsed both the nib and the converter out with hot water several times over the next few days, and refilled the converter with ink, and no matter how soon or how late after rinsing/drying the pen, it still was scratchy and dry. I had and still have no idea how to take apart the nib portion of my Lamy, and I have no idea what to look for to see if the feed is damaged or plugged. I live in a fairly large city in British Columbia, but I am minimum two hours away from the same store chain I bought the pen from initially. I don't have that kind of gas money for such a trivial thing overall, and I didn't/still don't know who to ship the pen to or even if I have a warranty to get my Lamy fixed. So I decided to bide my time for a couple months until I take a trip down to Vancouver to get my Lamy looked at and ask questions in person. Now, Part 2 of this epic tale of tragedy, stupidity and woe: I decided while I was waiting, I would get myself another fountain pen of similar quality to keep myself happy between now and my trip. I went to Staples, found a Cross Adventura Pen with a Medium nib, and bought it on the spot. I was disappointed there was no cartridge converter that came with it, but I figured if I got the pen and a disposable pack of Cross Cartidges, I would be okay. My first cartridge ran dry within 2 days of my usually amount of writing. Each package of disposable cartridges only had 6 pieces. I bought 2 more packages of the cartridges within a day to keep myself occupied until I found a solution to how fast I was using up expensive cartridges. Once again, I am not a problem solver. Despite knowing this, I became impatient and reckless. If breaking my Lamy was due to an accident and naïveté, then this was pure idiocy and un-tempered impatience. I tried refilling my disposable Cross cartridges with a fairly old Lamy Black bottled ink, and a completely unmodified dentist mouth-rinsing syringe. The tip of the syringe just fit into the hole of the Cross cartridge, so what could go wrong with leaving the syringe as it was? I am now literally black and blue from my efforts. Ink exploded everywhere as I tried refilling the disposable cartridges with Black Lamy bottled ink and Blue Lamy bottled ink. The 2 colours were in 2 separate cartridges, but I did not rinse out the Cross nib section at all between splattering myself with ink and putting the half-filled cartridges back in the pen to test. I also switched the 2 refilled disposable cartridges with a mostly-emptied original Cross cartridge. During my increasingly desperate attempts at making things more efficient with my Cross Adventura pen, I most likely pressed harder than I should have when the ink was coming out dry/sort of scratchy. When I look at the tines, however, they seem to be all right. The tines are an even distance apart, as I think should be the case, yes? So I gave up on my half-assed attempt at reusing the Cross disposable ink cartridges with my Lamy Bottled ink, and replaced all 3 of the cartridges I was testing with a new, unused one. I rinsed my Cross Adventura out with *cold* water this time (I had heard that hot water was bad for rinsing out fountain pens, so I thought that might have been a contributing factor to my broken Lamy) Now my Cross pen is writing very dry and skipping often, just like my Lamy Safari did at the start of this whole mess. So, yeah. I am basically back at square one, and in the process, I have basically ruined two perfectly good, easy to use fountain pens that I would have preferred to have lasted me at least a decade. TL;DR: Both my new Cross Adventura and my 3-year-old Lamy Safari have terribly scratchy and dry ink flow when they previously wrote very smooth and buttery for me. How they got to this condition differed greatly, and they may even have completely different problems, but I am unable to tell what the problem is, never mind fix either issue I am having with them. Is there any advice/solution you kind folk can offer me, as well as tips and tricks to not destroying perfectly good pens in the future? Thank you very much for you time and your help in the matter. I really appreciate it, and I hope I will someday be able to be helpful in the fountain pen community myself. All due respect, The DungeonChronicler.
  17. Lamy X LINE Brown Fountain Pen (Safari) Lamy teamed up with LINE of South Korea to release a range of limited edition pens (fountain pen and rollerball set) commemorating some of the characters from LINE. LINE is a messaging App craze currently sweeping Asia. They are a range of animated "stickers" you can use as emoji in your messaging. The characters also appear in various themed cartoons, and they have even recently released a full length feature film. You can find some of the cartoons on You Tube. The one I came across is LINE TOWN, in which the main characters of Brown (Bear), Cony (Rabbit), Sally (Duck), James (Man), Moon (Moon-headed Man) and the Boss appear. It is actually a very funny portrait of office life… in any country! For this Lamy tie- up, the Fountain Pen and rollerball sets focussed on the three characters of Brown, Sally and Cony. These pens were a limited run for Lamy and are no longer being produced). I bought the Brown fountain pen and roller ball, pictured below. RARE The “Brown” Fountain pen has proved to be the most sought after of the three characters for Lamay Safari collectors. Both because no Lamy Safari has ever been produced in this particular shade of brown, AND the cap and barrel material has a matt texture to it. Again NEVER seen before. I have read that some of these collectors are very keen to get the “Brown” Fountain pen ONLY for the unique colour and texture…and not for the Bear’s faces at all. I wonder…. The Fountain pen and rollerball sets come packaged in a nice bright yellow Lamy box, with 2 Brown faces in each. The fountain pen also comes with a Lamy converter and a Lamy cartridge. You are meant to accessories the clip with the bears face…?! Although these limited edition pens were not cheap, and I am not a Lamy Safari collector ( I prefer Omas and Nakaya!), I am still weighing up whether or not to add the Sally set to my collection…at least the fountain pen version. To continue the theme I splurged on a whole load of LINE accessories- imported from K-poptown of South Korea. Import taxes and all!
  18. Yesterday at the pen shop. The guy emptied a small paper pack full of old Lamy Safaris in decent to excellent condition - various colours. All around $10. Could not believe my eyes when among the bunch peeked an unmistakable and familiar Green! The Savannah. Mint condition with the sticker still on it, although the print was gone. Picked them all and naturally felt overjoyed! However, in daylight today, I see a name sitting there, quietly, on one facet. Small fonts. Not very visible but distinctly there. Heat stamped / engraved. My question to any one who may be able to help is - 'what do I do?' 'can I remove the personalization?' Is there any way this name could be dealt with while retaining the matt finish of the surface of the barrel? In fact, I have another barrel from the past (just the barrel), somewhat beaten but without any imperfection. A bit off tone from the mint cap of this current find but I could still manage. I switched section and cap...but the cap is loose in this setting (the original barrel swapped with the replacement). Any help on either of these fronts would be really appreciated.. Good day all!
  19. VatVVolf

    Nib Wiggle Lamy Safari

    Hello, guys! I was recently filling my lamy safari with bottled ink for the first time and I noticed that the nib wiggles, not up or down just to the sides a bit... is this normal? if it isn't is there any way for me to fix it?
  20. First let me start off by saying I recommend flushing a Lamy Safari right when you get it. I had some starting issues at first. However after awhile the ink flowed pretty well. I am aware now that in the factory they are tested and ink will be left in the feed. This pen is very broad in my opinion, after using a medium Japanese Nib it feels massive. However that is because it is a broad german sized nib, from what I understand. Ink flow is dry at the moment for my liking but i still havent flushed it because i've not gotten my converter and have no bulb syringe. I like the pen but the ink that comes with it is sub-par after using Noodlers Blue in my Pilot Kakuno. (Review soon to come) All in all a good pen for someone who likes very a broad nib. Happy writing!
  21. comixfan

    Lamy Safari Burping Ink--Any Tips?

    I've got a new Lamy Safari w/ F nib and it's practically unusable due to the fact that it simply gushes ink every 20 seconds or so. It will appear to be writing normally, but after a few lines will just burp a dallop of ink. Does anyone have any tips for how to fix this? I didn't think Safaris needed any kind of nib or feed adjustment right out of the box. Thanks in advance!
  22. Part of my haul included my most expensive pen to date, the Monteverde Invincia Deluxe. While still considered lower-priced in the fountain pen world, I'm working my way up slowly, and this was my first purchase of a pen that sits routinely at $99+. I wanted to share this because a) I need practice I'm really happy with my new pen, and wanted to show what it does under my (un)steady hand. Scratch marks because I can't count. My pen history is as follows: 1. Lamy Al-Star (M) 2. Lamy Safari (EF) 3. Platinum Preppy (03) 4. Pilot Metropolitan (M) 5. Platinum Preppy (02) 6. Monteverde Invincia Deluxe (F) 7. (doesn't really count) Kaimei natural brush pen The only non-cartidge inks present are: Pelikan Edelstein Garnet in the Invincia, and Private Reserve Velvet Black for the Preppy (02). I started writing with fountain pens exclusively, recently. I bought the first three pens as drawing pens, after a teacher recommended it, and never gave much thought to writing (funny now that I think back about it). Paper is Maruman something-or-other. It's not that receptive to fountain pens, but it works alright. It's more expensive than it's worth, though, if we're looking at strictly bleed-through.
  23. Brian Goulet just made an awesome video on "Back to School", a guide for using fountain pens in school. It's something that I've been looking for and this summer I just got into fountain pens. The video is very informative. http://www.inknouveau.com/2014/08/fp101-back-to-school-shopping.html One thing I want to point out, everyone says that if you write in cursive it will improve your memory because you have to concentrate more on what you're writing, I disagree with this. I write everything in cursive and I have done so for years now, so writing in cursive is effortless for me, no it's not gorgeous, but I do not concentrate very hard on this. The concept is that you have to be concentrating harder, the study was also conducted with people who don't normally write in cursive. So if you're like me and write in cursive all the time, switch to writing in print, I find I concentrate harder when doing so and I remember things better when I switch to print because I'm not used to forming the letters in print. I could be entirely wrong here so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong I don't mind. =) Also, today I picked up four cheap Composition notebooks from Wal-Mart. Three were made in Brazil, the other was made in Vietnam.....Holy....Cow. I am shocked at the differences. The one from Vietnam threhad more tooth and wasn't smooth, it was more absorbent and feathered badly. The three from Brazil feathered VERY little, and there was hardly any bleed through. Like none. A few spots here and there from where I started the stroke or ended it. The paper was very smooth, more tooth than Rhodia, but still very smooth. The pens stayed truer to their marked size. I wrote with three pens. 1. Monteverde Impressa with Fine nib, the ink was Diamine Ancient Copper 2. Noodler's Ahab with flex nib, the ink was Diamine Ancient Copper 3. Pilot Metropolitan with M nib, the ink was Diamine Grey The Grey had the overall least amount of bleed through. These notebooks were on sale for $.50! I did find several ones made in Brazil that had more tooth to them, I didn't purchase them so I don't know how they perform, the three from Brazil that I bought had very smooth paper. So be aware, it seems as if even the ones from Brazil aren't made as consistently as one might think.
  24. The Bay has a bargain for a Lamy Safari collector looking for the red version with a Black Clip. I already have one of these, but this one has only one bid at the moment for about 9 dollars (U.S.) and less than 14 hours to close at the time of this posting on 8/4/14. I have no connection to this seller. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131257343071?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  25. PenFeed

    Lamy Safari Review

    Introducing the first PenFeed review! Created by two brothers, the Pen Feed is a new blog dedicated to the world of fountain pens. We will be reviewing pens, inks, notebooks, and fountain pen accessories. Check out our first review of the iconic Lamy Safari here: http://penfeed.blogspot.com/ and follow us on twitter @PenFeed We would also greatly appreciate any feedback so please feel free to comment! All the best, PenFeed

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