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  1. Ruchelle

    Lamy Safari EF writes faded

    Hello. Just bought my first lamy pen, safari charcoal in EF. I really want to love this pen because I like how it look and feels, it’s a beautiful pen. But I am kind of disappointed with the way it writes. As seen in the photo it writes somewhat faded. But I just want to ask if this is as expected of a lamy EF nib? (Shading?) I guess I am just comparing it with my pilot kakuno EF that writes super thin yet very solid dark lines using the same ink. Any thoughts? Btw I’ve tried flushing the pen multiple times, also cleaned it with water that has dish soap on it. I am using a z27 converter. I also initially used a pilot black ink but it comes out grayish even after writing with it for several days. I’m thinking of getting either an F or M nib but I’m still undecided. Please help! midori md notebook diamine tobacco sunburst ink
  2. PensandPencilsDotNet

    Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Sale

    https://www.pensandpencils.net/products/lamy-safari-terra-fountain-pen-fine-041 https://www.pensandpencils.net/products/lamy-safari-terra-fountain-pen-medium-041 https://www.pensandpencils.net/products/lamy-safari-savannah-green-fountain-pen-fine-041 https://www.pensandpencils.net/products/lamy-safari-savannah-green-fountain-pen-medium-041
  3. Hi! Recently wandered across here whilst I was looking at ink differences and thought I'd make a little account! I'm Emma, from the UK and have recently fallen in love with Fountain Pens and everything about them. I wanted one a few years ago but never got round to it, until I got my first one (Lamy Safari - Aquamarine) and have fallen in love ever since. I suppose when you start a new obsession, you fall very hard 🤪 Have always been a lover of all things stationary way back since Primary school (saving the pennies for a new set every new school year!) and its carried on ever since, I've also been Bullet Journaling for the past 5 years and it's what keeps me sane! Hope to speak to some of you soon! 😊
  4. Can anyone explain to me why they like the designs so I can appreciate it more? I don’t mean to be rude or criticize people for what they like, I am just curious why you like the look of these pens. Just please reply! I really want to know what the appeal is. Thank you for your help! W. Major
  5. AngMK

    Hello from NZ!

    Hi there, I've been into fountain pens for a while, but thought it time to come out of my shell a bit and connect with other keen people! I'm from NZ and have been into stationery forever. My generation didn't grow up using fountain pens at school, so when I did come across them, they were these expensive glittering objects in glass cases in the stationery stores and you couldn't touch them. But about three years ago, I got my start with a purple Pilot Metropolitan in a medium nib, and Lamy Turquoise ink. I loved it so much that within a few months I had gotten all three of the 'inexpensive pens' available to me here - Pilot Metro, Lamy Safari, and TWSBI Eco. And then, of course, I went down the rabbit hole.... I just bought the infamous TWSBI Draco despite the price! This site keeps getting recommended online and I'm glad to be here!
  6. acsc100

    Lamy Squeeze Converter

    Does anyone know how I might get my hands on one of the old Lamy squeeze converters (pictured below)? Thanks to haywoody for alerting me to the existence of this converter, which is where I also got the image (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/90367-lamy-safari/).
  7. Have just seen a first generation charcoal Safari being sold on the bay for an inordinate sum but am very interested in the W Germany imprint, which Ive never seen before. Does anyone have anything similar to this imprint on their Savanna, Terracotta and/or Umbra from the time please? Photo attached.
  8. Lamy Japan has new White Black Limited Edition launched yesterday in Japan. Its the White Safari that comes with Black Clip and Blacked out Nib. The Pen has Black Accents and Trims and comes in only EF and F nib options. There is also a ball point available in same pattern. Currently it is available only at physical stores. I am leaving a link below of few stores Itoya Isetan Are you planning to get one ?? Note: All images are sourced from Lamy Japan Facebook Page (link)
  9. Hello! I am new on the fountain pen hobby. Recently I purchased from a web store called lulustar.office, on ebay, a Lamy Safari Charcoal, fine nib, for a very good price (USD 14 + shipping). However, when it arrived, the pen came with no box, no cardboard, no cartridges, no instructions manual, just the pen itself with a converter inside of it, packaged in a cheap plastic bag that only fitted the pen at all, nothing else. I was really suspicious that I actually bought a conterfeit Lamy. However, the pen puts down a really fine line, much finer than my Parker Frontier made in India, which is supposed to have a fine nib, but looks more like a medium one. Also the pen produces a minimal feedback, which seem to be normal, considering the opinions from other Lamy Safari’s users. What bothers sometimes me is that the pen seems a litle dry and skips in very fast writing and traces, though. Can I be before a counterfeit Lamy Safari? I took some pictures from it and wanted to create a topic in this forum in the FPN site, in order to collect opinions from more experienced fountain pen users! Thank you all very much in advance! With my best regards!
  10. JF_LAMY Collection

    Jf_Lamy Safari Le.19 - Audi Nardo Grey

    Dear all, Well, after a hectic start to the 2019, I had some time to get back to my dear hobby again. Bought some new “toys” such as Hansa 381 airbrush, and while waiting for the 2019 LAMY safari special edition models, I went to “work” and made my own 2019 LAMY safari “limited edition”. Anyone interested how it turned out? Please have a look and let me know what you think … JF_LAMY_safari_LE.19_-_Audi_Nardo_Grey Kind regards, Jan (FLICKR)
  11. https://youtu.be/yviAVt1hPgU Hey Party-People. J. from Carpe Pluma with another review video. This time we look at the Lamy Safari and Vista. Time stamps included if you want to jump around. Check it out if you get the chance. Thanks!
  12. I already own a Lamy Safari fine which is around 2 years old and a Metropolitan fine which should be almost 1 year or so. I have laid my eyes on the Faber Castell Loom for a while now. Just want to know about it a bit more. I want to know the nib size of the fine and the medium sized nibs of the loom in comparison to the Safari. And which type of ink I should use with the Loom. Any help is much appreciated.
  13. NJEF

    Lamy Vibrant Pink Ink

    Hi. A while ago I bought a bottle of Lamy Vibrant Pink ink to use with my Safari. I have just bought a new nib for it and I'm also changing the ink colour. I've changed inks in my Safari before, but this time it was different. I found the pen really difficult to clean out, and I even had to totally dismantle my converter to get all of the ink out that was stuck behind the piston. Has anybody else had problems like this? Thanks!
  14. I have no clue what I just bought! It looks like Lamy Safari Alpine, but it has small German eagle logo on cap. And I have no idea, why there is Cross converter in the picture. Pen will arrive next week to me, so I can take better photos. I recognize that eagle, but I didn't find exact match. Price wasn't that bad (22 euros), and this is nice pair to my Pelikan m100 aka.stormtrooper.
  15. Look at the attached image: Lamy call the colour green. I call it lime, whatever...... There are three other nibs as well as the stock M: EF plus 1.1 & 1.5mm Italic nibs. There's even a Lamy converter. What other maker supplies their ink in Lamy cartridges? Has been regularly flushed, but never used with any problematical ink. No Iron-Gall & none that stain. As it says in the title... If you are not a resident of the UK you cannot be considered. You only need to pay postage for all the above listed stuff.
  16. Hello everyone, I have a weird kind of question. It's not a big deal but I wonder if anyone else experience this too. I'm an unstoppable reverse writer. I often do it without realising. Lately I noticed, whenever I use Lamy Safari, the tips of my thumb and index finger get stained with ink. I realised this happens when I write reverse with this pen, and that I tend to hold the pen closer to nib while writing reverse, probably because of the indentations on the grip section to be used while writing nonreverse. The part I marked with arrow in the picture is wet with ink. I wonder if this is normal or I've broken my pen a bit (sadly I've dropped it on the floor many times). Thanks in advance for any response
  17. JF_LAMY Collection

    Lamy Safari 2018_Jf Ayrton Senna № 12; Jps

    Dear all, Well, bears are cute, no doubt about it. But! We are big boys (and girls), right? And speaking of limited editions, I had something on my mind for a very, very long time. A few years back, I had the intention of getting into scale modelling and bought couple of kits and tools. Started working on one, but after meeting with Jan_Rosecky, one of the best modellers in Europe, I realized there was NO WAY I could get even close to his results. Still kept the tools, though ... and “the idea”. Then came the Vista_Frost from Christof, and I was behind again J It is AMAZING! Because I am slow, I gave my idea some more thoughts, and couple of years later, I went for it. And since my other hobby is Formula 1, this is what I did: first of all, when you look at LAMY safari very closely, you must admire the timeless design. All the edges and curves on one side and its simplicity on the other. It is not an expensive pen, but the design is nothing short of perfect! I went to my favourite penshop here in Prague and bought a LAMY safari. The owner was very kind to get me a spare nib and a clip as well. Then, I used primer and sprayed the front section, barrel and cap with it. Let it dry and wet-sanded it with micro mesh sanding sheets. Once the parts were smooth, it was time for the paint. I chose the Lotus_black_F1 paint and sprayed four layers of it on the parts. A few days later, I applied decals. The paint dries matt and needs clearcoat_lacquer on top of it. So I sprayed some four or five layers on top of the paint and decals and after that, it was down to wet-sending and polishing with NOVUS polishing kit. Here is the result: More Picture here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/72157696220853034 Kind regards, Jan (FLICKR)
  18. suman5492

    Lamy Safari Charcoal Query

    Hello guys. I need some suggestions regarding my Lamy Safari Charcoal. I am attaching three pictures. The nib as seen in the picture has developed some sort of stain near the slit of the nib. I have tried soaking the nib in water for a couple of hours as well as washing it some liquid handwash. Nothing seems to remove the stain mark. Is it because of the ink I am using? Next to the cartridge converter, if you zoom and observe carefully you will be able to see that some little amount of ink is trapped between the contact of the piston edge and the body of the converter. I have disassembled the converter, applied some silicone grease but still, ink gets trapped. It started from after one month of using the converter after the cartridge emptied.( I bought the safari around August last year). How to prevent this?
  19. Hello! This is technically my second topic, but I only just found out about this introduction forum. I've been pretty active on reddit.com/r/fountainpens (my username is the same as on here) these past couple months, but I thought I'd join this forum as well! I've been using fountain pens since I was 13 I think, but around sometime last year I kind of started collecting more pens. Up to that moment I had written with a cheap (around 3 euros) fountain pen from a Dutch store. That one had been used and abused a lot, so I wanted to buy a new pen. At this point I didn't know much about fountain pens, so I got a Parker Jotter, thinking it would be a good pen (because it was a Parker). I also just really love Parker's arrow clip and have pretty small hands, so I thought I'd like it. I didn't, and started using my old pen again, mostly. Then later I got a Jinhao x750 (white) and a Lamy Safari (Petrol, F) and I really liked those. I started buying more inks, and ended up with a couple more Chinese pens, including a black matte x750, a Jinhao 992 and a Jinhao 911. A few days ago I got a Parker 45 CT Flighter with a 14K nib (a Fine, I'm pretty sure), which is my first "serious" pen, I suppose. I recently got a bottle of Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün. I'm usually not a fan of bright colours, but this one is such a joy to use. Other than that I've been using Lamy Petrol, Pelikan Brilliant Brown and Waterman Absolute Brown a lot. I'm planning on ordering some iron gall ink and other permanent ink soon, I'm currently looking at KWZ Mandarin, Turquoise and Noodler's Black. The latter not being too exciting, but the only black I currently own is Waterman Intense Black and it's not permanent and not, well, intense enough for me. I'm planning on buying a black Pilot 91 with a SFM, FM or SF nib this month. I actually have a question about that to anyone who owns a Pilot soft nib: would you say it's suitable for quick, daily note taking? Or would I be better off with a stiffer, regular nib? Also, would you say a SFM would be too wet to use on cheap paper? I'm a college student, so being able to use it on cheap paper would definitely help. Sincerely, thespyingdutchman
  20. I like fountain pens, I like ink, I like paper and i like machines. So I use them togerther. The below image started out as a doodle and I felt I should see it through to the finish. The image is drawn using a Lamy Safari with and EF nib. The paper is 110# card stock and the ink is Aurora Blue. If you enjoyed this drawing I have others on my YouTube channel: Joseph Solinger
  21. DrDebG

    Robert Oster River Of Fire

    Ink Review: Robert Oster River of Fire Robert Oster is an Australian ink manufacturer and has developed a large number of colors in recent years. I have tried several of these inks, and have found most of them to behave quite well. Some of the colors are unique, and have unique names. Overall I like the brand and the inks that I have tried. River of Fire is a lovely dark green ink with a very nice red sheen, especially when used on Tomoe River paper. I purchased a sample of this ink from Anderson Pens last fall during a period of time when I was trying many dark green inks. This ink does not disappoint. It behaves very nicely in every pen I have tried with it. It is deeply saturated and flows well. There are some not so positive issues with the ink. It does show through on lesser quality papers, and also bleeds through when pooled. While I would likely not use this ink to take notes at a conference (conference materials are generally printed on very cheap paper), I would not hesitate to use this ink at work on even good copy paper. While it does have a nice sheen, it does not shade well. Here is my handwritten review of the ink: This is a very nice ink which I do recommend.
  22. mettledmike

    Is My Nib Clogged?

    I got my Lamy safari delivered today from Amazon. I had seen a couple of videos about it. As lamy pens come tested, I decided to clean it. I pulled out the nib using a tape, but the tape left some 'glue' on the nib. I tried to wipe it off, but it went into the slit. When I saw the nib through the light, I don't see a continuous line in the slit (from the breather hole to the tip ). I tried flushing with distilled water, but its still there. I tried writing, and I think it writes ok. This is my first time using a decent fountain pen, so I couldn't tell if it didn't write the way it should. Is there glue stuck in the nib? probably. Is it hindering the ink flow? I don't know. How can I get rid of it? Also the Lamy pen came in a different box from the once I had seen in review videos and also came with a converter. Some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/oVS2V
  23. Weavercat

    Re-Hello From Colorado

    Hi folks, um, yeah. I joined in 2014 but....left but now I'm back. The name is Weavrr/Weavercat/Liz. I graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Art (Painting/Printmaking) and a minor in Biology. I started out here as primarily a dip pen, brushpen, and drafting pencil user. Which is awesome. However. A longtime aquaintence of mine recently confessed their love for fountain pens and under their guidance I finally made my first starter pen purchase. I purchased a Lamy Safari-F (because my handwriting is tight and cramped) in that LE color: Petrol Whoops. I think I love this. Well, except for the cartridge it came with. It's nice but it feels too light/bright in a blue (which I figured on so I went and spent a penny on R&K's Alt-Goldgrun and a converter because wow) and yeah. And here I thought my dip-nib addiction was bad, this is going to get me into all sorts of trouble. I feel pretty darncool right now writing up my fishing-notes with a 'fancy' pen. Even more so when I'm writing up notes for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. BAH, all my old posts are gone. I did a review of the Baron Fig kickstarter 'Confidant 1' back in 2015. I would totally share my writing sample but see, I decided to be a bit profane... but polite. So, no sample of my polite profanity. Instead, a sample of the artwork I make with my brushes and dip-nibs in old-old Higgins Black Magic.
  24. suman5492

    Lamy Safari Blue

    I have a Lamy Safari matte charcoal black Fine nib. Except for the charcoal, dark lilac and the petrol, all the other colors come in a glossy finish. I prefer matte finish mostly, but this time I wish to have the blue glossy one. Do the safaris with glossy finish are prone to scratches? I can use my charcoal without about that since it has a beautiful matte finish.
  25. JF_LAMY Collection

    2017 Lamy Safari Petrol - Pictures

    Dear all, I believe this colour will be a bestseller! Was not really as much excited when I first got the pen, because the colour is a bit darker than on the official pictures, but the more I look at it, the more I love it. Please note the new (updated) convertor. LAMY_SAFARI_2017_PETROL My FLICKR account Kind regards, Jan

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