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  1. white_lotus

    Kwz Walk Over Vistula

    Here we have the third of my reviews of the new standard line KWZ inks. These inks are apparently designed for those who like sheen. I typically don't care whether an ink sheens or not as the papers I use typically won't show sheen anyway. So I'm looking for good flow, easy writing without problems (skips, hard starts, nudging the converter to get good flow), saturation and/or shading. Since these are standard inks, I don't expect much color or value shift in an ink after it has dried, at least not in a closed notebook. In nearly all these criteria these inks are successful. I had the best experience of the three inks with this one, but must admit I used a Pelikan instead of an Edison pen. All my pens are wet writers. But the issue of nib dryout was common with these inks, though less so with this ink. Perhaps it was the ink, perhaps it was the pen. But for the brief times I leave a pen uncapped during writing I typically do not have this problem with any ink I use. Maybe you won't have this problem. Once writing, the inks flow well and continue to do so. I did not experience any hard starts following uncapping a pen, though I admit I keep few pens inked, and cannot comment on what happens if the pen is left unused for a week. This ink leans the greenest between it and Baltic Memories, at least I think that's true. The ink seems a bit lighter in value than the Baltic Memories ink, but I did not compare them with the same nibs. It is a single dye ink, and seems to clean out of the pen quite well compared with its level of saturation. Depending on the paper there is some shading. Nothing dramatic but enough to generate a bit of interest. A lot of sheen on Tomoe River paper and some of Rhodia. This was from a fine nib, so wider nibs will give more dramatic results. Both this ink and Baltic Memories are much greener than any of the Azure colors in the standard KWZ line. So if you like that, you're happy, if not, you might be making a sour face. I think it's great the KWZ is broadening the color range of their blues. The name and the label are awesome, and I hope this is a trend that will continue. And ink worthy of your consideration, especially if you like sheen. Pen: Pelikan M205 (F-steel) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory. Camera: iPhone 7 using Camera+ app The images were fairly decent, but the FPN uploader seems to modify the images making the ink appear darker and with less range than in reality. As always with ink reviews, you may want to order a sample prior to diving in on a full bottle. FPN has done a number on this image. The original while a bit darker has a white paper. Here it is grayish. And much darker; it makes the ink look near black and it definitely is not. Again considerably darker than it should be, and should be greener. Due to the flow enhancers the ink spreads to the verso of absorbent papers. Not waterproof and only water resistant to the extent that the ink penetrates the paper. But the ink isn't advertised as being waterproof.
  2. Scriptus Ink 2017 – Picture Review!! For anyone who doesn’t know what Scriptus is.. Scriptus is the name of the Toronto’s Pen Show and Writing Show. Every year (since 2015) Scriptus has release a Show ink which becomes one of the highlights of the Show. The Scriptus show ink is done in collaboration with KWZ. For Scriptus 2017, we have “150 Confederation Brown”, to celebrate the 150 years of Canada becoming a Confederation (proclaimed on July 1, 1867) Since I am totally biased… I will just let the pictures do the talking. LABEL: Sketch of the "Peace Tower", a Canadian Landmark. Is the focal clock Tower standing at the centre of the Canadian Parliament Building. 150 Confederation Brown, is an olive-brown that is extremely paper dependent. It seems to react to the different chemistry of every paper. On coated paper it looks more green, on more absorbent paper, more brown. On cardstock it shows almost black brown. Below is 100% cotton paper... Tester Pens: Three of my favorites EDC were used. In order (top to bottom), My extremely wet Sheaffer Legacy II with a stubbish Broad, my equally wet MB 149 with a luscious OBB and a lovely mid-wet Bexley (cant remember model). Ink was taken from the same bottle. Tomoe River below... and Rhodia.. Art from Alannah (@iamjoopiter) Credits: As with previous years (Maple Red 2015 and Northern Twilight 2016) the creative process is heavily manipulated by me. The decision is all Scriptus, if the Scriptus lords want me to start from scratch, I will oblige. The artistry in manufacturing is all KWZ, so you know you will get a great performing ink with lush colour and saturation. The creative label is original artwork from Alannah (instagram @iamjoopiter) and this year we had the honour to get Salman Khattak (our own FPN Calligraphy expert, goes by SMK) to do the fabulous writing.
  3. white_lotus

    Kwz Announces New Inks

    Perhaps some of you have already seen the news on the KWZ Facebook page: there will be three new inks released November 18, 2017. The names are Baltic Memories (a blue-green), Warsaw Dreaming (a black or dark blue), Walk over Vistula (also a blue-green it seems to me). I don't trust google translate with Polish, so I'm looking at the labels. It seems KWZ had gotten a number of requests for green-leaning blues, and I think the Warsaw Dreaming ink is a black, though from the label it could be a very deep rich blue. There may be sheen with one or more of these inks, but again, I don't trust google translate with Polish. I'd personally rather have sheen rather than shimmer particles. I don't use shimmer inks, so I hope it's just sheen, though that's never been a criteria in ink for me personally. I'll be very interested to learn more about these inks once they are released and available on retailers websites. The labels are fantastic and I think a great direction for KWZ. Let's hope that more exciting inks will become available in the future. Here is the picture from that FB page.
  4. errantmarginalia

    Kwz Azure #4

    Love this one from Konrad! Apologies for the somewhat blurry pics - I'm using the native FPN upload instead of Flickr, so I've had to reduce the quality/size. I'll keep fiddling around to find better quality... Up close: Comparison of some KWZ blues:
  5. OMG... SCRIPTUS 2017 is in TWO WEEKS !!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! http://www.sherv.net/cm/emo/happy/jumping-for-joy-smiley-emoticon.gif Been waiting for this since last year.... A new Scriptus Ink this year..... 150 Confederation Brown !!!!... Remember only two bottles per person, if you can't attend, get yourself a Toronto buddy to get you one. You can find reviews in the ink forum ... Stop by and say Hello!!!... C.
  6. white_lotus

    Kwz Blue-Black

    Blue-black inks were one of the most common inks in my original collection. To me there wasn't much else to get other than a black ink and a couple blue-blacks. Done. Right? That was a long time ago, and blue-black inks came into the collection, but they were quite dark. The KWZ Blue-black seems kind of ho-hum in comparison. It's not really dark at all. It's middle-of-the-road dark. But it does have a very vintage look to it, it shades very well. Usual KWZ flow and lubrication. This ink dries quite fast on absorbent papers, and was quite decent on Rhodia where more saturated inks can take 20 seconds or more to dry. Again the iPhone images are making the ink look much darker than it actually is. Samples are readily available in the US and EU from various retailers, so it's very easy to try before you buy a bottle. A lot will depend on what you expect and want from a blue-black ink.
  7. white_lotus

    Kwz Chicago Blue (Le)

    KWZ inks are my favorite inks after Sailor. And last year I had the chance to snag a bottle of the Chicago Blue LE from the Chicago Pen Show. Woo-hoo! Only recently did I get to open the bottle and try it. I first loaded up an Edison Menlo, and the ink was so wet it simply flowed from the nib when pointed down. That was unexpected. So I switched pens and filled one of my Edison Beaumont pneumatics. Not as wet as the Menlo, useable. But still it was very very wet ink. Placing the nib on absorbent paper caused a spreading blob of ink on the paper. That doesn't happen with other inks. They may leave a dot, but ink flows when you write. Another unexpected behavior. Because of this behavior it dried instantly on absorbent paper, but with lots of heavy show through and some bleed through. Quite a bit of spread. No shading on MvL, but decent on Tomoe River and Rhodia, though over 30 seconds dry time on the Rhodia. The color is a nice rich blue. Now if you have a really dry pen... This is the only KWZ ink that ever disappointed me in its behavior. Someday I'll have to give it a go in my Aurora or a fine nibbed Pelikan and see it this ink can be tamed. It'll probably be pretty nice in that case.
  8. white_lotus

    Kwz Rumor - New Inks Coming?

    I forget how I came across this, but it was just this week. An interview with Konrad and Agnieszka of KWZ ink about how they go about making ink. There is a hint here that the more saturated, sheeny inks such as Northern Twilight and Chicago Blue, might be appearing in the standard lineup. Not these exact inks, but inks with those characteristics. So, be still my beating heart, objects of your desire will come soon! One hopes! But I know KWZ does extensive texting on their inks before release, so patience, patience. Anyway, a nice article, and the Part One discusses how they got started. https://fountainpenfollies.com/2017/05/03/the-kwz-ink-interview-part-two-how-they-do-it-and-why/2/
  9. Nibbler

    Kwz Ig Orange - Video

    I finally ordered some of this ink and made a short video attempting to show the change in colour. It's not great, but I'm not shooting it again! Sorry about the breathing.
  10. jandrese

    21 Turquoise Inks

    Recently, I became obsessed with light blue inks especially if they are turquoise, whatever that means. Turquoise is described as greenish blue but most inks with that name are basically blue with one or very few dyes. Chromatography with these inks is not very exciting. Many of them are, however, very beautiful (to me at least) and have uncommonly good writing properties perhaps because of their simplicity and relatively low dye content. Sheen is possible with some of these ink, at least on Tomoe River paper, but water resistance is uniformly not good. That said Pelikan 4001 Turkis Turquoise, Noodler's Midway Blue (ok, not a turquoise for sure), Noodler's American Eel Turquoise, and of course, KWZ IG (iron gall) Turquoise hold up surprisingly well to water. Diamine Shimmertastic Tropical Glow, Diamine Marine, and Noodler's Turquoise are probably closest to dictionary greenish blues strictly considered turquoise. Noodler's Turquoise is a little over saturated to have much fun with though. Both Shimmertastic inks are really fabulous inks to write with and look incredible. The glitter really does not seem to hamper performance nor harm the pen. Amazing inks even if not shaken to get max glitter effect. Would love to see glitter free versions of these inks made available. Some standouts at this time for me are Pelikan 4001 Turkis Turquoise for its beautiful color, versatility, sheen potential, and moderate water resistance. Lamy Turquoise is great too, good writing performance, some shading, and maybe some sheen. J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche is really nice too. I need more time to really study these inks....the differences between many are subtle. Platinum Mix Free Aqua Blue is really pure cerulean - ish blue. It's also somewhat dilute and I really did not like it at first but now I kinda like it some. Levenger Blue Bahama looks quite nice but feathers some on everything but Tomoe River paper. Let me know your thoughts. From top to bottom: Pelikan 4001 Turkis Turquoise Noodler's Midway Blue Levenger Blue Bahama KWZ IG Turquoise Diamine Turquoise J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche Diamine Havasu Turquoise Diamine Marine Robert Oster Signature Australian Sky Blue Diamine Eau de Nil Diamine Shimmertastic Blue Lighting De Atramentis Forget-me-not Diamine Aqua Blue Noodler's American Eel Turquoise Lamy Turquoise Noodler's Turquoise Platinum Mix Free Aqua Blue Noodler's Navajo Turquoise Diamine Shimmertastic Tropical Glow Sailor Jentle Ink Sky High Sailor Jentle Ink Souten Paper is Tomoe River Turquoise inks reduced size by Jon Andresen, on Flickr Turquoise inks wash reduced size by Jon Andresen, on Flickr
  11. errantmarginalia

    Kwz Pink Brown

    This is a unique ink: Close-ups: Swatch: And the weird chromatography:
  12. So it doesn't get lost in our Pen Show thread, we wanted to make sure we posted here that this year's Chicago Pen Show is going to feature three exclusive inks. There is KWZ Chicago Blue, a dynamic blue that shades and sheens, commissioned by the pen show and hand-made by our friends at KWZ Ink. Also, and limited to only 60 bottles each, are two gorgeous inks mixed up by our friends Papier Plume of New Orleans: Ivy 108 (another Cubs tribute) and Lake Michigan Blue (think C d'A Caribbean Sea, moved just a little north). Images of all three inks are up on @chicagopenshow on Instagram, on the fountainpenfollies.com blog and Instagram, and on Chicago Pen Show Twitter. We'll have pens at the pen show, too, of course. At last count we have 109 vendors coming, filling all 164 tables. Plus three days of seminars, workshops and demonstrations; see chicagopenshow.com for the complete schedule. We hope to see you there!
  13. errantmarginalia

    Kwz Maroon #1

    Yet another wonderful ink from Konrad: Close-ups: Like many of Konrad's inks, this one doesn't sheen so much as glow: Swatch: On Rhodia:
  14. alexander_k

    Three Ig Inks

    THREE IG INKS Waterproof, bulletproof, all kinds of inks that can withstand abuse from human malice or carelessness, the weather, time; I read about them and fail to find the fascination. First of all, I like inks that wash off easily from my hands, clothes and pens. I'm not that accident-prone but when I used to carry a Pelikan M600 in by breast pocket, many were the times when the cap unscrewed by itself and the pen decorated me with large blue blots. If those blots hadn't washed off, I might have given up on fountain pens - or carrying them around, at least. Secondly, what's the use of resistant inks when I write on paper, a carrier that can be completely destroyed so easily? Does it matter that the ink is still there when the sheet of paper has become pulp? I don't write anything that important that would be severely damaged by a droplet of fluid. So, you appreciate that I didn't get the inks I'm comparing here because they're waterproof; I just liked the colours and was curious to see how they behaved in my pens. The first is IG Blue #1 by KWZ Inks. Since I now have the delight of a local store that stocks KWZ (Fontoplumo), I decided to explore their products, including their IG range, since everybody told me that they were very well behaved. I liked it immediately, although it seemed rather dry for the Waterman Taperite I first inked with it. So, I tried it in one of my gushers, too, a Visconti Homo Sapiens with a medium nib reground into a CI by Oxonian, and the combination was a success. Interestingly, with time, ink flow in the Taperite improved, not to the level of e.g. Diamine Denim, but then that was a bit too much. The second IG ink I got was Rohrer & Klingner's Salix, just so that I would be able to make a comparison. I'm quite impressed by their inks, so I decided that yet another blue ink (I must have about twenty at the moment) was not superfluous if I were to form an opinion on IG inks through a hands-on comparison (I often use this excuse, that's why I have too many inks). It also helped that Couronne du Comte at Tilburg offered a generous discount to a visiting group of pen enthusiasts. Then I remembered that one of my favourite inks, Akkerman's Diep-duinwaterblauw, is reputedly an iron gall one, too, so I decided to include it in the comparison. THE SETUP OBSERVATIONS I love the colours of all three inks. The way the colour of IG Blue #1 and Salix changes as they dry on the page still catches my attention. Diep-duinwaterblauw remains the same but then it's the richest colour of the tree. The final greyish blue of IG Blue #1 is very much to my taste but the brighter blue of Salix seems more interesting in a finer nib. All three have enough shading. Concerning smearing, Diep-duinwaterblauw is the quickest to dry on paper, some twenty seconds ahead of the other two, which seem safe to touch after thirty seconds (or slightly longer in the case of Salix). Water resistance after a minute or so was high for Salix and IG Blue #1 (with the former performing slightly better in this respect) but less so for Diep-duinwaterblauw, which is nevertheless not marketed as water-resistant. In the smearing and water tests, the Taperite was used to represent IG Blue #1, as it was more comparable to the Marlen Aleph that was inked with Salix. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend all three inks to people who know how to care for their pens. I don't know yet what the long-term effects of IG inks on the pens can be. More on that in a year or more; for the moment, I can confirm that the Parker 51 and Sheaffer Targa I keep inked with Diep-duinwaterblauw for a three years now have never given me any kind of trouble. THE PROOF The paper used must be in the area of 80g and is slightly less absorbent that common 80g copy paper. In the scan the colours seem just a smidgeon darker than in real life but their differences are well captured.
  15. julia239

    Kwz Raspberry

    I didn't expect to like the color of this ink as much as I did. I'm not usually a fan of pinks, but winter has me craving more lively colors. I was afraid this would have too much orange for my liking, but it is a very nice blue-pink that is moderately saturated. It performs very well & dries quickly. The flow is average, but it is a little bit drier than other KWZ inks I've used.
  16. julia239

    Review Of Kwz Grey Plum

    Correction added on 26 April 2017: I ordered new samples of KWZ Brown-Pink and KWZ Grey Plum and confirmed that the ink used in this review was in fact Grey Plum. Originally, the title of this review was "Review of Kwz Brown-Pink" before it was changed to "Review of Kwz Grey Plum". I posted comparison swabs in the comments to show the difference in the inks. As noted in the comments, it is possible there was a mix-up with the inks, so this could be a review of KWZ Grey Plum and not Brown-Pink. I don't have Grey Plum, but I'll get a sample soon to compare the two. In the meantime, be aware that this could be the wrong color. Here are links to Visvamitra's review of Brown-Pink and White_Lotus' review of Grey Plum. I'm going to add that KWZ has great customer service.
  17. white_lotus

    Kwzi Menthol Green

    A retailer sent me a sample of this ink when I purchased a number of other things from them. The handling of this ink is perfectly fine. It's just not my color. While the images make this look like Veronese Green, it's really more like Viridian. I'll take KWZ Midnight Green over Menthol Green any day of the year. Pen: Edison Premiere (F-steel) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory. Camera: iPhone 7
  18. Clumsy_Penman

    Kwz Ink - Maroon

    Hi, I have just posted on my blog a short review of KWZ - Maroon, which was reviewed here, but I decided to share a little my pictorial contribution to the topic. So, here it is. KWZ maroon is a nice and rewarding ink. As most KWZ inks it performs really well. The flow is pretty good and in general I have not found much problems with feathering, bleeding through and all this horrible thing which may happen on the paper. It may do a bit on very cheap and absorbing copy paper, but Rhodia, ClaireFontaine, Midori...these are all fine. Even on more generic but decent quality paper it performs very good. The colour is deep dark red with hints of magenta/purple and pink hues, which make Maroon very appealing. Is not chestnutty brown as name would suggest, KWZ maroon is definitely reddish. It reminds dark red Bordeaux wine. Is somehow close to popular some time ago Diamine Oxblood, except the purple tones. Wet looks very juicy and rich. Diluted areas show more red colours, whereas when it dries the purple tones plays larger role. This is visible on writing samples. KWZ Maroon shades a little, however due to its saturation , shading is not that pronounced. Purple and magenta tones are apparent much more on lighter strokes. On ivory toned paper KWZ maroon looks more brown. There is a little bit of sheen, visible on smooth paper. The only cons which may concern some people is characteristic to KWZ inks smell produced by one of the chemicals used in production, which the best to my knowledge will be replaced in the future and inks would be reformulated. We'll see. Additionally, is not water resistant, which depending what you do with ink may be beneficial. Otherwise KWZ Maroon is a good ink with solid colour and really good performance. For my full review please check my blog. Here are some wet, semi-dry and dry test samples as well as some writing. http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-1-3.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-22.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-5-2.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-71.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-41.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-27.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-72.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-62.jpg http://www.clumsypenman.com/wp-content/fpngallery/kwz-ink-maroon/untitled-79.jpg
  19. Cyber6

    Kwzi - Ig Aztec Gold !

    Ok People... hold on to your chairs.... IG Aztec Gold is here !!.. :lol: :puddle: I will apologize wholeheartedly to Konrad and Agnieszka... I harassed them enough to get this gorgeous ink... And they were so wonderful, they made sure I get this ink for Scriptus Toronto Pen Show... Is not an exclusive ink, I believe gorgeous inks like this should be enjoyed by EVERYONE.... It will be soon on your nearest favorite ink store. But for now.... IS ALL MINE !!!!! .... HA HA HA .... :D Lets start with with pics.... IG Aztec Gold... is actually an IGL ink.... (Iron Gall Light)... Let's say is the perfect Iron Gall ink for beginners... No worries about special maintenance !!! :wub: It goes down as a bright gold and immediately starts oxidizing to a lovely honey brown... (Golden Honey?)... I love this ink... :wub: .... This is a typical KWZ ink, feels wet and nicely lubricated (even for an IG)... the scent of vanilla will enchant your nose.... This ink is for you if: If you ever wanted a KWZI Honey with water resistance..If you ever wanted a lovely bright ink.... to use in the office, this will be a professional looking honey brown by the time your boss looks at your notes.. If you ever wanted an Iron Gall but were "scare" to try it out..If you just love KWZI and can't get enough of them... Pics of the oxidation process... Tomoe River and Card Stock... Red n'Black Paper For sketching is AWESOME... you can keep a tight dark line, and the wash will be warm honey color... :wub: Thanks so much Konrad and Agnieszka.... thanks for letting me bug you... If you guys would love a bottle, but can't make it to Scriptus Toronto (this Sunday October 30), drop me a line. I will put one aside for you. If you are coming to Scriptus Toronto, find me near the entrance ... I will have this and more KWZI with me.. C.

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