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  1. white_lotus

    Sailor For Kobe #28 Suzuran Green

    Sailor produces the Kobe line of inks for the Nagasawa Pen Shop. I think that's what it is, most folks just know it as Kobe. Like other Sailor Japan store-exclusive inks these are based on a theme, in this case the city of Kobe, Japan. These inks are somewhat "easy" to obtain being available via the cool-japan store on ebay. Compared to Evening cicada, this ink is bluer, yet still yellow-green, and less muted than the other ink. It's more what you might think of as a yellow-green. It's not bright or retina-searing. A solid color. It shades quite well. On Mohawk via Linen Closeup of same: On Hammermill 28lb Inkjet paper Closeup of same: On Tomoe River, again with ghosting to the next page due to operator error. And these two images seem quite accurate of the actual color. Waterfastness Test Fairly resistant. Some ink loss of course, but still quite readable.
  2. Hi all, I was putting together a writing sample of the Kobe#16 Nada Brown to send to a friend who requested one and thought I would take a photo and add it to the site since there aren’t many images of the ink online. These are more quick impressions after a couple of days of writing with the ink than a detailed review, so I've tried to outline its properties a bit better below the pics; please let me know if you have any other questions. The writing samples were done using a 1950s 146 on Rhodia paper. Photo under sunlight: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f99/emrys1221/Sunlight-1_zpsunopcm8x.jpg Ink drops on paper towel: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f99/emrys1221/photo%201-2_zpsxiwejhhw.jpg Flow and smoothness are GOOD as expected of Sailor inks (even though I love the overly smooth gushers that Sailor sometimes makes, this one feels very nice and, to borrow a line from Cyber6, will fit the “Goldilocks principle” for many ). Writing with this ink definitely felt better than the 10 or so similar shades of brown samples that I recently ordered. Startup is EXCELLENT -- immediate with no hard starts or skipping. (The pen used is not prone to them, but when I was using the ink over the weekend I forgot it uncapped on my desk while I was tidying up the kitchen and washing my face, brushing my teeth... around 4am and the ink performed flawlessly when I noticed it about 30 min later.) Cleanup is EXCELLENT -- very minimal flushing with water only was required to get it out the telescopic piston. Sheen is VERY MINIMAL -- there is a faint trace of greenish sheen that forms occasionally in some of the areas where the ink really pools, but it’s nothing to write home about and not something to expect to see very often. Shading is OK-GOOD -- I think the shading is due more to the vintage flexi nib than the actual ink, but the ink still produces some shading in the right pen (and on the right paper). Conclusion: I like this ink and am much happier with it than the 10 or so samples of other similar shades of brown that I recently tried but it is not my grail brown. I would need its color to be both a little darker and a little more vibrant for me to really love it and make it a regular in the ink rotation. PS I wanted to post better (as well as some closeup) photos of the ink, but out of the 37 pics that I took with my iPhone while there was still sunlight in the apartment today only this one was true to the actual color :/ I will hold off on mailing the page to try scanning it at the library on Wednesday and will post additional photos if our library scanners are any good, but I'm not expecting much... haha PPS here is a more closeup pic that I took of my ink journal a couple of days ago under a mix of apt light and indirect sunlight. I think the color is a bit closer in the first pic but I'm not mad at this one Photo under a mix of indirect sunlight and apartment lighting: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f99/emrys1221/new%20inks%20closeup_zpso7xicbwo.jpg
  3. errantmarginalia

    Sailor Kobe No.36 Indigo Blue

    Once again, I had high hopes for this ink, and once again, I'm a little disappointed, though this is has a lot more to do with my expectations than with any problem with the ink itself. Based on the name and the (admittedly) small swab, I was expecting something a little bluer. Instead, this ink has a greenish cast to it that reminds me of inks like Tsuki-yo and Diamine Prussian Blue. It behaves flawlessly, but the color is not quite what I had in mind. This one will probably go up for trade. http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j426/moducasse/IMG_0351_zps4eea53e2.jpg http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j426/moducasse/IMG_0352_zpsd9a0c207.jpg http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j426/moducasse/IMG_0353_zps75d494e9.jpg http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j426/moducasse/IMG_0354_zps936739aa.jpg http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j426/moducasse/IMG_0355_zps430ba469.jpg
  4. Hi Everyone, After reading the many wonderful reviews that saskia_madding has been writing on the Sailor inks, I finally tried all of the Jentle line (except for Black and Doyou) and I of course got hooked! This brand really is amazing and now I’ve fallen in love with Epinard, Miruai, Shigure and Yama Dori! The only thing I am still searching for is one or two blues by Sailor. I don’t love cerulean blues so Souten wasn’t right for me and Nioi-Sumire was beautiful but not the shade I need at the moment. Although I loved the contrast of the red sheen and the blue ink of the basic Sailor Blue, this was the only ink from all of the Jentle line samples that I ordered that dried in my nib, and I had to use pen flush to get the dried sheen off after only a couple minutes of use, so it’s not a good match for my pen. I am looking for a bright true blue that doesn’t lean too much to green or purple and I love smooth inks with a great flow (Miruai blew me away from this point). After going through the extensive reviews of the Kobe, Bung Box and Ishida Bungu inks that once again I am so thankful to saskia_madding for posting, I’ve narrowed down the blues to: -Bung Box Sapphire -Kobe# 14 Maya Lapis -Kobe#37 Island Blue -Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twilight I’ve found a review from amberleadavis and a co-razy view from cyber6 of Kobe #37, so I’ve added those images to the comparison chart I’m compiling to help decide on the final blues. It’s been a rough week, so I am using it as an excuse to treat myself to 2 of the inks (I'll look for any excuse to get an inky treat haha) but I wanted to ask if anyone has writing samples and experience with these 4 inks that they could share in this post. Any information you could include about flow, smoothness, sheen (i love sheen lately!) and potential dry out or cleaning issues that would be very helpful! Thank you very much for your help!! Bahij
  5. write to me often

    Sailor Kobe No:3 Sepia

    Dear Fellow FPN's, I recently had chance to try Sailor Kobe inks with the grace of a friend. No:3 Sepia was one of them. It is a cold under-toned brown. In general terms, it is highly saturated, lubricated and with nearly no shadowing, no sheen and behaves well with all kind of pens. I hope you like it.
  6. So I have returned from my first trip to Japan and wow what a place, first picture below but amazing for pens and ink. More details to come. Not good if you have an addiction to ink see the wreckage below..... from the front Nagasawa Kobe Sailor Ink, MIddle Row Pen & Message, Bung Box, Mauren & Kindom Note Back Row Iroshizuku, Delta, Sailor, Pilot & Mont Blanc Mainly blues, with some greys and blacks......
  7. This is a brief review of the Sailor Kobe #38 Kitanozaka Night Blue. I love this ink. It's deep, rich blue. Yum, yum, yum. I only wish I knew how to make it shady like saskia_madding. It could be my writing style isn't conducive to shady. It's a bit pricey to get in the US as you have to order through someone who buys in Japan. So about $27 a 50 ml bottle, comparable to the Iroshizuku inks here in the US. If in Japan the prices were about 2100 ¥ (about $20 at current exchange rates).
  8. Kobe #2 Kobe #37 Other Blues... Asa Gao Kobe #38 Maya Lapis Pinstripe Homage Swisher North Sea Blue
  9. So, I've been on a quest for years for the perfect (for me blue). Here is my current mix. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_670.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_671.jpg
  10. errantmarginalia

    Sailor Kobe No.38 Kitanozaka Night Blue

    My first Kobe ink. I was hoping for a nice blue-black, and this is a little darker than I'd hoped, at least coming out of my Sailor's M nib. I'll have to try this out with a stub at some point. http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j426/moducasse/SailorKobe38_zps5192b2b2.jpeg

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