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  1. How rare or special is this pen? Cannot believe this. Search for: Hello kitty ARITA YAKI Fountain pen On EBbay
  2. - Master of the order-made notebooks (Kakimori) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH5k0G_gVI Kakimori is a small stationery shop nestled in Tokyo's Kuramae neighbourhood which has been pleasing customers over the course of three generations. You might find yourself falling in love with the art of writing again after a visit to this specialist stationery shop. Kakimori's range of pens, inks and letter sets are chosen on the basis of how comfortable they are to use, and customers are welcome to try out the fountain pens before making a purchase. Best of all are the order-made notebooks, prepared in 5-10 minutes and with an infinitely customisable selection of covers, paper and bindings available - most of them locally produced, for added "Made in Asakusa" effect. Kakimori : website http://www.kakimori.com/index.html Just for your information, Kota
  3. Hello all! I received my Nakaya Neo-standard in Kuro-Tamenuri around 3 weeks back and I noticed that it wasn't as shiny as I had seen in the pictures. The shine isn't as prominent when compared to my other pens such as the Sailor 1911m, Pilot 92 (All black plastic). The Nakaya has a slightly dulled look - is this normal? Does it get shinier as time goes by? One thing I will say though is that I haven't seen any micro-scratches at all on the body - really quite impressive. The Nakaya & the Pilot. Hopefully you can see the pen on the right is shinier. Anyways, does anyone have any experience or advice about how would I go about polishing the urushi properly if that was at all possible? (I'm aiming for a mirror finish). Regular swiping with a cleaning cloth doesn't seem to help lessen the dull. Thank you!
  4. How often do people get charged on ordering from Japan to a UK address? I've just bought my first Japanese pens, to a total of around $630. How likely is it that I'll have to pay customs/excise, import VAT?
  5. Pen_Samurai

    Maki-E Classes In Tokyo

    Hi, Some of you know me by name, some of you know me by face. My name is Matt, I work at Ito-ya in Ginza. Everyone on this forum has been extremely helpful and insightful over the last few years. I am not promoting anything for my company, but I would like to ask for your opinions and advice on an event that I am trying to plan for our main store in Tokyo. During the summer, on weekends, I would like to hold a Maki-e class in English for the many foreign customers that visit our store. In the past, we have held Maki-E classes for our Japanese customers, but Japanese people do not seem to be as enamored by the Maki-e technique as their foreign counter parts. I know that the people that subscribe to this section of FPN love Japanese pens and there seems to be a great deal of interest in the art of Maki-e. My plans for the class would be to give a 30-45min class, in English, about the different techniques used in the Maki-e process explaining why one pen may cost about $50 but another can cost upwards of $10,000. I also plan on covering the history of the process and its traditional uses other than the fountain pens that we are all familiar with. If there is only a class where we hand out a small brochure and or leaflet, we will be able to hold the class for free. However, if only being able to hand out leaflets does not draw people to the class we are thinking about doing an event where the customers will be able to make their own 'maki-e' souvenir. This, however, would end up causing the class to cost about 3000JPY. So, basically, I want to ask you lovely people and pen lovers, 'What would you like to see in a Maki-e class?' How important would making your own Maki-e souvenir be? Would just learning about the process for 30-40min satisfy your lust for knowledge, just wet you appetite or be mind numbingly long and tedious? Would including a breif history of Japanese fountain pens in general make the topic less dull and more interesting? Also, if you were in Tokyo this summer, is this something that you would like to learn more about? Is this an event that would interest you? I personally love Maki-e and want to share it with the world. I thank you all in advance for any opinions/advice that you can give me. Sincerely, Matt
  6. I will go to Tokyo late March and hope to squeeze some time to pay visit to a pen shop or two. I've been to places such as Itoya, Maruzen, Shosaikan and Tsutaya (the one in Daikonyama), I'll try something new and small this time. Euro-box is frequently talked about here and absolutely I'll go on a pilgrimage to meet Fujii-sensei. I think I again need to go to Kakimori, in Kuramae, given their 'bespoke' notebooks. I found another small shop Rokuzen in Kameido. If I have half a day, I'm not sure if it's worth the visit and I haven't checked the travel time from Marunouchi where I'll stay. Or should I go for Kingdom Note instead? Regrettably I cannot set aside any budget to add something new to my collection. It's purely a pilgrimage this time. Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks Clemente
  7. I've been looking for some (affordable) pens that are difficult to find outside of Japan that I might be able to look for when I visit the country. I was wondering if any of you guys had a favorite Japan exclusive that you could recommend? So far I've found the Sailor Professional Gear Slim Morita Exclusive to be one of the few I could find that is difficult to get outside of Japan. I like it though! Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello Everybody, This is officially my first review on FPN and I am very excited about it. It is more like a cry of help, actually. Today, I would like to review a rather odd Sailor fountain pen that I bought a couple of months ago. What I learnt after numerous mails to the Sailor pen company and numerous hours of research on the internet is that this is a Sailor Parley/Parlay. It is from the 1950s and has a rather unusual 'joist' fitting on the barrel and tip section. There are no threads. Just a puzzle like matching shape on the barrel and the section. It comes with a very smooth 14k solid gold nib. Although the nib is not marked with a brand name, since it is permanently attached to the section, there are no doubts of it being the original. Also, the Sailor brand name is mentioned on the barred and no where else. The pen is equipped with a bulb filler that is capable of holding plenty of ink. The window of the filler is made up of clear resin and has not stained in almost 60 years. There is also a breather tube. The pen writes well and lays down a nice smooth, wet line on paper. Although I just tried just a few inks with this pen, I never had any kind of fraying, blotting or change in ink flow. Very consistent I must say. Here are some pictures of the pen. Apologies for the poor image quality. I had to use my phone's (not so good) camera. Now, the cry of help : Could anyone confirm the details mentioned above for the pen in the pictures. I could find little information on the internet on this. I hope the community can help. Cheers! R
  9. wnclee

    Twsbi Overload

    Hello. Hope your well. I recently purchased my first Japanese made pen: Pilot Prera, demo "M" nib. I believe I'm now hooked. All of my other pens are American, German & French made. I'm now looking into TWSBI as my next but, but my research on this brand is a bit more difficult & confusing than the Prera hunt. I just need some simple answers. It seems the 500 series ( Diamond ?) and the VAC 700 series are the most popular. Are their size differences in the 500's and what is the difference between them and the VAC 700? I have seen that the 530 & 540 are being phased-out. Not sure. Does the VAC 700 offer any other options? Also, are their nibs in line w/ other Japanese makers: on the finer side? My Prera was bought w/ M nib = a US F nib. Is this so w/ TWSBI nibs? Sorry about so many questions. If there is a link that may help me, I would be happy to follow...If I've stated any facts that are false, please correct me. Also, I've spent quite a bit lately on all things writing related, so am looking for a good starter TWSBI at a reasonable price just to kick-the-tires so to speak. But, one that is as good a writer than the Prera. The nib is akin to mercury: liquid metal. That smooth...Again, thanks for your help and my best, LeRoy
  10. Hi ! I recently purchased two white Lamy Safari with red clip and dot cap (for Japan) from two different sellers (both of them are in Japan). After I got the pens, I noticed that one of them has a little bit darker red clip and the pen itself as well. The one with the brighter red clip also a little bit brighter on the white. Is it because it was made in a different year? Would that be possible? Or is one of them a fake? Everything else looks pretty much the same. Please help! Thank you so much! http://imageshack.com/a/img577/2944/4rmd.jpg These are the boxes and everything. http://imageshack.com/a/img196/104/lrfl.jpg The other slight different is the barcode sticker. One of them has the code for this model while the other doesn't. http://imageshack.com/a/img577/4097/kqbl.jpg Now, for the clip, as you can see that the clip on the left is a little bit darker than the one on the right. It might not be so obvious here but it actually tells in the natural light that it's a different color. http://imageshack.com/a/img30/6896/ka0k.jpg It's a little bit more obvious in this picture that the one on the left has a darker red clip. http://imageshack.com/a/img691/6365/5uu3.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img822/7689/q5yc.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img89/6615/iasy.jpg Also the pen itself. If look closely, the one with the brighter red also brighter on the white.
  11. wnclee

    Japanese Virgin

    Hello. I made my first Japanese pen purchase: a Pilot Prera, demo series w/ a "M" nib. I inked it w/ my new Edelstein "Topaz". Another story, but a good one... I have a question about the Prera: there is a white, semi-translucent insert in the cap of the pen and it appears to be a permanent part of the pen. I think? When you open the pen and insert the body into the cap, the white insert seems to "grab" the body and makes a snug fit. I looked online closer at the images of Preras, and they all seem to have this. Photos aren't 100% of course, but this appears the case. Just never had cause to look that closely...Please let me know if this stays? I'm sure it does, so I didn't dare screw-it up. BTW, this is one excellent writer. Glad I got the "M" nib as per/ research. Read that "F" was too fine. Med. gives me what I think is closer to a US fine. Any comments about the INSERT foremost, and others as secondary would be most helpful...Thanks for the continued help, LeRoy
  12. notVirtuThe3rd

    Papylos 21 Was Broadcast On Television!

    Hi there, The famous fountain pen shop in Japan " Papylos 21 (Matsue City, Shimane, Pref., JAPAN)" was broadcast on television! I've just uploaded the video on my YouTube channel. Please enjoy watching and feel atmosphere of the amazing tasteful shop if you are interested in it. - Papylos 21 was broadcast on television! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofujSJ2pXDQ Have a wonderful week, Kota
  13. sheaffer

    Pilot Shiro Nib

    I am restoring an old lever filler Pilot with a steel shiro nib. I am in great need of a new nib or a nib retipping and restoration. If anyone can provide me with either, I'll be happy to make a deal. This pen is great in condition. The celluloid looks new and still lusters! Thanks for your help!
  14. tomkeb


    Hello, does anybody have any experience with this Japanese store called Rakuten? I haven't gone through the website thoroughly, but they offer for example Iroshizuku for $13, which looks absurdly cheap to me… Edit: I see, it's something like ebay with sellers having their info written in Japanese. It will be more complicated than I initially thought…
  15. Pen_Samurai

    Hi There Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I live in Japan and sell fountain pens at a very famous store in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. I want to help contribute to this forum and hopefully let you know about event that will be held at my store that I think you may find interesting. Ive only been selling fountain pens for a year but Ive been using high end pens most of my life and hated writing with ball pens even as a child. Also, if you have any questions about fountain pens or especially japanese pens, feel free to ask me and Ill do my best to get back to you. I dont know everything, but I can probably get an answer for you. Well, great to meet you everyone, hope to get a good thing going here. Thanks, Watson

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