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  1. Here is a review of a pen that does not get a lot of love, for some legitimate reasons, and some nitpicky (even snobby) reasons. This was my first Italian pen. I bought it a few months ago simply because I liked the way it looked. All I knew about Montegrappa was the obnoxious Stallone skulls-a-plenty pen. http://s16.postimg.org/lwlbd0845/IMG_4748.jpg The Fortuna line, as I understand, represents a move toward creating an "entry level" product in their range, to appeal to younger users and newer fountain pen users; users who may not be interested in traditional (read: boring) black-and-gold cigar-shaped pens or who can't afford any of Montegrappa's other offerings. (Get them hooked when they're young, eh?) The pen comes in black or white polished resin with rose gold, rhodium or ruthenium trim choices. (There are also some limited versions that are festooned with skulls because...of course it's festooned with skulls.) Mine is the white version with ruthenium trim. Packaging The Montegrappa packaging is pretty neat. A blue-gray slipcover reveals a blue-gray box, which holds a blue-gray leatherette-feeling hexagonal case. The Montegrappa "repeating-tile" motif is present throughout. The pen case has a thick, metal plaque on it and has a magnetic closure. Inside is the pen, a converter, a pair of cartridges (in blue-black and black) and some paperwork. All in all it's a pretty classy affair that lets the user feel like they're buying a luxury product. http://s2.postimg.org/4tcmb3w89/IMG_4742.jpg http://s29.postimg.org/y8mk71jef/IMG_4743.jpg Dimensions Length, capped: 13.6cm Length, uncapped: 12.5cm Length, posted: 16cm Width, at section: 11.1mm Width, max.: 13.5mm Weight, capped: 38g Here it is alongside two other relatively common pens: a Pilot Capless and a Montblanc 146 http://s27.postimg.org/3se7lfbyr/IMG_4739.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/z0dvu8jqn/IMG_4740.jpg http://s27.postimg.org/hnci3w6dv/IMG_4741.jpg Impressions & Design It's definitely a unique-looking pen. That's part of the appeal. It has a very stark aesthetic, simple black and white. I've heard more than one person comment that it looks like the pen Apple would design (but the Apple pen would only work with Apple ink on Apple paper). Its shape is unusual as well. The barrel is a slightly tapered cylinder that truncates rather abruptly. The cap is massive and has a badge on top that reads '1912' along with a massive cap ring with 'Montegrappa' engraved on it. The clip, which has a neat little roller, is incredibly stiff and is also black. Everything visible that's not white is black, including the nib. Of particular note are the heavy, square-cut threads on the section. They give the pen a quasi-industrial feel that is a little at odds with the futuristic look of the rest of the pen but does go with the chunky aesthetic. They secure the cap securely, though, which screws off and on in one-and-a-half twists. When using the pen, it feels nice and balanced, but very heavy when posted. While the barrel is white resin, the section feels like it's white-enameled brass. It is cold to the touch. When loaded with a red ink, Diamine Oxblood, in my case, it makes a major impression. To quote one of my colleagues, "That's like the kind of pen a vampire would use." Nib http://s4.postimg.org/53oczzvgt/IMG_4749.jpg The nib is steel, which is a major point of contention about this pen. It is, you guessed it, black. It has 'Montegrappa' engraved on it along with the tile pattern from the packaging. The feed is plastic. It is nicely proportioned to the length and width of the pen. It's a handsome nib, though. I believe Montegrappa now outsources nib production to Bock, but I'm not sure. What I am sure about is that this is the best steel nib I've ever used. Out of the box, its flow was perfect and it writes ridiculously smoothly. It doesn't skip or hesitate. It was tuned perfectly. It really sets a high bar for other companies to follow. In terms of performance, it's pretty stiff. There's some spring to it, but not a lot. I'm a lefty hook-writer with a very light hand, so any kind of flex is lost on me anyway. One thing to note, however, is that this nib is also extremely narrow. I have a medium, but it lays down a finer line than my extra-fine Pelikan M800. I checked to make sure. Yeah, it's a "medium". Go figure. http://s14.postimg.org/5tsgphkap/IMG_4738.jpg Filling System Standard international catridges. The converter is a screw-in type. Yup. Nothing new here. One thing to note is that if you fill the converter via the nib, you will get ink on the white section. That's just a pain in the neck to keep pearly white. http://s27.postimg.org/f65cadbv7/IMG_4744.jpg Value So here's where people start complaining. The MSRP for this pen is 290USD. That's an awful lot for a c/c pen with a steel nib. (People like gold nibs.) For me, though, the amount of tuning that this nib obviously received at the factory makes that argument fall flat. How many times have you had a way out-of-tune gold nib on a new pen? Tune is more important than material. Similarly, people want a piston-filling system and not cartridges. That's more of a design choice than a cost-cutting choice. Cartridges have as many pros as cons and pistons certainly aren't perfect. (Also, Nakayas are c/c pens. So there.) The rest of the high cost is, I think, simply because of Montegrappa's positioning as a luxury product, no different than Montblanc or OMAS or Cartier etc etc. Ultimately, this pen can be had for much, much less online. I got mine for around 150USD, new. That changes the whole equation regarding the steel nib and c/c complaints and, actually, makes this pen a pretty good value. Final Thoughts It looks cool as all get-out, it was reasonably priced, it's got the best out-of-the-box steel nib (and one of the best nibs of any material) that I've ever used, it's Italian. It's a pen that stands out. It's a pen that's meant to stand out, but it does so without looking comical. What's not to like?
  2. Hi - I am a dedicated fountain pen user but couldn't resist buying this ball point pen (for $0.25) at a neighbor's estate sale. Paradise Pen of Portland thought it might be Montegrappa, but did not recognize the model. A Montegrappa refill fits perfectly and looks exactly like the empty one it came with. So here is the description: Metal body with shiny dark bronze finish; six rubber or neoprene rings at mid-point of body; it feels heavy . . . weighing in at 2 oz or about 58 grams; it's 5.1 inches long; the rounded ends can be screwed off; The lid nests on the body tightly, so almost no line when writing. The finish has been scratched or worn by the cap being nested on the body. No writing of any kind that I can see. Thanks for the help. Jerry (aka Archcoug, Portland, Oregon)
  3. Hello everybody, I recently found at an old stationery in the Genoa hinterland an Alba Duplex vintage fountain pen; it is cartridge/converter filled. When I started maintenance actvities on it, I noticed the converter is different from any one I know. The outlet's inner diameter is 4mm, the outer is 6mm; I am posting here an image where the cartridge outlet is compared to a standard international one: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5338/9004520611_387a870773_b.jpg Alba Converter di S.R.GE, su Flickr Can anyone help me to find out if there is a contemporary converter type that can fit the old one? Thanks a lot! Sergio
  4. http://www.iguanasell-pics.com/photos/logos/fpn_logo_45_45.png See all our items @ FPN Omas Fountain Pen Paragon Arco Brown Celluloid and Gold Trims O02A0049Brand New in Box - Warranty by authorised Dealer - Free Shipping CHARACTERISTICS: Brand Omas Description Omas fountain pen Nib 18K solid gold nib Finish Brown Celluloid and gold trims Closure System Screw-on Filling System Piston Filler Dimensions (capped/uncapped) 14,3 cm (5,63 in) 13,2 cm (5,20 in) Warranty (years) 3 Line Arte Italiana - Arco Reference O02A0049 Special features:This valuable Omas fountain pen combines perfection, aesthetic high qualities and performances, and a sophisticated image with "the pleasure of writing".The great combination between the brown celluloide and gold trims, creates the perfect, elegant image to this unique piece. A finish similar to the Hawksbill Turtle, which was protected from any comercial use or hunting.It offers a 18kt two-tone gold plated nib, which adds much more exclusivity to the fountain pen.This collection is the real jewel of the highest level of craftmanship: the technique to handcraft the Paragon piece is particulary complex and refined.The nib comes with the engraving of the Omas symbol. The Paragon model presents a bigger size and a strong grip.It comes in the original box, which is totally adapted to the elgance of this piece, and with the official Omas warranty that covers the piece for 3 years. CONDITIONS:The item is brand new in original box and comes with all papers and warranty stamped at the moment of the purchase by authorised dealerList price: $1155 - Contact us for a personalized offer Payment Methods: PayPalCredit cardGoogle CheckoutMoney Order (We have Bank accounts in the US as well as in Europe)Cash on Delivery (Euro Countries) Free Expedited Shipping (UPS or Fedex) to the US, Canada and European Union. Other countries, $18 (shared shipping costs) ABOUT US: We are an international company with more than three (3) years of experience in e-commerce, duly registered in the US and Europe. We are present on the most important Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, ecommerce sites: shopping.com, yahoo shopping... and our own website You can take a look at our eBay feedback here or read the opinions of other forum members: 1 , 2, or 3 CONTACT:To contact us, just write us a pm, orsend us an email to info@iguanasell.com http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-1.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-2.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-3.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-4.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-5.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-6.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-7.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/F112/Omas-Fountain-Pen-Paragon-Arco-Brown-Celluloid-and-Gold-Trim-O02A0049-O02A00049-8.jpg CONDITIONS:The item is brand new in original box and comes with all papers and warranty stamped at the moment of the purchase by authorised dealerList price: $1155 - Contact us for a personalized offer Payment Methods: PayPalCredit cardGoogle CheckoutMoney Order (We have Bank accounts in the US as well as in Europe)Cash on Delivery (Euro Countries) Free Expedited Shipping (UPS or Fedex) to the US, Canada and European Union. Other countries, $18 (shared shipping costs) ABOUT US: We are an international company with more than three (3) years of experience in e-commerce, duly registered in the US and Europe. We are present on the most important Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, ecommerce sites: shopping.com, yahoo shopping... and our own website You can take a look at our eBay feedback here or read the opinions of other forum members: 1 , 2, or 3 CONTACT:To contact us, just write us a pm, orsend us an email to info@iguanasell.com More Omas pens on our website Thanks for looking!----------------------------- Website: www.iguanasell.comJoin our newsletter for special promotions and news http://static.anuncios.ebay.es/images/dailydeals/dm/icon_facebook_24.png Follow us on Facebookhttp://static.anuncios.ebay.es/images/dailydeals/dm/icon_twitter_24.png Follow us on Twitter: @Iguana_sell
  5. Miles R.

    Delta Serena

    The Delta Serena is an Italian-made pen with an acrylic body, cartridge-or-convertor filling system, steel nib, and an unusual dark brushed-metal finish (platinum plating, as I understand) on the nib and the grip section. It comes in black, red, and blue, with nibs in sizes M and F. 1. Appearance and design I'm sorry that the photograph below makes the pen look as though the barrel is bent or does not fit squarely into the cap. This is an illusion due to the lens. The slight tapering of the barrel toward the tail is, however, a feature of the pen. I had never owned an Italian-made fountain pen before. When this one was announced on the Goulet site (no affiliation here), I was taken with its looks, and, given its comparatively modest price of $108, I judged it to be worth venturing the purchase. As you can see, the barrel is of a deep, lustrous color with a swirling pattern visible in it. I had a difficult time deciding between the blue and the red (there is also black, for those who have that preference) and probably would have been equally happy with either, but went for the blue. The dark, matte finish of the metal is an unusual touch, which will probably strike you either as giving the pen an air of distinction or as making it look a bit dull. Of course, it struck me in the first way and not the second. All the visible metal parts—nib, grip section shell, clip, cap band—have this finish. 2. Construction and quality The pen seems to be manufactured to a high standard, as one would expect. The first one that I got seemed to me to have something wrong with the nib: when I tried "writing" with it dry, it felt scratchy, moreso on the downstroke than on the upstroke, and when I looked at the tip through a loupe, it seemed to me that the tines of the nib were slightly out of alignment. When I sent it back for replacement, the person who inspected it at Goulet said that there was nothing wrong with it, though they sent me a replacement immediately anyway. I wish now that I had taken a photograph of the first pen's nib through the loupe. Anyway, the replacement certainly has no such defect. One detail worth noticing is the little wheel on the end of the clip. If you are subject to the same streak of childish fascination with such things as I am, you may enjoy lifting the clip with the index finger and thumb of one hand while flicking the little wheel to make it turn with the thumb of the other hand. That aside, the wheel also allows the clip to slide smoothly into place on a cloth pocket. The metal on the grip section is merely a shell: the bulk of the section is actually plastic, like the feed. So there is not as much weight in the grip section as there is in pens that have an all-metal grip section, such as the Monteverde Crystal. The pen has the usual sort of convertor filling system. 3. Weight and dimensions The pen is rather thick, which makes it very comfortable to hold for me. Those who like to hold their pens close to the nib can do that, and those who like to hold their pens further up can do so even though the visible part of the grip section is rather short, as one's fingers can rest comfortably even as high as the threads at the end of the barrel where the cap screws on. Length: capped, 13.3 cm; uncapped (body only), 12.0 cm; posted, 15.7 cm. Width at grip section: 1.1 cm Weight: 23.6 g; body, 16.4 g; cap, 7.2 g 4. Nib and performance It's a reasonably smooth writer, though nothing remarkable in that regard. Flow is well-measured and consistent. So far, using the pen with Architekt Blue Grey (=De Atramentis Fog Grey), a generally easily flowing ink, I have found it to be something of a slow starter, always requiring a bit of shaking or tapping before any ink emerges from the nib on the first use of the day. 5. Filling system and maintenance The grip section can be very easily disassembled and reassembled for cleaning. 6. Cost and value/conclusion The price seems to me reasonable for a pen of Italian manufacture with such a beautiful and distinctive design, but functionally, I don't think that it's anything out of the ordinary. If you are someone for whom anything in three digits is a lot of dollars to spend on a fountain pen, you should probably find a way to handle and test one of these pens before you buy one.

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