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  1. Darrell


    Hello - I'm a Englishman living in the Netherlands - I was introduced to fountain pens when I was very young. I've been using them for more than 45 years and have a nice collection of dip pens, fountain pens (Waterman, Jackdaws, Montblanc, Crown, Esterbrook, Parker, Champion, Boston, Bohler, Swan, Gimborn, Moor, Noodlers) and lots of inks and nibs for both dip pens and fountain pen. Interested in Calligraphy, illuminations etc. I do my own repairs, very much trial and error in the beginning but getting better all the time. Darrell
  2. The title says it all. Looking to learn more from this community. I have some vintage Sheaffer pens that I enjoy using, but want to expand my collection.
  3. TheYellowHobbit

    Greetings From Boston

    Hi everyone! I'm Rachel. I recently got into fountain pens about a month ago. (I had dabbled a bit a few years ago, but it didn't stick.) So far I've accumulated about 7 pens, which doesn't include the ones I have on order. And this has only been about a month. And that doesn't even include the inks. Help! In the past I've done a bit of calligraphy with markers, and I've wanted a fountain pen that has good line variation so I could do calligraphy with it. I picked up a Noodler's Konrad, which is nice with line variation, though very smooth and not so calligraphy-esque. Now I'm leaning towa
  4. Greetings all, I've been lurking here for about a month, but since I find myself wanting to participate more, an introduction seems in order. My tale is no doubt a common one. Grew up obsessed with paper, pens, and markers, used a cheap Sheaffer No Nonsense in high school, wrote everything in Peacock Blue, Emerald, or Magenta, then was seduced by rollerballs, gel pens, and razor points. Like many, I moved to doing most of my writing with a keyboard and screen, though I still kept pens and notebooks around and always carried them with me. Over the last couple of years, I became dissatisfi
  5. tim1962

    Hello From North Carolina

    Hi FPN, My name is Tim and I have been a fountain pen fanatic for a few months and still looking to fall off the wagon any chance I get. Between this forum, Amazon reviews and Goulet pens I think I deserve some sort of certificate in fountain pens learning, but I am nowhere near a fountain pen PhD like some folks are here at FPN. You guys are truly amazing. My quick story is, after seeing the How It's Made segment on fountain pens, I started looking for a fountain pen I had about 25 years ago, a Parker Vector. I found the Parker and also found I had a Sheaffers Snorkel that was handed do
  6. Shamanjp

    Hello From Michigan!

    I write a lot and amost always with a fountain pen. I have a variety of Pilot fountain pens, the latest being a justus 95. I also have a couple vintage pens in need of restoration. I've learned a lot reading these forums and thought it was finally time to introduce myself. Happy new year to everyone!
  7. Pensei


    Thanks for inviting me to join this august group. I have been reading for a while, and decided it was time to join the fun officially. My interest in fountain pens began decades ago when I found a few in my grandfather"s middle desk drawer. I had one of those dollar cartridge fountain pens while I was in high school, and then my parents bought me a nice Parker silver pen that I don't remember the model number for right now. It's been off and running since then, and of course the Internet introduces a vast new world for both studying and purchasing pens and pen supplies. At the moment I'm takin
  8. Dane

    Greetings And Hello :)

    Hello to everyone, My name is Dan, and I hale from the high desert in southern California. About 2 years ago I discovered this wonderful website. As fate would have it at just about the same time I had many disruptive and traumatizing events happen in my life. So many of my goals and plans were derailed. In many ways I am still in the process of healing. Thank God that this year I am once again getting back on track. I am setting up a new art studio, and headed back in a good direction. In so many ways I believe happiness, success and quite a few other things in life are, to a de
  9. I discovered FPN a number of months ago and have confined myself to lurking until now. However, I have become so obsessed with FPN that I figured it was time to introduce myself. Been using fountain pens for almost 40 years (but only regularly for 20) -- my first one was a MB 146 purchased in the U.S. House of Representatives' stationary store. I cry when I remember how little they cost in the 1970s. For many years I was mainly into vintage pens-- Parker, Waterman, Wahl, Pelikan, etc. I purchased a few new pens but I generally found they did not write as well as my vintage pens. I thi
  10. Regards to every FPN user out there. I have learnt a lot from you (have been "stalking" you for about a year now), so I said why not join you? To be honest, I really don't know why I like fountain pens so much. I guess because they have aesthetic appeal, and the writing experience can not be compared with anything else. The thing that drove me towards this site was the fact that in my country the fountain pen community is very small to non-existent. Most of the younger generations don't even know what a fountain pen is. That's why I needed to find someplace where I could talk about my hobby, w
  11. Hi all. Always loved pens growing up and always had a few hanging around the studio. But recently I started learning about and buying "vintage" pens. 1st, 2nd and perhaps 3rd tier pens. As an artist with lots of patience and a love of drawing and writing "the OLD way", pen collecting is a nice way to integrate a love of history, design and the creative process, collecting is a nice activity. One suggestion to others: If you are collecting and you haven't already done so, archiving, documenting and sharing this information with your family members is a good way to see that the pen history is "p
  12. TheGargoyle

    New To This Forum

    Thank you for this group. I've only recently gotten interested in Fountain Pens, and had purchased a few over the years, some of which don't work, but are cool looking nonetheless. I hope to find info here in perhaps helping me get the ones repaired that do not work. Here is a Tuckersharpe I found out at either a yard sale, or thrift store, that someone got rid of.
  13. MachiavelliPCarney


    Hello, I am a male, resident of Kentuckiana, and fountain pen user. I first got into fountain pens when I discovered how much better italic handwriting looked than the rubbish I was writing in. (a sort of connected print - not very pretty) To start writing in this new found style I acquired a platignum lettering set and I have since moved into standard fountain pens. The main reason for my creation of this account was to ask about my great grandfather's parker duofold in which I would like to resac and would enjoy knowing more about. (I will make a new topic) Thanks, Carl Carney Post S
  14. penpete

    Greetings From Scotland

    Hi to all. Since age has got the better of me, considerably got the better of me, I have decided to go back to child hood and pick up a long lost friend and use it. Once that happened then I found I opened up a whole can of lovely worms and found myself regularly looking into this FPN forum. I have been helped so much that I thought I should seek to join and learn more. Pens acquired have all been in sales thankfully and I have Parker Duofold, Pelican M800. Cross peerless 125 and a Waterman Carene. All have medium nibs, all are great and all are giving great enjoyment. Now I have to learn to
  15. James_Marquette

    Hello World...

    Hello, I have been reading the various sections of this forum for a while now, but as of yet hadn't convinced myself to join, well here goes. I live in beautiful (humor) Southen Indiana (right by where they host the Derby) and anyhow I have this pen that was given to me by a dear friend...its a 90's Cross (I think) and I was wondering if anyone here could identify it? (See photos) Thanks, James Marquette Post Script: I do hope this doesn't read like a letter...I never was very good at Intro posts.
  16. kidneychris

    Hey Everyone

    Hello FPN! My name is Chris, Im 20 yo, college student in CA (currently in "limbo" at Pasadena City College waiting to transfer to TEXAS), and I love pens This is my first post on the FPN. I just "recently" got into fountain pens so I'm a little bit green but know my way 'round some topics and some pens. I got into FP's after I had a kidney transplant last year and was really bored durning my recovery, at the time I was writing alot of letter to my girlfriend who goes to school at Gonzaga U in Spokane WA. I wanted to "spice" my letters up so bought a Kaweco Sport B. In my boredom I started
  17. Hi everyone! I am pretty new to the fountain pen universe. I live in Southeastern Wisconsin. I finally got brave about two years ago and bought a trio of fountain pens. It's great to meet all of you.
  18. Razorwolf12

    Hello From Sydney Australia :d

    Hi I am Raymond. I don't know why, but I have preferred using Fountain Pens. I used them in school, even though I didn't have to and after an on again - off again stint over the years, I have rediscovered the joys and sometimes bewilderment of Fountain Pens. Those familiar colourful ink stained fingers are truly a sign of persistence and joy. I will be moving to Hamburg early next year, so if there are any keen Fountain Pen users that want to catch up in Hamburg, that would be great. In the meantime, I am looking forward to meeting with all and learning, contributing and generally ta
  19. Hello, let me introduce myself.. I have no ethnicity apart from Prussian Blue, I have no religion apart from Fountain Pen. I hew a few passions in life, coffee and cigarettes, (but I sadly lost the passion for cigarettes), Celine and Proust, Wenders and Kusturica, Congolese music (Soukous) and Gregorian Chorals and of course pens and inks. I have a soft spot for east African women and am single. Yes, I am a very boring chap. My perfect fountain pen would be Pelikan M800 with the plastic piston replacing the brass and grip section narrowed to 9mm diameter. So unless someone can customise i
  20. glammers

    Hello From Columbia Mo Usa

    Hello, I'm Greg from Columbia Missouri USA. I came to an interest in fountain pens through journal keeping. After years of half-filling spiral and composition notebooks I started keeping a journal in earnest this summer. I'd received a Montblanc ballpoint as a gift years ago and started using that pen for my journals. I started researching (lusting after) Montblancs and then other fountain pens. I don't own any Montblanc FPs (maybe someday). I started with a Kaweco Classic Sport, a JetPens Mini Chibi, and then a Pilot Metropolitan, a Lamy Safari, Kaweco Ice Sport, a bunch of Jinhaos, 3 Wing S
  21. Michael Leaker


    Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I'm a pen turner. This Christmas I had a couple of requests to make fountain pens. It remind me how much I enjoyed writing with them. I also received some questions about upgrading the nibs on them, which is a bit of a puzzle for me, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Take care, Michael
  22. Pen_Samurai

    Hi There Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I live in Japan and sell fountain pens at a very famous store in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. I want to help contribute to this forum and hopefully let you know about event that will be held at my store that I think you may find interesting. Ive only been selling fountain pens for a year but Ive been using high end pens most of my life and hated writing with ball pens even as a child. Also, if you have any questions about fountain pens or especially japanese pens, feel free to ask me and Ill do my best to get back to you. I dont know everything, but I can probably get an answer for y

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