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  1. Dimy

    Greetings To All

    Hello, New guy on the streets of fountain pen network and found the site very helpful for all kinds of things, literally all kinds of things related to fountain pens and so decided to make some contributions from my side starting with this one small step. I will try to address the issues I faced as starter with my posts in future and try to make others start the hobby with good cheaper pens which who know might convert someone to this art I am from India and hope everyone is doing well in big wide world and have a nice day.
  2. InkSpores

    Greetings From Manchester Uk

    Good morning, afternoon or evening! I'm new to both the forum and to fountain pens, I only started my collection last year in February. I'm a criminology nerd, and you'll typically find me rambling about crime novels I've read or documentaries I've binged. Sticking with the theme of pens, I'm always writing or jotting down ideas for stories/characters, along with rambling into my journal. I've been writing since I were an egg, but couldn't always enjoy it as I had a terrible habit of death gripping my pens and pushing down on paper like I was trying to stab through it. As such, I've had a ve
  3. ike3232

    Hello All

    Hello All! My name is Isaac and I am just joining this page. I have been collecting and using fountain pens for about a year and a half. I look forward to interacting with everyone on all things fountain pen related. Cheers!
  4. TrentinWA

    Hello From Seattle, Wa

    Hi everybody, and happy holidays to you! I just signed up today and I'm delighted to have found this nook on teh interwebz. Fountain pens and I go way back. One of my first, if not my very first, purchases when I went off to college in 1981 was a Parker that served me for most of college. I don't remember why I really wanted to get it, except that I did know I disliked using ballpoint pens (too much drag on the page), I was curious about fountain pens, and the Parker looked pretty and distinctive. I don't remember the model, but I do remember it had a brushed metal body (steel, probably) an
  5. Hi everyone, I am a long-time FP user but have only recently returned to the FP rabbit hole (due to work I went with pencils and ballpoints for a long time). I stumbled into the Chicago Pen Show last year and it brought me back to my love of fountain pens and writing with them. I used 2 student Shaeffer pens in high school, and when I graduated my mother bought me a Shaeffer Targa which I still have. In college I added a Shaeffer NoNonsense and those were the pens that got me me through every day of high school and college. That was many years ago and today I am loving the variety that is
  6. Salixj

    Shalom From Israel

    Hi all, I'm new here. I've just been hanging for a bit. I'm from Israel, though I was born and bred in Cincinnati, Ohio. We, that is my family and I, moved here in 2003. I'm a grandma to four, one on the way, mom to five, and wife. I've two fountain pens and one on order, a few inks, including two handmade, one from cabbages, which doesn't work too well at all (very pale) and one from coffee which works like a dream. I use my pens mostly for journaling, sketching, etc. Anyone else from Israel? And if so can you recommend places that sell bottled ink in Jerusalem for fountain pens as well as
  7. Liz8


    Hello fellow pen lovers. I was recently bitten by the fountain pen bug. I'm learning so much. Mostly how to remove ink off my hands. Enjoy your day.
  8. lmichaelwest

    Greetings From Ada, Oklahoma

    Hello and greetings from Oklahoma. I've lurked the forum for quite some time, but after attending the Arkansas Pen show and Fern Padilla's vintage pen repair class I felt like it was time to delve a little deeper. That weekend I purchased my first vintage pen, a Sheaffer Balance Lifetime OS which now lives proudly on my analog work desk.
  9. Hello there FPN! My name is Dylan and I hail from the frozen wastes above the wall (wait... no wall... yet). Though spring may be coming to Edmonton, AB soon... I hope. I've been into fountain pens for a good decade or so, but haven't really engaged a lot with the online community for some reason. It's time to change that! I look forward to connecting and engaging in the various shenanigans that may occur. Current EDC Pens: TWSBI 580ALR 1.1 w/ Noodler's Golden Brown TWSBI 580AL EF w/ Diamine Marine (and hunting for a pen for some R&K Alt-Goldgrün to live in)
  10. celf03

    Greetings From Florida!

    Hi All, I'm originally from Minnesota but now live in Florida. I got into fountain pens a few years ago but recently joined this illustrious site. I look forward to learning from and contributing to this vibrant community! Here are the first pens that got me started in the hobby: Lamy SafariPilot MetropolitanPilot KakunoTWSBI EcoTWSBI Diamond 580Moonman M2Moonman WancaiKaweco Brass SportLamy StudioPilot FalconParker SonnetPilot Vanishing PointLamy 2000
  11. KenMe

    Howdy Ya’Ll

    Hello everyone, Im new to fountain pens, I recently started collecting them. Im currently located in sunny San Diego, California. Just learned there arent any Pen Shops around my area. I currently daily use a Pilot metropolitan Med. nib. My small collection: Lamy Al-Star graphite Fine nib Monteverde Deluxe Invincia Carbonfiber fine nib Pilot Metal Falcon blue SF nib Montblanc Meisterstück In the mail: TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR Inks: Noodlers #41 Brown Montblanc Lavender Purple Pilot Iroshizuku Looking forward to talking to and learning from everyone. -Ken
  12. DonovanH

    Greetings From South Africa

    Hello fellow Fountain pen fanatics! After a German friend of mine introduced me to fountain pens at school I used them on and off for a few years, mainly a Parker Vector. About three years ago I made the switch to fountain pens full time, and I heaven't looked back. I currently have a decent selection of pens; including a Pelikan M200, TWSBI 580, 14k Platinum and 21k Sailor Pocket pens, a recently acquired Sheaffer Targa Slimline Set and a number of lower price pens. I have used FPN as a resource for a while for pen and ink reviews, so I decided it was about time to actively participate
  13. Mattydoors


    Hello everyone, There are three things that define a man; The pen in his pocket. The watch on his wrist. The shoes on his feet. I have a penchant for Converse and flip flops, but I love nice watches and pens, so two out of three isnt bad! Huge fan of Waterman...I own an Exception, Perspective, Leetelon and cf but also own modern Lamys and aspire to a Graf Von Faber-Castell Also love Japanese pens.....works of art.
  14. DaveyB

    Introducing Myself...

    I have recently retired and I am always looking around at all sorts of 'stuff'. It occurred to me that it is years since I sat down and hand wrote anything. I am old enough to have been taught to write using a dip pen, and our school insisted on us using fountain pens. As a consequence, I have dug out some of my old pens (a Parker duofold which is in need of a new rubber reservoir and a nib), a Parker 45, a Cerruti and a couple of others). I have just acquired a Jinhao X750 new. My plan is to revisit some of my primary school lessons in Copperplate and cursive to see if I can develop a nice ne
  15. DigiDog

    Hello From Switzerland

    Hi to all I buy, restore,collect and sell Conway Stewart pens. My english is little poor bud i give my best. I am half italian and half greek bud on both language my knowledge is worst as my bad english..anyway Hope to find here alot of Conway's collectors and share some information...especially about pen restoring. regards Georgios
  16. Mulnexus

    Hello From Minneapolis

    Hello there! My name is AJ. I live down in Savage, MN. I've been using and acquiring fountain pens for the past year. My love of reading led to journaling, which led to fountain pens. So far I just have some of the typical beginner pens. Hopefully I'll be able to post a couple photos in this post. I've got my eye on a couple other less expensive pens right now. I just came across the Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night (or any other one in that series for that matter) and really like the way it looks. But that is out of my price range right now. =) I've come across the Fountain Pen Network before
  17. Greetings all, After lurking around the site and pen community for some time, I finally thought I should take the plunge and join in. I've been fascinated by fountain pens for a number of years now and like many, my first fountain pen purchase was a Lamy Al-Star. Unfortunately for my wallet, that was enough to get me hooked and I soon made further pen and ink purchases to start my own little collection. I look forward to meeting everyone.
  18. smudgy_the_whale

    Hello From New Rochelle, Ny!

    Hello all, Wow. I'm am so amazed that there are up to a few new members a day! FPN discussion threads have been coming up in searches I do on the web for various questions I have, and in pen images I look up for IDs. They have been so useful and fun, I decided to register! So here's my hello and intro! I have a bit of a pen obsession. When I was in grade school and later high school in the 90s, I did enjoy writing implements, and liked to imagine I had a feel for their quality, and developed preferences. I liked to get my hands on a nice heavy pen, perhaps a pharmaceutical promotion
  19. BenP

    Hello From Dublin

    Hello. This is all rather addictive, isn't it? So, like most people of my age and background (mid thirties, UK) I guess I hadn't written with a fountain pen since I finished secondary school at 16. Going to sixth form and university and discovering that not only did people not care about how you wrote, but that writing itself was optional, was somewhat revelatory. And then 20 years later, you're reduced to scrawling with ballpoints and find yourself ashamed at your handwriting. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm getting married next month and we're having a humanist ceremony. A
  20. Hello from Macclesfield, England. I came upon FPN on my search for information on which fountain pen to buy and have finally joined the community. Tasked with writing wedding thank you cards, I found I could no longer write legibly after years of excessive computer use. I decided to do something about it and embarked on a quest to improve my penmanship. It started with a Lamy Al-Star where I experimented with nibs, then it has gone a little out of hand with my Twsbi 580AL silver, the 580AL Lava and now 580AL Green. So that's a little about me. If you have any questions
  21. Blekksprut

    Greetings From Oslo, Norway

    Hello, and a belated Happy New Year to you all. I'm a 30 year old librarian living in the Norwegian capital. My father passed away recently, and I inherited his artist-supplies, including nibs, inks, papers, fountain pens and a lot of things I don't know what is. Though he gave me a caligraphy set when I was younger, he never spoke about his tools with me, and I never saw him use them. Since his passing, I have started getting acquainted with his things, and the Fountain Pen Network has been invaluable in understanding how things work. Though I'm used to writing as a hobby, most of the nibs
  22. Shazza

    Total Noob

    Hi there, My name is Sharron, and I'm a lefty (not sure how many lefty fountain pen users there are out there). I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Not sure what goes on here but I love fountain pens! So I'm looking forward to looking around here and learning lots. I have a few pens but, my latest is the Lamy 2000 which I am loving! Thanks for having me:)
  23. Driphtwood

    Standard Introductions

    Hello Everyone, This is introduction thing is cool! I'm surprised people even pay attention to these. Anyhow, I'm brand new to the fountain pen world, but I'm already hugely interested. I've been borderline obsessed over fountain pen research over the last few days. My mother bought me a Waterman Expert (M) for my birthday, and the first fountain pen I bought for myself was a Lamy Safari (F). I've got some ink samples from Goulet on order.
  24. Hello FPN members! Just made an account couple of days ago. Looking forward to meet awesome members and learning new stuff about fountain pens. Feels good to know I'm not alone who have an affection for pens. I own 2 fountain pens; Pilot Metropolitan M Vintage Tropen Scholar Iridium Nichroma an a free brandless stub pen Hope to stay and have a nice day
  25. DanielParra


    Hello! I'm a new user from Mexico. I currently study videogame design at SAE Institute. I've used and collected fountain pens for around 2 years, but I've always liked pens since I can remember. There's something romantic and meaningful about putting down word to paper. On another note, I will travel to carlisle, pennsylvania around july to meet some world of warcraft friends irl. I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but does anyone know of a pen store near Carlisle? Thanks a lot.

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