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  1. A little bit about me: I'm a freshman college student in the pacific northwest, taking prerequisites for electrical engineering courses. I've always been interested in how things work, as far back as i can remember ive always been taking things apart, trying to figure out how they work. I guess that leads to the reason I have so many hobbies, and why I guess you could say I enjoy going the more complicated route when it comes to most things. Some of the hobbies, or I like to say addictions that I have been pulled into are, Mechanical Keyboards (Building custom boards for myself and others, I
  2. Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa. I purchased my Mont Blanc No 149 Meisterstuck in France in 1976, 40 years ago, and (besides one repair) it has given me exquisite service throughout this time. The ink flows like a stream of thought, and the flexible18k gold nib enables one to practise calligraphy writing if one so chooses. Now there's a hairline crack in the nib holder which is causing a slow leak and my fingers get discoloured. See photo. MB say I must pay the service fee. My contention is two-fold: 1) that this fountain pen came with a Lifetime Warranty (admittedly which I no lo
  3. Hi to everyone, Let me introduce myself (I apologise if my English isn't as perfect as I wish, actually is my 3rd language - Basque, Spanish and... English). Ok, My nick-name's Nonnonba, like one of my favourite graphic novels. I'm a super fan of Lamy and Kaweco, even if I also gave some Cross, Pelikan and Inoxcrom fountain pens. Speaking about inks, J Herbin's one are one of my favourite one, cheap, good quality. Ok, best regard from Gipuzkoa, my province.
  4. larrymack

    Hello From Waterford Ireland

    Hi all, My name is Larry Mc Carthy, a soon to be 50 year old from Ireland. I started a small pen making company this year and joined this forum to find out what people want from a pen. I haven't taken a good look around yet, but I shall be doing that today.
  5. adventuresinscript

    Hello From London!

    Hello! My name is Michael, I'm an amateur calligrapher who is interested in scripts and writing systems that are non-Roman, particular Arabic, Japanese, Tifinagh, Syriac and Manchu. I work as the Turkish curator at the British Library, and am very interested in meeting others from around the world who are interested in non-Roman calligraphic arts, especially modern typographies. I've created a website with my work in both ink and clay. Have a look if you're interest! www.adventuresinscript.com I look forward to talking and collaborating with everyone, and learning a lot about calligra
  6. Hi Fountain Pen world! I'm tinyaberration, female, from Manila, Philippines. I am an analyst by profession but I've studied art in college. I suppose I can claim I was born an artist but decided not to pursue it professionally. I've been recently bitten by the fountain pen bug mainly because of the inks! I've decided to join the Fountain Pen network to learn more about pens and inks. I am an amateur photographer, a painter (watercolor & gouache), and I also dabble in drawing and illustration (charcoal, soft pastels, graphite, and pen & ink). I own some drawing, writing, & calligr
  7. tgoto

    Hello From Socal

    Hi everyone, I just joined FPN. Wanted to introduce myself. I am Landscape Architect and enjoy writing and drawing with fp. My first fp I got almost 30 years ago was Rotring calligraphy pen with fine nib. Loved drawing with that pen all day. I even got extra fine nib later. Then I got 2 fps around the same time in 1993 that I still have. One is Montblanc 144 with fine nib from my wife. I use MB burgundy red ink in it for plan checking. The other one is also Montblanc but 149 with medium nib. This is a special one for me because my father who has been a journalist for over 40 years
  8. Papermint

    Hi From Germany!

    Hello everyone, just signed up for the forum and thought I'd say hi! My name is Maren, im 40yrs and from Germany. I've been an admirer of paper and stationery as long as I can remember but only recently (re-)discovered how beautiful it is tomwrite with a fountain pen. I thinking haven't had touched one since I finished Uni 15 years ago... such a shame! I'm not a collector and I don't own anything special or expensive. Just 3 Lamy (Safari /AL star / LX) and a Kaweco Sport. I ordered a bunch of ink samples to find out which colors I like to write with and how different inks "feel". So much fun
  9. jacobgmusic

    Hello From Chicago!

    Hello Everyone! I'm Jacob from Chicago. I'm new-ish in the fountain pen world. I have a few entry level pens and a few inks. I hope to expand my collection and save up to buy a pretty special pen, maybe a Pilot 823 or a Pelikan M100. I have an obsession with Diamine inks. ( Regency Blue is my favorite). I love to learn about fountain pens and their history.
  10. debasisg


    Hi there, I found this site by Google search and don't know much about the place yet! Anyhow, I signed up as I grew up writing with fountain pens only. And that means I wrote in all my exams thru' my undergrad at a furious pace with a fountain pen. So, FP is not for slow writers only. I started using a ball point pen in my adult age when started working, to make notes in rough places. Anyway, if I find some friendly touch here, I will hang around. My recent purchases were several cheap models from Pilot (Metropolitan, Prera, Varsity), Jinhow, Lamy Safary, etc.. I tend to buy cheaper pens s
  11. Hello from foggy Surrey. I thought I'd say hi. I'm only just getting into collecting fountain pens (stationery and inks having been my thing so far) but spotted these forums and thought they'd be a useful sort of place as I branch out from my beloved Duofold and its oblique nib.
  12. bkjones

    Hello From Bucks County, Pa!

    Hi all! I've been lurking around these forums since some time around the new year. I don't recall at the moment exactly how I stumbled upon fountain pens or what made me buy that first one back in January of this year, but I know that the Pen Addict website was perhaps the first indication I had that I was not alone in being a little obsessive about my writing instruments. About 6 months later, I've purchased over a dozen pens to test out various makers, styles, price ranges, etc. Then, this past month, I received my first vintage Esterbrook Dollar Pen. That's now like a whole new addictio
  13. reed_quill

    Greetings From Texas

    Hello, my name is Randy and I live in the DFW area of Texas. I found this site today while looking for advice on ink colors and prices and have been hooked all afternoon. Thank you for all of the great information that is stored within the forum, etc. As I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the smaller details in life and have learned to truly not sweat the small stuff. Taking time to write letters to my friends and family has really taught me to appreciate the things that I have learned to overlook over the years. I am still the odd guy out when it comes to writing with a fountai
  14. Hello Fountain Pen Network, I'm a lover of Fountain pens, I love to just write with them even random things. I enjoy the flow of ink, and enjoy lettering and calligraphy (regardless of how horrible I am at it. I just enjoy it, okay?). My first pen was a Diplomat (now trying to find out what its name is), which unfortunately broke. I would be happy if I can get one back again, but now that I've seen so many fountain pens, I'm not so sure. I kind of want them all. I now have a small collection that came from a joblot I got on eBay, and will be posting a question about the precise name of o
  15. Kolagnostos

    Hello And Howdy

    Hello, Glad to be here. I write a lot in correspondence (domestic/international). I appreciate the digital age and its handiness at times, but tangible written correspondence needs to continue. Getting back into written correspondence improved my penmanship, which I hadn't anticipated. Oh happy day! This and the love of snail mail made me dust off my ink dip nibs. —Then started the love affair of calligraphy and ink! A few months ago one of my correspondents in Colorado challenged me to try fountain pens. Just for trial purposes I got two. So here I am venturing into pen and paper alike... I
  16. Aloha from sunny Hawaii. I am very exited to join the Fountain Pen Network, and look forward to learning and participating in such an informative and enjoyable network. I was motivated to join the network because I inherited a 1923 Wahl gold filled small fountain pen from my grandfather and have plans to restore it. I intend to have the nib professionally adjusted and the sac also needs to be replaced. However, the small lever which is used to activate the ink sac is missing. I'm wondering if any of our members has a replacement lever which I may buy in order to restore this intere
  17. I recently became interested in fountain pens as a hobby just last year. I started out with some good advice from r/fountainpens on Reddit by getting a Pilot Preppy. I got used to writing with that pen and started researching more about fountain pens. I've been watching a LOT of videos on YouTube (shout outs to Brian Goulet, David Parker, and sbrebrown!) and have learned a great deal from watching these guys. About three weeks ago, I finally decided to buy a Lamy Safari. My buddy gave me a brand new converter that he had on hand. I love it! It feels amazing writing with the Safari. Y
  18. MizBee

    Greetings Ink Fellows

    While I'm a bit afraid that I'll spend more time reading about pens and ink than writing with them, I'm glad to be prowling around on this informative network. I've been a fountain pen user for years - well over 40! starting with cheap Sheaffers and Parkers in grade school, followed by an inherited vintage Pelikan 120 (which made me feel so grown up), a fascination with italic and calligraphy pens in high school (I still have my Osmiroid set) spurred on my remarks by my teachers that I had terrible penmanship but honestly I think that had to do with trying to write with ball points, technica
  19. Dally


    Hello. Many thanks to the administrators and moderators of this forum. I'm very happy to have discovered it. My fascination with fountain pens began with watching my father write with one while smoking his pipe back in the early '60's. It's one of my earliest memories. Later at university I found fountain pens to be not only the best tool for taking notes, but also an affordable luxury. When I was about twelve I again followed my father's example of keeping a journal, and have been keeping one ever since. My profession requires quite a bit of travel so my pens and journal help to keep
  20. akatz14


    Hello. My name is Akiva. I am a college student in New Mexico and have recently begun to take a more serious interest in the regular use of a couple of fountain pens that have been gifted to me. I've been given a Bailey by Cross and a Mediterranean from the Sheaffer/Levenger Connaisseur series. I look forward to learning from all of you! Regards, AK
  21. After writing with a Cross ATX in M on and off for a number of years I recently added a Platinum Preppy in EF and a Lamy Al-Star in EF to my collection, and I've been bitten by the bug. As I'm writing this I've got a TWSBI Eco and some inks in the mail, as well as a Jinhao 321 in EF and a Jinhao 911 in EF. My wishlist is quite long right now, but I'm trying to pace myself for the sake of my wallet. I mostly use my pens in my bullet journal (Leuchtturm 1917), and for quick work notes during the day on a Rhodia dotpad. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you, and to share my fou
  22. sakshi__reddy

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey everyone, I've been using fountain pens (apart from the Camlin and Hero pens standard in Indian schools) for nearly four years now, and decided to finally set up an account on FPN. I hope to learn much through this amazing community and maybe even give back a little- I'm considering putting up reviews of my limited collection of ink and pens, even though most of it has already been covered. Caio!
  23. Jamesjems

    A New Old Pen User

    I'm James. Teacher, Photographer, Actor, traveller, Spey Casting fool...letter writer... I registered today for a couple of reasons, but I think an introduction is in order. My home is the Pacific Northwest, but I teach school in Alaska, currently, in a small Fairbanks High School. I've been using fountain pens since high school, which was more than 30 years ago. I've found some of my best friends in life through the mutual appreciation of writing. It's something of a code, seeing someone with ink-stained fingers, sort of a quiet acknowledgement that "this is an interesting, learned per
  24. frusth

    Howdy From Texas

    Hi all, I have been lurking on the forums for about an year. My FP journey started with a Parker 51 and a knock-off Hero 515. My collection has grown to include a pilot VP and a TWSBI 580. I've learnt so much from the discussions in here and it's time to get into the rabbit hole Cheers
  25. LokiLaufeyson

    Hello From Canada

    Hi there, I'm Loki from Canada. I've been trying to form good habits in the forms of writing stories, drawing and other such things and decided to look into fountain pen writing as a hobby. I used some youtube information to figure out what I wanted and recently ordered a Pilot Metro fine and some noodler's anti feathering ink. I'm really excited to receive my order and to start practicing my hand writing again. Another reason I wanted to pick this up is because I hate my signature, I have a rather long last name and it drives me mad that when I sign I look like a fool, sometimes even rushi

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