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  1. rahul_sarma


    Ahoy fountain pen lovers! My name is Rahul and I am a fountain pen lover from Assam, a quaint little state in the North Eastern part of India. I have followed fpn for quite a while now but have only officially joined today. As for my hobby, I used to write with FPs during my school days but I rediscovered the pleasure of writing with them again from last year. Ever since, I have become almost obsessed with them, sometimes spending the entire day browsing forums over next pens to invest in. I currently own a Pilot Metropolitan, a Kaweco Ice sport and some other non branded pens. As for my
  2. CarriesAPen

    Welcome From Northern-Ish Virginia

    Hi. I'm Maria and live near Woodbridge/Dale city. I came here to find other people who share an interest in using fountain pens. I am recently exploring going a bit more analog and improving my writing. So far I like the results of deliberate analog organization. I like giving my hand a break by writing with an instrument that feels like an extension of my hand. Fun fact, my one and only quality pen at the time, an Aurora, was stolen off a desk at a previous job a couple of years back.
  3. pchand2

    Hello All

    I am pradeesh from Israel. I am new to fountain pens even though it intrigued me for a while. 2 months ago i started with my first fountain pen and a bottle of Ink. I am more into good modern fountain pens which i can use every day for writing at work and just for writing. I have found great and useful information on fountain pen network and thank you all for creating an amazing forum full of information. My favourite Pens so far are Pelikan M805 with a Broad Nib and a Platinum 3776 with a Soft Fine nib. See you all around.
  4. CharlieAndrews


    Hey y'all! I just recently got into the world of fountain pens and I found out that there's an entire network of people who have an addiction that I slowly am contracting! I started off with a Parker Sonnet that I got from Pen Chalet (a present from my wife, really), and have slowly started building my collection from there! How do y'all get started with your collections? -Charles
  5. doctor_nick

    Greetings From The Sunshine State

    I have always been fascinated by pens, as a kid attending public school in NY, if you owned a Parker jotter pen, you owned the best. I am glad to have found this forum and look forward to visiting often.
  6. EHyde

    Hello From Massachusetts

    Hello everyone, I'm new to fountain pens and while looking for information, came across this site. Right now I have just one pen (a Pilot Metropolitan) and two bottles of ink. I originally bought it meaning to use it for lineart in drawing (I'm not much of an artist, but I'm learning) but I also write stories, and I recently have realized that if I write my drafts by hand, I have a much easier time avoiding distractions than when I'm typing. So that is what its main use so far has been, and probably will continue to be. I have already decided that when I get a second fountain pen, I want som
  7. boglinballet

    Hello From Kassel

    Good evening! On a recent vacation to Athens, Greece with my husband and friends, we discovered a really awesome stationery shop with a small but interesting and carefully curated selection of pens, notebooks, and other office supplies (The Paper Place). They had a Pelikan M205 in Amethyst in a display case, and being a huge fan of anything purple, it immediately caught my eye. At the time I wasn't willing to shell out €140 for a pen, but the nice experience in the shop stuck with me. When I got back home I had to look up the pen to see if I could find out what it was. Researching fountain
  8. ChristinaofTX

    Hi From South Texas

    Hi -- I'm Chris from Texas and I've just recently started using fountain pens again -- I used to write with them in school many years ago! Actually, I started in January of this year (2017) by getting a Pilot Metropolitan and some ink samples -- and my interest took off in a big way after that. I'm finding that I almost never use anything but fountain pens now -- except for when I need to use a felt tip for something particular. I found this network last night when I goggled to find out why I was having some issues with a pen. It helped me so much to read that others had been thru the e
  9. Bidle

    Another Dutch Guy

    Hi All, Well, I still like to make notes during meetings by hand, but have to travel a lot. Almost once a week I've to travel by plane and therefore mainly write with Rollers. Still during the time I received some nice fountain pens and always interested in those amazing nice limiteds. Especially from MontBlanc, Faber Castell and some of the Montegrappa brand. I got a new head of HRM and he has this amazing handwriting and autograph, which made me dive into this nice world again. At the moment brushing up my writing skills and on the look out for a two nice daily writers. Probably, wil
  10. Eric_H

    Greetings,from Down Under.

    I guess I have been around for a while but meh... Hi. I am Eric H,and I am 12 years old. 12. You read that right. Yeah. You did. I currently live in Sydney,Australia,and as you can imagine,I have an extensive collection of things that write. So many I can't count all of them... How I got interested with pens: One day, 6 years ago,I found a Montblanc 146 on my dad's desk. Having used pencils all my previous life,I was very interested in writing with a pen. I thought of it as something to prove that you are a 'big kid'. So,I grabbed the 146. It took me 10 minutes to uncap it because I didn't
  11. voidoid

    +1 Hello From Boston, Ma

    Hello to all from Greater Boston. I just wanted to say 'hi,' and also 'thank you' for all the useful and entertaining information, generally imparted with thoughtfulness and admirable wit. I announce myself a bit shamefacedly, as in truth I have been 'lurking' now for quite some time. My rationalization before today had been that, as a newbie, I never felt that I had an awful lot to add to the threads. But truthfully, I think shyness is more to the point. So, I'm actually not so much a newbie anymore, having grown up and come of age, as it were, here and on the Goulet website. This I was fo
  12. deansyorath

    New Member

    Hi all, I am a new member, Not a complete fountain pen nut, but i use them everyday in my work environment and home life. Not into super expensive stuff, but have a few vintage and new pens that float my boat. Gravitate towards larger sized units. Cheers W
  13. Inarahk

    Just Saying Hi

    Hello everyone As a fellow fountain pen enthusiast, I have been following the FPN for a while now (without my own account) and like reading reviews and discussions about fountain pens here. I am a beginner fountain pen enthusiast (although I have a lot of experience with Indian and Chinese fountain pens). When I say experience, what I mean is that when we were in school, there was a rule that everyone has to use a fountain pen to write their notes and homework. This ultimately meant that I have played around a lot with fountain pens and different kinds of available inks. However, I don't hav
  14. YourPalCal

    Hello From Brunei!

    Hello my name is Caleb and I do not have a pen problem yet, but I feel I soon will. Currently waiting for my first pen to arrive, its a blue Pilot Custom 74 , and yes I know its an expensive first pen but I know I want to get into the hobby so why spend loads on many cheaper pens when I can have a really nice pen from the get-go with the same amount of money? Im from Brunei, a tiny country in south east Asia which doesn't really have a fountain pen culture so I have to order stuff from overseas. So far I have ordered that Pilot pen, some pilot namiki cartridges, noodler's black, Rhodia do
  15. D3N2

    Hello To Fpn!

    Just leaving a quick introduction for everyone. I've been into fountain pens (and inks!) for the past 2-3 years or so, and I'm really enjoying it! I've also been lurking around on the forum for quite a while, and will probably lurk for a while longer. I have to say, this forum has been one of the best resources for fountain pens and related topics! I especially love the Japanese pen forum, all ink forums, all review and comparison forums. It's great to be part of such a tight-knit community. People from all over the world, all ages and all kinds of backgrounds coming here for fountai
  16. Thanks for having me. I come across quite a few vintage pens now and then and would like to learn more about them, specifically things I can't find doing research. Thank you again!
  17. soapwench

    I'm So Glad I Found You Guys

    I'm so grateful I found this organization!! I've been a fountain pen user for many years now. I have long preferred the Lamy pens as they write smoothly and the metal caps keep the pens from drying out. I recently received a cross century classic and really love the slimness of it. I have used dip pens as well as cartridge pens. Nice to meet everyone. Stef from PA
  18. knitmo

    Hello From Iowa

    Hello from Iowa. I'm knitmo. I have been using fountain pens in my daily life for the day-to-day life of a grant writer, wife and mother. My kids have the fanciest notes for school! I love blue ink and tend to gravitate toward my Lamys and TWSBI vac-mini as my most grabbed pens.
  19. inkohesive

    Hello From Sunny California!

    Hello FPN community! Been an outside viewer on FPN (yep, went down the rabbit hole...) for over a year now while building my pen and ink collection (and confidence). Looking forward to becoming more active in forum discussions. ink!
  20. dieyen_dualpen

    New Fountain Pen User

    Hello my name is Diego and I'm from the greater Los Angeles area in California, US. I've been using and buying fountain pens since January and in that time I've taken quite an intense plunge and fallen hard in love with the art. I have for the last 5 years studied Palmer Method cursive handwriting and taught myself how to write in mirror image with my non-dominate hand. For the last 3 of those years, I've began teaching others how to develop ambidexterity through penmanship in the classroom at my old University, and at a couple prisons in the Southern California area. I absolutely love h
  21. Alliejay


    Hello all! My name is Allie and I am relatively new to the fountain pen world and quickly becoming an addict. I had a fountain pen when I was a child, but when the cartridges ran out, so did my fun. I have rediscovered them now and am venturing into different filling systems and bottled inks. I look forward to learning about this hobby from those who have more experience than me.
  22. Hello, my name is Justin and I've been a fountain pen user for 2 days. I'm a Marine Biology graduate student in California and two weeks ago I saw a classmate using fountain pens; we talked about it, I wrote with one for a little, and then I was hooked. The next few days I fell down a deep, dark hole known as YouTube (especially the Goulet Pens channel) while researching fountain pens. Then I made my first order, which arrived yesterday: Noodler's Black, Jinhao x750s Matte Black and Shimmering Sands with medium nibs, and some ink syringes for mess-free refilling. I figure that I'll eithe
  23. mresimulator

    Hello Fpn

    Hello! I started in fountain pen collection 1 year ago and looking around I found this incredible site. This is a great place and wonderful people. Have nice pens!!
  24. inkotheque

    Hi! From Sunny Italy

    Long time fountain pens lover and ink addicted. After using many times FPN for my research I thought it was time for me to share and contribute. Hope you'll enjoy your 'Inkdrinks' as I do.
  25. Howdy, I have been a member since 2014, but just now read the rules for this site. I am a poet, composer, fiber artist, and former computer security geek. I love to write, and I love to write with fountain pens. I have been using cheap fountain pens since elementary school. But in the 1980's I discovered Waterman and Parker pens. I have a tiny fountain pen collection now. Waterman (set with Rollerball pen, paperwork and cartridges but, alsa, no box ),Parker,Staedtler Calligraphy set, 2 vintage Schaeffer's, a ton of nibs and a few dip pen holders. I aspire to find a vintage 1970's Lamy 25

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