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  1. stonedlion

    Hello From Minnesota

    Hello - everyone! I've been lurking and stalking FPN for awhile, decided I really should register and participate at least a little bit. My name is Richard, I am an IT guy (I could tell you what I actually do, but it's boring AF, even to me), a small business entrepreneur and of course a fountain pen user. I recently started using a fountain pen again after a 20-year hiatus. Long story short, a nasty divorce upended my life, costing me a small but prized collection of pens in the upheaval. Pens got pushed waaaaay down the priority list. I don't know what prompted me to look at them again,
  2. karlene


    I am oh so very excited to be here!! I've been into fountain pens for a couple months now and and only own like 8 and i love them! I have a bunch and questions and stuff to learn so please be nice!! Also,introduce yourselves if you want to!
  3. Been a fountain pen user for about two years and this is my first time joining the network. I'm located in Dallas, TX and appreciate the chance to connect with others around the world who enjoy the experience of these wonderful writing instruments. My main focus in joining is to listen, learn, shop, and share.
  4. Hi all, I'm new here, and newish to fountain pens. That is to say, any years ago I dabbled and was disappointed. Now I'm back and more knowledgable and know why it didn't go well back when. And disappointment is no longer my circumstance. Well, except for my wish for more time and money so I can learn and purchase and write and write and write. So very happy to be here! -gabaroo
  5. Cormite

    Hi There

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum. I live in Germany although I am original from Spain. I am relatively new to the fountain pen community so I am interested in learning from other fountain pen users. Best, Carlos.
  6. acorpcop

    Hello From North Carolina

    Hello from the land of barbecue and pine trees. Decided to register and say hello after reading FPN for some time. Recently got bit by the fountain pen bug again after a number of decades... Thirty years ago, when I was a kid, I thought they were the coolest things ever and I had a few Pelikan student pens I had picked up when in Germany... Fast forward to age 41. Having become Management in my career and having to sign innumerable things a day I decided to treat myself and pick up one of those Cross Bailey gift packs at Staples... Like a heroin junky, all it took was one taste and I
  7. GrandMasterOfOrient

    Hello From Kuwait

    Dear All I am a humble collecter, lives in Kuwait. I already collect Pens, especially the MB Meisterstuck and StarWalker. However I start developed recently an attraction to Fountain pens espcially LE, Great Characters, and Writer Editions which I chose to ignore in the past. I am searching right now to buy those out of stock editions from these 3 lines but I have no information on what would be the fair prices for such pens. I found your forum rich with members with knowledge and experience that would be very helpful in my collection journey.
  8. My new boss always carries his Montblanc BP with him and I immediately was struck by the beauty in its design. After some research I found a good rate on a Pilot Sonnet RB and after using it for a couple days decided it wasn't for me, and thus began my adventure into the world of fountain pens. Fast forward a few weeks of obsessively reading through the FPN forums and watching Brian Goulet's videos (no relation, just a happy customer)—last night I received 16 ink samples, a Lamy Safari Petrol XF and a Pilot Metropolitan F. I already had a Muji FP and a glass dip pen lying around so that is w
  9. Hello pen folks, I am from Calcutta, India. I have been using fountain pens for 17 years only. Most of them have been cheap Indian pens and only in the last two - three years have I forayed into the world of Western pens, which in return have pretty much broken the bank for me, So nowadays, I am practicing the art of holding back and have been waiting for the delivery of two custom pens from two different pen-makers. I have been a frequent visitor of this forum and finally ended up making an account last week. Hopefully, it would be a pleasurable experience here. A sneak peek into part o
  10. Hello, I am became interested in fountain pens when I was given a Pelikan 400NN that had been passed down through the family. I recently picked up a Lamy 81 (that needs some work) and have slowly become fascinated with the history of fountain pens. I have joined FPN to learn more and be part of larger community. I tend to like older and quirky designs. I like the aesthetic, mechanical, and material qualities of pens as objects as much (or perhaps even more) as tools for writing. Live in the Washington/Baltimore area. Cheers, AD
  11. Hello everyone! I'm a new member here, I've just signed up a couple minutes ago. My name is Karla and I'm from Saudi but originally from the Philippines. I have a black Pilot Metro at the moment and a few unbranded and cheap fountain pens that I got back home. As of now I only have two bottles of inks, one Pilot Blue Black ink, and one Quink in Black. Planning to get more fountain pens and been wanting to get pens like Lamy and the likes. Hope to meet pen friends and explore the fountain pen lifestyle. x
  12. Hello! I learned about the FPN from The Goulet Pen Company on YouTube and thought Id dive in. Im specifically looking for resources on handwriting and calligraphy, but Ive loved fountain pens in general, and have a few nice ones. Though my favorite pen is the humble Lamy Safari, I do enjoy my Pilot vanishing nib as well. Looking forward to learning and discussing pens, ink, and writing with you all!
  13. Hello Everyone. I discovered this wonderful group and hobby at about the same time. I'm looking to improve my handwriting and learn about penmanship and fountain pens. It looks like a great environment here, and I look forward to learning and socializing with you all! - MG
  14. arunprasadr

    Hi From India

    Hi Everyone, I'm Arun from Bangalore, India. As to why I am here, its kind of a funny story. I was introduced to fountain pens back when I was in school almost more than a decade ago. At that time, although I loved the experience of using a fountain pen, I was kind of frustrated with the ink spilling here and there (mainly due to running around), and the low quality paper which caused bleeding. I reduced using fountain pens just so I could avoid all this hassle. Last week, all of a sudden I woke up one morning, felt like writing something using a fountain pen and when I realized I didn'
  15. I'll just paste my 'about me' from my profile. I'll not get on the soap box again, thanks to you all already -BIn the second half of my life, I'm using my time while retired/disabled after 23+ years as an Officer of Marines; CWO4 (Marine Gunner) and former Master Sergeant (prior to my Officer lobotomy) I stay busy when not swamped with stuff or just feeling down right horrible as a book reviewer, editor, and still continue analytical work for various people/businesses and occasionally still do consulting work for the Marine Corps and DoD ....... Advocating for Liberty and Veterans who suffe
  16. Meethil

    Greetings From South Korea

    Hello everyone from South Korea! I have been a guest reader for some time now and finally got around to creating an account. My interest in fountain pens was sparked during my studies in France where I grew up and lived for 7 years. (So I can speak french if anyone out there has a hard time with English I can help - was an Interpreting soldier in the ROK Army) Now I am back in my country in South Korea, and I am actually struggling with the small market. It makes it hard to procure certain fountain pens and other 'pen peripheral' items. (like blotting paper) I own a Waterman Phileas/Fi
  17. RohanManna

    Namaste From India

    Hello everyone, this is Rohan from India and I am a new member here( Of course, I'm posting in the Introductions, right?) I am a college student and hence writing is something I do every day. I am pretty new to the fountain pen scene, though I have been around them all my life, always found them too much of a hassle: spills and leaks and all, you know. But I decided to give them another shot after entering college, and man, I'm loving it. Hope to make new friends here, and have a merry time. Have a good day, folks.
  18. jessjordan1

    Cheers From Houston, Texas

    Cheers from Houston, Texas! I'm glad to be here and I hope you can all teach me a thing or two (or a million!). I'm very new to the fountain pen world. I picked up calligraphy last year and was hooked. Calligraphy led to hoarding inks and now, fountain pens! My first order from Goulet Pens arrived today. I have used LAMY rollerballs for years and decided to pick up one of the petrol fine-nibbed fountain pens. I filled a converter with J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor and must say, I'm in love! I also ordered a Noodler's Ahab with the flex nib to have something like a calligraphy dip. As I div
  19. Wanted to introduce myself as a new user of the board and a somewhat newbie to collecting new and vintage fountain pens. I currently own 7 pens but have more on their way, I started with buying a couple of kit pens, and a few vintage combos (fountain and pencil). I have been blessed to be able to acquire a couple of pelikans and a set of monte blanc pens that were a school girls during the 1940's from Germany (yes WWII era). I am a Social Studies teacher and coach and buy cheap fountain pens to share with my students from the local stationary stores... Jake
  20. Praneeth

    Greetings From Chennai, India

    Hello everyone! I'm Praneeth, from Chennai, India. I'm a freelance photographer and marketer. I've been an avid lurker on the fountain pen network for quite a while, however I wish to be an active participant in this wonderful community henceforth. My love for fountain pens surfaced during my time in primary school. More specifically, during the shift from using a pencil to handling a pen. My first fountain pen was an eye dropper manufactured by Camlin. It's been nearly two decades since, but I can never forget, my first pen was a scratchy mess. Being what it was - An inexpensive eyedropper,
  21. raptorfan

    Hi Everyone!

    Hey Everyone! I just recently created my first account on the Fountain Pen Network. As you can probably tell, I am a very avid fountain pen enthusiast -- but I'm not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I'm currently a junior in high school, and hope to major in astrophysics in college (particularly in particle cosmology). I'm really exited to be a part of the FPN community, and am looking forward to all that it entails! Regards, Raptorfan (that's not my actual name, in the off chance anyone was wondering)
  22. Enjoying a pen fetish since I can remember! Played around with calligraphy in my younger days, and after purchasing a set of Pilot Varsity disposable FPs (they're so smooth) in the spring of 2017 I caught the fountain pen bug. Next up was a Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection in turquoise. Researching ink and paper, I came across the Fountain Pen Network and I was hooked. Thank you to all who post reviews, tips, links, etc. Your honest feedback is a huge help when researching! Because of this group I was confident enough to make my first purchase on eBay, which was of course a fountain pen - Mo
  23. georgosn

    A Greek Among Geeks

    Hello, My name is Nick and I have always been fascinated about fountain pens. I used deep pens from an early age simply because they were available in my family. I'm not an artist though and I can't say that I am a Calligrapher. I simply enjoy playing with the inks, the nibs and the paper. I am prone to writing in order to relax and I tend to like flexy nibs. I currently don't own an FP of more than 50euros but I hope to change that in the future. I wish I will find some Pen friends in here and mostly people that can answer questions about the market of FP and perhaps some locals.
  24. norikohut

    Hello, Hello!

    Hi everyone, Nice to meet y'all. Call me Nori I am 27 y/o, I live in Georgia. I am a recent college graduate at 27, due to earlier adult life happenings. Just sailing through the post-college life, and figuring out what to do from there. It's exciting for me to find a forum where I can connect with fountain pen enthusiasts... Sadly none of my real life friends are into them or have any idea what they are. I discovered this new hobby of mine, when I first discovered planners called "Hobonichi Techo." I noticed from many viral pictures on the net that the paper used in these planners are mad
  25. goldenboy

    Newbie Here!

    Hello fountain pen fans, I just recently joined the fountain pen community after purchasing a very basic Franklin Covey Freemont and a Pilot Metropolitan a couple of days ago. However, I have been a long time stationary addict for many years (I started with mechanical pencils). This network's pen guides and reviews have been phenomenal and undoubtedly launched my FP interest. I was hesitant at first to start using a fountain pen because I thought it was going to be messy and complicated. However, once i picked up a baseline fountain pen I immediately fell in love; the feel when writing with

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