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  1. stylographile

    Hello From London, Uk

    Hello fellow penaholics! I have been a lurker for a while and I've been so impressed by this website that I decided to be part of it! I have always liked fountain-pens but probably didn't treat them very well in my school years. Now when I peruse FP websites or books, I keep saying, oh I had that one, and that one, etc. They're all long in the bin, replaced by ballpoint pens and keyboards, but never forgotten! What has rekindled my interest, and my use of FPs, is that I now have my parents' pens to look after. Not a collection as such, just one-time writing instruments dear to their owners who
  2. Metalinker

    Hi From Belgrade, Serbia

    Hello there forum goers. I recently got my first fountain pen, the Pilot MR with the crocodile print. I watched a lot of videos on YouTube, and one of the suggestions there was to join this forum, so I did. How I got the pen is a funny story: A few days ago my father gave me a late birthday present. It was a Pilot MR python print roller ball. I was looking online for replacement gel, so I could get it once this pen goes empty. I saw the Pilot MR line of roller balls, fountain pens, and ballpoint pens, and I immediately wanted the fountain pen, since the last fountain pen i used was my moth
  3. teejtc

    Greetings From Long Island

    Greetings, We recently moved back to the US from Italy and are now in Manhasset, Long Island... I've written with fountain pens for years... Mostly workhorses - 3 crosses and a recently added Pelikan (received as a gift). Looking forward to learning and expanding my mundane collection! Grace and peace, Tim
  4. Hello everyone, In 1995, I was in my second last year of elementary school (which is known as primary school) in Uganda (East Africa, for those who have no idea). That was the last time I used a fountain pen. At the time, perhaps due the colonial education system that my homeland inherited from Britain, some schools demanded that kids use fountain pens! A few had rich parents who could afford the real stuff, but the rest of us used Japanese knock-offs and Chinese pens. Their refilling systems were a rubber tube (sac) that you had to press several times upon dipping the pen in the ink bottle.
  5. sunnysideup

    Hello From Kentucky

    I've lurked here for a while (learning a ton) and figured it was high time I actually join up. Still a relative newbie to the fountain pen hobby, I'm looking forward to seeing where it all goes. Heck, I never thought I'd sit to watch ink dry...let alone enjoy it
  6. lindamarie

    My Writing Has Degenerated

    Hello! I'm lindamarie from Kentucky, USA. I promise that I learned to write -- and used a fountain pen years ago. But as I've gotten "older", I think I need to make some adjustments! Glad to be here!
  7. Greetings from San Francisco, only a few blocks from the ocean and edge of the continental United States. I have been searching for the right implement to control my shaky handwriting for years and had mostly settled on pencils as my best choice. Then several months ago I purchased an inexpensive Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen and everything changed. I am embarrassed I had not discovered the FP before now. Sitting in my study with the sound of a wind-up clock ticking over my shoulder and the feel of my pen moving across velum writing paper has become one of the most profound feelings of c
  8. Hello Everyone, Finally signed up after reading far too many reviews! I'm the proud owner of a Lamy Safari, All-star, 2000, and Staedtler Initium Lignum here in Southern Ontario. Regards, Andrew
  9. thetemptrack

    Hello From Williamsburg, Va

    Hello everyone! I have, like probably most newbies here, recently gone deep into this hobby, though I got my first fountain pen four years ago as a gift from a friend upon completion of my PhD (a lovely green Pelikan M200). I don't know why it took me so long to actually start using and, more importantly, appreciating it...but I have!! And I sort of went on a binge trying out different nibs and inks and am now only really realizing the hole I have fallen down!!! But I love it and cannot imagine a better and more welcoming new hobby. I look forward to meeting everyone on the boards and drawin
  10. truphae_inc

    New Member Introduction

    Hi, everyone! I wanted to introduce myself to this network. I have been a long-time pen enthusiast, and am the owner of luxury pen retailer Truphae, Inc. We specialize in high-end luxury pens from companies like Aurora, Montegrappa, ST Dupont, Visconti, etc...and have great relationships with them as well. We also carry brands such as Pelikan, Cartier, and many others. Our goal is to find the coolest pens around, particularly rare ones that many other people would have a hard time sourcing. We not only sell, but buy and consign as well. Feel free to check out our website, www.truphaeinc.
  11. Greetings everyone! I would like to introduce myself. Please call me Pac. I am a PhD student based in Bangkok, Thailand. I also co-founded a Thai writing instrument website as well. I quietly following the community for a while and decided to jumped on board as a member just last night. Although I have few pens in my collection for several years, I considered myself as a newbie for this hobby. Looking forward to read and share some of my 2 cents with the community.
  12. Immortal_Wombat

    Greetings From The Uk :)

    Hello all! I want to fix my nib and I like fountain pens in general
  13. Greetings and salutations, pen enthusiasts! I should preface this by mentioning that I have yet to even write with a fountain pen (hence the 'utterly lost newbie' bit), but have come into possession of a pen with family history and am currently fascinated with bringing it back into working order for use and as a lovely working family heirloom. I also apologize for what will inevitably be a long-winded introduction and plea for help, as I am not known for my brevity (or wit, for that matter). I'm attempting to post a photo of the pen for confirmation of pen identity (Wahl Eversharp Coronet,
  14. Tonyhavana

    Hello From San Antonio, Texas

    Though new to the joy of writing with a fountain pen (less than a year), I am falling down the rabbit hole fast! I inherited my Grandfather's Parker Vacumatic and before investing in restoring it I decided to see if I'd even enjoy writing with a fountain pen. 19 fountain pens and 14 bottles of ink later, I'm now looking for a well-skilled, reasonably priced, vintage pen restorer who can return my Grandfather's pen to it's former glory. Recommendations, testimonies, and referrals are most welcome. Cheers!
  15. Dear all my name is Vivardo and I registered today at this forum. For some time I've been looking for the fountain pens I've had or met in my life, some of these more precious to me, others I've just used. Finally I'm looking for the ones I've always wanted but I could not afford when young. Most of these are used, and therefore they need a lot of care, I hope with the help of this forum.Happy Easter to you allVivardo
  16. chamekke

    Hello From British Columbia

    Hello everyone! I'm very stoked to have found FPN. My interest in fountain pens began (and stalled) when I was a teenager and owned a set of Osmiroid pens - now long lost, sadly. Fast forward to when I inherited my mother's lovely old Waterman celluloid 301-V fountain pen (photo attached). I was very lucky to find someone locally who could restore it to working condition again. Since then I've accumulated a few other (used) pens - nothing fancy, but enough to make me curious, and (let's admit it) addicted. My first order from Wonder Pens in Toronto is on its way to me now. And so it be
  17. em_the_pen

    Hello All

    I'm new so I figured I would introduce myself and say hi. I'm relatively new to the fountain pen world. I recently rediscovered a Cross pen I had received as a gift a long time ago and it quickly escalated from there. I would say that my favorite pens so far are the Stylomine 303 and the Pilot Vanishing Point. Stylomine is actually my current pen obsession. I just love the accordian sac. Anywho, hello!
  18. Hey! So glad to be here! I was forcefully dragged into the world of fountain pens when I fell in love with a cheap Jinhao I got as a random gift. My father happened to have a few nicer fountain pens to lend me, and before I knew it, I couldn't write with a ballpoint anymore. The most annoying thing about it is that I really like inks, but I have no way to try any samples. That means a lot of researching before I buy any. Fortunately, I've been fairly happy with all my purchases so far, and that's in part thanks to this site. It's been my first stop when I'm searching for reviews and comp
  19. vishnunair007


    Hello, Greetings from Bahrain. I'm Vishnu Nair, working as a finance professional. My love for fountain pens started once I joined here for work, as I happened to see the collection of fountain pens that belongs to my Director. My collection started from Lamy Safari charcoal black and now I have around 20 FP's and 40 ink shades. Looking ahead for great tips and support from this forum. Thanks
  20. I've been collecting fountain pens for a little while now (couple months) and I've been going crazy for them. Started out with a Metro in F, was kinda unhappy with the fineness and capacity and ink leaking into the cap (still a great pen) and eventually upgraded to a TWSBI 580AL, anodized to Rose, in F. I like the Jowo nibs much more than the Pilot nibs - lot more smoother and broader. Now, I have a LAMY AL-STAR in Charged Green on the way (caught it on the 50% sale and it was already another 50% off, so I ended up getting it for roughly $13 all in.) I own a few inks, Noodler's Purple Wampum
  21. PalashTaneja

    Hi :)

    Hey FPN! I have been following this forum for the last one year, but I finally managed to make an account. I have a few pens Jinhao x750, x450, Click Neo Tulip, Dikawen 898, a Baoer and a few cheap Indian pens so I am not completely new to the hobby. Cheers!
  22. ascanio

    Hi From Florence

    Hi Everybody I just became accidentally a vintage propelling pencil fan, mailnly sterling silver ones, Yard o Led and Mordan brands, as well as Eversharp. Looking forward to post around and get to know more this world Ascanio
  23. calligrafriend981

    Hello From Central Illinois

    Greetings from Central Illinois! I'm a new fountain pen enthusiast. I got into them recently when I found about 20 pens from the 50's and 60's that were from my grandparents. My grandma was a hobby calligrapher and I have become a calligrapher in my own time, so I am enjoying having this connection to her. They may have been pens that my aunts and uncles used when in school, though my guess is they were bought by my grandma to use (my father was the youngest, born in 1963, so they were likely bought around that time). I have Parkers, Sheaffers, Wearevers, and a couple of other brands.
  24. Hello, My name is Johane. I'm from a little bit all over the place, but mostly from New Brunswick Canada. Like my Acadian ancestors, I've lived a life of migration - though in my case it was usually due to employment rather than anything else. I'm very novice in the fountain pen world. I'm in the process of doing some research for buying a fountain pen as a gift for my husband. He has never had one before, but he has an appreciation for nice pens... I have previously owned a Sheaffer fountain pen some 25+ years ago, but it was scratchy and small, and it used proprietary cartridges only that
  25. MiraB

    Simply, Hello!

    Hello everyone! I'm Caterina, I live in Italy and I am as you can imagine a... Fountain Pen Lover! I am really proud to be a member of this rinomate Forum where I hope to expand my knowledge on fountain pens world! I'm not fussy about pens, but it's not that I like them all. In my opinion, a good pen must, first of all, write well and then be original! So I'm often selective and it takes me a while to choose a new fountain pen. I really like the Pelikan, like design and writing experience ... fantastic nibs! But in Italy, fortunately we can boast prestigious production companies like Aurora,

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