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  1. drsarmadqureshi

    Hello From Lahore

    Hello, Hi, Salam I have joined the network today. Its great that my registration is validated. I owned a lot of pens but currently have 11 fountain pens available with me. I must add that I gave away many pens as well as lost a few in past 12 years. My quest started with Montblanc 145 back in 2007. I wanted to buy the best and that was the best one could buy in Lahore then. I still have it and I love it. Must add that I like Broad and Medium nibs. Not a fine nib person. My Current Pens 1. Montblanc 145 2. Pilot Metropolitan 3. Lamy Studio 4. Lamy Al Star 5. Parker IM Insignia 6. Parker Frontie
  2. BergerDM

    Hi, From Southern Brazil!

    Hello everyone! I'm a Computer Science student here in Brazil. I write by hand a lot: note taking for lectures and Role Playing Games, fiction world building, journaling (still getting started on this one). Unfortunately our economy isn't going so great right now, so I wanted to learn from people here before getting truly invested! So that's what I shall do. I'll read a lot and make a good, thought-out purchase to start with, and build from there. Thanks for having me!
  3. Hey guys. I have been watching fountain pen videos since the past few months on youtube and was pleasantly surprised to discover that i was ill-informed about fountain pens, despite the fact that i used them during my school days for about 4 years. I liked them as long as they were new and wrote well but as they got damaged or leaked due to poor maintenance and carelessness, i gravitated towards ball point pens. But back then we didn't have the internet in residences as we have today(not even in our school) as it was very expensive and only MNC companies could afford it(in 1990s in india), so
  4. Chelly

    Hi From Chennai, India

    HI all, this is Chelly from Chennai India, I have been using fountain pens ever since, none of the fancy/collectible stuff - for most years had been using Hero 332 and in the last year been using a Baoer and most recently started with a Duke. Sometime back a post by @hari317 on pens in chennai (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/70913-madras-pen-shops/) popped up in my google feed and have been hooked on to reading/researching about ebonite and other delectable pens from India. Looking to acquire one soon...
  5. Hello to all the good souls of this forum. I am a fairly newbie penman (or pencolyte, penjamin, penvice, you get the sense i hope) form Prague, Czech Republic. Although technically I started using fountain pens at school in the age of 6-7 which has been during the communism before Velvet Revolution (I am 36) And yes, we were taught cursive at school;) I posess some of the classics, my EDC: TWSBI VAC700R, VAC mini, Diamond mini, Lamy 2000, and two Preppys for muggle colleagues hands @ work For my manbag, I never go out without OHTO Tasche, and Cult Pens mini by Kaweco and a few cartridges
  6. dhoncharov

    Hello From Kyiv, Ukraine!

    Hello, everyone! I've just registered on this wonderful forum. I have some beautiful pens: Lamy Safari, Parker Sonnet, Parker Vector by Luxor, some fake Wing Sung 6359 (black-clipped and without "Wing Sung" name printed), and pair of Hero and Kaigelu pens. Also, I'm waiting for the pair of new pens made by Picasso and PenBBS. And I have some ink by Diamine and Koh-i-Noor. And Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo. I'm happy to be there)
  7. Long-time fountain pen fascinated individual, who for some reason, is having a nasty flare up of fountain pen fever and just now discovered this extraordinary web site and community. I don’t remember anymore how I even learned about fountain pens to become interested in them sometime in my late teens. I think I might have hinted/ asked for a pen for my high school graduation and I received a non-fountain pen which I distinctly remember going down town to exchange for what I really wanted- a gorgeous, slightly-marbled brown Parker with gold trim (which I still have an cherish). Over the decad
  8. krishna81me

    Hello From Bangalore, India

    Hello Everyone, This is Krishna Balakki from the city of gardens. A fellow fountain pen admirer and frequent user. I am using fountain pens since my school days. The most used pen was/is camlin. I am back to fountain pens couple of years back.Got to know about this website a month back. Am overwhelmed to see that there is a huge fan base for the fountain pens here. I like the fountain pens which are simple , yet functional. Eye dropper ink filling system always attracts me as it holds lot of ink. Fountain pens I own now: (image attached): bottom to top 1)
  9. dunepanda

    Hello From Dubai

    hi guys. just joined the "FPN" after i was looking for this pen my dad had bought back in the 90s. growing up, we used fountain pens at school. i almost always had a parker vector (which i kept on loosing) or a bunch of hero (parker 51 look alike) pens while my sister had an actual parker 51. i was going through our old boxes and came across a pen set that my dad had picked up at an expo back around 1997. it was a "pen quest 2000" all steel body ballpoint, roller ball and fountain pen. i looked it up online and it brought me to the fountain pen network where someone had posted pictures of.
  10. squidsquirtink

    Hi Everyone. I Am New Here.

    Hi Everyone, My first fountain pen experience was when I entered the workforce 30 years ago - it wasn't a pleasant one. I remember once I had to fly on a business trip and when I arrived at the hotel, my bag was soaked with ink - including the documents I needed for a meeting the next day. I stopped using fountain pens since. Last year I decided to give it a try. I've been contemplating for months before I made my first purchase and I did a fair bit of reading online on how to use fountain pens and how to travel with them - including some of the threads in this forum - thank you guys. My
  11. LetteringByZoe

    Hi From California

    Hi all! It's nice to meet you! I'm Zoe, a 19 year old biochemistry student, and I've been interested in fountain pens for around 4 years. I have slowly developed a small collection, and am saving up for a big trip to Paris in a couple of months. I'm hoping to buy a 'really nice' pen, in the 100-200$ range probably, while I am there as a keepsake. If anyone has any recommendations for stores and pens, I would love to hear them! I'm not picky with nib size, though I like to change inks a lot so I lean toward broader nibs. I'm definitely an ink addict, and may end up posting some ink reviews
  12. wcrane1948

    Old New Guy From Philadelphia

    Hello. I'm a 70 year old Vietnam vet. Hobbies are photography,shooting, knife collecting. I have a Sheaffer Connaisseur which I bought new in 1988(?). I also just bought a Pilot Metro.
  13. LordBaggins

    Hello From California

    Hello all; I've been stalking the forums for a few years now, but never really bothered to sign up or post, but I figured that it's probably long past the time I should have introduced myself. You guys, JetPens, Goulet, Anderson, and Peyton Street influenced me to start the hobby. I picked up a Metropolitan (F) and 78G (B ) a couple of years ago in the hopes that I could learn to hand-write my wedding invites (definitely did not go that route). Only ever used the standard Namiki black cartridges til recently. Anyways, I got myself a TWSBI Eco (EF) and a small bottle of Poussiere de Lun
  14. Happy New Year! I am brand new to this venture in fountain pens; both in product and use. I was visiting an antique store after Christmas and I spotted a brown marbled Diplomat Classic Collection pen in a seller's case. Though used, I figured I could clean it and learn with it. The deal was made and the Diplomat came home with me. It certainly is a beautiful pen and I like the weight of it. I have since cleaned it and filled it with ink. Have used it some to learn the feel and how to best hold it when writing. It is certainly different from what I am used to using; a ball point. I'
  15. ceramicmj

    Greetings From Portland, Oregon

    Right, nothing like asking an introvert to introduce themselves for all kinds of *awkward*. I go with the motormouth-kind-of-awkward, bear with me. So...Hi...recent lurker (thanks to all of you posting really interesting pen and ink reviews - seriously!). Long time fountain pen user - I started with a turquoise Parker 45 when I was a kid that I still have, although there's a big crack in the barrel. I mostly use inexpensive-to-very inexpensive pens for my EDCs, and I have a couple more expensive ones (though NOT by this forum's standards, by my rather miserly standards). I have been g
  16. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Alexsandar Tosshoski from Prilep, Macedonia. I am 48 years old, and I'm writing exclusively (except when I'm forced to use BP in post ofices or so) with fountain pens since 1982. I have a modest collection of modern and vintage-ish (sixties to nineties) collection of fountain pens. For begging, I have a question.I have a Rotring Freeway fountain pen that drips drops of ink on the nib and in the cap when I open it. It's the same case with Indian Parker Frontier which is having breather hole that is supposed there to stop this from happening. Is there so
  17. VGTheOne

    Hey Guys! I'm Vishnuu.

    Hey guys! My name is Vishnuu and I'm a 15 year old from the east coast who got into this hobby because of my grandfathers' influence. I've collected no less than 10 inexpensive pens and worked them into smooth submission. That's all for an introduction I guess, see you later!
  18. PantaRhei

    Hello From Germany

    Good evening dear community, My name is Kevin, I am 15 years old and I come from Germany. I recently started collecting fountain pens so I just got into the hobby. I found out about the fountain pen community through English speaking sources such as "Goulet Pens" or Sven-Raphael Schneider and I learned a lot about the beauty of ballpoints, rollerballs, pencils and of course fountain Pens. I kind of always had pretty messy handwriting but miraculously as I started to think about writing and writing instruments and working with them, I managed to better my handwriting by quite a bit. I discover
  19. janhupnie


    Hello My name is Jan. I have been collecting fountain pens for about 20 years. I enjoy a lot collecting and using vintage fountain pens. I got started because a colleague introduced me to the use of vintage pens and later my grandmother offered me my late grandfather's almost immaculate Flattop Special. I'm looking forward to sharing my doubts and treasures with you. Jan
  20. vamsivadrevu

    Hello Everyone From India

    Hello everyone, I'm from Hyderabad India. I recently began the journey of collecting pens. I'm very interested in getting pens that are made in India. My fascination with Made In India pens began when I was a kid and my dad had a big ebonite pen. (I believe it was a Deccan pen). I'd always wanted something similar to that. So I acquired a Deccan Advocate (metal sleeve on cap) and a Wality 69T (Blue marbled acrylic) pen. I've been writing with them for the past 3 days after a very long time. (It's struggle to even get the pen going smoothly, I still can't believe how I managed to pass my 10th a
  21. txomsy

    Hiya There

    Hi there, I'm a new user, from Spain. I've been a fountain pen lover for a very long time, and have been lurking in the forum, learning a lot for several years now. I finally decided to join in an see if there is something I can do to pay back all the advice and knowledge I have profited all this time.
  22. GAdrien1995


    Hello everyone! I come from Switzerland and study humanities. I have been browsing your forums (or should I be pedantic and write fora?) a lot and thought it was time to join the community I always enjoyed writing with fountain pens since I discovered them in school, where their use was mandatory. When I started university (or college for those living in the New World), I received a nice Caran d'Ache from my mother. My Caran d'Ache was sadly stolen in the library and I stopped using fountain pens for the next four years However, you will all be relieved to know that I bought a Pelikan m8
  23. TaylorJ

    Greetings From Virginia

    Hi all, Taylor here. I am a 29-year-old fountain pen newbie, stationery junkie, 3D modeler/VR engineer and artist. I have always loved pens, hand-writing, paper planning, journaling, and so on, but for some reason never had a fountain pen until very recently. Didn't have one at all until my birthday in June, when I was gifted a blue LAMY Al-Star. I used it for about 4 months, LOVED it, and then it got destroyed due to my cluelessness...Now I've ordered a new Al-Star (in Graphite) and have my eye on a TWSBI 580ALR as my next one. I'm a newbie but I really enjoy the whole fountain pen ex
  24. ardene

    Hello From Exeter

    Hello to everyone, I've been reading various discussions on FPN for about two months now since I rediscovered my pens when note-taking for projects to be completed in a word processor. It's a great pleasure to be among with you all in the FPN fora. I'm a Greek guy living in the south-west of England for some years now. I discovered fountain pens through a fellow young student in elementary school. My first pen was a plastic blue Vector. They were very popular at the time - I refer to the early-mid nineties. Since then I've stuck with pens throughout school, uni, and graduate school. I'v
  25. penmonster

    Greetings From Poland!

    Hello everyone! My name is Matthew and I have always loved writing related items, ballpens, all kinds of pencils, utencils, and of course fountain pens! My very first pen was a Herlitz Montana cheapo that I got as an 11th birthday gift, served me for over three years- it was a herlitz medium nib, which means it wrote lines well over milimeter thick, but I loved it. I now have a few parkers (vector, frontier) waterman (graduate) and a bunch of chinese pens, which recently have been my favourite type. Greetings and cheers from Poland, Matthew:)

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