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  1. An interesting blog on using fountain pens and ink from an artists perspective http://www.lizsteel.com/fountain-pen-sketching-part-4-choosing-a-fountain-pen/
  2. Hello! I am a long-time member here but have been lurking more than contributing... in fact, not quite contributing much either, to my embarrassment. I see a lot of wonderful reviews here and am a little overwhelmed sometimes. It's a really great forum and a great resource for fountain pen users out there. Some of you might know me by my username, which is also the name of my blog. I come from Singapore and am left-handed. I love beautiful pens and colourful inks. Recently I received a request from one of the members here, @OCArt, to share my series of Iroshizuku Ink reviews. I have done reviews for the whole series of 24 inks, split into 4 different blog posts. They contain some description, translation, and interpretation of the ink names, as well as my experience with swabbing and my own version of "chromatography" work. I include the links in the photos below, so you can click any photo to be taken to that particular series of inks (I made 6 mini ink reviews per blog post). Hopefully this can be interesting or useful to some of you! Feedback is always welcome. (Also, drop me a note if this post should not belong here! Thank you!)
  3. Tessy Moon

    Pink & Purple Ink Comparisons

    Here are a couple scans of some pink and purple ink comparisons. All these were written with a glass dip pen on a Rhodia dot pad. I did my best to represent the colors of the inks but as always please remember that what I see on my screen is probably a little different than what you see. I hope that this will at least give an idea of where each of these inks stand next to similar ones I have listed here. I will list the inks in the text also so it will be searchable. Enjoy and I hope these are helpful! http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/f0/d9/29/f0d92944248bba04d46040abc53d79fa.jpg Pink Inks De Atramentis Heather Violet Monteverde Pink J Herbin Rose Tendresse J Herbin Bouquet D'Antan Sailor Jentle Peche Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji J Herbin Rose Cyclamen Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Private Reserve Plum Diamine Deep Magenta Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo Organics Studio Lithium Organics Studio Lewis Carroll Levenger Shiraz Noodler's Ottoman Rose Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses (Old) Montegrappa Bordeaux http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/dd/f4/6e/ddf46ef824d6c1de85f67e946d81c5d2.jpg Purple Inks J Herbin Larmes de Cassis Private Reserve Arabian Rose Organics Studio Jane Austen Pelikan Violet De Atramentis Pearl Violet Rohrer and Klingner Scabiosa J Herbin Poussiere de Lune Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses (New) De Atramentis Aubergine De Atramentis Alexander Hamilton De Atramentis Lilac De Atramentis Magenta Violet Diamine Majestic Purple Diamine Lavender J Herbin Violet Pensee Pilot Iroshizuku Muraski Shikibu Organics Studio Vanadium Nostalgic Impressions Purple Monteverde Purple
  4. I'll be in New Orleans later this week and plan to stop by this store. It just looks too cool to pass up. I have been using Iroshizuku almost exclusively and am in love with them. I've sampled Edelstein as well and liked them. I write with Pelikan 800s a a fine nib. Although this PP collection is noted as limited supply i am hoping to find some of this collection esp the Indian purple. Does anyone have thoughts, opinions, hearsay or gossip?
  5. A fantastic write-up by the people at NoteMaker (an Australian Stationary with products as unique as you are..). It finally answers the question we have been asking ourselves.. Who is Robert Oster? http://blog.notemaker.com.au/meet-designer-robert-oster-signature-inks/ C.
  6. The Good Captain

    Diamine Shimmer Inks - Part 3

    First Impressions. We have already seen the colours but here is one of my 'first impression' reviews, including written examples. As usual, all of my written tests have been done using a Sailor Sapporo pen with B nib, so roughly equivalent to a Western M, and the standard Rhodia 80gsm white grid paper. I chose the Sailor for the simple reason that the pen is very easy to clean out, even taking the nib apart should it become necessary. It wasn't! Although I used a rubber bulb to speed up the flushing process between colours (just for time's sake) all the inks were easy to remove from the pen by simply using the converter for a relatively short period of time. Firstly I used cotton wool buds to give an example of just the colours. I let the bottles stand for a while and hopefully didn't have as many particles in those samples. Obviously, the bottles need to be agitated before filling a pen and to keep the suspension 'going' a gentle shake while writing is recommended. Firstly I sampled the inks with the gold particles: Firefly, Wine Divine, Cobalt Jazz and Golden Ivy. They are a very pleasant set of colours and I’m sure they will be very popular. Although hues like Firefly are not generally in my list of favourites, I’m actually quite ‘warming’ to this ink! Next, here come the written samples. I’m impressed with the whole of the ‘golden’ range and will definitely be buying Cobalt Jazz and Golden Ivy. Now, the inks with the silver particles: Citrus Ice, Electric Pink, Frosted Orchid, Arabian Nights, Arctic Blue and Spearmint Diva. I like almost all of these as well. Citrus Ice could be a little pale for some; Electric Pink just isn’t my colour(!) and Spearmint Diva is also a little pale. The colours are good though. And the written samples. Again, I’m impressed with most of the range and will be getting Arctic Blue. To sum up, this is another range that will contain favourites for many of you. Likewise, some that people will not like, but that’s the nature of the ink business. AND - it's 14th October in Helsinki!
  7. Someone will be smacking me over the head with something.... My lovely friend, gave me samples of pretty much the whole line (I am missing three, I believe).. That was almost 6 weeks ago !!!!!... I did sample/review them approx 5 weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to post them.. I am a horrible friend... (Plus, I've been busy with Robert Oster Signature Inks.. but don't tell her that) In any case... here it goes.. Intro.. I had the pleasure to play with the following: Spanish BlueBlue 72 (What an odd name)Noir et BlueTenebris Purpuratum (what an AWESOME name)Midnight EmeraldLodenTerra FirmaDark ChocolateBlack CherryClassic Black I believe I am missing: Red 187, Emerald 357 and Brown 732…. What’s up with those names??… To start, you can call me a snob… I don’t care much for overpriced ink … those where the damn bottle seems to be more unique that the ink that is inside.. (I am looking at you Caran D’ache). So, I was quite pleased with these affordable inks… (more affordable to the US audience.. shipping is quite dear for me and anyone outside the US).... But honestly, here is perfect example that great ink with very lovely colors don’t have to be expensive. I should add a disclaimer…. I like my dark and murky colors… and this line seem to have been made for me…. They are nicely saturated and on the dark side.. All of them have sheen.. (on Tomoe of course) and they all shade beautifully. I almost can’t pick a favorite… :wub: Here you go… Red and Black Rhodia Tomoe River Conclusion.. They are not waterproof, they dry in a reasonable amount of time. Lubrication is fair… in summary they are all well behave inks. Spanish Blue: Nice fair blue. Lovely sheen. Blue 72: Too purple for my liking, but I know tons of people who like this type of blue. Noir et Blue: Ahhh YES!!!... This is a lovely blue black with a purple undertone. On wet pen it looks almost black Tenebris Purpuratum: Beautiful dark purple… if your like your purple to look almost black.. this one is for you. Midnight Emerald: Don’t bother getting the Pelikan Aquamarine… this one is as good.. and maybe even better. I will have to compare side by side. Loden: One of my all-time favorites. Is not a replacement for Olde Emerald… but is nice and dark. It reminds me of KWZI Foggy Green (which I adore!!) Terra Firma: LOVE IT LOVE IT… let me say it again… LOVE IT!!! – Is an odd dark terracotta… but is lovely… Dark Chocolate: Oh yes.. yes… come to mama… I love my dark browns. This one has no undertones. Looks black out of a wet pen. Black Cherry: Another lovely dark color. This one is darker with a tad more red than Tenebris P.… looks black out of a wet pen. Classic Black: You all know I don’t care about Black inks.. but this one is interesting. It has a mauve undertone… I don’t have Pussiere de Lune, and I wonder if this is more like a very dark Pussiere? Disclaimer: Not affiliated with Franklin-Christoph .. yadda yadda… C.
  8. birchtine

    Callifolio Inks Crv

    Lgsoltek suggested earlier a CRV to compare some of our inks. There is a fear that some might been mislabeled in the past. Let's try to get to the bottom together. My samples of Bleu Méditerranée, Atlantique and Equinoxe 6 on Leuchtturm and Clairefountaine with relatively similar broad and wet nibs. The colours are consistent with the samples I received earlier. On Clairefountaine it's somehow hard to tell the difference between the BM and BA, but I can assure you that in reality the differences are striking. Now I can understand my constant fear that I filled a pen with the wrong ink whenever I reach for the Méditerranée. These are relatively fresh samples and I noticed there is some colour shift while the inks mature on paper. ORF RAW exported through the Lightroom, no adjustments.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a good reason not to use Sailor and Iroshizuku inks in vintage Parker 51 pens. I would really hate to damage or destroy one of my beautiful "senior" citizens. My most beloved pens! I know both of these inks a highly saturated and can be a royal pain to clean out of regular piston filling pens. Most of the time I use them in either Sailor or Pelikan pens. I'm sure they would/will be just are difficult or most so, in the older 51's. I just want to make sure they will not damage them, especially if I used one are the only ink in the pen going forward. Your wisdom and advise is highly sought after. Thanks in advance.
  10. LuGoodman

    Hello From Jakarta

    Hello, I'm recently moved to Jakarta, and I wanna know where are the best places to buy stationery items (fountain pens and inks). Actually I want know if Jakarta have a active community of fountain pens aficionados.....
  11. The Good Captain

    Diamine 150Th Anniversary Inks - Part 2

    As you will have already seen, Diamine have brought out another eight new inks for their 150th Anniversary range. Great colours and I'm just posting a quick note showing them. They should be available in about three weeks. Just simple notes and my usual method - Rhodia 80gsm dot paper and Lamy Vista M nib. My favourites are Tudor Blue, Purple Dream, Dark Forest, Lilac Night and Espresso, BUT Burgundy Royale and Blood Orange could have their uses! Enjoy.
  12. Sakura FP Gallery

    Robert Oster New Colours Arrived

    All Robert Oster Signature inks restocked plus eight new colours extra ! http://www.sakurafountainpengallery.com/en/boutique/robert-oster-signature-inkt-amp-vullingen Cheers Catherine !
  13. My youngest dougther birthday is approaching and I'd like to write a letter to tell her how much I'm happy she is how she is. I also thought that would be nice to write this letter using her preferred colour but... I just realised I've no clue which is her favourite colour. I'll try to fix this in time but I'm just wondering if you know which colour is the favourite colour of your beloved ones?
  14. Robert Oster Signature Inks - Quick review of 7 lovely inks You can find Part 1 here. You can find Part 3 here. You can find Part 4 here. So I am back with some more Robert Oster Signature Inks !!!.. Yeah, Yeah.. I can’t seem to get enough of his inks… Those lucky Ozzies.. between Robert Oster and BlackStone… why would you buy anything else…. If this is the first time you are reading about Robert Oster Signature Inks, he is a lovely Australian gentleman and produces high quality Fountain Pen Ink. You can find it in eBay-AU: http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/osteralia For international orders, please use his email: Signature@RobertOster.com Ok so… this time I got: Blue BlackSchool BlueMossCopperOrangeClaretYeah, I totally forgot about Barossa Grape… but that one is currently on its way… Without further delay: BLACK nRED These inks flowed quite well on this paper… They get along quite well… no bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering whatsoever.. I use a wet flex broad, my pen dumps a bunch of ink and the behavior was flawless. Blue Black: This is a GORGEOUS Blue Black… Goes down wet and shiny and dries with a high saturation.. Lovely color School Blue: I like blues… I am NOT crazy about blues as most people seemed to be. I do LOVE dark blues. But Blues in general are just “Fine” by me. School Blue, is a “regular” blue that looks AMAZING on paper. The shading is quite dramatic.. and I don’t think it shows too well because of my wet pen. If you maximize the pic, you will see it goes from very light turquoise to a very dark blue (almost Blue Black). Really amazing looking color. And don’t forget the sheen. Robert Oster must have a very sheeny blue dye. All his blues sheen wonderfully. Moss Green: If you know anything about me, you know I like my greens very much. Especially the darker, mossy type… (the murkier the better). Moss green is not murky, but is a lovely “moss” green… lol. The name is quite right. I do love it. I also love that it does shift the hue depending on paper. It looks more olive on cram paper (Muji paper below) Copper: Now, this is a very interesting color. I think this is what people call “Puce”… Is brownish/pinkish.. very hard to describe. I do like it. It flows well and unless my eyes need adjusting (which I believe they do by the way.. I got my first pair of reading glasses three weeks ago) it seems to leave a “border” on each stroke. Not really sheen, but a darker border. I find this color very vintage looking and handsome. Not sure if copper is the correct name thou. Orange: NOW.. this IS ORANGE !!!... I think sometimes we think what orange is, and then this one comes an SMACK you in the face and says..” HEY .. I am the real ORANGE”.. Lol.. Honestly, I love my oranges, and this is a beautiful orange.. BRIGHT, but not NEON.. (which I dislike). Royal Red: This is a nice “subdue” red. I wish it was darker. Beside the Fire Engine Red it looks orangey. Robert.. if you are reading, we need a dark-blood-type red. Claret: OH WOW!!.. This goes down almost BLACK!!.. and dries to a WONDERFUL purplish /mauve color.. but is quite intriguing.. You need to see when is drying, it seems to change to grey/plum/purple/mauve.. Is almost like a chameleon… Amazing looking ink. RHODIA DOT PAD No bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering TOMOE RIVER No bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering MUJI Notebook No bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering. Please note, not all MUJI paper is fountain pen friendly. This one is the “black cover” notebook. They do quite well with ink, wet pens and they do show sheen. All the inks flowed well, and they seem quite wet. I am sure some are wetter than others, but in general.. they are on the wet side. While writing this, I went to his eBay site to grab the link, I just found out some newly release inks.. Blue Sea, Viola and Direct Sun !!!.. Should I go for more?... Is my birthday coming up?.. Well, yes.. in 2017.. LOL.. http://i.myniceprofile.com/478/47831.gif I guess is time to make a Toronto Posse Group Buy !!. C.
  15. I am certain that this has been discussed here, but I am new here, so I will appreciate if someone can tell me or even guide to an earlier discussion - Is Noodler's ink available in India (except through import)? If not, what is the typical landed price for a 3 oz bottle? Thanks Sanjay
  16. I recently purchased a few bottles of Sailor's Kiwa-Guro Nano Carbon Ink and absolutely love the stuff in my fountain pens. Even the smell is awesome. I'm curious though if there's a downside to using an ink like this for dip pens? How well does this ink work relative to the Iron Gall and Oak Gall inks that so many calligraphers use with their dip pens? Anyone? http://www.scriptorius.net/sailor_black.jpg
  17. Robert Oster Signature Inks - Quick review of 7 lovely inks You can find Part 1 here. You can find Part 2 here. You can find Part 4 here. I AM BAAACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. And I have some more Robert Oster Inks for your pleasure… If this is the first time you are reading about Robert Oster Signature Inks, he is a lovely Australian gentleman and produces high quality Fountain Pen Ink. You can find it in eBay-AU: http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/osteralia For international orders, please use his email: Signature@RobertOster.com You can find more reviews of his inks in the links provided above. (Part 1 and Part 2) On Part 3, the list of inks reviewed will be: · Barosa Grape · Pinky · Peach · Ever Green · Spearmint · Tranquility · Dark Chocolate I have never mentioned the packaging... The inks come in wrapped in a gold foil paper... like the treasure they are. Is fun to remove the wrapping and unveiled the jewel inside. Now to the inks... BLACK nRED These inks flowed quite well on this paper… They get along quite well… no bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering whatsoever.. I use a wet flex broad, my pen dumps a bunch of ink and the behavior was flawless. Barosa Grape: (don’t confuse with Barbosa) LOL. Gorgeous Purple. A must have to any purple lover.. Shading, Sheen, … on a wet pen it looks like Ink of Witch.. very dark, Pinky: You can’t call me a pink lover….. but Pinky is really the kind of pink I don’t mind. Is not retina-searing (which I dislike) and it has a vintage look without being chalky. A lovely pink. Peach: Similar to Pinky, as in a more subdue color… with a vintage feel. Is not in your face Orange.. Is so soft and delicate, you almost want to touch the “fuzz”… Ever Green: This bright green will please all straight green lovers… (I am more of a “murky” green lover) .. reminds me of MB Irish Green. Bright and cheery. Spearmint: This one surprised me… I don’t know why I was expecting a more delicate green (you can tell I am no gardener..lol)…. Is a lovely green and more in my style of “dark” greens. Sheen is amazing on this one. Tranquility: YAY!!... Deep Sea younger sister…. Lol. The hue is the same, but this one is more delicate. The darker areas might look the same.. but Tranquility is lighter and you can tell in the lighter areas. The shading is spectacular. The sheen is not too shabby either… Dark Chocolate: Is very interesting… Is a chocolate with mauve undertones. I remember finding Rober Oster Chocolate with pink undertones… so not surprised this one (Dark Chocolate) has also some other tones. I personally love when ink looks different with different lighting. Nothing wrong with that. This makes it a lovely ink for sketching. RHODIA DOT PAD No bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering. TOMOE RIVER No bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering. MUJI Notebook No bleed thru, no show thru and no feathering. Please note, not all MUJI paper is fountain pen friendly. This one is the “black cover” notebook. They do quite well with ink, wet pens and they do show sheen. Summary What can I say, I am still very impressed with Robert Oster Signature Inks. Can’t say I am head over heels with all his colors, he still needs a DEEP RED… and a straight BROWN.. but the range and quality of Blues and Greens is just MAGNIFICENT…. I personally like his purples, oranges, amber… and odd colors (Copper for example) I’ve been told there is an exclusive Red (exclusive to SAKURA) .. and I am trying to get a sample of that for comparison sake. So, hopefully I am not done with Robert Oster anytime soon. Hope you guys have enjoyed another quick trip through Robert Oster Signature Ink heaven.. Disclaimer: Not affiliated to Robert Oster.. yadda yadda…. C. .
  18. Hi everyone, I've been lurking on FPN for a bit, but never really contributed to anything... until now. While walking around Central I discovered that Joint Publishing's branch stocks a good variety of calligraphy products! I'm so excited that I decided to create an account just to share here. The items they stock include J. Herbin pens, nibs and inks, including the 1670 editions, pen holders, Brause nibs, variety of Rhodia and Clairefontaine paper pads, gift sets, quills, some fountain pens. I don't know when they started stocking these, but the saleslady says they are probably adding more in the future. Really worth checking out especially if you're in the area!
  19. Hello. I'm Esteban, from Costa Rica. This is my first post. This is a great forum, thanks in advance for your responses, and apologies for my english. I've been looking for this info in previous threads, but I didn't find any, I'm sorry if this has been asked before. The main use for my fountain pens is for signing documents. I'm a doctor: I see a patient, I print a report and sign it. I work at different places, some with laser printers and some with inkjet printers. And here's my question: Which are your favorite inks for signing documents? They must be on the black or blue side. They must look professional. They shouldn't have much feathering. They should last. And the tricky part: not boring, at least not much. Thanks a lot. As suggested: Akkerman IJzer-Galnoten bl/zw (blue-black iron gall) (#10) De Atramentis Archive Black De Atramentis Document Blue (heat and steam resistant) Diamine Registrars' Ink Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink Montblanc Midnight Blue Montblanc Permanent Black (DIN ISO 14145-2) Montblanc Permanent Blue (DIN ISO 14145-2) Noodler's 54th Massachusetts (B,E,F,W) Noodler's Black (B,E,F,W) Noodler's Blue Steel (not listed) Noodler's Liberty Elisium (F,W) Noodler's Luxury Blue (B,E,F,W, Fluorescent) Noodler's Van Gogh Starry Night (not listed) Noodler's X-Feather (B,E,F,W) Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black Rohrer & Klingner Salix Sailor Jentle Blue-Black Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon (black) Sailor Sei boku Nano Carbon (blue-black) *From Noodler's website: B/Bullletproof, E/Eternal, F/Forgery-resistant, W/Water-resistant.
  20. Pens & Pints meets the first Friday of the month (6pm - 9pm) every month. Sometimes we do re-schedule. This month (MARCH) we had two Pens&Pints. We hosted Ken Cavers on March 11 (Was so much fun!!) and our regulars Pens&Pints will be on March 18. We are meeting at the Union Social Eatery @Yonge-Sheppard. Everyone is welcome to drop by.. is good to have an idea of numbers so we can reserve a bigger table, so please leave a message here if you are planning to come. C.
  21. giacomodelbianco

    What Is Your Favourite Iroshizuku Ink?

    I am just curious! There should be a poll, I hope you can see it in the preview I am not able to do.
  22. eelldan

    Noodler's Lexington Gray

    I really enjoy grey inks and this one is my favorite. I think it works great with cheaper copy paper which I use everyday at work. it's work friendly which is a bonus when I need to leave notes for the boss. Following are how it looks on different paper. I hope you enjoy. Rhodia Copy Paper 90g Copy Paper 75g
  23. Robert Oster Signature Inks - Quick review of 16 lovely inks You can find Part 2 here. You can find Part 3 here. You can find Part 4 here. Exciting news.. a new PLAYER has enter the Ink World.. Robert Oster Signature Inks !! I was quite excited to see quick reviews of these inks. You all know how much I love new inks. New colors are always exciting to me. Looking at the line up of Robert Oster, it seems that he has been busy. More than 30 colors are currently available at his eBay store. (31 inks on eBay and maybe 7 more.. total of 38) In any case, I was dying to get my eager paws on some of his creations.. so I went ahead a selected a few colors then some more oh well. Someone might have gone a little overboard But hey!!... couldnt resist a good deal. I got: Yellow SunGreen OliveKhakiLight GreenLime GreenJadeEmeraldDeep SeaTurquoiseAustralian SkyBondi BlueBlue DenimBlue NightFire Engine RedBurgundyChocolateThey come in these cute bottles that are quite misleading.. they contain 50ml of inks and dont look much bigger than the Diamine plastic bottles. I believe Robert Oster's bottles are of a much better plastic; they are quite sturdy and the caps closes tightly. Not one spill, not even a drop of ink crept out. Mr. Oster was having a special of adding a pen (Jinhao) for every bottle you purchased. I believe that offer was for the Australian market (the weight of the pens will definitely be costly for international shipping).. In any case, he was so sweet to add 4 pens for me to try out. I never experienced this specific model of Jinhao, but I am quite happy to check them out. I LOVE broad, flex, wet pens You can imagine that I run into problems almost everywhere I go (unless sticking to the best paper). I did not bother testing with the worst paper possible. Most of us try our best to use at least decent paper. If you are forced to use bad paper, then stick to very fine nibs with medium to dry flow and you should be ok. For the purposes of this compendium-review, I use 4 types of paper. Two of them are decent fountain pen friendly (most of the time), one is excellent and the last one is not really meant for fountain pens but I happen to use it to create my swatch cards. Regular Decent Paper Black nRedRegular Decent Paper Rhodia Dot PadFantastic Paper Tomoe RiverAbsorbent Paper Maruman MnemosyneMy regular notebook is the Black nRed, I use Rhodia only for testing and Tomoe River is mostly for fun, doodling and testing inks. A great ink just looks FANTASTIC on Tomoe and because of the way it lets inks pool on the surface.. if an ink has the ability to sheen, Tomoe River will show it. To start, these inks are WET. Really wet. I do enjoy wet inks, but since most my pens are wet pens wet+wet.. is a tad too wet. I believe these inks will work much better on medium nibs and they will also help a dryish pen. Colors are nicely saturated and most of them display very nice sheen. BLACK nRED This is paper works 90% of the time. I tend to use extremely wet pens (broads and flexs) and this paper will sometimes fails me. Only very few inks misbehave on this paper. I enjoy the sturdiness of the hardbound cover and the whiteness of the paper enhances the color of the inks. I do enjoy using this paper and I was gladly surprised that NONE of the Robert Oster inks bleed, showed or feathered on this paper. Some of these inks display a nice amount of sheen on this paper
  24. I bought several inks when I bought my first several pens so I had a little bit to sample from. Here are the inks I initially bought: Noodler's Eternal Polar Blue. (Bought it with my Lamy Safari at store and was the only blue available.) Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku Boxed Set (Bought it for Kon-Peki) Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-Yake I've been happy with all the colors above in all my pens except I don't like the Noodler's Eternal Polar Blue all the much; I especially don't like it in my Lamy Safari. I've put all those inks in my Safari over this last week and the Iroshizuku inks seem to flow better in the Safari. The Noodler's Polar Blue seems to make my Safari have slow starts. Anyways it has seeped in my mind that the nib on my Safari may be out of alignment which I plan on looking at as soon as I pick up a good loupe. I have a magnifying glass, but it just doesn't have a high enough magnification to really get a good look at it. Has anyone else noticed issues with Noodler's inks? Someone else had a thread recently about Noodler's Elysium not working well in there Safari. I would like to try some other Noodler's blues, turquoises, and other colors; but now I am afraid that I'll have similar issues as with the polar blue. As I mentioned above The Iroshizuku inks seem to flow significantly better in the Safari. I plan on buying some more inks to try, but there is so much out there would like to hear from people on what they think are the "Staple" or "Must Have" inks that all newcomers should get / try. I tend to lean more towards the blues and turquoises, and greens. Having said that I recently stumbled upon some reds like Sailor Oku-Yama and Diamine Ancient Cooper and purples like De Atramentis Aubergine and Sailor Shigure that looks really cool and may pick them up so really I am open to all color suggestions.
  25. I have just ordered the 4 Seasons inks and have several demonstrator p ens I would like to use these inks in, but don't want to stain them. Does anyone have experience with Visconti Opera, Pelikan M8XX, M2XX demonstrator pens and the Sailor inks? Please share! Thanks in advance!

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