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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to the FP network (about 5 minutes ago) and am still learning the ropes of both the network and the fountain pen itself. I am a student in high school and just started using fountain pens this semester and am loving it. I own two Noodler's Ahabs and am looking to get something that will work better with cheap paper, as I cannot shell out money for Rodia, Clairefontaine and the like due to the fact that I take about 2-3 pages of notes a school day.I have been drawn to the TWSBI mini because of the modern design and because it seems to work well with cheap paper. Is this a good choice? If not what else? At the same time, I am looking for cheap paper that will bring out the best in my inks without feathering and such. Is Staplers Bagasse any good? And finally, if I do get the TWSBI mini, would Noodler's "Bad Blue Heron" be safe to use in it?
  2. The Good Captain

    New Diamine 150Th Anniversary Inks!

    Anniversary Collection – on release from 17th November 2014. To celebrate 150 years of the Diamine brand they have created the “Anniversary Collection”. The new triangular design ink bottles contain 40ml and will be available in eight stunning colours: these bottles when collected can be arranged into a beautiful round desk display. I haven't been given any notification of price point yet but unlike the previous two Diamine collections, all these new inks will be available separately from the start. AND there are possible rumours of additional colours in the future! As usual, my scans are of dip-tested writing, using Lamy Safari pens with M nibs. I use a small sable paintbrush for the 'swatches' but don't re-dip the brush between each one. The paper is my normal Rhodia 80gsm dot grid A5. Diamine 1864 Blue Black As you might expect, this is my favourite of all the Anniversary inks. A wonderful, rich dark blue-black with plenty of character. Obviously suitable for business and personal use and when compared alongside a black ink, 1864 definitely isn't! Fabulous! Diamine Silver Fox This is a mid grey in my opinion and although not one of my favourite 'colours' this one from Diamine will almost certainly be a winner. Along with Graphite, it will certainly find its way into my collection. Diamine Regency Blue A wonderful, deep blue which is nice and rich. Plenty of character and this again could be used for business and personal writing. Diamine have been careful not to make these inks similar to any others of their range and I can't compare it to any at all. Obviously, others out there might well liken them to others by different manufacturers but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?! Diamine Safari What can one say? The 'missing link' between Salamander and Evergreen! A fantastic colour and one which will definitely get into the Limoges collection. My joint second-favourite, it reminds me of that wonderful 'bush' grass colour and if I had to compare this one, I'd say it was like Epinard. But I could be wrong...! Diamine Carnival Gorgeous red – if that's your bag! I don't use them as a rule but have to say that this ink and colour impressed me a lot. I can imagine it being popular and, along with Ciamine/Cult Pens Deep Dark Red, could well complete my collection at this part of the spectrum. Diamine Blue Velvet This wonderful ink is my second-favourite of the set; but only just and by the proverbial gnat's whisker! Bright and cheerful are the best words I can use to describe it and I just love it. It seems to be between Aster and Cornflower from the Flower set and it fits in that gap nicely. A lovely blue and my second favourite of the set. Diamine Terracotta This one has grown on me since I did the test and have typed this out. Not too pale at all and even dipped and on Rhodia it seems to shade quite well. Not that that bothers me in the slightest. A good colour but not one of my usual ranges. Diamine Tropical Green A good mid green with just a hint towards the blue side, according to my eyes. I bet it would look great on ivory or yellow/legal paper. It could be the only green to get if that's a colour that you hadn't considered before. As I mentioned, these eight inks are being sold separately and that is going to be a real bonus for Diamine. A newly-designed and hand-illustrated box with ink colour label completes the packaging. Each bottle is labelled uniquely, with the colour on the label and side panels which are printed on the sides of the boxes although that isn't quite clear from the photograph, supplied by Diamine.) This example is for the 1864 Blue Black. Finally, as if we didn't know, the inks have been developed to celebrate the 150th Anniversary. May we all wish Diamine well - a wonderful British achievement!
  3. Hi, I read many reviews about Noodler's black saying that it is one of the darkness/blackest ink in the market. I don't know if my bottles have a problem, but I'm obtaining a very light black. I'm attaching a test comparing two bottles of Noodler's, Parker Quink and Montblanc. As you can see Parker is 10 times stronger that Noodler's. The text is written with a Pelikan M200 using the noodler's black bottle 1. Any idea what could be happening here? Kind regards, AM
  4. Tessy Moon

    Pink & Purple Ink Comparisons

    Here are a couple scans of some pink and purple ink comparisons. All these were written with a glass dip pen on a Rhodia dot pad. I did my best to represent the colors of the inks but as always please remember that what I see on my screen is probably a little different than what you see. I hope that this will at least give an idea of where each of these inks stand next to similar ones I have listed here. I will list the inks in the text also so it will be searchable. Enjoy and I hope these are helpful! http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/f0/d9/29/f0d92944248bba04d46040abc53d79fa.jpg Pink Inks De Atramentis Heather Violet Monteverde Pink J Herbin Rose Tendresse J Herbin Bouquet D'Antan Sailor Jentle Peche Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji J Herbin Rose Cyclamen Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Private Reserve Plum Diamine Deep Magenta Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo Organics Studio Lithium Organics Studio Lewis Carroll Levenger Shiraz Noodler's Ottoman Rose Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses (Old) Montegrappa Bordeaux http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/dd/f4/6e/ddf46ef824d6c1de85f67e946d81c5d2.jpg Purple Inks J Herbin Larmes de Cassis Private Reserve Arabian Rose Organics Studio Jane Austen Pelikan Violet De Atramentis Pearl Violet Rohrer and Klingner Scabiosa J Herbin Poussiere de Lune Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses (New) De Atramentis Aubergine De Atramentis Alexander Hamilton De Atramentis Lilac De Atramentis Magenta Violet Diamine Majestic Purple Diamine Lavender J Herbin Violet Pensee Pilot Iroshizuku Muraski Shikibu Organics Studio Vanadium Nostalgic Impressions Purple Monteverde Purple
  5. shawng

    Ink's Settling

    I had a bottle of Noodler, Rome Burning, sitting on my self which I had not touched for a while. Finally decided to put it in one of my pens but once i had the ink appeared to be very light. I then shook the bottle of ink and refilled the pen and found the ink returned to its original colour. Is this normal? Thanks.
  6. vannesspen

    Vanness Nos Sheaffer And Bexleys

    Vanness has a nice selection of NOS Sheaffer made in the USA and Bexley pens. Bexley Holiday Windows 2001 Edition retailed for $1995.00 normally priced at $1595.00 SPECIAL price of $1295.00 leading up to the DC Fountain pen Supershow. Have questions? call us at 502-353-2362 or email us at vanness1938@sbcglobal.net https://vanness1938.com/?q=writing-instrument-detail/FMB/BEHoliday2001WG
  7. gerigo

    6 Sailor Inks

    Bought the new Sailor Jentle inks in a fit of spending last week. Not too into very dark colors so will probably not get the last 2 colors, Doyou and Miruai. Otherwise these are the new colors that replace the previous set. This is the first time I am doing this type of comparison. So excuse me if some of the observations are a little newbie-ish. _Tokiwa Matsu is probably my favorite. I love green inks, particularly ones that are yellow hued. _Some of the colors appear, look and behave differently on different pens. Eg Nioi Sumire looks distinctly purple on the broad pen, but is more blue on finer pens. _Oku-yama is my most sheening ink right now. Love the metallic green sheen over the burgundy brown color. _Sailor inks have a very interesting smell that is distinctive, even when you write.
  8. Hi all! When I first tried out Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki, I thought it was perfect in almost every single way except for one small thing - it would have been amazing if it was just slightly lighter. Then, I discovered Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-iro, which is a lot lighter and exhibits fantastic shading as well. However, on my journey to find the perfect turquoise ink I've noticed that there are many lookalikes, making my quest harder and harder. I've finally decided that I will order a bunch of samples and compare some of the most popular turquoise inks out there in one massive ink review, which will ultimately go up on my blog. However, I am not sure how many people will be interested in something like this. I've read a number of reviews that compare four or five different inks, but what I am planning now is significantly larger. Here are the inks I am thinking of reviewing. Feel free to let me know if A. you would be interested in something like this, and B. if you are, what ink(s) you would like me to review or remove from the list. I am thinking of keeping the list limited to inks that are in an affordable price range (I'm looking at you, Caran d'Ache) and regularly available (i.e. not limited edition). Also, (please let me know if you disagree/agree with this or not but) I am thinking of focusing on inks that exhibit notable shading. Inks: Caran d’Ache Hypnotic Turquoise Diamine Aqua Lagoon Diamine Aqua Blue Diamine Havasu Turquoise Diamine Mediterranean Blue Diamine Turquoise J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche Lamy Turquoise Montblanc Turquoise Noodler’s American Eel Turquoise Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise Organics Studio Copper Omas Turquoise Pelikan Turquoise Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-iro Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-jaku Sheaffer Turquoise Waterman Inspired Blue (previously South Sea Blue)
  9. Like most of us here, I do an awful lot of my purchasing on-line. Now that I think of it, few of my actual pen purchases have been made in person. Despite my being as big an advocate as anyone about the merits of trying out a pen in person! I've used quite a number of merchants, but a few really stand out in terms of their outstanding service and quality. I'm long overdue in giving them the recognition they deserve -- at least in my sometimes not so humble opinion! My top 5, listed alphabetically (I'd hate to admit relatively dollar volumes. I don't even want to think about that!): Richard Binder {www.richardspens.com}: I've not actually had any serious nib tuning done by Richard. I've bought a few pens as well as some nib units. I think Richard's prices on the pens/nib units are totally competitive, perhaps more so given that he actually confirms the nibs are in great shape before shipping. I've also been totally unhesitant to ask him questions and his opinion. Service has been quick, shipping fool-proof, and quality superb. Even when I email in questions I usually get a response the next day. Sometimes the same night if he's having a bout of insomnia similar to mine! Fahrney's {www.fahrneyspens.com}: Well, I live in Northern Virginia. So Fahrney's in DC is sort of the hometown B&M store. I have occasionally gone there in person -- especially when I really wanted to try a pen in person. This is particularly nice also because there is usually a technician on duty there who can add another dimension or viewpoint to the expected performance of a pen from a manufacturer. On line purchases are a breeze, and the phone based customer service folks have always been very accommodating. Deliveries are always fast -- hardly a surprise given my location, and everything is well packed. Fountain Pen Hospital {www.fountainpenhospital.com}: I've been a long-time lurker on their website, particularly the 'Back Room' page for previously owned non-vintage pens and the 'Vintage' pen page for -- well, you can guess. I can truthfully say I've never received a pen that failed to write out of the box. I have decided a couple of times that I didn't like what I received, and returns were no problem. Shipments from New York are fast, and packaging is great. I did have a chance this past summer to visit in person when I was in NY and met pretty much all of the people with whom I've spoken which was great. I won't suggest that you can't get many of these pens cheaper say on eBay. BUT every pen I get is in full working order, which I find valuable in itself. Goulet Pens {www.gouletpens.com}: Without question, the website is a fantastic resource in itself, with the steady release of videos by Brian discussing various pens. I've bought primarily inks, cases, and some nibs. Even during this past winter, with the horrid low temperatures, everything arrives safe and sound and prompt. But then anyone who browses FPN is well aware of the Goulet reputation for really sound packaging practice -- they must get a huge bulkrate on packaging materials. Special kudos for customer service: on a couple of occasions, I've either changed my order or ended up placing two orders right after each other; Goulet Customer Service have been outstanding at dealing with these changes and combining orders. I get everything from them within just a few days -- hardly a surprise, given they are also Virginia based! And the fact that Brian is a Hokie (Virginia Tech y'all) as is my son is I have to admit a bonus point... Peyton Street Pens {www.peytonstreetpens.com}: Teri Morris is well known here at FPN. I recently placed my first order with her when she sent out a post about NOS of Parker Falcolns. Wonderful service -- even when at the last minute I asked her if possible to change from a brown pen to a black one. Not only was she able to, but I received everything within just a few days. Huge surprise when I opened the box: she'd included a bonus of an Indian pen as a Thank You for the order. Both pens write beautifully straight out of the box. She and I were in close communication by email throughout. Here's an even bigger surprise: Peyton Street Pens have their own gift boxes for the pens which are in my opinion magnificent: company name in a beautiful silver font, box is finished in a sort of linen finish; instead of opening as your usual box does, it pulls open from the side like a drawer. I've only seen this before on expensive LE pens. Which highlights that pens purchased for gifts will come well packaged! Thanks Teri!There are of course some other merchants I've used and I really have no complaints against any of them. I've been fortunate that way. But these 5 are my tops and I wanted to share with all y'all!
  10. gvhill

    Vintage Inks On Ebay

    While browsing eBay, I saw there are 50+ lots of various vintage inks for sale. - Grayling
  11. I would like to buy bottled ink and I have checked in almost all online shops in Europe (and probably in USA too). The problem is, that the bottle costs around 12 EUR (16$) and the shipping, in most shops, between 12-14 EUR (16 to 19$) which I find too expensive. Even from a German shop that is almost around the corner they want to add those costs to the final price (it seems my current location is on a special "weird" list. I feel as if I lived somewhere far away, in Nepal, right next to Mount Everest). Would you pay such a high shipping fee in order to get bottled ink? I could get 2 bottles for this price if they were sold here (but they aren't). So I'm basically buying cartridges only. Another question is: is there any European shop similar to Goulet Pens? Any store that sells ink samples without charging 14 $ for shipping? I haven't found one, but I'm sure it exists (hopefully). Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. coffeetoofull

    Visker And Scrivener, Inks & Ink Well

    I found the following site called Vicker And Scrivener, while searching the internet for dip pens. Although they make glass handle dip pen holders, i.e. a dip pen, they, also, produce ink wells and inks. I noticed that they are located in Galveston, Texas (Gulf Of Mexico) and wondered about the properties of their inks and how they might compare to other permanent and waterproof inks? Best Writings To You, coffeetoofull
  13. If there is already a section for this, please let me know. I have yet to find one though on Storage and Organization for fine writing tools and materials. It would be nice to have a section for this for people to ask questions in reference to storage and organization, pose ideas, tips, or tricks, post photos of how they organize and store things, and attach instructional files, such as a word document, to their post if they should wish to do so. Just a thought Again, please let me know if a section such as this exists. Thanks! ~gracefulpen
  14. Brier

    Inks Grouped By Brand?

    I've noticed that a lot of people and stores seem to group the fountain pen inks that they own by the company that makes them rather than by color. I'm curious as to why people do this, is it because people get attached to a specific company's ink, something to do with the properties of that company's ink, or something else? From my beginner's vantage to the fountain pen world, it seems like color is the more logical way to sort inks.
  15. The Ghoul Caligrapher

    Black Inks (Anti Fade Jet Black)

    So have you guys have any recommendations about a really dark black ink that that doesn't fade out. I do regular caligraphy and I tried out diffrent bottled inks plopped them in my converters and tried them out. I tried a Cross black ink but the colour is terrible and goes gray. I heard about Noodlers black inks and how good they are but have yet to try it myself. So..WHAT DO YOU GUYS RECOMMEND?
  16. plumon

    Shading Ink(S)

    This may be a basic question: what is "shading" ink (beyond the obvious) and who makes them? How can I find out more about them? Thanks in inkiness. plumon
  17. Sailor Kenshin

    When Is Enough 'enough?'

    Recently I bought two ' 21-gun' acrylic lipstick case holders for my ink samples, so they wouldn't wobble around and fall and such. So far, so good. The holders work really well. But...SOOOO many inks! In addition to the samples, also have about a million full-sized bottles, including several Noodler,s, many Skrips, three MB, some Diamine of different sizes, and almost all the JH colors. I'm glad I got the samples because some of them are not really for me, while others will be restocked as full-size. Still, I get the urge to just dump them all into one big bottle. And then buy nothing new apart from some of the LE MB inks. I've also thought, 'Why not just mix inks to get that certain color?' Has anyone else ever felt the 'enough' button begging to be pushed?
  18. The fountain pen I have was handmade by one of my brother's teachers and now I want a calligraphy nib and I need some replacement inks. The problem is, I can't remember what website she uses to get the nibs and inks. Here's a photo of the nib and you can see the threads where the pen part attaches? This is my first fountain pen and I just want to be able to do calligraphy with it. Thanks, April
  19. circlepattern

    Sheeny Blue Inks?

    I'm relatively new to fountain pens and inks, I'm recently wanting to get a bottle of blue ink that has sheen to add some uniqueness to it. I will be using it to write Chinese characters (very compact and small compared to English EX: “有一条龙被关在笼子里” and I will be writing about 3 pages (single page) a time, guess why I decided to use fountain pens!), so any good suggestions for first time inks out there?
  20. pranav.bhatnagar

    Ink Help :)

    Hello poeple, I have been a passionate user of ink pens since past 10 years. Even now, after I have graduated I still use ink pen for all my writing needs. In my childhood there was never a complain of ink clogging problems since we only had availability of 1 - 2 brands of ink and the pens we used to be in a normal price range. Off late after I brought a Mont Blanc Midnight blue (Blue - Black) which is a permanent ink, which is not mentioned on the box, I had started using it and it clogged my sheaffer prelude badly, which I have now given for repairing but my Parker 45 survived it. After this incident I have stopped using that ink. Now I have started using Waterman Blue Black and Parker Quink Blue Black ink. I am planning to purchase a purple or a black colour ink for my Parker Premier Black / Monochrome edition. This time I want to be perfectly safe and the ink brands which are available in my region are: 1. Waterman 2. Parker 3. Pelikan Edelstein 4. Mont Blanc PS: Quink Blue Black does not mention to be a permanent ink, but is it really one? I found quite a lot of people saying it to be a permanent ink but it doesn’t feel though. I have read reviews but I would like to know personal experience of people using it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Pranav B

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