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  1. dylim1

    Inks For Lamy Dialog 3

    I recently purchased a used Lamy Dialog 3. I wrote with it before going to bed and it didn't start right up in the morning. It required a few line strokes to get it writing again. The ink that I use in it is Noodler's Heart of Darkness. My guess is, it might be the pen and ink combination that causes the problem. What inks have you found to not have startup problems after not using it for 6 to 8 hours, a day or so? Thanks for all your suggestions in advance.
  2. Jamerelbe

    New Inks From Justwrite.com.au

    The long-awaited "Colours of Australia" ink range from Just Write Pens has finally arrived in-store - I placed my order on Wednesday, and look what arrived in my letterbox today! Reviews to follow in the appropriate forum, as I find the time...
  3. Uncial

    Fading Inks

    I thought it might be useful to have a thread that lists writers experiences of fading inks. I usually try and avoid inks that fade a lot, but some fade only a little and while this doesn't bother me too much it might bother others. For ease of reading, perhaps we can devise a grading of fading as follows: Significant: the ink fades very significantly, either in terms of a big change of colour or in shade or has disappearing or unreadable text. Moderate: The text is still readable, but there is a noticeable shift in colour or shade but it is still, more or less, the colour it proclaims itself to be. Mild: Some fading, but you have to look hard at comparisons to notice. For me, I would like to avoid inks that have significant fading. Sometimes this can be noticeable within weeks of laying the ink on the page and at other times it doesn't become apparent until a year or two later. Thankfully I have yet to discover a 'significant' fading ink. Here's my list: Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki (Moderate) Waterman Mysterious Blue (Moderate)+ Montbanc Royal Blue (Moderate) Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel (Mild) Diamine Majestic Blue (Mild) Akkerman Verhoot (Mild) Noodler's Purple Martin (Mild) Sailor Bungbox Happiness (Mild) J Herbin Blue Pervenche (Mild) Montblanc Leo Tolstoy (Moderate)* Pelikan Edelstein Topaz (Mild) Montblanc Dark Blue (Moderate) +I'm a little concerned about this one. I haven't had it long and it has faded very noticeably. *This discovery hurt. I love this ink. It seems to survive alright in a normal nib, but a stub nib highlights the shift in shade.
  4. Hello, I am new to the world of fountain pens. I've recently bought a couple of Jinhao X750 pens. Those two were the last ones in stock. I'd like to add some more to my collection but not able to find any shop selling them. I've checked online as well. Online shops sell them at a much higher price (At a retailer a x750 costs around 250/- but online shops sell them for around 600-1200/- each). Does anybody know shops in mumbai which sell Jinhao pens?
  5. Hi I'm looking for calligraphy pens with nib sizes from 0.7mm to 2.5mm. I'm looking for branded pens, not on the luxury side of course, but for regular script writing. Any ideas where and what to look for?
  6. Deepak_Pandya

    Ink Stores In India?

    Hey hi! Thanks for taking interest. Could anyone help me out with ink stores in India? I would prefer the ones who give an option to order online. (Of course, I cannot travel all of India just for some ink bottles :/ ) I live in a small town & all that is available here is Camlin Blue & Red inks. If you are lucky, you may find Parker Quinky. I'm looking for inkwells up to INR 500 but cannot find stores. I have been swarming the internet since last week but to no good. I've been through pensavenvue.com, pensindia.com & of course snapdeal, flipkart, ebay and amazon. Here's what I've seen: Pelikan inks (32/65ml base colors RGBY) : INR 200-400 : OUT OF STOCK Diamine inks (30-60ml base colors RGY, blue available): INR 375-500: OUT OF STOCK Waterman inks: Same, out of stock. I mean, come on! All they've got of these brands are 850 & above! You name it! Lamy, Diamine, Waterman, J.herbin, etc. Can't find varied colors in any local brands & I'm not going to use camlin. I've tried to shop cross country but the shipping charges are more than the cost of product, obviously. :/ I currently use PILOT NAMIKI IROSHIZUKU - Ku-jaku Peacock Deep Turquoise Blue (50ml) & it cost me 1500 INR. I ordered it from engeika.com. If you buy the same thing from any of the Indian stores, you get it for 2500. Now, I can't afford 1500 for ever color and just for 50ml. So, I'm looking for varied colors & a bit of quality at the same time. So, any suggestion regarding stores / places to buy would be helpful. Also, please let me know if there are any Indian brands who make good inks. Thank you!
  7. iSpyRides

    Hello From Cyprus

    Greetings from Cyprus I came accross this forum where I have found fantastic information on all types and brands of fountain pens. My experience with fountain pens started during high school, throughout which I quite often used a Parket Jotter (i think) for note taking. However, after a significant pause from fountain pens throughout my university time, my interest in pens generally sparkled again. At the time though I started using ballpoints That was until i dared to buy for myself a MontBlanc Boheme (medium nib). The pen was striking, and I could not resist it. Although that small MontBlanc got stolen from me during a trip, I still think it is the best I owned. During the 3 years I owned it, I hardly used any other pen. Currently, I own Fountain Pens Pelikan M400 (fine nib) Montegrappa Parola (medium) Parker Latitude (fine i think) Parker Urban (fine) Platinum #3776 steel nib (medium) Cross Century II (fine nib) Cross Century II (broad nib) Cross ATX (fine nib) Sheaffer 100 (medium Nib) Lamy Vista (medium) Lamy Nexx (medium)Plus an assortment of Ballpoints and Rollerballs eating dust in a pen case. I will try soon to post a few handwritten reviews of these pens Inks I have used. Cross Blue and Black (I think both cross inks were made by Pelikan) Parker Quink Blue, Green, washable blue, blue-black and black Pelikan Edelstein Topaz, Sheaffer Skrip Blue
  8. I enjoy this forum for its diversity on why people participate and generally all points of view are accepted. Pens for vintage reasons, business aspects of why or why not an ink still exists, the elegance of the nib in the hand of an amateur or steady operator, and to me the interplay between paper>nib>feed>art/print/cursive>operators skill/hand and the pleasure achieved by that interplay are reasons to participate. While ink is not the most expensive part of the hobby (on a one-by-one basis) [not talking about those with armoires for their collection] finishing the final mls of the bottle express the same elements as when your mother told you to "finish the food on your plate" [a universal axiom and my family are Germanic]. A terrific ink bottle shape survey was conducted by AndreaDuni in 2007 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/28435-ink-bottle-shapes/ and its results are fascinating as the conical reservoir of Lamy hidden cone, MB shoe, Skrip well, and +++ were well appreciated for their Maxwell house "good to the last drop" characteristics. I recently bought three empty vintage Skrip bottles (1-118ml and 2-59ml) just to put 4.5 oz. dregs from a popular pasta ink. The bottles on ebay, empty + shipping cost the same as a new bottle with a free pen. Yet, I had to have them for economy of - well I don't know. Then I found an unusual bottle on ebay from Germany. While labeled refill, I think it's for refilling and the "ing" didn't make the cut. It has a conical bottom in the upright position for normal filling. It also has cones in the front and back for tipped filling for the last drops! This MB refill bottle in plastic is the first I have seen on the WWW and found nowhere on FPN. First comment from me is: Plastic blow molding allows this shape and current plastic formulations are highly impermeable to staining and transpiration as well as cap design and seal. I have borrowed the images from the ebay listing and can replace them with my own when the bottle arrives if the image owner objects. I look forward to your comments. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODAwWDEyMDA=/z/N9gAAOSwyQtV3clV/$_57.JPG http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODAwWDEyMDA=/z/CNkAAOSw3ydV3clV/$_57.JPG
  9. Diamine have announced today that they are almost ready to launch their latest "shimmer" inks. They should be available at the end of September or the beginning of October. They are called Diamine Shimmertastic inks, and each ink will come in a 50ml glass bottle. Each ink contains either silver or gold particles and these are the colours: NIGHT SKY ( Black/Silver) BLUE PEARL ( Blue / Silver) A medium blue shade PURPLE PAZZAZZ (Purple / Gold) MAGICAL FOREST (Green/ Silver) BLUE LIGHTNING (Blue / Silver) A cerulean type blue shade RED LUSTRE (Red / Gold) SHIMMERING SEAS (Blue / Gold) A blue-black shade BRANDY DAZZLE (Brown / Gold) GOLDEN SANDS (Yellow / Gold) SPARKLING SHADOWS ( Grey / Gold) Reviews to follow soon.
  10. Hi everyone, I've been lurking on FPN for a bit, but never really contributed to anything... until now. While walking around Central I discovered that Joint Publishing's branch stocks a good variety of calligraphy products! I'm so excited that I decided to create an account just to share here. The items they stock include J. Herbin pens, nibs and inks, including the 1670 editions, pen holders, Brause nibs, variety of Rhodia and Clairefontaine paper pads, gift sets, quills, some fountain pens. I don't know when they started stocking these, but the saleslady says they are probably adding more in the future. Really worth checking out especially if you're in the area!
  11. Being new to inks, I'm looking for a blue or turquoise ink for everyday use in demonstrator pens. I'd like the writing to be dark enough to be usable for everyday writing (notes, grading) but apart from that the two things I'd like to have are transparency and shading. Noodler's Navajo Turquoise seems to be highly recommended, but I am wondering if people have other suggestions that I should compare or try out. I understand that transparent blues are somewhat harder to come by than reds. I've been really enjoying Noodler's Dragon Napalm and would love to have a blue/turquoise ink with similar characteristics (although DN doesn't shade much). Thanks.
  12. Hello. I'm Esteban, from Costa Rica. This is my first post. This is a great forum, thanks in advance for your responses, and apologies for my english. I've been looking for this info in previous threads, but I didn't find any, I'm sorry if this has been asked before. The main use for my fountain pens is for signing documents. I'm a doctor: I see a patient, I print a report and sign it. I work at different places, some with laser printers and some with inkjet printers. And here's my question: Which are your favorite inks for signing documents? They must be on the black or blue side. They must look professional. They shouldn't have much feathering. They should last. And the tricky part: not boring, at least not much. Thanks a lot. As suggested: Akkerman IJzer-Galnoten bl/zw (blue-black iron gall) (#10) De Atramentis Archive Black De Atramentis Document Blue (heat and steam resistant) Diamine Registrars' Ink Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink Montblanc Midnight Blue Montblanc Permanent Black (DIN ISO 14145-2) Montblanc Permanent Blue (DIN ISO 14145-2) Noodler's 54th Massachusetts (B,E,F,W) Noodler's Black (B,E,F,W) Noodler's Blue Steel (not listed) Noodler's Liberty Elisium (F,W) Noodler's Luxury Blue (B,E,F,W, Fluorescent) Noodler's Van Gogh Starry Night (not listed) Noodler's X-Feather (B,E,F,W) Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black Rohrer & Klingner Salix Sailor Jentle Blue-Black Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon (black) Sailor Sei boku Nano Carbon (blue-black) *From Noodler's website: B/Bullletproof, E/Eternal, F/Forgery-resistant, W/Water-resistant.
  13. Hi everyone. I just took posession of my new book on fountain pens, and would love to share with you. Alain VANDERAUWERA, is a swiss architect , and a talented artist. He lives and works at Yverdon-les-Bain, in Switzerland. He has a passion, though. Could you guess? Yes, you're right: fountain pens. He has started, long ago, a wonderful, and much complete, fountain pen collection which he exposes at the LIttle Fountain Pen Museaum he has opened. http://vanderauwera.org/category/stylo-plume-fountain-pen-musee/ He likes to write his journal, and make illustrations of all the pens he buys, or comes across. All his illustrations are fountain pen and ink made, as well as their colouring, using watercolour technic. This first volume, of several others to come (we, passionate ones, hope so), was released several days ago. It is a Limited Edition of 500 copies, all of which numbered and posessing an Authenticity Certificate signed by the author / artist The pages are loose cards (24), each with a fountain pen model drawn on it. You can keep the cards as a book, or you can frame them. The back of each page is blank - you can write about the pen drawn on it. The possibilities are endless, the book, a beauty. Its dimensions are 20cm x 12 cm - quite handy to carry around. Fountain pen lovers, if you are interested, you can contact Alain through his mail, and order your copy: vanderauwera@hispeed.ch http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/538/TWr5wf.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/661/CWz96n.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/538/IhY00D.jpg You can see his presentation on his site, too http://vanderauwera.org/2015/04/19/fountains-pen-volume-01-alain-vanderauwera/
  14. Oldtimer

    Xfountain Pens

    I received the e-mail today; 100ml bottles that are on sale. They have a few other things in addition on sale (nibs, 100 ml bottled ink and XYZ (don't remember), I love their Chesterfield Mahogany for my brown pens.
  15. Im a fan of the Parker 51, and have several. One, however, no mater which ink I use, always is a very 'wet' writer; it has a medium nib. I don't have this with the others, nothing about this one looks or feels different, and I have tried different inks, and papers, but don't know what the problem is....though a wet writer isn't a problem as such, this is just a little bit too much on the wet side for me. Grateful for any thoughts or suggestions Alex
  16. Next Toronto Pens & Pints is on.... Friday MAY 15, 2015 Location: The Frog and Firkin http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/smiley-face-making-cocktail.gif Time: 5:30PM on... The Frog: A Firkin Pub is located @ 4854 Yonge Street (& Sheppard)
  17. I have decided to review some inks. These aren't necessarily in any particular order. This one is from the latest Diamine 150th Anniversary inks 1864 Blue-Black. It's quite a saturated blue-black shade compared with Waterman Mysterious Blue. To my eyes it seems to contain more black than some other blue-blacks I have seen. Water test on the review form shows this isn't a waterproof ink.Bearing in mind the paper I use is very smooth, and the nib was a medium, this ink took 15-16 secs to dryIt flows reasonably wet, and lubricates the nib OK I have used inks that have had better lubrication than this one.It is currently available in 40ml cake slice shaped glass bottles.Diamine sell it directly to end-users on their web-site.
  18. So I bought a couple of Eames Notebooks, which are made by the UK printers Whitbread and Wilkinson. They're well-made and pretty, but ink reacts in this odd way with the paper: First of all, the pages are blue and lined in white. I think the pages may be completely covered with ink because when I write with certain pens, the line breaks up. But with certain OTHER pens - same ink, mind, the line is smooth. The width of the nib doesn't seem to be a factor. It's this mysterious, individual interaction of nib, ink and paper. Anyone wish to theorize?
  19. Epicsockzebra

    Good Color Inks For Cheap Paper

    Hello everybody, hope you are doing well, I'm quite new to this forum and to fountain pens in general. I'm a highschool student who recently got into fountain pens after my mother dug up a bunch of her old Pelikan pens (she lived in Germany) and I absolutely loved it, problem is that it bleeds on almost EVERY paper i try. I recently decided to get a higher quality one, since my mother told me that it was pen meant for young grade school, it was not extremely high quality. So I decided to pick up a Platinum Plaisir with a converter and was wondering if any of you experienced folks happen to know of a good ink which is an alternate color, as I have seen noodlers xfeather and bulletproof, but I don't really want to write in black all the time. For me black/blue inks get quite boring and i would prefer a nice green, teal color, or something like Noodler's Apache Sunset(the color on that one I really enjoy, just don't know how it bleeds and don't know if my teachers will enjoy reading my essays and homework in an orange hue ), overall the most important thing is that it doesn't bleed on cheap paper, and of slightly less value is that it doesn't feather too much. So in short, I'm looking for a way to circumvent my problem of inks that bleed on cheap paper, but also trying to fulfill the goal of having a nice, exciting ink. Also as a side note, if anyone knows of a better starter FP that is on the cheaper end that has a fine nib I'd be extremely glad to hear any recommendations Thanks in advance!
  20. Dear Fellow Indian Members How many of you would be interested in group buy for inks?
  21. Massdrop Platinum "Mix Free" Ink Missing Kit being offered: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/platinum-ink-mixing-kit?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Massdrop%20-%20Master%20-%20Writing&utm_campaign=Writing%20Layer%203%20Product%20Announcement%202015-03-17&utm_content=A&mode=guest_open
  22. Finally, through no pre planning, I have wonderfully just finished cleaning 5 of my 8 writing beauties. Getting them ready for the next fill. Next step is to decide which ink will fill each pen. JOY! Two others were already waiting for the rest and have already been cleaned. There is only my Lamy still inked. Literally, standing at my kitchen sink, transfer pipette between finger tips, sink stopper in place so nothing crucial from any pen drops down to the abyss. While blissfully I cleaned out remnant of residual ink from each pen, thought, "wonder what others consider their most wonderful aspect of enjoying pens, paper, ink, etc.?" Having several, this one is one for me right now. The pleasure of the first alphabet letter written, once I have filled a favorite fountain pen with new ink; flow of the ink onto perfect paper; sound, feel when I open a new off white, unlined, quasi glossy, fountain pen friendly journal; sheer giddiness, when I open a brand new ink bottle. Well, as you can read, these are ones off the edges of my hat brim. What is your moment? What a way to begin, continue a new week, huh? Enjoy it and sharing your perfect blissful moment.
  23. Hey guys! I'm not sure whether anyone has ever brought this topic up before (if so, I'm sorry). I ordered J. Herbin inks in two batches, both from different retailers, and my local retailer sent me bottles with plastic caps on them whereas the one in the Netherlands sent ones with metal caps (and they had stickers on the back with serial numbers, the ones from my local retailer didn't). So I was wondering whether J. Herbin made this change (a few years back maybe? because I suspect the ones I got locally are old stock). Thank you in advance
  24. fountainpenlady

    How Do You Play With Your New Inks?

    Recently, I kind of went a little overboard inks. Coming to me soon, several inks, including several from Pilot Iroshizuku line. Well, I am a true red bottled ink lover to my heart. Other than mixing hues of red ink and filling up my favorite fountain pen, I am not really experienced in actually testing inks for use. Do you simply fill up one fountain pen and use ink until no longer in the fountain pen, then change to another color? Do you just put enough to slightly give you some sense of the ink, maybe write with it a couple of lines, then discard? How do you play when you have a new batch of more than one ink and want to simply play by using in one or more sittings different hues of newly acquired inks? All suggestions welcome, I know if I am feeling giddy now, won't know where to begin when inks arrive.
  25. Water Ouzel

    Science Experiment

    Having recently moved from central California to central Minnesota, we've discovered that we need to pay attention to things here that were never an issue there. Like inks and cold weather. We arrived in mid-August here, and most of our worldly possessions remain in unheated storage. There was just no room to bring much into our current temporary residence ("we're living in our kids' attic, why do you ask?") until my son-in-law and I (and several friends on occasion) finished the addition above the kitchen. Finally enough room to bring in some of my pens, inks and paper. What we hadn't considered was that our belongings had been subjected to somewhat lower temperatures than we were used to before. In this case, low- to mid-20s, a couple nights down around 0º or so. Here's what we discovered: - Most ink survived being frozen and thawed out just fine. Shaking the bottles briskly before using didn't hurt in a couple of cases. - A full bottle of Diamine Burnt Sienna shattered. Several boxes of various sorts got bathed in the ink as it thawed out. It didn't help that that happens to be one of my wife's very favorite inks. Note to self: if this happens in the future for some reason, inspect all ink bottles while still frozen hard, before any broken bottles can thaw out. Fortunately, all my inks were packed in a plastic storage bin, so the notebooks and other fp paper were not bathed in the flood. - Most ink in cartridges came through just fine. The only exceptions being a couple of Platinum cartridges that were very full; the ink expanded on freezing, popping the ball bearing out of the top of the cartridge. As the ink hadn't escaped the cartridges, mostly, I was able to press the ball bearing back into the top of the cartridges affected, and the two I've started using work just fine. Fortunately, none of my vintage or expensive pens were packed in the box with the ink and paper. I'm not very optimistic that old celluloid or styrene pen bodies would fare well in the cold.

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